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[Helena's dressed in leather (which seems to be a...Dark One fashion choice?), hair just as wild around her head but topped with a 2016 crown and wearing 2016 glasses when she appears on screen.]

According to the time keeping, it is a new year in Wonderland. But, to be honest...[She shrugs just a little.] Time does not matter here, so there is no real purpose. Still, I like to be hopeful. It is better than...being sad, gloomy gus.

[A large piece of chocolate cake appears in front of her and she takes a big bite, never minding her audience.]

So, I will ask you this question, all of you. [As she sprinkles more sugar on top of the frosting.]

What is is it called...'New Year's Resolution?'
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There are those in this Mansion who are well-learned and know much of magic and such odd crafts.

[ sansa seems restless today, as if the very subject makes her uneasy and her discomfort is clear. still, she sits up, prim and proper and continues. ]

I would speak to those who know of such matters and would help another who does not. Any such help would be appreciated. There is little I understand of it as I was never taught of such crafts beyond the tales and songs that were always meant for children.

[ a beat. ]

You have my thanks.
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December 1; for Snow White )

December 2, Open

[There's a lot on Neal's mind when he finally comes to a day after Wonderland's drawn him back. A year's gone by in his own world, and of course he's gone all that time without a clue about the realm he's in now. That's a lot of memories to sort through, made all the harder because he's spent too long being the voice in the Dark One's head.

Yeah, things got messed up back home. News at eleven.

Doesn't matter though. As soon as the first few thoughts click into their proper place, Neal's scrambling for the phone he knows should be nearby. Every move he's made has been done for family, good choices and terrible, so when he remembers that Henry's here Neal immediately tries to reach out to him. He presses the buttons, too disoriented still to make the call private, and in too much of a rush to care. So long as he can find Henry, that's good enough.]

Henry? Henry, it's your dad. I'm back, I--

[He closes his eyes, shakes his head to try and push away the lingering confusion from his thoughts. Henry's here along with others, like Regina and Robin. Zelena, but screw her. James, Michonne, Snow, Elphaba.]

I remember. This place, Wonderland. I remember all of it.

[He huffs out a breath, a small smile crossing his features that doesn't quite manage to be happy. Yeah, he remembers. Good choices and terrible ones, and a bunch of crap he has to apologize for from the last big curse Wonderland decided to pull from his world.]

Guess there's a lot of people I need to catch up with. Pretty sure you know who you are, so let me know when you see this, okay?
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[Maxine looks as stiff an uncomfortable in this transmission as she ever has. It's obvious from the start, to those who know her - she's carefully framed the shot, put on a clean and wrinkle-free white coat, and even a fairly businesslike collared shirt underneath.

Dress for the level of professionalism you want. Not the level of professionalism you've displayed over the past week.]

Wonderland, I'd just like to take this opportunity to formally apologize to anyone I practiced medicine on while amnesic, recently.

[Oh, the places you go. And the things that those places will force you to say.]

As far as I can remember, my procedural memory was basically intact, so I don't think I treated anyone inappropriately. But just in case - if anyone I treated would be willing to come into the clinic for a follow up, I would really appreciate it.


(OOC: Want to just assume that your character got patched up and handwave it? Go for it! Wacky amnesia backthread improv is go. Like she said, Maxine did a pretty decent job with anyone who came in during the week post-event, but would have been awful at knowing who they were or explaining why she did anything she did.)
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Hello Wonderland.

[Oh look it's Zelena and she actually looks happy to be here. That's new. Her outfit looks new too, but that's only because she's bothered to put it on again to cause problems for a few people today.]

Sorry to disappoint anyone who thought I was gone for good, but I thought I'd sit back and let things play out for a while instead of announcing my return to everyone here. And I am rather disappointed, to tell you truth. Really, whatever I missed out on must've been rather distracting because to find out I don't even warrant some sort of ridiculous proclamation like that idiotic story you all seem so familiar with was a rather rude awakening.

[In other words, really? No ding dong the witch is dead or anything like that? And yes, she's quite aware that everything she's said is just opening the door for people to annoy her and tell her that yes, she's rather unimportant in the scheme of things. Which is still going to get on her nerves, but it's not important.]

Then again, for some of you, can't say it really surprises me. After all, there are far far worse places to be than Wonderland, aren't there?


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[Helena is sitting in the library, tiara on her head and pipe (completely unlit) in her mouth. And she looks as if she's heavily contemplating things. When the video starts, she's actually tapping her chin in thought, though it's clear she does mean to be recorded.

Finally, she speaks, holding up a copy of The Cat in the Hat.]

Why would cats wear hats?

[Then she holds up Green Eggs and Ham]

Green food is mark of being no good if you are meat and eggs.

[Next up, Are You My Mother?.]

If you are bird, cat cannot be your mother. But he did not understand what he looked like. This I suppose I understand.

What is good book for babies? I do not like this Doctor Seuss man.


Sep. 3rd, 2015 11:20 am
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[Don’t adjust your tint. The woman is green, not your screen. Gamora, a very unique looking woman unless one’s used to seeing someone with her particular shade of skin, looks into the video feed uncertainly but also with a note of defiance. She will not be intimidated by this… peculiar prison so easily. Sure, it may appear to be a comfortable mansion, but a place she is brought against her will is a prison no matter what it looks like.]

My name is Gamora. It looks like we are all prisoners here. I have no quarrel with you, but should you cross me, I will not hesitate to deal with you in ways you won’t enjoy. Let’s make that clear from the start.

[She is a captive, right? And she doesn’t know if the people here are hostile or not. She’s not about to let this turn into her last prison visit.]

This is not the first time I’ve been in a prison, though this one doesn’t look like the typical style I’m used to seeing. It’s far too… well, it doesn’t matter if it’s reasonably comfortable or not.

[The less sense it all makes the more irritated she gets.]

Who is in charge here? I demand to know why I've been brought here and where my crew is.

[Whoever is in charge is probably going to get punched or worse.]
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[Jo is in the bar when the video feed goes live; from what can be glimpsed over her shoulder, the place looks relatively normal-- maybe a little brighter than normal, but what really stands out is the long, long line of empty shot glasses lined up on the bar itself and an assortment of roughly two dozen bottles that have all been pulled down from the top shelf, whatever top shelf in Wonderland is actually worth.]

So this is a little overdue; there hasn’t really been a good time for it thanks to holes in the sky and then zombies, and it sounds like we’re due for something else soon, but--

But! [ And here Simon appears from behind her, leaning in to peer into the camera from where he perches with his chin on her shoulder, grinning cheerfully. ] But we meant to have a party up here like, a week ago, so we’re squeezing it in now before something worse happens, because such is our luck. Awesome, I know, right? But this time we have something to celebrate, so…

[Jo swats at him a little, ducking out from beneath his chin. although she’s grinning just as broadly as he is.]

A few people already know, but we got engaged last month and still haven’t had the chance to drink to it properly! We were hoping people would decide to come by the bar tonight and help us out with that part-- there’s way too much for just the two of us.

[There’s also food, for anyone who doesn’t feel like getting smashed is the best way to celebrate.]

So she keeps telling me. [ Simon rolls his eyes at that, but his grin is still lingering and cheeky. ] Anyway, there’s plenty, and it’s an open invitation to friends and strangers alike, so anyone who feels like stopping by for a little fun and food, you can find us at the bar on the fifth floor.

(OOC: Network responses will come from both Simon and Jo, feel free to specify if you want one of them in particular! Anyone who wants to come party, there’s a designated thread for mingling below!)


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[There's a wave to start. Look at how friendly she is.]

Hello, Wonderland. If you do not know me, I am Helena. Things were...not good before, no? I think we should be cheered up.

I discover my friend Robin Hood has not seen he is also a cartoon fox by the same name. And so, we will watch this movie and enjoy many popcorns and sodas.

[Has she informed Robin of this? Questionable. (No.)]

It will be watched in room five-nine on first floor. You may bring snacks if you wish.

If you do not know Robin, he is very famous man. There are many books and movies of him, but none as good as cartoon fox.

You are all invited for Friday at seven at night.

[She waves again.]

Goodbye for now.


Aug. 2nd, 2015 09:58 am
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[Helena is honestly furious, but she knows no one on this side has done anything to wrong her. It was the other one. The one who looks like sestra Sarah but isn't. She knows others have things missing, but taking her scrapbook is a crime against humanity.]

I have question for those here longer than I have been.

If I kill one from other side, does it come back in the way people tell me happens on this side?

And how do I get one here, or go there? These are things I need to know.

[She pauses before adding, for context - whether or not it helps.]

She took my first scrapbook. I was making it with little Mabel.

Now I will kill the mirror.
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Hello again, Wonderland.

[Maxine imagines that every once in awhile, she might as well make a foray onto the network, and they're just about due.]

Apparently we've pulled through another round of the usual. So if you've been waiting until things aren't falling out of thin air to come in and get patched up, catch up on some first aid lessons, or put your name on the emergency medical volunteer list, now's your chance.

[She hasn't seen their last source of medical controversy in awhile, either, which hopefully pulls a little bit of a cloud off of the clinic? Not that she minds the slow pace. It's probably how things should be, with the amount of magical assistance around here.]

Oh, and anyone who has some decent technical chops? I'd love to talk trade for a better lab setup in here. I can do the bench work, but actually building a CT scanner from chunks that will fit through the wardrobe doors-? Not so much.

[Now and then, additionally, there will be a sign up on the clinic doors during evening hours, directing prospective patients to her communicator or the bar. It's a relaxing place to be after work, sipping a few beers and throwing darts, and she's always glad to have company at either.]

01 - Video

Jul. 20th, 2015 09:35 am
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[ The video turns on with a broody young woman all in black staring at the camera with a look that might best be described as “why me?” combined with extreme frustration. The curtains behind her are drawn tight and thick enough to keep out the bright light of the day. ]

Of course this is what my life has been reduced to. A series of vlog posts... Ugh.

Okay, creampuffs. I'm going to be brief about this because I feel my IQ dropping the longer I use this stupid thing. I'm looking for people and since this seems to be the most convenient happy help line I don't have much choice in the matter.

My name is Carmilla Karnstein and I'm looking for three people. Two gingers and a blonde. The gingers are named Perry and Lafontaine. You'll find them cleaning or attempting to get biological samples off whatever forms of life happen to be native to this place, respectively. Whatever.

More important is the blonde. Her name is Laura, she'll probably be trying to play at being Lois Lane and if I find even one hair out of place on her I'll be choking someone with their own intestines. And that isn't an idle threat, I promise you. [ She pauses, considers something and sighs. Laura wouldn't be pleased if she ignored the safety of the others. ] A similar treatment goes for the gingers as well I suppose.

As for all those... rips in the fabric of reality all I can say is not my problem. I played the hero enough already.

Video 006

Jul. 5th, 2015 04:21 pm
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[The video clicks on to just Billy's face and he moves the camera back quickly because no one wants to see him that close up. He's sitting on a couch in a room with book shelves behind him and he smiles awkwardly at the camera.]

Err. Hi. So. I had been thinking recently, what with all the stuff this place has been throwing at us and everything, maybe it was time to have a place for the people who come from worlds with magic who can use it or even who want to learn to study or train. We have a fitness room, and a training center but no magic studies room. So uh, I made one.

[He pans the camera around the show everyone the room, before the camera comes back to his face.]

Its not much yet, but I was hoping that anyone who is interested would come and contribute what they know from their worlds. A place we can meet and teach each other or just hang out and discuss whatever. Its on the first floor next to the training center. I'll be here for a while but anyone is free to stop by whenever.

[There really wasn't much else to say so he shot the camera another grin before turning the video off.]

{OOC: video, text, voice or action welcome}

005 | video

Jul. 4th, 2015 03:13 pm
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[ The feed opens with James looking a little different than usual. His usual mess of long hair has been trimmed short and neat, combed into place in a familiar style. For once, he's even clean-shaven. He doesn't look exactly the way some people might remember. Too much has changed for that. Most obviously, the metal of his left arm is visible just below the sleeve of the t-shirt that he wears. It's a constant reminder of who and what he is now, but there's a reason he isn't covering it up.

At the moment, he's all business. He leans his weight back in the chair and scrubs a hand over his face; this being in front of a camera and talking to a crowd stuff still feels ridiculous. There are about ten different alarms going off at the back of his mind telling him that he needs to hide his location, his face, his intentions better than this. He really isn't cut out for this kind of thing. He doesn't know how Steve does it. ]

In light of the last couple of events, I've got a couple of... Requests. I'd like to trade notes with anyone who's working on an index of threats we've faced, or might face from different worlds, and how to fight them. With the closets acting up like this on top of everything else, we're playing a risky game scrambling to meet things as they come. I realize memorizing an index isn't really a viable option for most people so... I had another idea.

[ He takes a breath. He probably hasn't said this many words in a row since he got back here. ]

A few weeks ago, Captain America posted a list with descriptions of the Avengers, their abilities, and how to contact them. I'd like to do something similar. I'm not talking about a team, just something like... pooling our resources. I want to make a list of people who are willing and able to take civilians in, and protect them when things get tough. That could be combat, or it could be something like warding a panic room, or rationing supplies if the closets keep acting up. I don't know if anyone is working on the welcome pamphlets since Pepper went home, but knowing who to contact in case of, I dunno, zombies -- might be the kind of thing that's worth including.

[ He rubs the side of his neck. ] Anyway, that's about it.

While I'm here, if you're training with me and you're still injured from the last event, report in. Otherwise, training resumes tomorrow morning on your usual schedule. Those of you who might want to take the holiday to slack on your conditioning: don't. [ He's looking at you, Billy. ]

Oh, and just in case anyone missed it, it's Steve Rogers' birthday today. Every joke you're gonna make is about 97 years old, but feel free to make 'em anyway. He's used to it.
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[ Kol looks tired, unimpressed even as he addresses the network. ]

I'm well aware there are quite a few spooks here, things that go bump in the night. I'm looking for one of you that's got mental abilities - compulsion, mind bending, whathaveyou. [ He waves a hand uninterested in semantics. ] I'll make it worth your while. [ What does that even mean....? ]

And if you're a vampire, don't flatter yourself, you're not strong enough to poke around in me head.

[ With that he ends the feed. ]
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[So it's been a few days since the time travel thing didn't exactly pan out, and Zelena figures it's time to address that. Since she's still here and presumably is going to be here for a while, it sort of has to be done.

But for what it's worth, she doesn't look as upset about that as she probably should be.]

For the record, I never thought I'd have to have this conversation, but here we are. Or I suppose, here I am.

[Okay, now she looks slightly unhappy about the whole haha, you're stuck in Wonderland thing.]

So I can't open a portal out of here, it doesn't matter. Doesn't change anything as far as I'm concerned. I'm still going to get what I want, now I just know to try something else.

[Wow, she's basically arrived at the same point everyone else in Wonderland was at months ago. Which is the part where they all told her that this was stupid and impossible.]

And if you're expecting an apology because I've wronged you or something, look elsewhere. Like I already told my sister, I don't regret a single thing I've done and would do it again if I thought it would work this time.

[ basically she's just taken up everyone's valuable time to reiterate that she's still here and still wicked, or evil, or whatever word anyone wants to describe the completely unrepentant terrible person she is.]
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She has to keep her babies safe. All the tiny babies that are frozen. She wonders what they look like as she holds the canister in her arms, staring up at the mansion. This is not seestra Alison's house. This is no one's house, it is a castle. Bigger than any house, even bigger than the orphanage. Helena takes a slow step forward, wary and careful, unsure.

She cannot kill anyone with babies in her arms. Though perhaps she could kill them with the canister the babies are in. Yes. She will do this if she has to, but for now she walks in a bloody white parka, the hood up and very much looking as if she's just murdered someone. Or two or three people. Perhaps four. No one threatens babies, even babies that are not hers. Gemma and Oscar do not become playing pieces in this game, they are innocent.

But now, there is a new game. What is this, she wonders, where she was with Donnie and now she is at a mansion and there are people, many people she has never seen before. At least she isn't locked away. It's an improvement, though soon she'll realize it's still a prison of sorts.

"Come babies," she mutters to the silver canister of embryos in her arms, giving it a kiss. "We will go find someone who will tell us the answers."


[Helena's found a room by now, and she sits cross legged on the floor in the empty space, holding her phone in hand, sending a video of herself out to all of Wonderland featuring a thick, Ukrainian accent.]

Hello, everybody. This place with closet gives me donuts and makes me stay.

[And a powdered donut makes an appearance, a bite taken as she chews thoughtfully, tilting her head to one side, contemplating the camera.]

There are many people here. Like rats, we are trapped? It only appears to be free. But this is not good place for me and my babies. I need my family. Tell me why we cannot leave.

[She's remarkably calm, and then she brings the camera right to her face, so that only her eyes are visible.]

Who is watching?


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