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[See, it's there any yet no one seems to have said anything about it. Raleigh doubts he's the first to find it but it's not on the news feed, so to speak, so here he is. Sweaty in his running clothes with the camera pointing at what is certainly a new but not very well constructed structure near the Southern walls.]

You guys are seeing this, right? It's not just me? There's another house?

I kinda wanna go in... has anyone tried yet?


Aug. 22nd, 2016 02:12 pm
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[ Even though he's been in Wonderland for nearly two months at this point, this is the first time Will has made a post on the network, and only about the fourth time he's used his device at all. He's not a terrifically outgoing person, and it's easy for him to assume that people are probably better off without his input in most cases.

However, the network is clearly a good way to get answers and information, and ever since his conversation with Bedelia... He's been thinking a lot about "home". Been wondering if there are any people here in similar circumstances. It's been on his mind enough that eventually, he settles on simply straight-up asking people, if only to shut the train of thought down and put an end to the curiosity. And, perhaps, put himself a bit at ease. If that's even a possibility.

The question isn't posed through video, or even audio. This is more easily handled through text. And, it...makes the whole thing slightly less awkward, which doesn't hurt. ]

Is anyone out there uncertain about whether or not you'd like to go home?

Do you feel as though Wonderland may be the lesser of two evils? That you may be better off here than where you've come from?

[ Come and discuss any doubts you have about wanting to return to your world, Wonderland. Maybe you'll make him feel better about the disaster he'll be walking back into if and when he ever goes home. ]
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Who the hell knows what's about to happen. We get messages like this, I suggest you start stocking up on bottled water, non-perishable food. Blankets, essential meds, and toilet paper. Not joking. Sometimes the closets stop working altogether when something especially crazy comes.

Don't panic, but be smart.

Private - Philip

Meet me on the roof?

And now for the action part of this post. )

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under the cut: bruce/henry. post cut: network post. )

[Well, he’s going to be grounded for the rest of his natural life. Convenient that none of his family will fall under the curse because they’re all immune. After thinking about it, all he can do is address Wonderland en masse.]

Uh. Hi. So. You guys may have...noticed people falling asleep and some purple smoke?

[Deep breath.]

It’s called a sleeping curse. And it’s from my world. It’s not supposed to go through the air like this though. It’s like the curse from Sleeping Beauty or Snow White, if you have those in your world. Poison apple, prick of a spindle or a needle...

...The only way to wake someone up
[and BOY IS HE SORRY ABOUT THIS] is true love’s kiss. But that doesn’t have to mean a romantic person. It can be a spouse or significant other but it can also be a sibling, parent, best friend. If you love that person, it should work. Otherwise...they’re just asleep. That’s all.

[And he has no idea how to wake them up.]

I think since we are in Wonderland and it only likes things to be temporary, the whole thing will end in at most a couple days. And if not I’ll work with everyone I can here to make it better. I’m...I’m really sorry? I was just trying to show one person how magic and science work together.

[Bruce chimes in with some more practical suggestions, not ignoring Henry’s apology but not addressing it yet either.]

If you find anyone lying around in strange and random places, it might be for the best to get them somewhere safe. Either their own bedroom, or we can make use of one of the empty rooms here for everyone. It might be better to have someplace where it’s easier to keep an eye on everyone, especially if it takes any longer than a day or two for this to pass.

In the meantime, I’ll be looking into a way to fix this.
[A way that’s not a kiss, anyway.] Any scientists and magic users are more than welcome. We could use the help, I think.

[ooc: feel free to have people react to either Bruce or Henry on the network post, action tag them in the lab, and of course, use this post as gathering for all your rping needs! The lab portion with Bruce and Henry was not broadcast to the mansion. You're more than welcome to create your own posts. For more info on this plot, including the duration, see this post. blue - henry, green - bruce.]


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[There's bright eyes and a friendly smile beneath the curly mop of red hair on his head as he addresses the network, even if his outfit is all dark colors and leather.]

Alright, so I've got a question for you guys.

[He rubs the back of his neck a little sheepishly, before he just comes out with it.]

Do you or anyone you know have a bunch of experience with a sword or hand-to-hand combat? I was working pretty hard on it back home, and I'd rather keep that up while I'm here if I can.

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[It's rare that Raleigh addresses the network at all much less via anything other than Text but here we go. She's in the gym in a tank and yoga pants, hair piled up on top of her head in a messy bun. Sitting cross legged. On a yoga mat. You can see where this is going, ay.]

So.. I've gathered that half of not going crazy here is finding something to do and no one makes that happen but us. I've been thinking about skill shares and what I even have to offer but.. short of starting a Jaeger Academy or teaching language this is what I got. So. Yoga.

[And if she's already prepared for being made fun of you are absolutely right and jumps to explain herself before she's even finished recording, listing off it's advantages finger by finger.]

Makes you feel good, keeps you fit and keeps you bendy. Plus it lowers your blood pressure and it's low impact.

[See those scars up over her shoulders and neck and chest? The red angry electric burn scars? Boxing isn't for everyone.]

I do it every morning and if you'd like to join me I'll be here in the main gym.. 7am. Bring a mat, some water and a towel.. and wear something comfortable. It's okay if you've never done it before, we'll start easy.... Everyone is welcome.

[That's about it and she thinks twice, coming back to camera with a smirk.]

No Uggs allowed. Wear Uggs and I won't let you in.


Jul. 18th, 2016 07:27 am
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[ Charlotte is getting twitchy. What is the event? She knows it's coming, but like everyone else, has that strange feeling of wooziness, combined with an adrenaline rush she associates with the anticipation of said event. It's like waiting for a fucking kaiju Jesus Christ. ]

Anyone up for a spar?

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[ Ruth's far from a fan of showing her face on the network, but for the purposes of this particular broadcast, it's what makes most sense. Whereas some people might recognize her voice, others could just not make the connection, and she knows a face is likelier to trigger people's memories.

Doesn't mean she still doesn't feel and look awkward, though. A little too exposed for her taste. But anyway. ]

Hi. Uh... I'm Ruth Banner. I know I've been here a couple of times before. In Wonderland. I don't remember any of it, but so far I've met a few people who seem to know me, or at least know of me. So I've been wondering who here recognizes me, and those who do, what exactly do you know about me? I'd just feel a whole lot more comfortable being aware of how well people here know me.

[ Which is to say, she mostly is getting a little too paranoid about who knows or has seen the Hulk before. So best to get it out of the way by simply asking. ]

On another note: I know people are starting to get worried about a possible event following that announcement, and while I haven't experienced that many events so far, I've had it pointed out to me that sometimes they can change our minds, appearances, histories— everything, basically. So for all we know it might be happening right now and we're not even aware of it.

Not that that changes much, I know. [ She smiles weakly. ] Guess we'll have to wait and see.


[ After the late night broadcast, and still having difficulty falling asleep, Ruth decides to take advantage of the silence around the mansion and goes for a walk. The hallways and grounds are dipped in darkness, but she can be found walking down the corridors and around the gardens for a while, finally going to the kitchen and making herself a cup of tea. She's sitting on one of the stools, with her head propped on her hand, elbow on the counter, gaze unfocused as she pays little attention to her surroundings, apparently lost in her own thoughts. ]

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Hi everyone!

[Dipper's not wearing his usual outfit. He's wearing a white shirt with suspenders as he sits at his desk, his usual blue pine tree hat hanging off the chair. Behind him, Mabel can be seen bustling around, covered in scraps of cloth and glue and glitter.]

So, looks like another event from our world. One that has absolutely nothing to do with gravity turning off, weird. Almost like that was entirely unrelated to this event.

[He scowls very pointedly YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE PEOPLE HE'S SCOWLING AT.]

Anyway, this... well... okay, so in Gravity Falls, they like Halloween so much that they celebrate it again when summer comes and call it Summerween. Judging from the jack-o-melons hanging around, the fact that it's late June, and the fact that literally no other town would have something as ridiculous as Summerween, I'm calling it. This one's ours.

[Mabel tosses a piece of blue cloth at Dipper's head, which he fastens around his shoulders like a cape. She vanishes out of the camera's field of vision.]

The good news? Halloween's just as fun in the summer. The bad news? Last Summerween a monster called the Summerween Trickster tried to eat us and our friends because we [mostly just Dipper] lacked the "Summerween Spirit." [He rolls his eyes, making finger quotes.] I don't know if that's gonna happen here, but let's face it, it's Wonderland, so I'd get a costume just in case. And hey? Free candy. Not such a bad thing.

[Mabel comes back, wearing green suspenders. She hands Dipper a pointy red hat and lifts a silver teapot over her head. Together, they lower the hats onto their heads and fistbump, costumes complete. Summerween is about what really matters, after all: pure evil.]

So hey, I guess we're trick-or-treating? We'll see you out there. Try and have fun! Since you know, you might die otherwise.

[He cuts the feed, though he and Mabel will both be responding to any confused questions. Throughout the rest of the event, they'll be mostly sticking together, trick-or-treating with each other or with any friends they catch up with, especially once their trick-or-treat-or-die theories are confirmed. There is nothing cuter than twins in costumes, and they're experienced trick-or-treaters, so they're gonna hit every door. Might be they'll even come to yours!]
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[ It's like 9pm on a Friday and to say Chuck is 'drunk' is a vast understatement.

But Aussie's are built tough, so when he comes on the network, he's not even slurring. ]

Right, 's been a while, kids. We're gonna play a game. Ever hear of word association? I say a word, you say the first thing that comes to mind in association with that word.

I'll start.


(( ooc; chuck's drunk and bored. come at him with words, feel free to threadjack if other players are okay with it, or just bounce back and forth with Chuck. ))
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[Damon is not happy, and definitely not drunk enough for this. At first, he assumed he'd been hallucinating, on some trip after drinking bad blood. However, he has been roaming Wonderland for hours on this bright and early morning, while everyone else was likely asleep. He’s poked his head in where it doesn’t belong, waiting for the hallucination to fade. Spoilers: it doesn’t. He finally studies the communication device, accepting that this is either one very long dream or he’s actually here. Somehow. He’s on the main floor, pressed up against the marble pillar, staring up at the ceiling. It takes minimal effort to skim through previous entries before he switches to video.]

Question #1, for the masses: How drunk do you have to be for this place to start making sense? Because I’m starting to think this poor, lonely bottle's not gonna cut it. [Damon looks to the bottle in his hand with a little sigh, tapping his fingers on its surface.] Looks like we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

[He takes a long drink, swallows, and sends the camera a slow but absolutely charming smirk:]

Question #2: what’s the one thing you wish someone had told you on your first day in the merry old Land of Wonder, but failed to?

[Damon points a finger at the camera with the hand that's still partly wound around the bottle] And go. Best answers get a pony.


May. 17th, 2016 01:28 pm
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So a while ago there was a giant robot fight. who was involved in that? I'd like to talk to you about a defense project we might need. Given all the stuff that happens here we might need them if an 'event' from my world comes.

I guess anyone who knows about robotics and heavy weaponry.

We need to be prepared.

[Edit;] and I guess a neuroscientist. If there is one. Or lots. Probably lots.
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[ Hello Wonderland! Have a girl who may or may not be familiar to some of you appearing on screen, curly hair wild and her face trying to hold a serious expression but failing. Her amusement is cracking through, and she's not doing much to stop it. ]

Hey everyone. You're probably wondering what this is about, but gimme a sec. There's just a little bit of explanation that needs to be out there first.

[ Just casually clearing her throat for effect. She wants to enjoy this, okay? ]

When I first got here about five months ago, Stan Pines and I made a bet. Very loose terms were negotiated. Stan lost, and I've been holding out on giving him his "prize."

[ Because she wanted to be able to spring it on him as a surprise, which she's finally doing today. Surprise, Stan!! Happy unbirthday. ]

I'm changing that today, though. That's why today, I'm calling Stan Pines out! I probably could have just gone up to him in person instead of broadcasting where everyone can see it, but where's the fun in that, right?


Stan! ...Stanley? It's gotta be Stanley, right? [ She never asked what "Stan" is short for, in his case... ] --Whatever, you know who you are! You're officially being challenged. For losing our bet, you must run up and down one of the hallways of the mansion--I don't care what floor--in your underwear while screaming about how much you hate money. Make sure to sell it. No half-assed yelling, got it? Make sure the floors above and below can hear you.

[ Pointing at the camera now, Selina offers a cheeky look. Is this childish? Yeah, very. But what do you want? He was the grown man who agreed to such a ridiculous bet in the first place, he should have known what he was walking in to. ]

And in case anyone can't make it to watch, don't worry. I'll be recording it. You know, we should really start a Wonderland video scrapbook.

[ A laugh, and the feed cuts out. Hopefully Wonderland has a sense of humour. ]
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[After months of attempted planning (most of which was frequently cast to the wayside in favour of dealing with whatever fresh Hell decided to make itself known to them all) Evelyn has come to the conclusion that there will never be a "Good Time," and has therefore decided that with that being the case, it is simply easier to set what she likes, when she likes.

This is all a very runabout way of saying that Evelyn has politely asked the Mansion - which, as we all now know, is practically sentient - to deliver the following invitation to everyone's door:

[Intangible* attachments have also been forwarded to each resident, supplemented by the following transmission:]

I'm holding a fête this Friday evening - there isn't a particular time for required attendance, it should be ongoing for several hours after dinner - and I should like as many parties as available to come. It is themed, as there are a number of us here from time periods before 1950, so appropriate attire is encouraged, but not mandated.

[This is in part due to a withering homesickness that Wonderland itself has been unable to satisfy.]

Kindly respond if you do plan to join, and I hope to see you all on Friday.

[*Evelyn is having a difficult time remembering to call them "digital."]
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[ Natasha's sitting at a table with a stack of black rectangular objects about the size of a palm. She holds up one close to the camera. ]

These are emergency radios in case our network goes down. They come with an inbuilt tracker [ a small hiss ] and three different types of lockpicks, which work for every door in the mansion assuming they haven't been altered. The button here [ she turns it over to demonstrate ] is a torch. No battery needed.

[ She gives it a quick shake, and the torch shines on the table. ]

If you want one, I'll be in the dining room.
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[ Well, that was something. Surprisingly, death still sucked and wasn't like a fine wine where it got better with age. She'd woken up in her room, an improvement over the last time - so there's that. She'd done what she could to quietly slip out and head back down to the coffee shop and actually take in what the mansion didn't repair. Mostly broken tables, overturned appliances, and ripped books. Minor things, really, in the grand scheme. The walls, stairs, and windows are all fixed, though. So at least there's that. ]

coffee shop got wrecked thanks to that event
gonna be closed for about a week
who knows, could have a whole new look when things are done
it'd be a much better two year anniversary gift to myself than zombies

idk stay tuned

[ And that's it. That's her stellar announcement that she's back up and running without doing the feelings part of the whole up and running thing. She's a few days early on the anniversary, but details. The message is short and to the point and that's what's important right now. Make more time to get to work on the coffee shop and start processing everything. ]
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[ Maybe one day, Sam will come onto the network and announce that someone has arrived in Wonderland, or will have something to say that's generally not depressing. Today is not that day. ]

Messages are bouncing back from Bobby Singer's phone. Checked his room and the stuff's gone. Guess that means he went with it.

Bobby was a good guy. Better than most.
Tell people that kind of stuff while you can.
May be cheesy but you could end up regretting it later if you don't.


Apr. 4th, 2016 02:08 pm
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A couple months ago, I suggested getting some self-defense lessons going. We won't always have weapons with us when Wonderland transports us someplace, and God knows we're often at a disadvantage. So I thought we could learn how to defend ourselves with or without weapons. But events came and went, it got delayed, and then to top it off- Well. It's done now.

[ She pans the camera around to show a comfortable large room. Mats are on the floor, weapons are on the wall. Everything is light and cheerful. No blood yet, either. ]

I've already talked to some of you about classes. Let me know if you're still interested. I've got sign-up sheets by the door for anyone else who wants to teach or take private lessons, that sort of thing.

So swing by or, if you can't, let me know if you're interested in lessons.

Private messages to John Blake, Evelyn O'Connell, Faith Lehane, Natasha Romanoff (616), Mystique, Chuck Hansen, Victor Frankenstein, and Philip )
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[ in hindsight, he'll kick himself for not making this private. but bc wonderland is wonderful and amazing (not), he simply doesn't care. ]

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[ The Duchess appears a little muted today, and yet she appears! Alive and... well. With her piglet safely in her lap. It squeals, and nuzzles at the silver ribbon around her neck. ]

'Tis so much better to have them, but you'd barely know until they come off-- no, dear, don't fiddle with it now, you'll cause a terrible scene.

[ Too late, alas, the piglet pulls at the ribbon. It comes undone. For a moment it merely reveals a red gash across her throat, but then her head slides further and further from her shoulders, until it topples to the ground.

The Duchess (body) props her elbow on her knee, holding up nothing. She (head), on the floor, sighs.

Goodness. Well. I shan't tell you the rest now, this must be fixed. You busy yourselves, darlings, and guard well that thread which ties you to all you are. And your hairstyle, as well.

[ With that she kneels, and begins to search about for herself, on the floor. ]


Mar. 15th, 2016 08:34 am
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[ The monotony is actually killing him.

Chuck’s spent the last six years fighting hurricanes and now, after he’s given his all and everything he is, he’s stuck. He’s stuck and he doesn’t know how to get out and it’s slowly driving him crazy. He’s just…staring into the closet, trying to make himself care about what he wears, but it’s just the same old thing that pops up. Grey shirt. Grey jeans. Worn cap, because Chuck doesn’t know the meaning of new clothes. He hasn’t bought himself anything in years, why start now?

He’s lost in thought, staring blankly into the magic closet, when there’s a strange rustle towards the ‘back’ – one he hasn’t ever heard before. Automatic reaction would be to slam the door and back the hell up, but Chuck is so far beyond caring that he just opens it wider, as if inviting the monster right into his room.

Turns out, it’s not a monster, but instead a tiny…adorable little puppy that is scampering awkwardly right into Chuck’s feet, yipping once before peeing in a puddle right there, on Chuck’s floor and on his shoes. He swears, stunned so much he immediately jumps into action and fumbles for a dirty shirt to wipe the piss and then swoop her right up into his arms, where she immediately starts to slather his face in puppy kisses.

This is how he addresses the network, a tiny little baby in his arms, half crying – not that he’ll ever admit it – and laughing hysterically. ]

Went for clothes, got this – that ever happen to anyone else?!
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[ Eggsy may have evolved and allowed himself to change, but he is not a completely changed man. He's just got a little more confidence. The chip on his shoulder is whittled down. He's less of a boy and more of a man. Still when he winds up getting kidnapped like this it makes the darker part of him come out. The part that sees red and spouts off shit before he can really stop himself. ]

Merlin, are you taking the fucking piss? [ His face is on the screen. Glasses in place, but he's hardly calm. He looks not in control. Probably cause he just got fucking dropped in a bloody swimming pool. Water drips from his forehead as he looks down at his suit. Drenched. His umbrella lays off to the side. ] Where the fucking hell am I? [ This just seems like some sort of bullshit that Merlin would pull. Something to keep him on his toes. He's fucking Galahad now and Merlin still thinks he needs to fucking prove himself?

Eggsy shakes his head wildly trying to get some of the water off. He stops to look at the device once again. Clearly something planted by Merlin. Everything about this situation just screams him. Right down to fucking drugging him and dropping him in a bloody swimming pool. Probably behind some little screen having himself a right good laugh at Eggsy in this predicament. ]
Why ain't you pullin' this shit on Rox? Why'm I in the bloody pool?

[ Someone clearly needs to tell him that this isn't the work of Merlin. ]
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Alright, so I’ve had something on the back-burner for awhile and it’s time to finally just do the thing. Spring has almost sprung and I think it might just be fun to do something a little crazy.

[ Because everyone should be totally not concerned when Darcy drops the word crazy into everyday conversation. ]

I wanna do a calendar. A calendar with pictures of us. Wonderland already decided to show us an alternate version of ourselves and some people from home. Why not keep track of the real us and have a little fun doing it? There might even be booze and coffee. And sugar. A lot of sugar. And it doesn’t just have to be people here right now, I have a few pictures of people that used to be here that I want to include… No rules for this.

[ Considering rules would imply an actual plan. And since this is definitely coming off as a sort of spur of the moment decision, as tends to happen with Darcy, she’s trying to just keep this as broad as possible. Keep those real reasons floating in the back of her head about why she wants to do this out of this post. Maybe it’s because she’s had her hands full with Jane’s whole human infinity stone mess this week, maybe it’s because she’s almost at her two year mark and that’s making her start to twitch a little. Maybe it’s because the wear and tear of making friends only to lose them was getting a little old. Maybe… maybe she wanted to do something nice not just for herself but everyone else. ]

Since we don’t actually know the year here, I figure this calendar can legit be as many repeated months as we want. And I guess if you take personal offense to anything over 16 months in a calendar, we should probably take this chat in a different direction. Possibly involving the words ‘professional’ and ‘help’ and ‘banana balls’.

[ Subtlety, thy name is Darcy. ]

Hit me up if you’re interested in participating. I have a working list of people that I may or may not have already volunteered for this. You should all know who you are and if you don’t, then I guess just assume yes.

[ OOC: So this is Darcy’s Calendar Announcement. The log will go up this weekend for the actual photoshoots/mingling in case anyone wants to thread it out :D ]
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[Download full-size.]

Back in the summer of last year I made inquiries about the experiences of Wonderland residents who hail from time periods before a more "modern" era, in the hopes of creating a guide that might best facilitate the transition for them to contemporary advances. The project fell through for a number of reasons not long after-

[Primarily because she left, died, and came back, which tends to put a bit of a damper on personal research, but that is not known by the general public.]

-but I am happy to have produced a pamphlet that I hope the rest of you might circulate with the...ah, existing one [that nondescript abomination] should you meet someone unfamiliar with the communications devices, or the appliances in the kitchen.

Please feel free to refer anyone with questions about bookkeeping and records to me, I've recently reorganised our archives in the west wing of the library.

[With that, Evelyn cuts the feed.

The project came as a distraction more than anything, something that had been pushed to the backburner in her grief, practically forgotten while she dragged herself through the days following her death in August. Being someone with an immense proclivity to work that others might find tedious or mind-numbing she weighed the options before her following the morning six days ago when she had woken up to find her bed empty again, the only belongings left behind a linen shirt and a cup of cold Turkish coffee on the counter.

It almost came as no surprise as she had sluggishly poured the beverage out in the sink, rinsing the porcelain. Why should it, anymore?

Later in the day Evelyn can be found in the unlikeliest of places: Wonderland's fifth floor bar, drowning dismay with whisky and rye.


Feb. 18th, 2016 09:09 am
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[ The young woman who addresses Wonderland today looks considerably less dirty than she had when she'd arrived. A bath and clean clothes are two things she has been without recently, and although she still distrusts the mansion's generosity, she finds decent hygiene a siren song that's hard to resist.

She's embarrassingly professional as she speaks.

I've been here a little while, but I don't think I've introduced myself officially. My name is Clarke. I'm not a doctor, but I do know a lot about healing. [ The non-magical kind, although it doesn't seem necessary to clarify. (It probably is, what with all the strange people from strange worlds here.) ] So if you need medical assistance, you can always let me know and I'll come as soon as I can.

I don't think I've met most of you, either; there's a lot of questions I don't have answers to. What is it like, where you're from? What year is it? What do you know about space?

[ After her whirlwind of questions, she takes a much needed breath. ]

Oh, and... tell me as much as you know about magic. [ It takes all she has not to say "magic" with air quotes and rolled eyes. ] From everything I know, it shouldn't be scientifically possible.

Thanks in advance.

( EDIT: you guys are super awesome and i love you all, but i'm gonna have to ask for no new repliers at this point for the sake of my inbox! if you want to do something regarding this post, such as meeting up later to discuss it, pm me or pp me at [ profile] regnant and we'll work something out ♥ )


Feb. 16th, 2016 11:50 pm
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So here's a question, I get that this place has people in charge of it, but is there someone in charge of us? The residents?

Or is it more of a fend for yourself kind of thing?

Also, more importantly, who here is a doctor?
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I'll be honest, I don't know how all of you are living here.
Not existing, I don't need an explanation for that. I just...

[She's trapped by a future that hasn't happened yet. Hook doesn't have to tell her she's gone dark for her to know he was thrown by the fact that she wasn't. If there's going to be a fight, she's going to lose. In his future, she's the Dark One.

And to have it not happen just because she's here, when she doesn't know why, or for how long, or what this place wants out of her is maddening.]

I feel like I'm waiting for someone to flip the switch and send me back to my life. And I don't know whether to want that because it's mine or to want this because it could always be worse.

[She could be the person Hook thought she was. And eventually, she will be.]


Jan. 11th, 2016 01:32 pm
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[ Chuck's incredibly jittery and doing anything beyond texting is something he cannot even fathom at the moment. He'd ignored the device, at first. It was not his, and he didn't want it or need it and he damn sure didn't trust it. The person who'd found him in the pool had to explain what it was and what it was for.

That said, he is far too shaken to use it properly. It takes several tries to get out what little he manages to type. ]

This is Ranger Charles Hansen R-CHAN_512.66-D reporting in. Can anyone hear me?

[ For the moment, that's enough. It's all he can fucking manage right now and there's a distinct pause between this typed segment and the rest of what he wants - what he WILL - to say.

he's alive, he's alive
, this isn't possible, he pushed the button, heard the explosion, felt the fires, heard it, smelled it --

fuck fuck fuck -- ]

I repeat, this is Ranger Charles Hansen. I am requesting information on Rangers Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori, location and status. Please advise: Was the mission a success?


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