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Dear well...anyone! Anyone who might see this.

This is all really strange for me, because where I come from, we don't really have things like this. I found it in my pocket when I woke up here. It's really cool! But it's probably really expensive and I'm sure whoever it belongs to probably wants it back. I hope you don't mind that I played around with it a little bit. I was hoping to find the name of the owner or something. But it's how I found out how to send this message! Man, if we had stuff like this back home, things would have been a lot different.

Love always,


[ Should anyone wish to find him in person, he's going to spend a little while on the grass, kind of near the hedge maze and the beach. Mostly, he'll be figuring out his fancy new device. Eventually, he'll move on to explore. Fee free to find him somewhere on the grounds. ]


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