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Oct. 22nd, 2013 05:43 pm
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[ Rose Tyler is no stranger to portal jumping, accustomed to blinking and finding herself in another world, another universe, another plane of existence. Home, or her surrogate home, as she's come to think of it, is only a place to dust off her shoes before the next jump. Parallel Earths and alien fields and unfamiliar constellations up above are old hat now.

But Wonderland? The incredulous expression on her face is nearly amused, brown eyes warm and curious as she blinks into the camera, fingers raking lightly through dyed golden hair. Headquarters is going to get an earful about jumbled up cannon coordinates when she gets back. Still, she can't help but be a little fascinated by it all, despite the kink in all of her grand plans, her search for that someone she'll never be able to let go of, not ever. ]

's real, then? The Queen of Hearts and all that. I mean, it's a bit brilliant, really and I'm all about a good cuppa with a mad man every now and then but this isn't exactly what I was aiming for, y'know? The way out... still through the rabbit hole, or is that too easy?

[ There's a brief, uncertain pause, her teeth edging into her lower lip thoughtfully before she carries on, giving in to the other nagging question nearly always on her mind. ]

While I have you... does anyone here know the Doctor?


Oct. 21st, 2013 05:11 pm
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Oh- Oh Really? That's unexpected.

[There's a man on the screen, his thick brown hair sticking up in all directions like he's been worrying it with his fingers, and the location is definitely near the fountain, where he sits on the edge and grins at the camera, curiosity glinting in his eyes and his face incredibly animated.]

Hello! Aren't you brilliant? Never  thought that the afterlife would come with wifi! Well, never expected there was an afterlife at all, actually, but wifi is probably the last expectation I'd have if I did.  Learn something new every day!

I'm The Doctor, by the way. [There's a bit of a flinch to that, and he tilts his head side to side as if weighing his next word.] Thouugh, if one of my theories are correct I may not be the only one. Fantastic gardening here by the way, bit Alice in Wonderland. You know I took Charles with me on a short trip to  Mimsy, a planet in the Mirror Galaxy that's around, oh say ninety percent gardens? Bit of a squabble going on at the time. He claims not to remember a bit of it but honestly I think he just wanted all the credit. Definitely not Mimsy though...Smells wrong. 

[He clicks his tongue and takes a breath, looking over the camera and around at his surroundings again. Then after a moment he looks back, a charming smile on his lips.]

Anyone want to catch me up on the goings on here? Always liked a bit of gossip. Ta.


Sep. 18th, 2013 05:32 pm
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[The video turns on and John is out for a walk, though it's very unusual because one can see his breath as he speaks. It's really cold out!]

Strange turn of weather we're having. Is this normal? Is it that time of year already?

[Who knows, maybe the seasons are different in Wonderland.]
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[It takes a while to fathom out the device, it's a strange object that both frightens and intrigues him. But in the end, it's just like any other object he has stumbled upon in his short life. It takes careful study and observation, an ability to master what was in front of him and use it as an aid. And as much as he wants to remain hidden in the shadows, he has to reach out or else he will never find what he's looking for. He was alone here. The world around him had changed entirely and this was his last chance to make some sense of it.

And this seemed strangely how everyone communicated here, some odd magical device that allowed communication by distance. It was -- useful. At least he didn't have to show his face.]

I am looking for Doctor Victor Frankenstein. I have been searching all day and have not seen him once. I do not know if he is out there, if he is capable of hearing this. If he is then... then I am here.

[He speaks with a sort of lisp, somewhat mumbled and unsure. He pauses, his hands fumble with the device nervously, unsure what to say. Unsure how many could hear him.]

This is a strange place but very beautiful, I have never been somewhere so grand. The snow is gone, everything is much brighter and nicer. And these machines? I don't yet entirely understand them. [How they worked were beyond him. Magic perhaps? Or more science he can't understand.] But I am curious to know more.
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Okay, so let's say someone got bitten by one of those hellhounds and then the bite got infected somehow.

Would that be really bad or just averagely bad?

[this is so totally a hypothetical question and not a real thing that happened because Elsword is a reckless moron, really]


Jul. 23rd, 2013 04:21 pm
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[The network comes on to show a man’s face. His brow is creased with worry and he attempts a smile, though it’s not entirely successful.]

I understand we’re all trapped here. And this is.. Wonderland? Or so I’m told. I find that notion pretty ridiculous. No doubt we’re all being fooled. We just have to look at this logically to figure out how to get back home. I’m sure the parlor tricks here are very impressive, but we can’t honestly believe we’re being held here by magic, of all things.

Anyway, my name is John Watson. I was in the British Army and I’m a doctor. If anyone needs medical attention, let me know. I’ll do what I can to help.


Aug. 6th, 2012 08:27 pm
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I am holding a private party and require entertainment.

Music is a must. Theatre would be nice but I have low expectations from you all. Performing arts in general, really. I want class and culture.

Sign up here.


Jul. 13th, 2012 11:38 pm
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Sorry, this is so overdue, I was dealing with an... incident.

[If anyone notices him brushing his fingers against his neck absently, pay that no mind... he's just remembering where his neck was slashed open.

He clears his throat awkwardly, drops his hand and continues, expression growing concerned.]

...In any case, I'm looking for a young boy named Conan. He was injured quite badly the other day and I was... interrupted while treating him.

Has anyone seen or talked to him? Is he alright?

I owe him an apology.
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[Redglare is greatly disappointed in a very many things now that she's returned. Mostly with herself past actions and how stupid her overwhelming confidence seems now that she's dead because of it. Or perhaps it wasn't so much overconfidence as her underestimation of Mindfang. For all that Dualscar had told her subjuggulating employers, he had failed to mention her manipulation prowess. Redglare's own desire to show off to the low-blooded masses that ALL were susceptible to Justice, that they were not the only ones who had to pay, was what proved her undoing.

Of course, she isn't willing to tell anyone this. It's stupid to display all of your weaknesses to the public, so instead she greets the fed with a smile.]

Well well! It seems I've taken an unwarranted and unannounced leave of absence due to the mansion's interference. You have my sincerest apologies, and I'll be sure to file the correct paper work.

[She mock-sighs and presses the back of her hand to her forehead.]

Not that anyone would care, disregarding the law as you all do so very often. You know, [And at this she sits down and crosses her legs, propping her arm up on her knee and cradling her head in her palm.] It's almost disgusting how so many individuals across all universes try to enforce the law for the safety of others and, in the end, it all comes to nothing so very often. It's just such a fucking shame, worse when you think of how many simply don't care.

[There are people who have done worse jobs at coping.]
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[With all the brouhaha that's been going on, Evelyn didn't quite notice her older brother's disappearance until after she'd woken up from that dreadful affliction in Wonderland called being dead. Lacking sibling support is one of the things making recovery that much more difficult.

It was nothing, really.

Your standard slit-throat-and-heart-removal. Evie barely remembers it happening: for an instant, there was pain, but it was like something out of a bad dream.

Since then, she's been spending a lot less time reading and a lot more time thinking. Even now, she can be found at one of the library's window seats, arms around her knees, cat occasionally venturing into her presence.

If you're not wandering through the bookshelves in her area, you might muse over the text she's decided to send today.

Good friends are really very hard to come by.

[And now she's learned this the painful way.]
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[ Conan is outside in the Mansion grounds, dribbling the soccer ball with skill while looking at the communicator in one hand. ]

Does anyone here know how to play soccer? It'll really be a nice way to sp-

[ His words are suddenly cut off as he looks surprise for just a moment before the communicator falls to the ground and he goes off frame. He reappears laying on the green grass, facedown and gripping his left side of the body. The shirt he's wearing is already staining red from a tear on the side of his body at the lower rib area.

Rolling around onto his back, it's obvious he's in pain but he's not panicking greatly at all. ]

Agh..... Wh....ere? [ He is trying to look for where the attack, the bullet, came from, but the rapid blood flow is draining his strength quickly. Conan tries to put pressure above the wound, but it seems to not being able to do much. First aid is obviously needed... ]

(( ooc; Dr. Watson will be first on scene so any reply that's going to happen will be after that! Thank you ♥ ))
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Welcome to the Hospital Wing. There are two uniformed doctors bustling about between the students, teachers and staff that have made their way to this area for a wide range of ailments and illnesses. 

Please, set yourself on one of the available beds and either Professor Morita or Professor Watson will be with you shortly. Or, if you're here to discuss something with a doctor that isn't an immediate medical issue, feel free to wait in either of our offices. 

Please remember, only up to 6 visitors at a time, and talk at a reasonable volume so as to not disturb the other patients. 

[ooc: John's uniform is based off of a Victorian era doctor's outfit, basically akin to Jude Law's outfit in this scene of the RDJ movies. Professor Morita-mun, let me know if you have any other notes to add to our general post!]
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[There's a curt 'whoa', a thud, and then a grumbling. It's the voice of a young man, who very shortly appears over the feed, blinking at the camera. He doesn't seem to notice it's recording at first, as he turns the device over in his hands a few times, muttering about 'the others' and 'yellow eyes.' Finally, he catches sight of the the light that signals he's on view, and his expression is suddenly surprise!]

Uh-- hey? Not sure what's... going on with this phone...

[There's a brief interlude, during which he examines the thing again.]

... Yeah. Well, gonna keep it simple. I'm not sure where I am. Honestly? I'm probably just dreaming. That's more likely than any alternative. But, if I've been whisked off to some other place? Just... let me know where I am?

[He pauses, and then frowns, brows knitted together in a sort of resolved expression.]

And, if this is your doing, Yellow-Eyes... I'm coming for you.
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[The problem with science is sometimes it can take too long. There's time in the middle to be idle, time to kill and no deaths to find interest in. There is simply so much time to just think on the things he can't forget and ruminate on all his failures. With an audience, Sherlock's narcissistic, arrogant, antagonistic attitude is neigh unstoppable but alone he is simply quiet, ghosting around his room in his dressing gown with a sullen expression on his face.

He picks up his violin and starts to play near the windows looking out, the sad melody finally completed as he expresses himself in the only way he really knows how.]
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[The Medicine Seller is not pleased with his current information. He's been in one place long enough to feel the humanity trying to rub off on him, and still--still, this place keeps surprising him. He's no closer to solving the mansion's mystery and ending it than he was when he got here.]

[Even for him, it's... frustrating.]

[Not that he's letting it show, or holding on to such a useless emotion. He's outside, in one of the sculpted gardens, sitting on a wide blanket tucked into a corner, his medicine chest sitting within arm's reach. On the blanket, he's laid out an array of traditional sweets that he doesn't appear to have much personal interest in, as well as a delicate little cup full of clear, thin tea that's almost too green to believe. A second cup rests in his hands, cradled almost carelessly in long, thin fingers.]

[Think of it as... an open invitation. That teacup is for you.]

[The mirrors have an invitation to talk, as well, albeit a less cultured one. He's taken a brush and carefully hand-ground ink to a mirror in his room, writing one word in a casually artistic scrawl: Speak.]
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[If she looks bedraggled, it's probably because she's dealt with quite a bit thus far during the event, and isn't having the best time. It could be worse, but it could certainly be better.]

I don't know how many people here have- have changed, but is there anyone who can remember being their very own self?

[She stops walking briskly long enough to tuck a lock of hair behind one ear, chest heaving, pausing outside the mansion to lean against the rough-cut stone wall. A few speckles of red are spattered across one sleeve - an unfortunate encounter with something she'll look up later, something called Compsognathus - a cut scrapes over her cheekbone, as well.

Dinosaurs. Very real, very dangerous dinosaurs in the forest. And a desert off to the east, one she's certain she doesn't want to venture into, not without a camel and a guide.

Anyone who remembers me?
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[Immediately after this the communicator turned on, And there was Jay looking panicked.]

Is there-Is there a Doctor here? Anyone?!

[He looked away from the communicator a moment before pointing it towards the young man passed out beside him. There was blood near him that he had spit up after Jay had brought him back to shore.]

Please, someone help. he's not-not in good condition.
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 What in the world is going on? I k

[Suddenly, the message is switched to video, John is up close to the screen, looking a tad flushed from exertion. After all, it's rather hard to climb up onto a table and type out a text when you're only a few inches tall.]

This is much easier. As I was saying... What happened? Is anyone else turning... well, pocket-sized? All I did was have a couple cups of tea this morning, as usual, and then suddenly...

[He practically puffs up his cheeks in frustration, like this he's pretty well helpless and he doesn't like it.]

I know I wasn't exactly the tallest bloke before, but this is ridiculous...
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Things have turned out much different than I expected. As...charming as the forest was, it is a relief to be back inside a building with comforts. My room is very much like my infirmary, and I feel quite comfortable here. That being said...

I don't suppose anyone has performed physicals on any of the various sentient beings here? If there are other medical practitioners, I would very much like to discuss the state of things with you and possibly get a copy of your findings. There's a lot of work to do.


Mar. 23rd, 2012 11:04 am
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[Sherlock is sitting in a comfortable looking square chair, rosining his bow with long, even strokes of the cloth-secured cube. He's functioning well today so he's in his tailored suit and purple dress shirt rather than slumming it in his night clothes and dressing gown. He needs a case, though. Wonderland is too big a mystery to keep at 24-7. The ashtray on the side table gives some hint as to how he's managing to stay calm and passably normal but even a nice dose of nicotine can only do so much.]

I am not the police and am under no obligation to help in any way that does not interest me. That being said, I need cases. Therefore my business is now officially open and my second floor residence in room twenty-one will continue to be my base of operations. Network and in person inquiries are both acceptable. Murders are always preferred but Wonderland is particularly hateful in its treatment of the dead and the criminal classes here are boring to say the least. Do we even have criminals? Please do get in touch if you are one. No, on second thought, don't. I'd much rather find you.

[Which is a terrible invitation for someone to do something awful but Sherlock would welcome it gladly. He puts the rosin down, eying the long horse hairs and inspecting the bow to be certain it's not warped.]

That's all, really. Participants in my biochemical studies will be pleased to know I discovered no physical or chemical reasons for our being here. The likelihood of returning is as random as the likelihood of being brought here at all in the first place. Human and humanoid species also were shown to have similar enough if not identical genetic and chemical makeup to make treatment by a doctor specialized in humans more than effective. Charts and notes have been made available to Dr. Watson and John will use the information as he sees fit.

Evelyn, do pop 'round when you get the chance.


Mar. 17th, 2012 04:04 pm
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[When John Watson had first woken up, expecting a ceiling above his head and instead finding a tent, he'd been quite certain he was still dreaming--although camping had never been a subject of his dreams before. (And, of course, none of those said non-existent camping dreams would have ever included Sherlock, since going camping with the detective would have likely constituted as a nightmare.) Upon disserning it wasn't, in fact, a dream, and that this was one of the many twists that Wonderland enjoyed throwing at it's occupants, the doctor found himself rather content with the situation. After all, his first 'event' could have been far worse then a forced holiday in the woods.

That is, until the aforementioned detective started going rather stir crazy. Sherlock resented any form of boredom, and being forced away from his lab, his experiments, and the potential case or two was as good as hell on earth for everyone involved, no matter the scenery. This had been the second day of dealing with it, and no one had patience that steady, not even the good doctor.

John had all but stormed out of their shared tent after hours of waning tolerance. If Sherlock refused to look on the bright side of their situation and sulk in their tent all day, John was all too happy to enjoy it himself, wandering out of the circle of tents manned by the other citizens of this strange world and striding through the trees with his hands shoved into his pants pockets. Eventually, he had wandered into a clearing, the light speckled across the ground through the branches and swaying leaves.

That had been about an hour ago, and here he still lingered, sitting on a log and long since cooled off from any anger from his row with Sherlock. The former soldier sighed and ran a hand through his hair. Despite how relaxing this place was, he knew he should head back; even if Sherlock would likely not mention it again, it would be best he cleared the air. They'd be stuck in the same tent until this was over, after all. Not to mention he hardly knew these woods, or the other people living in Wonderland with him--best not to be alone and secluded for too long if the warnings others had given him were anything to go by. Still, John tilted his head back and closed his eyes, enjoying the spring warmth and deciding to wait just another couple of minutes before leaving... ]
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[The camera flickers on, revealing John sitting up from being sprawled on the ground, holding his head. He groans, hissing to himself. From the grass around him, it looks like he's on the front lawn of the mansion. When he finally peeks through his fingers, the doctor notices the camera--likely his phone. He reaches for it, looking slightly perplexed when he realizes it's recording video--technology was never really his strong suit. He glances around, and when it's obvious he sees nothing familiar, he holds up the camera properly, looking into it with confusion, but resolve.]

This is John Watson, speaking. I'm currently in an unknown area and any sort of information would be... wonderful, thank you.

[The hinting of his military background dissolves slightly at the end of his request, and he gnaws at his lower lip as he observes his surroundings once more. Running a hand through his cropped hair, he mutters to himself;]

Well, one thing's for sure, this certainly isn't London...

[He then snorts in a self deprecating manner.]

Of course it isn't, John. Obvious deduction.

[He's speaking as if mimicking someone else chiding him, but the line of his mouth and the expression in his eyes is fond, if a bit sad, as he looks off. After a moment he remembers he's still on video. Clearing his throat, he fumbles with the phone uselessly a couple of times until the transmission finally shuts off.]


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