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[At this very moment in Wonderland, the Pie Maker is experiencing a foreign sensation.

The sensation itself is one with which he is at once both familiar and distant, a surreptitious and sly feeling that slithers through his bones like a warm snake (or for a less venomous metaphor, akin to sinking into a hot bath after an exhausting day). It is happiness that the Pie Maker suffers from, an almost embarrassing amount of it alighting upon his shoulders, pulling his tall frame even taller.

So, it’s...the fifth of May, and to celebrate- um... [He glances off-screen briefly before ducking his head in a sheepish grin.] -um, new arrivals and spring and other things, we’re holding-

[Chuck chooses this moment to invade the shot, grinning about as wide as she can.]

Cinco de Pieyo!

[Ned, accustomed to the ebullience that his loved one brings into both the diner and his life with her sparkling presence, swallows the pun like a prickly pear and forces a nod.]

Cinco...de Pieyo.

[Hands in his pockets and making certain not to touch her, Ned offers a slightly trying smile before allowing it to be eaten by jubilation. And the prospect of pie.]

There are going to be savory pies, um- grilled veggies and…stuff. And Chuck is debuting a new item for the permanent menu.

They’re called cup-pies! They’re like regular pies but smaller and cuter. [Like magic, she pulls a plate of tiny single-serving pies from off-camera to display. Each is the size of your average cupcake and each is piled with a different type of filling.] They were my specialty back home. The crust is sweetened with just a little bit of honey.

And this week I’m making sweet pear cup-pies with Gruyère cheese. They can even come in à la mode!
[She looks up at Ned for a moment and bumps her shoulder into him.] I still think you should have worn the sombrero. It would have been festive.

[The Pie Maker’s mouth twitches, abundantly aware that he gets enough attention already by existing as someone who happens to be six feet and five inches tall.]

It was festive but a baking hindrance,

[he reminds her gently, quietly, and clears his throat. Never mind the fact that it was a thoroughly humiliating abomination of a hat.]

We’re- open all day, the usual hours, so, um...stop by.

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[ The first thing the video shows is a vibrantly yellow dress, attached to a girl who is currently talking to someone else, thanking them cheerfully for being so nice about showing her how to use the communicator. Once that's done the camera turns to actually focus on her face which is lit with a bright is slightly tentative smile. ] People here are so nice! I guess it's because people get lost here a lot, huh? I'm lost, too, sort of. Not lost-lost like I'm terrified.It’s the sort of lost like when you're a little kid and you get lost in the grocery store.

[ Realizing some might not get what she means, Chuck elaborates. ]

When you’re little and lost in a store it’s an adventure. You're more curious about where to find the candy or the fancy cheese your aunts told you about than you are about where your dad went so you just kind of wander around for a while and find all kinds of neat things. But then you start missing what you can't find and you ask for help.

So this is me. Asking for help. I'd like to go home but sometimes Home is a person and not a place and for me my Home is a person. A person named Ned, specifically. He's tall and really sweet and he bakes pies and even though he doesn't like touching too much he usually looks like he really needs a hug. Ned, if you're here, I'm here too and I'm waiting for you. I'll wait for a while longer before I come looking for you myself, okay?


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