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[A face that some might recognize is going to appear, for a moment. As for those who have never seen this face, before, this brunette isn't exactly the most friendly-looking person, in the place.

He's new, if it isn't made obvious by the hint of confusion as he studies the thing. Shinjiro then blinks and looks up, his face going out of view.

He-! [Suddenly it's obvious the device just got hit, as the feed moves from one side, to the other. And quickly.

Another person's voice can be heard.

Oh - oh, crap. [Seconds later.] Hey, man, sorry about that. You okay?

[Then Shinjiro will be heard--much more loudly and annoyed-sounding.]

Look where the hell you're goin', next time!

[And, with that, the feed ends.

This, network Shinjiro.

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[While looking for his cell phone, Akihiko finds a different electronic device instead. He wonders who it belongs to, and his first thought is to turn it in at the campus police station.

It doesn’t take him long to realize that he isn’t at the university anymore. He doesn’t even recognize the area itself, which is strange. There is a brief instance of hesitation before he decides to try out the device, since he can’t locate his cell phone at the moment.

When Mitsuru’s number doesn’t register on the device, he frowns with confusion. Well… maybe it isn’t meant to be used as a phone.

Akihiko accesses the network and starts posting a message.]

Hey, whoever this thing belongs to, just let me know, and I’ll keep it safe for ya.

[He pauses for a moment to glance around, still feeling confused. There’s no harm in asking, even if he doubts his teammates or friends are really nearby.] And if anyone here’s heard of the Kirijo Group… or SEES… I’d like to get some info. Thanks.
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[Is that the sound of sleigh bells jingling, and—

No. No jingling here. In fact, it's more like crashing. Toothless had left the decorations alone, at first, but now he's discovered that it makes noise when you paw at it. Life may never be the same in the mansion again, at least until January. He doesn't understand it all (why would you want just one tree when you could have a forest) but he's determined to enjoy it.

The view on his comm shows him, every so often, rampaging around the mansion. He can be easily found by sound alone, chewing on things and dragging decorations around. Purely on accident, a giant red bow has tangled haphazardly around his neck.]
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[ Minako was very, very confused. She had been wandering around the mansion for a while, the endless halls making her think she was still in Tartarus. Strangely, there were no shadows, no blood, and no Fuuka guiding her. She keeps on until eventually reaching into her pocket and finding the comm device. Assuming it's some super duper special Kirijo item Mitsuru smuggled onto her, she tries it. ]

Hello? Can anyone hear me? [ She taps her foot. ] Fuuka, if you're getting this, I think I'm in a new block of Tartarus.

[ Drat. She should have never made everyone split up. She was never going to hear the end of this.]

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