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Is this what happens when too many people show up? Everyone starts getting killed?
Or was it bound to happen eventually because this place pulls in people who kill because they like it back home?

[ Jane Doe has not left her room since the first news of murder happened, which means anyone who is used to seeing her around and about didn't after the first couple days of the event. And even though it's over now, she's still holed up, in bed even, where she feels safe for some reason.]

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Aug. 4th, 2016 10:26 pm
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[ A few things to know about Kurt Weller:

1) He's not easily amused by people he doesn't know well, so good luck getting him to crack a smile without a little effort.

2) He takes things a little too seriously sometimes. Sometimes.

3) It bears repeating: he doesn't smile easily.

All that being said, he's not a completely stoic hardass incapable of ever having fun, and it just makes those moments all the more hilarious when they occur. Like now.

So, he's broadcasting to you all today, with a completely ridiculous lesson. ]

I was hungry late last night and wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. [ Ordinarily, he would just make one himself, but not at 3am. ] Didn't feel like going to the kitchen. So the closet gave me this. This is wrong. Which means there are people out there from other worlds thinking this is how it's done. [ though the correct technique for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches was of high importance to them... ]

[ So he's asked the closet for a jar of peanut butter, a jar of jelly, and a loaf of bread. He props his phone up and proceeds to make it the correct way, with the peanut butter on both sides of the bread and the jelly in the middle. ] You put the jelly between the peanut butter, otherwise it's gonna soak through the bread.
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[He's going to regret this. He already knows he's going to regret this. But he has questions, and he's not exactly sure who to go to. Not his moms, not...anyone who would tell his moms, probably? He's going to regret this.]

So. Hi, Wonderland. Good afternoon.


I just...I had a question. So. Here it goes. My question.

How do you
I mean, when you want to know what or how, or
I mean

[Stop saying 'I mean,' Henry.]

Girls. Girls and the things that make them girls.
When do you get to see those things?

[Oh, man. He's going to have a panic attack over girls and boobs.]

I'm not trying to. I mean I just. How does anyone ever get to see them if you're also trying to be respectful?

[This is all Kenzi's fault.]
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[Sans is standing in the middle of his trashed room, hands on his hips, wearing pajamas and a rather nonplussed expression.]

[Without preamble,]
so that was pretty weird, right?

[Seriously, first someone turns part of the mansion into dark matter, now gravity anomalies?]

we usually get way more warning before events kick off. you know, i kinda thought "trick or treating" had something to do with halloween. though i'm not an expert.

well. maybe it wasn't an event. science weirdness's kinda becoming the theme of the week, huh?

[He is definitely fishing. Someone's messing with something, and it's more than just gravity. And he wants to know who. And why.]

actually...anyone else feel something kinda magical going on?
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[Jane has yet to address the mansion at large. Sarah and Kurt both have, and people seem to do it all the time, so today, as she sits cross-legged in the garden, she turns on her video feed. The only tattoo visible for now is the bird on her neck. Briefly, the tattoos on her hand can be seen as she tucks hair behind her ear before speaking.]

My name is Jane and I've been here for a little over three weeks now. What I've learned, other than everything people have told me about Wonderland, is that most everyone has something difficult happening back home. I don't think anyone I met came from a quiet moment. But, because everyone's from such different places and because...everyone has a story, I have a question. And I hope it's not too personal; no one has to reply, or you can reply privately, but um...

[She frowns a little, looking down for just a second before continuing.]

What's the worst thing you've ever done, that someone still forgave you for? And if that person...if you think they cared for you, do they still?

[Maybe she's just looking for some hope in her own situation, and she waits, biting at her thumbnail idly.]
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So, hey, Jack here.

[The video shows the man with the mismatched eyes framed neatly in a large room. It looks more like an office than a bedroom, but the wall behind him seems to be almost entirely taken up by a large window that overlooks Wonderland. He's sitting in an overly large yellow chair, looking into the camera of his device with his fingers laced together and propped under his chin.]

In light of recent weirdness, I was curious about something: So do any of you scrubs actually keep in touch regularly with your doppelgänger? Like, the usual morning 'Sup' scrolled on the mirror and the evening, 'How was your wonder-tastic day?' type dealio? 'Cause honestly? Mine's loonier than a Scav on Mercenary day after he's had a few, [He mimes knocking back a few drinks with his hand.] and that's saying something in comparison to the people I've met on Elpis.

I mean, the guy can just watch me do whatever I do through any mirrored surface and that's just normal? Any of you feel a little self conscious when you're jacking off or something? Maybe there's a deranged dead ringer on the other side watching you get your rocks off. It's weird, right? Point is, wow, am I the only one interested in this?


Jun. 14th, 2016 08:11 pm
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[The feed starts, and it is clear the woman in front of the camera has set the device a few feet away, so you can see that she's seated, one leg crossed over the other, hands in her lap. For a moment she stares at the device, face blank. This is a risk, she knows. Maybe a mistake. But in the few days she has spent wandering the halls of Wonderland she has encountered no one she knows. And anyway, it's late for fear now. So she smiles, and her whole demeanor brightens with it. She tilts her head toward the camera in a polite nod.]

Hello to... whomever may be watching this. [Bedelia speaks slowly, every word careful, exact. Her voice hardly ever reaches above a low and breathy rumble, but she speaks with confidence.]

My name is Dr. Bedelia du Maurier. I am a recent addition to this place, and I'm not familiar with most of you, but in light of recent events I thought it would be best to make myself known, and to offer my services. I am a licensed psychiatrist, and am beginning a small practice out of my quarters in room Thirty-five on the Eighth floor. I am available by appointment, or, if you would like to speak more informally, you can find me around the mansion.

[She pauses for a moment, and nearly stands up before she thinks of something more that should be said.]

I have been made aware that there is currently a therapist already practicing here. It is not my intention to be in competition with her. However, I imagine she has limited time, and everyone has different needs. [She takes a deep breath, never breaking eye contact with the device. It is best to be up front.] I am particularly accustomed to...disturbing cases. Trauma is something I am wholly familiar with. If that is what you need, I am here.

[She pauses again. That nervousness has not left her, her hands tremble in her lap, but she keeps her toothless smile on. She is, after all, a professional.]

That is all for now, I suppose. Thank you.

[Bedelia leaves the frame and the click of her high heels grows closer and closer before she turns off the feed.]


Jun. 15th, 2016 12:30 am
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Dear Wonderland.

[She says it like she's starting a letter. To all of you Wonderland girls and guys! She's obviously in her room, the wall of pasted-on Polaroid photos behind her, with softly lit lanterns hanging across the surface on thin wires. It's late at night- or rather, it's the wee hours of the morning. Max has no idea how much the old midnight gang of insomniacs still prowls around the network. She used to be pretty active at this time- not so much anymore.]

This is gonna sound kinda weird, but I swear I'm not off my rocker. Maybe groggy and craving for food, but not crazy.

[ Come on Max, stop embarrassing yourself on the network!]

I was just thinking that I would've graduated by now, since it's June. I'd probably be scrambling to find some sort of arts college that I can afford or that I can even get into. [Or not. Spending a year traveling and taking photos sounds great, too, but college seems pretty important.] And it sucks that I don't have school here.

But... obviously a lot of things suck about Wonderland. Nutso mirrors, certain newbies showing up, all kinds of scary mystery type stuff, nasty events. I mean, sometimes it's... just shit. [Like the past few days, for a lot of people. The network's been full of downers. Her brow furrows as she looks to the side, and her mouth curves into a slight frown.] And I'm sure some of us are bringing in a ton of messed up baggage from back home, too.

[She holds up a stack of instant photos, maybe seven or eight. She angles the stack sideways, so only the sides can be seen by the camera. The girl's still a little too shy to show the actual images.] But see this? Each one's a photo of a... a friend I've made here. People I could actually hang out with. [She waves the little stack at the screen, preparing herself for this next admission.] That's more friends than I had- have in my school.

So yeah, Wonderland totally bombs sometimes. But there's some pretty good stuff going on, too. And I know this is gonna be really hard right now, but I want to hear it- what's something you're super grateful for? Something you might never have had if you hadn't fallen down the rabbit hole? [She tries to make it sound like it's fun challenge, smiling timidly at the screen.] Cuz I'm sure you could name at least three things.

[[OOC: After the post, she leaves her room to roam around the mansion, phone light in hand. Feel free to bump into her wherever! Also, she'll be replying to all responses, even the ones after sunrise.]]
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[ have you seen a golden streak throughout wonderland? that's barry — the flash — scoping out the place. making sure it's up to snuff and reasonably safe (ha ha, another earth being safe? oh, barry) and searching for (1) the cheshire cat (2) the caterpillar with the hookah and (3) the queen of hearts, he's found himself so disappointed not to find (4) the mad hatter. it's like he's losing this scavenger hunt no one else is playing. ]

[ he makes sure his username is BEARY 🐻 for #reasons no one will ever guess. keeping his tone cheery and upbeat, barry's close to fooling himself that he doesn't feel so empty on the inside and infinitely defeated. ]

Little Barry fell
the hole
bumped his head
and idk about my soul tbh jw if I've gone mad here??

Okay, sorry, that wasn't a real question. Siri's not even answering me so I'm guessing it's just not even a good one to ask? What kind of Wonderland doesn't even have Jitters?

Assuming I've gone mad and I'm not going to lose my head, I've decided to come to my wise fish with a specific porpoise. Fish don't go anywhere without one.

I want to know when tea-time is (seriously, guys, I'm really, really, REALLY hungry and I could use some snacks, like high on the sugar, maybe cupcakes with icing, ice-cream in the cone, chocolate ...) and if I'm invited because I kiiiiiiind of waited in the tea-room for like an hour and a half at 6PM — ON THE DOT btw — and no one turned up? Like, come on, I'm a great party guest … even though I'm over a mile high.

What do I have to do to be in the cool kid's club????


Jun. 14th, 2016 09:26 am
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So these.. huh. The others. Mirrors.

[He rolls the word out as if it's not the right one to use, slow and a fraction uncertain, but he's pretty damn sure he's heard other people call them that and he's never been shy about making an ass of himself in any case.

A brief pause follows.

They always gonna be a cut-an'-dry opposite, or is there somethin' more to that?

[Is this a taboo subject overall? He isn't sure. Dan has been here over half a year now and still hasn't seen people ever really talk about what's on the other side of the mirrors - at least not in public.

He might draw some unwelcome attention, he reasons, but it wouldn't be the first time.

I ain't had the pleasure of seein' mine yet. Far as I'm concerned, it can stay that way.
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[Damon is not happy, and definitely not drunk enough for this. At first, he assumed he'd been hallucinating, on some trip after drinking bad blood. However, he has been roaming Wonderland for hours on this bright and early morning, while everyone else was likely asleep. He’s poked his head in where it doesn’t belong, waiting for the hallucination to fade. Spoilers: it doesn’t. He finally studies the communication device, accepting that this is either one very long dream or he’s actually here. Somehow. He’s on the main floor, pressed up against the marble pillar, staring up at the ceiling. It takes minimal effort to skim through previous entries before he switches to video.]

Question #1, for the masses: How drunk do you have to be for this place to start making sense? Because I’m starting to think this poor, lonely bottle's not gonna cut it. [Damon looks to the bottle in his hand with a little sigh, tapping his fingers on its surface.] Looks like we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

[He takes a long drink, swallows, and sends the camera a slow but absolutely charming smirk:]

Question #2: what’s the one thing you wish someone had told you on your first day in the merry old Land of Wonder, but failed to?

[Damon points a finger at the camera with the hand that's still partly wound around the bottle] And go. Best answers get a pony.


Jun. 9th, 2016 05:18 pm
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[ York turns the device on well before he has any intention of actually speaking. He's mostly fidgeting with the thing, tapping icons on the indicator, and as soon as he realizes it's recording he sets the thing on his desk to balance it into a good position to record him speaking. He lounges back in his chair, arms crossed, and peers at the screen to check that it's got a good image of him before proceeding.

He smiles a charming smile and begins: ]

I know I can't be the first one who showed up here and figured I'd come out on the good end of things. Free food, free shelter, and I don't even have to work for it? Well.

I do want to say, though, that I like what I do and I'm still interested in doing it, should anyone have the need. I'm a locksmith. I can get you in anywhere you need to go. Lock yourself out of your room? I’m your guy. Other cases, well, we’ll discuss the particulars when they come up. But that’s who I am and what I do, okay.

[ Here York's expression softens just a bit. ]

By the way, I kind of have this idea someone who was with me might have showed up here about the time I did. His name's Delta. He's a great guy, doesn't really have a body though. So it's possible if you found a liquid-crystal data chip lying around, that it was him. Be careful with it if you find it and just...let me know, okay. I'd really appreciate it.
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[When the camera pans around at first all you see is jeans and boots before he's got it up and focused on his face. Dean flashes the receiver an unimpressed look, whatever this was he didn't want to be in on the joke.]

As far as abduction sequences go, the digs are nice. I'll give you that. Don't get me wrong, I'm flattered, but I so don't do Stockholm.

[Zachariah might want him to sign up and put his body on layaway for the apocalypse but he didn't have any plans to go belly up. As far as he was concerned, there was still a shot, and he'd only consent to Michael if he didn't have any other choice. He was a lot of things, but letting someone else do his dirty work wasn't his style.]

Whatever sick twisted things you had planned, I don't go that way. ...No matter what you've heard.

[Dean takes a minute to scratch the side of his cheek, and then sets his jaw and squares his shoulders. The usual off-the-cuff sarcasm is still as confident as ever, but he's over the showmanship. Broadcasting wasn't his bag.]

And anybody else that wants to feed me another line of crap about mirrors and royalty, don't waste your time. The creep I'm looking for has Fifty Shades of Douche written all over him.


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