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[ this is one severus snape finally turning on his journal. he's been here for a few days and gathered a few things about this place, namely that avoiding everyone for a few days was a very good idea. no one saw his shadow, thank merlin. now that he's taken a little time to get acquainted with this... place, he's a little more willing to address the insane ones here.


his voice is as deadpan as normal when he speaks, his eyes not betraying his thoughts in any way. in fact, his eyes may appear a little dead, devoid of emotion almost entirely. ]

As it would seem I am hardly the first arrival here, and not likely the last, I will avoid asking needlessly stupid questions. [ yes, he's looking at some of you fellow newbies. ] Instead, I'm curious about the enchantments binding this manor. [ because there has to be something and he's fairly certain it would have made dear filius flitwick fall off his stack of books again if he saw it. ] Rather than asking where we all are, I would have thought the intelligent question would be "How did we get here?" I wasn't aware that the place I was in last could be infiltrated in such a way as this. Congratulations. [ whoever you are.

he might sound slightly impressed. slightly. maybe. if you squint. ]

005 video;

Jun. 15th, 2013 01:19 am
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[ so the last few days have been... different, to say the least. she’d found one of the most important people in her life -- the most important person, not counting her father -- and now it seemed they were on that second week. like clockwork, dean had told her. it seemed he was correct in that.

for most of the weekend, she’ll be ignoring her shadow as best she can. so when she addresses the network, she’s aimed the camera away from from both shadows currently occupying the room and she looks a bit worn. ]

I know some of you are aware of his arrival but I wanted to make it clear to those of you who haven’t noticed: a friend and colleague of mine has arrived. His name is Dr. James Watson and I assure you all he is quite the gentleman.

Is he? Or is he humoring you?

[ she ignores that quip. ]

I would also like to apologize for any inconvenience or … difficulty any of you experienced upon his arrival.

What she means is, she’s sorry I was particularly difficult and would you please not hold it over my head as she’s particularly attached to it..

[ that comment comes from off camera, from James if anyone heard him arrive last week. ]

Yes, thank you, Darling. [ as if it weren’t already obvious that she’s seeing someone and who it is, she’s throwing a pointed look to someone off-camera. ] I believe I’ll be keeping a rather close eye on him. He seems to hail from a point in time very close to my own. [ people who know her and where she’d just come from at her arrival can give an accurate guess that she means the war. ]

You’re afraid, afraid of losing--

[ ignoring that voice that is no longer in the back of her head. she does raise her voice a little, as though to drown out that stupid shadow voice. ]

I do hope this event won’t be too treacherous for us all, though if you have need of me, you will certainly be able to contact me with relative ease.

[ she gives a firm nod at that and turns it off. ]

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001 Video

Jun. 11th, 2013 10:41 pm
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[The feed comes on to a man tied to a chair, or rather the upper part of his body showing his arms tied to the arms of it. Shirt unbuttoned, it shows some weird brass device on his chest and really he's not looking all with it but that may have as much to do with the location he's in (some random hallway) as it does the blood at the corner of his mouth and the way he's slumping in his chair.

And yeah, that bandage on his leg, but you can't see that exactly in the video as he squints down, staring.

When you said you were sending me to Berlin, I thought it'd be in something other then a chair. Really, John, I'd thought you'd be a bit more kind then that.

[The voice is clearly British and man, is he ever frustrated sounding.]

So would you kindly get back to things or are you going to leave me here to idly wonder when you'll grace me with your presence again?


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