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Um, I think I need some help. [ He pauses for a moment and there is an anxious edge to his voice. ] The adult kind.

I, um, I found someone. I think... I think their name is-

[ He stumbles a moment. Not is. Not the present tense. ]

It was Chara. They... they look really bad.

[ And then he lowers his voice a little. ]

There's a lot of blood and... th-they're dead.
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[Maybe no one is ready to rally up and take arms against the Authority of this dimension just yet, but for as little time as he has been in Wonderland, Bill can’t say his plans are off to a terrible start. Despite the last few uh…. Hiccups he’s had with the Pines family and their entourage, his mission to spread doubt about the Queen and display himself as the stronger entity was going fairly strong. Having a few followers and deals isn’t enough, though. He has to make good on his word. To be the better deity, you have to show why you’re better. And Bill believes he knows just how.

Residents of Wonderland will wake up to find this text on their screens; though only words, the script itself seems to have a life of its own, fizzling, glitching and popping all over is the phrase:


OOC: For those not in the know, the creator of Bill’s canon actually did an IC AMA once and it’s the best thing ever. Bill is the literal All- Seeing-Eye and IS capable of being omniscient, if you want to ask about your characters own canons he CAN conceivably answer certain things-- but, as stated, his answers might not pertain your character’s Universe so you can always disregard anything you don’t agree with.
Bill may answer in riddles, try to get around the question, or just argue that your question is stupid, although if there is something specific you want and I’m not taking the hint, you can always PM me too!
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[ The video clicks on, giving everyone a nice up close and personal view of Norman's nostrils for a moment. You're welcome for that. But he pulls the device back and stares at it unsurely. He's been poking at it since he arrived and finally figured out how to use it but he's never done anything like this before. He's sitting against one of the library, knees up against his chest as he tries out the network. ]

Um... hi? I think I'm lost. This definitely isn't where I was...

[ What with the lack of burning Town Hall and the angry mob waiting for him outside. ]

And I lost some... some people. They're kind of- weird looking? But they won't hurt anyone if you see them!+

[ He chews his nails a little, obviously not sure what to do about any of this. ]

Can someone tell me what's going on? Some... some stuff was happening and I have to keep a promise.


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