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[What's a radio announcer to do in a place that has no radio and, worse still, no news updates?]

[Well, do the news, of course.]

Is this place a prison, or a sanctuary? You could ask the same about life itself. You could ask the same about many things. Wonderland.

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Aug. 16th, 2013 01:00 pm
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[You know, this whole Wonderland thing isn't such a bad deal. Finally, a house that's almost big enough for him...or at least it might be if he didn't have to share it with other people. But this? This is the good life, and everything he's worked for so far. He deserves anything he wants, whenever he wants, and that's pretty much what he's got here.

So, is he satisfied? Of course he's not! Silly peasant. Of course, he's not satisfied. Which is why he had built a large factory on one of the hills. He just needed more space, okay? And since he doesn't recall getting robbed horrifically he can make Thneeds in like ten seconds when he's got the materials. It's a time-saver - specifically it leaves him more time to smoke cigars and swim in his money. Who cares if it pollutes the sky or whatever? It's not his sky.

But for whatever reason, his factory is missing when he wakes up, which is...alarming. What? It's always been there! But he can definitely just build another one. Or pay someone to build another one. Which is why he's on the screen in his sleek green suit and sunglasses, flipping through a large wad of cash that could be American but probably isn't.

S'up, nerds?

I've got a construction project that needs constructing, ASAP. [And he snaps his fingers for emphasis. Chop chop people; he doesn't have all day.] Any takers?

[He casually shakes the wad of cash at the screen and grins widely.] I'll make it worth your while.

[Someone will cave. Everybody loves money.]
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[The feed flickers on to reveal silver eyes, peering into it. It looks pretty dark, but a figure can be made out through it. The man on screen has gray skin, silver eyes, jagged teeth, and raven black hair. He purses his lips, looking to be confused.]

How on earth...? I'm able to touch things again. This can’t be right. [He holds the device farther away from his face with one hand, running the other through his hair.]

I was reduced to almost nothing. Again.[A pause.] Perhaps it's this place. Whatever this place is, it is making me whole once more. Then that might mean people can see me. [He almost chuckles, grinning.]

If the Man in the Moon isn’t in charge of whatever world this is, then perhaps I can start anew. A world without those blasted Guardians.

[A pair of golden eyes peer over his shoulder, a snort audible through the feed. Pitch glances back and smiles as the horse-like creature behind him nuzzles his cheek.]

Mn, yes, this will be an excellent start for us.


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