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[ Here, mansion, have a wistful-sounding voice. ]

If... If you could make a wish, a wish for anything, [ There's a pause, as if the girl is shifting her stance, or wringing her hands. ] what would it be? Anything you can think of. But-- But there might be a cost, a really big one. Something dangerous.

Would you do it? What would you want?
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Um! [ There's the sudden and bright voice of a one Madoka, trying to look... resolved, maybe? As she projects over the network. ] I just wanted to thank the people who helped me when I arrived here a few weeks ago, and who... who fought those monsters. [ She shifts, lowering her gaze, as if in reverence. ] You're all so strong; I hope I can be like that, too, someday.

That's why... That's why I want to ask if there's anything I can to do help here. I can't fight, or anything like that, but I'd be willing to learn. I just want to be able to keep people safe like they've done for me.

Thank you!
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[It's been a few days since everyone came back to Real Side, but it only confirmed what Tohru had suspected and feared when they were on Mirror Side. Ruby has vanished. Her room is completely empty, and Tohru hasn't seen any sign of her since.

And when Tohru realized this, she cried. She cried for a long, long time. Ruby was gone, and Tohru might never see her again. But...the more she thought about it, the more she realized that she should be happy for Ruby. Ruby would probably want to be at home with her family and friends, living a normal life without Wonderland. But...that didn't make it less sad that Wonderland took her away without letting anyone say good-bye.

Now though, she's finally addressing the network, from their diner. They built it together so it's still their diner, even though Ruby's gone now.

Um...hello! [And she gives a small wave at the camera.] I hope everyone's doing well, now that we've come back.

[It takes Tohru a moment to figure out exactly how to say what she wants to say, even though she thought long and hard about this post before she made it. It's just...a hard subject, that's all. But, she tries to stay cheerful!]

It, uh. It seems that Ruby was able to go home. Which is sad, but it's also kind of good too. Everyone wants to go home, so...maybe we should be happy for her, that she was allowed to leave.

[She clasps her hands together then, as if sending out a tiny, quiet prayer to Ruby.]

...I just wanted to let everyone know that the diner's still remaining open. I think it's something really important to have here in Wonderland, so...I'd like to continue it, if at all possible, even though Ruby is gone. Err, I mostly did the Japanese side of the menu, but Ruby had been showing me how to make a little bit of the American side...I'll do my best until we find another cook, if there's anything anyone wants that she usually cooks! Hopefully I'll be able to do her dishes justice.

[They will have to get another cook eventually, or at the very least teach Aerith how to cook more things. But Tohru still wants to keep the diner running in the meantime.]

Oh! That's right though, I almost forgot. Um...that chess match was really difficult, but everyone fought bravely! I wanted to do something to thank you all for it. I-I know we didn't win, and that a lot of people suffered very badly...but I made a special treat for everyone who was forced onto the field. It was a terrible event, and I know it isn't very much, but I hope you'll all take them, as a token of gratitude and sympathy. I really, truly hope no one is forced to do something like that again.

They're up here in the diner, so please come claim yours! And everyone else is welcome too, if they want to stop by.

[And she waves at the camera quick before shutting it off.]
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[ The device is shaking when the feed begins, and it's evident that its holder is, too. There are a few flashes of the outside of the mansion, the front doors, and then the frightened visage of a young girl appears over the network, her eyes bright with tears, her face unusually pale. Evidently, she's in a state. ]

[ hic ] I-I... I don't know what's happening... [ She swallows with some difficulty, clutching the device so that it's very close to her, as if letting it go might break. ] I don't know if anyone can hear me, but...

[ She gulps. And then shuts her eyes very tight, trying to send out one telepathtic message to the intended recipient-- Sayaka-chan? Kyuubey? Before she opens them again, sniffling briefly. ]

Something... Something horrible's happened, I have to... I have to help Mami-san! Please...


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