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 [So. Ruby's been going a bit mad, all cooped up in the clinic. Can't even leave the bed yet, her leg still all torn up and making pathetic progress at healing itself back up. Almost worse than worrying over that, though, is the fact that it's maddening and boring to lie in a bed all day for two weeks. When Ruby 2.0 appears, she's all but ready to dismiss her as some kind of weird 'bored out of her own head' hallucination. Only, well, the copy never leaves, and the whole thing is a bit... scary? Intimidating? 

It takes exactly one mention of Peter, and Ruby is diving for her device, plastering on a smile as she snaps on a video.]

So. Ah. I guess we managed to gain twins, huh? I'm kinda freaking out about mine.

That's because you don't want everyone to know you're a werewolf and did terrible things. You know. As a wolf. 

Shut up, freaking.... hell. Yeah, could... Guys, can someone come over here and, I don't know, shove a sock in her mouth, I can't exactly hobble over there and do it myself. 

Well, girl, when you fail - and I say when, not if - you certainly do it with a taste for the dramatic. 

.... On second thought...

[Yeah, she's... so not cool with this. Any of this.]
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[The feed starts by showing an extreme closeup of a man's face, mostly nose and eyes, then the shot zooms out. Looking back at you is a rather handsome middle aged man with a confused look on his face.]

So.. uh.. I'm not sure what this is, but.. I guess I checked into some sort of hotel?

[There's a bed and some floral wallpaper in the background. Not exactly his personal styling choices.]

Anyway, I'm looking for a woman named Kate Beckett. She's tall, brunette, really hot, kind of standoffish. She proooobably checked in with me. At least I'm guessing so. She also might have drugged me because I've never seen this place in my life. Either that or someone else drugged me. Anyway…. answers? If someone is seeing this?

[He nods, then clicks off the feed.]


Jun. 9th, 2013 01:53 pm
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[Donna's reclining on her bed, a fluffy calico kitten snoozing next to her. She looks bored, and that's never a good sign.]

So, what's everybody been up to 'round here lately? Besides events and whatnot, that is. Anything interesting? [She arches an eyebrow at the camera, smirking deviously.] Any decent gossip?


Jun. 6th, 2013 03:10 pm
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Right, so, now that I've been here a full month - [She pauses, glancing over at the tally marks she's made in her book.]

Give or take a few days here and there, I figure it's time to accept a few facts.

[She holds up a finger to signal that she's about to give fact number one.]

First, the rabbit hole out of here probably isn't located in the ocean or the forest. Which means it's hidden somewhere right under my nose. Just have to work a bit harder to find it.

Second, I should probably bump twice a day up to a bit more than that. [Oh, that one's a big vague, isn't it? She just glosses right over it, and holds up three fingers.]

Third, I desperately need more ways to occupy my time. Anyone with lessons, work that needs to be done, souffles to bake, games to play? I'm your girl.

[A pause, and she grins, something pleading and hopefully charming. Don't you want to do things with her, Wonderland? Come on.]

Also. Anyone else encounter particularly vivid living nightmares a handful of days ago? That wasn't very nice. [Feeling a bit awkward at the last part, she just cuts off and ends things there.]
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[Upon her arrival at the edge of the gardens on the seaward side, Mary Margaret raises up on her hands…sucking in a deep breath after dispelling the sea water that she must have taken in during their rough journey through the portal. She sighs, her heart beating rapidly-

They’ve made it.…but this place certainly doesn’t look like the Neverland that she had envisioned…

Then, genuine fear sets in, for she realizes that she is alone. She hurriedly surveys the area for another moment, quickly determining that this is, in fact, any place but their original destination. The last thing that she can remember is being on Hook’s ship, arms fastened around David’s waist as the portal drew them nearer.

Now, she’s here. Here in this strange place with none of her previous shipmates in sight. She doesn’t see anyone walking about the immediate area, but quickly notices what seems to be a communication device lying upright in the grass nearby. She scrambles for it, somehow managing to turn on the video function.
...Or perhaps.. it has been on all along?

Regardless, she speaks- mumbling to herself at first.]

What is this place? [Her voice slightly quavers.] David? Emma…- Are you here? Are you alright?

[If they had, in fact, made it here as well… that would be one weight lifted off of her shoulders. The next- would be to find Henry.]
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[The video feed kicks on to show what at first looked like a dark mass on the shore line. Upon closer examination, if anyone was looking at the time, the mass could be made out to look more human-like, face first in the sand. Looked like someone washed up on shore.]

[They didn't move at first, but after a few moments one could notice the person's hands twitching some. And then coughing. Looks like they were finally waking up.]

[The figure, now more distinctly noticeable as a female sat up slowly, wiping the sand from her face and torso. The woman's dark hair sat in the way of her face until she pulled it back behind her ears, her facial features much more visible now.]

Hook? [A cough. Damn sand.] Gold?

[She looked up and down the shore line. She was close to the docks, it seemed, but she saw no evidence of the Jolly Roger or it's crew. Had she fallen off the ship when they were falling through the portal? She could see the hedge maze from her location, the forest and even mansion far off in the distance. When she turned her gaze back inland, she noticed the journal wedged into the sand. Taking her gloves off, she reached for the item, the video shaking as she turned it around in her hands. After a moment, she rest the journal on her lap, the video still looking up at her.]

This certainly isn't Neverland. But this doesn't make sense. [She whispered to herself.]

[Looking to the ocean, she could tell the tides were going to rise soon. Best to get off the beach. One problem though. She had no idea where to go.]
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[ If you haven't seen Sam in the past two weeks, it'll likely surprise you to see how bad he still seems to be doing. He's been in the clinic, and it might suggest he's not entirely put back together when he opens with video, not voice, as he originally intended. ]

I'm back. Me and Dean-- [ "We both are." He coughs, briefly. ] I'm honestly sort of stir-crazy already, up here, so... if someone has something they're working on, like--

[ He pauses, frowning slightly. ] Experiments? [ No, that's a weird thing to say. He reconsiders, looking as if he's not exactly sure where the word came from. ] ... I dunno, some kind of research, bring it over. I'd be glad for the distraction.
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[The last thing Annie remembers is leaving Greendale to go home, back to her apartment with Abed and Troy, getting there, and then promptly being forced to go into the Dreamatorium with Abed. She must have hit her head or something, though, because it aches like nothing else, and it's dark where she is. And hard. Is she laying down? Yes, yes she is because that's something poking into her back.

Whoa, maybe she did hit her head. Abed's dreams usually aren't this.....tactile. She sits up, slowly, and tries to feel around for any sort of light. She finds her cell phone, and clicks it on, shielding her eyes from the light.

Once they adjust however:]

What the...

[She uses the light to look around and finally stands, coughing. Don't freak out, don't freak out!]

Oh god...where am I??

[It's been almost six months, her time, and she's having trouble remembering, but she looks at the cell phone again, and it hits her.

She lets out a shriek of frustration and turns the phone to video.]

Uh, hi everyone! I um. I'm back?

[That sounds stupid. Did anyone even notice she was gone?]

And, yeah, I don't-- I'm not sure where I am. I think in-- in some caves? In the tunnels, maybe?

[She pauses, looks away and then looks back, her eyes round and her bottom lip pouty.]

Could someone maybe come help me? Or tell me how to get out of here?
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[ hope you're ready to get used to the expression derek is wearing for you today, wonderland, as it's about the only on you'll see outside of snarl on his face. but don't worry, he's going to be short and to the point as always, though today even more so (whatever wandering around he's already done has proved fruitless) as the only reason he's doing this is because he needs to get back, things had been a mess after the final struggle, and he doesn't have time for this shit. ]

I want answers. [ what, don't expect him to specify questions. of course, you're welcome to point that out if the intensity of his glare doesn't freak you out first. intensity is kind of his game though, which becomes all the more clear with the low, growl of a demand; ]


[ no please, no thank you. that's how he rolls. ]
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[ She couldn't say she'd ever heard, read, or seen something like this happen before. It was strange. One minute she'd been finally experiencing that little piece of the world she could see from her tower, and then...well, then she was here. She doesn't even know where here is, really, and the only thing she knows for sure is that Flynn didn't seem to come along with her. She's kind of worried, so she fiddles around with her communicator while she tries to think of a plan. She has no idea what it does, but it's pretty neat! ]


[ And then she manages to switch from text to video without really realizing it, having a grand time fiddling around with the strange device. It was unlike anything she'd ever seen before! And it was a welcome distraction. For all she knew, there were thugs waiting outside the door... ]

Hey Pascal, what do you think this thing is supposed to do--Pascal? [ She looks to her shoulder where Pascal should have been, only to find that Pascal is nowhere to be found. Which wasn't good, it meant she was actually stuck here by herself. She could deal with Flynn being gone, she didn't know him very well as it was. But Pascal had been by her side for a long, long time and...who would give her advice? Help her along? Be there to listen and play games with her? ]

Okay, this isn't funny, Pascal. You can come out now. [ ... ] Pascal? ...Anyone?

[ She stands up quickly and starts to search around, hoping the little guy was just poking around the room she'd found herself in--but as a result she stops paying attention to her surroundings and runs into a set of chimes, toppling over with them and taking a few other instruments along for the ride.

The feed ends with a loud crash. Whoops??? ]

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It has come to my attention that a great deal of people recognize my fellows and I as characters from a grossly romanticized series of books.

[He pauses for effect, because obviously this is wrong, all wrong, and quite ridiculous. However, there may be something to the 'fictional' side of things.]

That being said, I am curious as to whether or not anyone else may or may not feature in a novel of their own, and if they might be willing to speak with me on the subject.
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action beneath the cut )

[He appears on screen haggardly, looks as exhausted as he feels.]


[Because that's the next most important thing. He doesn't take the time to filter it, doesn't even think to do it, just...]

Cas, buddy, I need you right now.

[He starts to turn it off and then falters, like he's only just remembered the rest of the world exists, like there are people here he's got an obligation to. A soft puff of breath, a downward glance and then back up again. An apologetic tilt of his head.]

Sorry for leaving you guys hanging. It uh- Well, you know how it goes. Blake, you still here? James? ...Dad?

[He clears his throat.]

Matter of fact, if anyone wants to give me an update, that'd be... You know. Swell.

[ooc: Sorry for the TL;DR! All network responses are assumed to take place after any thread with Sam and Martha.]
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[video on the 24th] 

So... You guys might know that tomorrow's the full moon.

[Which, as some residents might remember from last month, means three nights that Ruby refers to as 'wolf's time'. Three nights in which she's transforming into a big, black wolf quite against her control. Last month, it meant losing control over the transformation. She killed someone, maimed someone, generally didn't have too great a time until Emma and Whale talked her down from the edge. Now she's got the red cloak, which prevents the transformation, and can also turn her back into human shape anytime. Not that it should prove necessary, but... better safe than sorry, yadda yadda.]

I'm... there won't be a repeat of last month's... uh. Of last month. [She clears her throat, looks away with eyes that scream of guilt, then smiles at the camera.] So, if you guys see a big wolf in the woods the coming nights, I assure you I'm lucid and in control, not... going to bite anyone, at all, I promise. 

[She's... 99% sure of that, even.]

[action on the 24th to the 26th]

[On these nights, Ruby can be found prowling woods. if anyone wants to accompany her before she sets out, they will be given the red cloak in case of emergencies. In the case of Ruby setting out on her own, the cloak is with Emma or Daryl, while Ruby is fully aware and lucid, but unable to communicate on a human level - a big, black wolf with the mind of quite the nice human woman. She's running through the woods, enjoying the crisp night air. She seems happy.]
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[ For a moment all that's heard is some grunting and probably a few obscene curses. He's still trying to figure the phone out, but that's because he's not familiar with it. Technology isn't Benny's strong suit in the slightest. He had a flip phone when him and Dean were talking, but he ditched that a long time ago. Getting anything fancier never really appealed to Benny. No need. This thing wasn't what he wanted to be shackled to at all.

Suddenly a fuzzy beard appears in frame and it's clearly speckled with spots of gray. There are a few more grunts as Benny finally arrives at the conclusion that this isn't just your run of the mill phone. Then again the only phones he's familiar with are the flip ones. This one's in a whole different league and dammit if it's not pissing him off.

He clears his throat quickly and finally becomes a little more visible on the screen. When he found this damn thing in his pocket he didn't know what to expect, but maybe he could get a hold of someone who could help him out. ]
I don't think this damned thing is even workin', but if anyone's out there I could sure use a nudge in the right direction. A state would greatly appreciated. This house don't look too comfortin' and I'm itchin' to get the hell outta dodge.


May. 13th, 2013 07:04 pm
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Our hostess has a talent for keeping us entertained.
Personally, I've always been fond of Jubjub birds. Sweet, flighty creatures that wouldn't dare harm a soul.
So glad we had a chance encounter with one, of course.
I do hope she keeps us on our toes. The last thing anyone needs is to get comfortable.

[What are social skills that don't involve being completely sarcastic? Who knows.]

private message to James Potter:

We discussed my hat. Can you get one to work now?
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Um...i-it seems like everything started to calm down again, doesn't it? I'm still a little confused about the door and what happened exactly, but...I think it might have been a good thing? It must have been really awful for that Queen to be locked away for so long.

[After that tangent though, Tohru looks like she's suddenly remembered that she's forgotten something! There was another point to this message, wasn't there?]

Oh, but, um. I'm actually making this post because I wanted to ask - is everyone okay? I know there were monsters running around and being really destructive. I was safe in the diner, but I really hope no one else was hurt by them. Wonderland really can be dangerous sometimes...

[She sounds sad about that. Oh, but wasn't there something else she wanted to say? She keeps getting off track...]

Oh! And that's right I almost forgot. I asked the closets very nicely and it gave me some taiyaki pans for the diner! [She holds one up and wow that will make some cute fish-shaped desserts.] They're for making taiyaki, which is little, sweet, fish-shaped cakes with filling in them. Usually it's red bean filling, but I can put custard or chocolate in them instead. I've never been able to buy pans for it, so usually it was a special treat when Mom and I could get them.

So, um. I'm going to be making a bunch of them in the diner right now, if anyone wants to come up and try some! It's on the eighth floor, for anyone that hasn't been there yet. After everything that's happened, a warm snack might help everything start to feel a little more normal again - or, well. As normal as it can be somewhere like Wonderland, I guess!

[She smiles, and gives the camera a wave, and shuts it off so she can go run off to the diner.]
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[Since the first monster made its way out from behind the door, Alan's been holed up in The Rabbit Hole as much as possible. He didn't have a way to defend himself, not really - he could probably use a gun if it was a life or death matter, which this certainly was, and he got his hands on one, but he really hoped it wouldn't come to that.

Which also means that he's not going to the Library anytime soon. He's not taking that risk.

There is chatter in the background as the feed flicks on. Alan looks tired, glasses doing little to hide shadows under his eyes or stress and age lines on his face, and his clothes are a little rumpled.]

On the topic of collaboration: is there a copy of Alice in Wonderland here? If we skim through it, it could give us some hints. Obviously whoever it is who posed the riddle - who wants their throne back - is from here. We should be able to narrow it down just by matching names to the number of letters in the answer.
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[Gabriel's up on the roof, with the sky behind him and a treeline visible far below. He's keeping an eye on things, like the people who are holed up, but he still doesn't feel the need to be involved. He's up here for a breather. He's got a new sword, he's well on the way to being patched up — if it wasn't all-horror, all the time with this event, things might be approaching decent. You know. Maybe.

And while he's up here...]

So. Can't help but noticing that every time people make a bogus guess, a death critter gets released from the door. This is just a suggestion, but maybe you guys should, you know, collaborate before you throw random words out there. If a giant death manatee or a killer cow comes out next, don't say I didn't warn ya.

This is why we can't have nice things, kids.
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[There's a very well-dressed young man on the feed, looking a little confused, even though he's had some things explained to him.]

"Wonderland"- it does not seem like a very wonderful place if people are brought here against their will. I would say it's nice to meet all of you, but... well, the circumstances could be better. My name is Simon; for those of you who know River Tam, I am her older brother. I'd like to thank everyone who had shown her kindness thus far, because I know it can't have been easy for her to be separated from me. As much as I dislike the idea of being trapped here, at least we are together, I suppose.

[A pause as he considers what else to say.]

Are we expected to take up employment? I am a doctor, and I would prefer to not remain idle while I am here.
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[The video clicks on to show Dean sitting in his regular booth in the recently opened diner, laptop, coffee and pie within easy reach. Aerith moves through the feed before the video turns around to show Ruby, finally not pale and worried anymore, but relaxed and at ease with a slight smile, leaning against the jukebox. Journey's currently filling the diner with music, and Ruby wanders over to the counter, apparently happy with the selection. She shows Tohru preparing a dish while she talks.]

Guys, appreciate that you're all sitting in some corner of the mansion worrying about that door, but you know what? We happen to have this... nice, cozy establishment here, we have coffee, really good food, some beautiful ladies hanging around... [Yes, this includes Dean.] ... and all the space you could need, be it for fun or for some riddling around.

[And just to drive the point home, she pops a golden fry into her mouth and grins. Behind Ruby, Dean snorts at the ladies comment, but looks up from his laptop to eye the feed warily.]

While you're at it, how about throwing in a little PSA, sweetheart? Little tip: if a mirror sees it's reflection, it gets bounced back over to the other side. Start carrying around something shiny- but don't go getting all Twilight Zone. The last thing we need's mass hysteria.

[And with that, he turns his attention back to his work, sipping on his coffee. Ruby nods meaningfully at the video.]

Listen to the cowboy, guys, I mean it. He knows his stuff. Regardless, hop on over. [Yes, pun intended.] We're always open, and you can just as well riddle away with all the rest of us right here. Coffee's on the house, you can pay for food with small, meaningful tokens of your affection... no, just kidding, come on, everything's on the crazy magical house.

( Additional text announcement )

The Rabbit Hole - Floor 8, Room 001
Come for that riddle, stay for the company
Food, friends, drinks, music, riddles, pie, chicken wings, fun!

[ooc: Massive mingle post! The diner has never gotten an official opening, but it's now available to be used as event headquarters. There's food, there's music, there's company, there's people trying to figure out the puzzle. Mingle to your heart's desire <3 There are headers available, and you can feel free to make your own.

And remember guys! Mirrors on the real side can just waltz in there as well. Give us your alter egos, your reals, your firstborn children!]

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[ after nearly two weeks here, helen has learned a great deal. namely, about the people and how to manipulate her room. when the video feed starts, she's sitting at a desk. it's facing outwards, towards the middle of the room, so all the feed catches is her sitting in a chair and the wall behind her. for anyone who cares, it's very obviously victorian-style everything. she lives in old fashions apparently.

what's immediately obvious about helen herself is the distinct lack of a smile. it's similar to the expression she wore when she first arrived, but there's something a little different about the determination on her face. she's angry. she is very angry. ]

It has come to my attention that we need some clarification here. In light of recent events, I would like to remind everyone that while we do all exist here and come from vastly different locations and experiences, we are all deserving of the same respect and understanding. All creatures, both human and non, are deserving of this. Just because a being or person is apparently dangerous doesn't mean it shouldn't be protected in its own way. Hunting someone or something for what it is isn't a solution. Containing and protecting is a much better alternative. If some would stop ignoring certain warnings, we might not have this problem.

[ she gives the camera a firm glare -- people, really -- before she continues and her expression softens slightly. ]

Now, with that in mind, I was wondering if there's a clinic or medical room in this facility. As a doctor, it's well within reason that I get one started if there isn't one already or join the efforts of one if it already exists. If there's an interview process involved, I promise I know what I'm doing for someone fresh from 1944 and I'm more than willing to learn anything else I don't already know.

[ can't hurt to tease, right?

after that, she sends two other private communications, first to ruby lucas. ]

I hope you're all right. [ "doing well" would be a stretch after what she's been through. ] I apologize for forgetting my manners the last time we spoke. My name is Helen Magnus. [ pause. ] And I do believe I owe you an answer. Whenever is most convenient for you, I'd like be able to give you that in person.

[ and then another to dean winchester. ]

When I first arrived, I was given your name as someone with high intelligence. [ she means this two ways, both in information and iq. have fun. ] If you don't mind, I'd like to meet and ascertain for myself whether or not this is true.
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[The camera flicks on to Ruby sitting in one of the diner booths, far to the back, almost tucket away. Those who know here will notice immediately that she has an unusually pensieve look about her. Sad almost, worried, maybe even a little resigned. Her shoulders are slumped, and she avoids looking right at the camera.

Considering how much she usually smiles, this is quite the change.

The thing is, she can feel the wolf rearing up within her, a separate entity from her entirely. She stands no chance of wrestling it under control through sheer force of will, not after 28 years and counting of not transforming, of being repressed by the curse.

Ruby shifts in her seat, nervous. Her hands clench, knuckles going white before she sighs and tries a weak smile for the camera. It's shaky, at best.]

Where I'm from, the three nights around the full moon are known as... wolf's time. That means Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night, this week.

[Ruby falters, licks her lips, looks at the camera, then slightly away again.]

Whatever happens, please, please don't leave the mansion on any of these nights. Between sunset and sunrise, just... just don't leave the building. Please. Bar the front door. Just... stay inside.


[Private text to Daryl Dixon]

I need to talk to you, in person if possible. It's urgent. Please?


[OOC: For details on what's to come and plotting shenanigans, please see here!]
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[The stream turns on to show the back of a certain young Musketeer holding a biscuit in his hand, looking down, and speaking to someone or something unseen.]

Sit. Yes, good girl! [Let's hope it's not a woman he's speaking to.

He bends down, makes a few kissy noises and straightens up, moving out of the frame. As he disappears, a husky can be seen, sitting patiently. If you're familiar with Philip, you're probably familiar with his dog, Faraday. Except she's D'Artagnan's dog now, and he's trying his best to be good to her. Really. She tilts her head as D'Artagnan swears off screen, whines at him, and stands.

D'Artagnan appears again, offering her another treat. She takes it and he scratches behind her ears. He moves offscreen again, mumbles something the microphone doesn't pick up and Faraday whines at him again, jumps around for a moment and then bolts out the door.]

Hey, hey wait! [D'Artagnan runs to the door, holding a bright tennis ball, and then runs back into the room, grabbing his device.]

Hello, yes, if you see a dog, could you please let me know? She won't hurt you or anything, she's just friendly. Her name's Faraday, but only responds to that sometimes. Thank you.

[And the feed cuts off with a blur-- most likely D'Artagnan running out the door with it. How far has she gotten? D'Artagnan has no way of knowing.]
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[ When Stiles snaps awake, he's not in his bed like he remembered. He'd done his usual nightly routine--skype Scott till eleven, play an RPG until one and pass out dead until the morning for school. Oh no. Fate is awful to Stiles Stilinski, and Stiles Stilinski wakes up in the middle of a pool, spluttering and gasping for air, the wall unit catching the video of it all.

He looks around wildly, startled, brown eyes blown comically huge as he manages to get his bearings and tread water as the whole situation settles itself in his mind, and slowly, his brows come down and his mouth drops open. ]

This?! Is not funny!

[ Emphatic arm splashing. ]

For all you know I have pool trauma from that nightmare! [ And he's at least trying to get to the side now. Stiles' grumbling and yelling is easily caught on the communicator. ] Look, I get it. Apparently Most Kidnappable in Beacon Hills, but dude, throwing me in a pool for added shits and giggles?! Is kind of screwed up! So let's just get this out of the way, okay?

No, I don't know anything, and even if I did, I am pret-ty sure I would never actually tell you, woe is me, blah blah. So maybe you can come out here and kick my ass--a couple times instead of taking some kind of--dramatically ironic hilarity out of the farce of my life and we could all just move on our way, that'd be--hrrgh--swell.

[ That noise is the sound of Stiles lifting himself, sopping wet and obviously irritated, up onto the poolside. ]

And if there's a paralytic lizard douchebag waiting to swipe me up there, I swear to everything that is holy in this frickin world--[ And he grumbles and starts wringing out his hoodie. Nice to meet you, Wonderland. ]

001; video

Apr. 21st, 2013 06:22 pm
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[The video feed flickers in and out a few times, shaking, as though it's taking the man initiating it a moment to actually figure out how. Once it stabilizes though, it's clear that he's perplexed about all of this, eyebrow raised. After another moment, his confusion shifts to a more neutral look as he clears his throat.]

Right then. Haven't seen anything like this 'round any place before. Can't even begin to imagine what some of you lot use these things for. In any case, anyone here care to fill a man in? Or are you just going to let me hang like this?
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[You know what had been incredibly not helpful? 'waking up' in a market area with a bunch of vendors who wouldn't really talk to you. That was his first clue there was something wrong; vendors often never shut up if it was up to them. That and all the colors, definitely a stark difference to the steel, grunge, and electric glow of Cardiff.

It hadn't taken Jack long to find the tech that didn't belong and even less to figure out what it was for, but he looked around first. Never underestimate the usefulness of legwork. When he finally turns on the video function, he's in the garden, having seen enough to get the gist of the place. He's got his usual charming smile on his face, though it's not as bright as he might offer a total stranger he met on the street, being pulled away from people who need you will do that.]

Cross-dimensional pull: kinda makes your teeth tingle a bit, doesn't it? Very impressive how specific and seamless the job was. In most cases you end up on your back or with pieces of your previous surrounding coming with you, but not in this case. Kudos. Must take a lot of energy, though.

[He looks out at the gardens as if considering the handiwork of that as well.]

I don't know when I fell down the rabbit hole, Alice, but if I knew I was going to take my vacation in Wonderland, I would have brought some string.

[All joking aside,his smile drops a bit and his voice takes a more serious tone as his attention returns to the screen.]

Now, the only reason someone gives you a way to communicate when kidnapping you is because they want to talk to you, maybe gloat a bit and explain the stakes of the game while they're at it. So here I am. Who exactly am I dealing with here?
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[When David arrived, he arrived outside, surrounded by things he certainly did not recognize.]

What is this place- Where am I?

[At that point, he took a breath and vowed to himself to remain calm.] Mary Margaret? Emma, Henry? If you're here, answer me, please. If anyone knows who they are and where I can find them, please tell me.

To anyone else listening, anything you can tell me about this place will be greatly appreciated.
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[Emma’s had enough time by now to regain her bearings and get a general feel for her surroundings. Her explorations have been more than enough to confirm that no, this is definitely not some hidden corner of Storybrooke she had managed to gloss over during her time there, and yes, she was sent here alone. No sign of Neal, no sign of Henry or Mary Margaret or David. Isn’t that just peachy.

She knows where she’s not, but now it’s time to start getting some answers about where she is. Thankfully, from what she can gather, the device she found in her pocket should help with that to some degree. She’s pretty damn tired of portal-jumping, but that’s one thing this place has over the Enchanted Forest. Technology of any kind? Definite improvement.

Her jaw is set firmly as she addresses the device, having figured out the video function fairly quickly. If there is a familiar face to be found here, it’s better for them to see her for themselves rather than trust some text on a screen. If not? People tend to be more forthcoming if they can put a face to words, at least when it comes to getting answers. Win/win, right?]

I’ve already done a little legwork, but I’ve got a hell of a lot of questions about this place. My name is Emma Swan. First and foremost, I need to know about getting back. If it’s possible, and how the hell I do it. I’ve got people waiting on me back home.

[Her voice is terse, determined. She’d ask who’s responsible for this, but she’s pretty damn sure she has the answer to that already. Cora had used magic to banish her from the shop. Neal, too. She’d wanted Gold to herself. Apparently, it didn’t matter much to her where they ended up.

She sighs after a moment, and when she speaks again, her voice has softened, if only a little.]

… please. I’ve got to get back to my kid. He needs me.


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