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May. 15th, 2012 07:07 pm
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[Souji's MIA since Sunday morning. He hadn't thought to warn anyone about where he was going, since it wasn't supposed to take this long.

Now, Souji's lying on his back on his futon, on top of the blanket and fully clothed. The device is on the floor to one side, capturing a very boring feed of Souji not moving.

At all.

Then he gasps, the sound strangled, his chest heaving like he's never breathed before. He opens his eyes and stares at the ceiling for a minute before sitting up, moving as though his whole body aches. One hand goes to his head and he sits there, disoriented for several minutes before getting up and walking out of frame.]
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[The blonde's voice sounds confident at first, as if she's used to being in strange, maybe unexplainable situations. She stands confidently, too, her shoulders back and her head tilted just slightly to the side. There's something strange about her. Maybe her eyes that seem just a little bit off, or the fact that she's got a pair of large "headphones" on, or maybe that everything below her chin that isn't covered by her uniform is covered in white fabric. Eh, w/e there's been stranger.]

Excuse me, please. I am sure this is a question that is often asked, but I still would like to know... what, exactly, is going on? I am not certain as to how I came to be here. I have heard tales of... Wonderland... where I am from, but I have never had the chance to truly study them. [Hey, she's only been alive a year okay? And whatever she knows is sooooo skewed by a certain Persona. Still, she looks away as if embarrassed.]

If there is anything I should know about this place, I would appreciate the information. I will need to get back to my friends, if possible... they will worry about me. And I have something very important I need to do. I know it must be common to hear such things, but I need to know so I may return as soon as possible.


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