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[ This one's... a long shot. He can virtually see the arrow disappearing on the horizon already, laughing at him as it vanishes. Still, he never thought to ask before, and that deserves a half-hearted effort at being remedied. ]

I've got a question for anyone who's lost one or more of their memories already, and left Wonderland at some point: While you were gone, did the memories you lost come back to you? What about afterwards?

It's a stretch, but let me know if you've got a minute to think about it.

PS.: I wasn't the only one who had some trouble getting back to his room for a while, right? Because I'd rather blame that on the banners last week than wonder if I mysteriously lost my ability to open unlocked doors.

[ People looking to meet Philip in the flesh will find him tending to his BEES near the forest, and catching up on a week's worth of BOOZE, now that the bar is finally letting him back in. ]
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Friends, Lannisters, Countrymen from the multiverse, I am delivering to you an extremely important message: the Baelish have been in the basement far too long. It is time for us to reclaim the Ball Pit that was once ours.

(Seriously, I want to see these guys out of my stupid ball pit. If anyone else from any family joins in, you'll get extra rights to come visit, or whatever.)

Just look at this like a matter of pride - we Lannisters aren't going to take this are we? A Lannister always pays his debts where I'm from, so don't you tell me you're all too cowardly to make a move.

Oh, and, House Baelish? Consider this war. Watch your backs. I don't care how many children there are, I can still murder you in your sleep.

[Filtered to Greyjoys]

Yo, pirates. I know you're still not making me your first mate or whatever (thanks for nothing), but can you help me get the ballpit back? It's kind of important to me.

[Filtered to Victor Frankenstein]

Hey, I know your creepy lab is in the basement. Join us and we'll get it back for you along with the ballpit.

[Filtered to Crowley & John Blake]

The Ballpit was there for you in your time of need. Consider being there for its time of need.

((hey friends this is the start of what is apparently becoming the Great Ball Pit War. i'll get a log up over the weekend for actual stuff, but anyone who wants to join in at all PLEASE DO. you can hit me up on plurk & aim if you need too, they're both on the taken page.))


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