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So uh. These events. They're pretty crazy, huh? Superheroes and weird murder schools...

[The Once-ler is standing before the camera, rubbing at the back of his neck. It's a very deliberate broadcast, to ask a very specific question.]

But, do you guys think they actually...I don't know, mean anything?

[He laughs awkwardly at his own question, wanting to seem like he thinks it's stupid.]

I mean, that's just dumb, right? Just because this stupid place keeps making someone do bad things in events doesn't mean they're actually bad...


[Who knows? But he shuts off the camera after that.]
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[It's an hour or two after midnight, and Genesis is on the school roof. There are fences around it-- possibly to deter anyone from doing something drastic. But really... anyone athletic enough could climb up and over them. And Genesis seems to be the right fit with his tall, built physique. He doesn't look like he's about to do anything to those fences so far, though. Instead, he's seated on the floor of that rooftop, looking out and beyond.]

Secrets. Truly, there must be some terrible enough to drive people to kill. I can see the reasoning behind that. Not all secrets are things that can be brushed aside once they're spilled. Sometimes it's keeping that secret that allows us to stay ourselves.

Ah, but nevermind that.

I have a question that has been on my mind for a while. Tell me... have you ever forgiven yourself of something you believe is truly unforgivable?

[Genesis will remain there on the rooftop until sunrise. He can very well be a sitting duck for anyone who wants to kill to keep their secret. But if he'll allow it is something different.]
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Around 6:00 AM )

After killing Tohru (warning for cannibalism) )

[TL;DR: Fuminori gets up early in the morning, finds Tohru in the cafeteria alone, and kills her. Then he takes some meat from one of her arms because lol CANNIBAL and absconds.

Please feel free to run into him either on his way to the cafeteria or after he leaves, though the time that he spends inside the cafeteria is reserved for Tohru. He's left behind plenty of evidence/clues, primarily for Joan, but anyone is welcome to get in on that investigation.

This post is also a catch-all for him during the first couple days of the event. If you'd like to interact with him in a capacity unrelated to him being a murderer and a cannibal (since I totally understand if you don't want to touch that with a thirty-nine-and-a-half-foot pole), then feel free to tag this post and have your character just run into him where ever! Action and network tags are fine.]
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[ he hasn't spoken much on the network since his arrival, but the arrival had been somewhat of a surprise enough for this particular doctor. he's taken it upon himself to become more acquainted with Wonderland, particularly the kitchens and the cupboards, consistently keeping himself occupied by creating things in the kitchens.

as of right now, he can be seen in the library, legs crossed as he glances down into the device, the thought striking him: ]

I feel as though this place would benefit from my services. I have heard from many individuals who seem to be ...unhappy. Perhaps slightly unstable. Depressed, anxious. One would think in our surroundings, these feelings would be compounded.

If you wish to seek professional help in the form of a counselor, please do allow me to be of assistance. I'm a trained forensic psychiatrist. Considering the circumstances, and an unfortunately bleak future regarding returning home, I would like to set up a practice here in Wonderland. As of now, our sessions would be either in the library; if you would care for a more private setting I would be more than happy to offer my living arrangement as an office environment as well.

Feel free to either reach me here, or if you would care to, you may leave a message for me at any time and I will be happy to set up an appointment for us both. [ he smiles, briefly, the action spreading thin over his lips. ] Thank you.

( ooc: for the event, this hannibal has never met will graham. so hardly any fear or trepidation in picking up new patients. )
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U-Um, excuse me?

[Tohru appears on the screen, trying to look as professional as possible under the circumstances (though she does still seem very scared of everything that's happening).]

I just wanted to let everyone know that the diner is open as a shelter. It's the first room on the eighth floor, so if anybody on the upper floors is in trouble, please don't hesitate to stop by! I-It'll be much safer than trying to go all the way down the stairs while the hell hounds are here. So just, um, knock on the door and we'll move the barricade and let you inside!

Err, thank you very much for your attention.

[She bows, and then shuts off the camera.

Anyone who does use the diner as shelter will find that Tohru has (with great difficulty) pushed a couple of tables against the door, and she's poured a thick salt line around the barricade. She's also set up thick salt lines at the pantry and fridge, because they work like the closets, right? Can they get in through the closets? Tohru doesn't know, but she's not about to risk it. And just to be extra super safe, there's salt scattered all over the floor in both the dining room and the kitchen. There's also about five industrial-sized containers of salt by the door, so the line can be remade as people are let in and out, and blankets on all of the booth seats, if anyone needs to sleep there.

This is a big catch-all for everything happening in the diner over Day 2 and Day 3! Either prose or brackets is fine by me. Feel free to tag around with each other and stuff, and to assume that your character's been let inside already. ♥
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[There are audible - far too audible - howls in the background. Cloud is standing by a window, his expression stiff and unreadable. He is fully dressed despite the late hour and his sword is resting against the wall beside him.]

Anyone who goes after those things won't like what they find. [He glances at his recorder, blue eyes troubled.] We're on her turf. It's like the chess game all over again.

So don't do anything stupid. And don't get yourself killed. [A pause.] I'm here if you need help.

✑ one

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I do believe the French have coined a phrase for it. Folie à plusieurs, madness, shared by many. It seems entirely improbable considering the circumstances where several of you have found their way to this establishment. [ He's glancing behind him, towards a towering window in a hallway he's found. ] As unlikely as it seems that so many of us share a delusion in which we've been abducted from a familiar place and set here, perhaps it's best to accept such a fact. The alternative... [ Being that they are here, that this is actually something that's happening. ] Is more so.

I would like to ask a question of those who have found their way to this mansion. Did you recall what happened when you lost sight of your own existence? Was there an event that triggered the occurrence? Perhaps a particular food that you've never tried before. [ He's determined to understand this, to analyze their surroundings and what they mean. Certainly there's a symbolism, a common ground that's caused them to find themselves here. ]

And speaking of food, is there a kitchen available? According to this leaflet I've found in my assigned room, there's apparently not a possible way out. I figure I would make the most of my time in a productive manner.
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[At first, he's utterly confused. Toothless falls asleep next to Hiccup, and wakes up on the grass in Wonderland. Then, slowly, the memories start coming back, and the Night Fury puts it together. It wasn't a dream! And the harness on his back was better than the one he remembered. He sprints back into the main level of the mansion, to track down Hiccup at his forge, and... discovers a regular door where the forge's should be.

When he runs - pretty much full-out - up to his room, he discovers that it's reverted to the way it used to be, a cozy cave. Rather than the lodge a Viking would be comfortable in.

Distressed, Toothless lets out a few sounding calls as he begins to scour the rest of the mansion. A long, forlorn, echoing sound. He doesn't understand. Hiccup had been here when he'd left, and he'd been back home, too...

Finally, he nudges his communicator open and stares at it, sitting down in the entrance hall. There's a gleam of judgment in his yellow eyes. What have you done with Hiccup, Wonderland, he seems to be asking, letting out one of his loud calls at the screen.]
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[There is a lot of dead space before Cloud says a word. He gazes at the communicator, a faint furrow between his brows.]

I...don't know why I'm here. [Though he hasn't reached for his sword yet, there is something tense about his posture.] Am I dreaming?

Or is this...another vision? [It feels too real to be that. Giving his head a sharp shake, he pulls out his buster sword and holds it steady.] I have to go home. I don't belong here or...anywhere else. They're waiting for me.

[Cloud isn't the most verbose guy, but each word is full of meaning. There's hesitation, fear and a building frustration contained in each syllable.]

I'm not going to disappoint them.
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I've, ah-

[Give the camera a moment to steady, just so Evelyn can set it up properly. It took her a bloody long time to figure out how to make her missives private or 'locked,' as it were, so she's happy to finally be able to use this skill.]

...I've been doing some research lately- [Which shouldn't be surprising to anyone who knows her.] -and I've been wondering:

[A beat.]

Does anyone know anything about plasmids?
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[ the voice message is quick, but he sounds tired and run-down and just a bit cranky. ]

Is there any chance anyone's found a way t'keep these damn creatures from makin' noise? Mine's not exactly the best conversationalist. I'll take a wild guess of "no", but. Better t'ask than assume in this particular situation.

[ the message ends abruptly once some odd noise in the background kicks up. it sounds almost like whale song.. ]
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[When the feed comes on, the camera isn't angled at anything in particular. It's sitting next to Fuminori on his bed, so his body is blocking half of the shot. He's sitting with his elbows on his knees, holding a large, glowing syringe in one hand, but his face isn't visible.

His Shadow can be seen at the edge of the frame, in the background, leaning against the wall. Everything visible in the room has been painted in mottled colors that are mostly reminiscent of things that might come out of a recently dead body. Ceiling, walls, floor, furniture, even the window glass is covered in splotches and slashes of paint.]

It was a stupid idea from the start. [The Shadow's eyes are on the floor, his hands deep in his pockets. He sounds like this is something well known to both of them.] You won't eat for a week if you do it again, and it's not going to change anything in the long run.

It might.

[The Shadow laughs.] Sure. And they really are people under all that gore. Keep telling yourself that.

[Fuminori places the needle against his arm and holds it there for a minute, then makes a frustrated sound in his throat and gets up off the bed. His Shadow looks up and follows him off camera. The feed times out on its own.]
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[BEHOLD ELS grinning at the camera with his usual dorky expression. He's leaning in a little too close so you get a screenfull of dorkface. Computers are hard.]

Okay! First thing's first, I'm sure you're all wondering about my awesome protection runes that I've been working on. I didn't mean to make that stuff public before, since it wasn't ready yet and all, but I've ironed out all the kinks and we're good to go now!

[He turns the camera to the side, showing off that big ol' red rune on his mirror that some of you might remember from a couple weeks ago. It now appears to be functioning (and not exploding). Appearing to, anyway. It's glowing faintly and making a quiet ringing tone, so that has to mean it's doing something, right?

Els seems proud of it, at the very least. He turns the feed back to himself.]

It's kinda hard to tell how well it works from here... but I'm pretty sure it's working, 'cause I haven't seen any messages on this mirror since then. I designed it so they won't be able to hear, see, or write anything from the other side, and maybe even keep them from crossing over altogether. This way, those guys definitely won't be able to do anything weird! If anyone else wants one, just ask and I'll hook you up, no problem.

Also—mask guy! I never got your name before, sorry. [His enthusiasm fades, just a little. This is serious business time.] I made a trade with the vendors like you asked and got a bunch of your credits thingies for it. This way, you'll know the exact exchange rate of memories! I'll tell you what the numbers are when I come to collect my reward, okay? [yep that sure was exactly what it sounded like

He ends the feed right after that, trying not to look so uncertain. I mean, it's not like he traded anything important, right? Right. 'Cause that'd be stupid.]

((OOC: The runes, while pretty looking, won't actually block out the mirrors. They don't have any effect on the mirrorside at all, even. Wonderland is far too wacky for straightforward magic. They might, however, prevent people from eavesdropping on the realside if the mirror is up against a wall, but only on the side that the mirror is placed on.))
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[For once, Tohru's post doesn't come from a kitchen or from the diner!

This time, one of the cameras catches her in the library, next to a stack of very old looking books. She's thumbing through one with yellowed pages, but she looks a little frustrated. Most of these books have been in either English, Archaic Japanese that she doesn't understand, or Latin, so it's really been kind of useless. But they all looked like the kind of books that would help her! A lot of them have funny symbols and things like that.

But then she looks over at her device, and its little red blinking recording light...and maybe someone in the mansion could help her.

Um, I'm sorry to be a bother, but...I was wondering... there anyone who knows anything about curses?

[What. That's a weird thing for her to be asking about. She seems a little embarrassed, as if she realizes how strange it is.]

Please, I would really appreciate it! Thank you very much.

[And then she quickly shuts off the camera, with no further explanation.]
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[ She couldn't say she'd ever heard, read, or seen something like this happen before. It was strange. One minute she'd been finally experiencing that little piece of the world she could see from her tower, and then...well, then she was here. She doesn't even know where here is, really, and the only thing she knows for sure is that Flynn didn't seem to come along with her. She's kind of worried, so she fiddles around with her communicator while she tries to think of a plan. She has no idea what it does, but it's pretty neat! ]


[ And then she manages to switch from text to video without really realizing it, having a grand time fiddling around with the strange device. It was unlike anything she'd ever seen before! And it was a welcome distraction. For all she knew, there were thugs waiting outside the door... ]

Hey Pascal, what do you think this thing is supposed to do--Pascal? [ She looks to her shoulder where Pascal should have been, only to find that Pascal is nowhere to be found. Which wasn't good, it meant she was actually stuck here by herself. She could deal with Flynn being gone, she didn't know him very well as it was. But Pascal had been by her side for a long, long time and...who would give her advice? Help her along? Be there to listen and play games with her? ]

Okay, this isn't funny, Pascal. You can come out now. [ ... ] Pascal? ...Anyone?

[ She stands up quickly and starts to search around, hoping the little guy was just poking around the room she'd found herself in--but as a result she stops paying attention to her surroundings and runs into a set of chimes, toppling over with them and taking a few other instruments along for the ride.

The feed ends with a loud crash. Whoops??? ]

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[The feed switches on to Elsword standing across the room in front of his Mandatory Wonderland One-Way Mirror™. It's hard to see from a distance, but there seems to be some smudged out writing at the bottom—whether it was every replied to or not is unclear, not that it'd be legible by now anyway.

The more obvious mirror-graffiti is a strange magical symbol situated in the centre of the mirror, drawn with a thick red marker and encased in a large circle:

Considering how neat and straight all those lines are, he put a lot of effort into it. With most of the work done, now he's just standing in front of it and looking between it and a scrap of paper in his hand.]

Okay... that looks right. I think. Maybe I should do the outside part, too... [hovering markertip over the edge of the circle, hrmmm]
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[Dick was a little quiet when he first arrived, giving a private shout out to a couple of people he saw were here. With the reactions he got, he knows this is going to be an interesting and hopefully rewarding experience.]

I never formerly introduced myself before, so here we go. I'm Richard Roman. You can just call me Dick. I get the gist of what this place is all about, but I'm in the market to get a little bit more information. As those I know have been less than helpful, I would really appreciate somebody else coming forward with the facts. I'm not going to ask you how to get out of here. I assume that would've been done by now. If I can be of any assistance then I'll be more than happy to help in any way that I can.

I have some experience in dealing with a problem or two.

[This is nowhere near like being on television in front of millions, but he treats it no different. After all, he is only here to help if he can't be working on his own goals right now.]

Oh, and I have one other question. It's a pretty simple one that I know somebody should be able to answer. I'd appreciate it.

[His lips curl into his trademark smirk. He may be essentially posing that smile specifically for the guy that threatened him if he happened to do this he supposes and threats are pointless. All he is doing is asking though. No harm in that.]

Where can a guy like me get a decent meal around here? I'm starving
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[Susan was no stranger to curious, mystical books. She wasn't entirely certain how the one in her hands worked, per say, but she charged ahead anyway. She'd gotten the thing open without incident and, while it was acting a bit suspiciously, it hadn't exploded or given her a migraine, yet.

So, that was somewhat encouraging.]

Seeing as I can't remember how I suddenly found myself wandering a picturesque garden, I can only assume that something magical has happened.

[Although she'd definitely said "magical", something in the way she'd said it made it sound an awful lot like "troublesome".]

Naturally, I would like an explanation but, failing that, I would appreciate it if someone could direct me to the nearest Wizard.
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OOC: feel free to harrass the Batter at any point during this post! Don't worry, you won't be able to dissuade him from his purpose xD

[The video is rather distant, as it's coming from a wall unit, and what it's picking up is all the way out the window, on the beach: a tiny, pale figure, struggling with something large and heavy.

No, it's not a body. Don't be so paranoid! What would a nice guy like this be doing dragging a corpse down to the water? Let's look a little closer.

The Batter, cleats dug into the sand, is heaving with all his might, sweat plastering his hair to his forehead under the brim of his hat. He's applied eyeblack to his cheeks to cut down on the glare of the sun off the water. His determination is impressive.

His burden is a paddleboat, pale pink, plastic, and shaped like a duck, its tail dragging a deep furrow in the damp sand.

At last, he's reached the water, though he's knee deep in the waves before the pedalo will float. Once it's bobbing gently up and down in the water, though, he leaps aboard and begins pedaling furiously.

Having a party here is all well and good, but he's a man on a mission.

He makes it surprisingly far out before the pedalo breasts a wave too large and capsizes, toppling the Batter into the water.

Shine on, you crazy baseball diamond.]
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[Since Death is unaccustomed to hiding himself for fear of anything or anybody in existence, he does little to care about whether his face appears on this device. The device itself is nothing new to him. He may not use one since there is no reason normally, but technology like this has always been easily studied. It comes with the territory of being as old as he is.

Oh, is he ever not pleased with this situation. Irritation is evident on his face as he sits there a moment and gives a small shake of his head. This is all he needs is to be in the middle of yet another little matter he has to tweak. He is not in the mood for it now and he would not have been even before this after what happened.]

As I told the last fool that did something against my will, this is not going to end well. Whatever spell or elaborate little illusion this is, it will have a weakness. You will find that my patience is stretched thin. If this is about a deal then I implore you to reconsider for your own health.

[Not that he cares what happens to somebody that gets in his way in such an invasive manner. His dark eyes center on the screen, not an ounce of amusement evident there. Somebody's idea of a joke or not, he is considering if this place can grow on him in a way. Though he is asking for a scapegoat, he is not under a binding spell as far as he is aware of.]

This is the part where I expect an acceptable explanation.

o1 // voice

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I've spent a good few days now ruminatin' on my newest predicament, and it seems I'm not the only one confused on how t'go about the days now that they're presumably endless. I did a fair bit'a walkin', and let me tell you I'm not entirely shocked at what I saw.

[ he prefers voice, so one can hear his lighter clicking open and closed again and a deep, smoke-heavy sigh. ]

Now, I'm not one t'be blowin' my own horn, but it seems a fair amount'a y'all around here may or may not need some help, as far as the vendors down the way are concerned. What I've noticed from just a day or two of keepin' my eyes peeled is that many of you just don't know what t'look for as far as decent barterin' is involved for those items you really just cannot live without.

[ another long breath. ]

Now, if this is soundin' mighty familiar from some unfortunate happenstance you've found yourself in, feel free to call me here at this frequency and I'll talk you through all the basics you'll need t'know. I'm only aimin' t'teach those who really need the help, so you'd better prepare yourself to trade somethin' in return. If y'can't find somethin' for me, it's more than likely you're never gonna make it down with the vendors, so consider it a test.

Though, I'm more than willin' t'take a favor, if you're willin' t'help me out sometime in the future.

[ that sound you hear in his voice? that's a wicked grin. ]
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[As the video feed flips on, the view is of a high speed run through the interior of the mansion as a certain harness jars Toothless' communication device. Panting and agitated, Toothless all but flies through the hallways and up and down the stairs. Is this the real mansion, or that other place with... Vikings who aren't right? There's no ominous door, and he hasn't been able to sleep since his return. What was that other place? Why was this dwelling so complicated? Why has it never made any sense?

Nightfuries are only built to handle so much, and Wonderland isn't really one of them for all he's managed to settle in. Now there's this curveball. Toothless finally stops in a hallway for a breath, taking pains not to knock anyone over as he slides to a halt. He wants Hiccup, and his friends. But are they his friends? They smell the same, and it unnerves a creature who takes in so much of the world through scent.

He pops the comm device off and stares at it a long, distressed moment.]


Apr. 28th, 2013 11:34 pm
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[The first thing Natasha was taught to do in an uncontrolled situation was to assess what had happened. She remembers being back at S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters, and now she was here, with what appeared to be a device for communicating. She felt like nothing had happened, and she wasn't hurt one bit.

But who knows what had happened. That, and she didn't recognize this place one bit. Too storybook for her liking.

It only took her several minutes to figure out the functions of the device, and once she had, turned it onto video. The Black Widow isn't fooled so easily, so she doesn't show that she's perplexed as to how she's come to be in this place, or how she had no memory of her kidnappers. Either this is magic or they were good, better than her, even. Only very few people were better than she was.]

I need information on this place and what has brought me here. I won't take no for an answer.
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[The camera starts recording, from wherever the heck the Once-ler tossed his journal, and he's outside among the Truffula trees, in green work gloves. He's humming to himself, and there's an extra spring in his step as he reaches into the trees and takes tufts from the trees. He's been casually tossing them in a harvesting basket nearby.

Eventually though, he notices the little blinking red light, but it doesn't seem to bother him. He just waves, tufts and all.

Hey guys! Isn't this event great?

I can say with total confidence that this one's from whatever world me and the Lorax came from, and that it's probably not going to be trying to kill us any time soon. Which is awesome, because all that almost dying stuff was starting to get pretty old.

[Events aren't usually fun, but the Once-ler seems to be taking a lot of pride in the fact that his event isn't a terrible one.]

So, uh. Welcome to the Truffula Valley? Kick back, relax...oh! And buy some Thneeds! I've got a chance to actually be near the raw materials [He shakes the Truffula tuft at the camera.] so fully expect me to bigger my entire inventory. I'm in a pretty generous mood, so maybe I'll even throw in a Peaceful Event Discount!

[And with that, he goes back to humming and harvesting by hand (you're welcome, Mustache) until the camera shuts off on its own.]
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[ She's absolutely delighted, and it makes a strange contrast for anyone who may have seen her over the last few days. Muttering, running, hiding and even screaming is so two days ago, Wonderland. Now River is sitting under one of the new trees with a fish in her hand, beaming brightly as she shows it for all to see. ]

They can run and walk and breathe oxygen like me and you, and yet they call themselves fish. Strange, so strange, but such lovely voices!

[ She stops for a moment to lean in, turn her head to let the fish whisper in her ear - and while that isn't exactly odd behaviour for River, it certainly is odd for the fish. With a light giggle, she shakes her head and darts a glance at the device in her hand. The reply is obviously not for the audience, it's for her new friend. ]

I can't, they'll hear. No, no, her voice doesn't drop and lilt in ways enough to be beautiful, he'll see. He can sing, he can make the angels cry with notes that they'd forgotten, and she'll just dance.

[ She raises her eyebrows quickly, gives her head another small shake, and then directs her attention back to the masses. ]

The wildlife is so friendly today. Wouldn't it be kind to make them feel welcome?
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[ Crowley really doesn't appreciate waking up in the grass, not the least of which because he doesn't appreciate waking up. It implies some things that just don't suit him at all. Once he notices the device he's been left with, he goes right for it, standing up and looking around before he gets it on. ]

You know, this is all very cute, but is there a purpose to all of it? I've got some things I'd like to get back to and if there's anything I can do to speed this whole process along, I'd love to hear it. Time is money. Yadda yadda yadda.

[ He rolls his eyes. His first guess at who did this is Naomi. Surely the Winchesters don't have this kind of power and he's still questioning Castiel's virility after Purgatory chewed on him for so long. ]

So if you'd like to barter, I'd be more than happy to speak to someone. Face to face, perhaps?

[ He'd like to at least know what manner of creature he's dealing with here. ]

I'm sure we can come to an amiable agreement.
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--ou give me directions?

[The feed's dim, but not completely dark, when it activates. It seems to tilt, and for a moment a flash of blue sky is visible before the screen turns back to shadow.]

No, I'm not interested in any of this. I don't even think I want to get into how I got here - I just want to know how to get home.

[He sighs. The vendor's refusal to answer is really starting to frustrate him - he needs to get back, damnit.]

Customers only, is that what you're trying to say? Fine, I'll buy something.

[The rustle of cloth is loud as he reaches for his wallet, only for his hand to close around the journal. He pulls the foreign object from his pocket warily. It's not his phone.

When he realizes it's recording, his bargaining with the silent vendor is momentarily put on hold.

The screen lurches, flashes of the landscape showing before it stops. A bespectacled man in his late fifties appears on screen, eyebrows furrowed.]

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Eve is this yours? I found it in my pocket. DON'T HIT ME!!!!

I think I got lost somehow. I'm in a huge mansion and it doesn't look like Hamel. Where are you guys?


ps. whats all this other stuff on here?? I don't get it.
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[Fuminori has spent some time sitting on the stairs between the first and second floors, within sight of the entrance hall. He's been thinking about this for awhile. He feels some sense of responsibility for this whole event; even if he didn't decide for it to happen, it's based on his experiences and he knows it. Even if he absolutely doesn't want to admit that, he feels like he's obligated to say something.

But he decides to say it in text, since seeing and hearing things on the network is probably not going to be pleasant for many of the other residents. It takes him several tries to figure out what to say and he keys in and erases at least three different messages before he finally settles on:]

It should be over soon. Hang in there.

[He posts that and sighs and stays where he is for awhile, trying to ignore the world.]

[OOC: Fuminori won't make it easy, but I figured I'd give people who want to find out where the event came from and possibly punch someone in the face for it a chance to do that.]
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[No matter where he goes, it keeps happening. It had begun yesterday morning. He had sat down with a modest breakfast when the video feeds started trickling in. It seemed the other mansion residents were experiencing disturbances in their senses that others were not. Everything looked and sounded normal to him, and he'd started on the food with a mild vexation. It stopped being mild when what should have been a warm crispy piece of toast felt more like a rubbery slab of raw meat in his mouth, and he dropped it with a surpised "GACK" sound.

He'd retreated from the kitchen, and everything he touched that day including his possessions felt increasingly unlike itself. He'd spent the night laid stiffly on the sticky, veiny floor of his room with his arms crossed tightly on his chest.

He finally rose the next day (he hadn't slept) when he could have sworn he could feel the blood coursing through the floor-veins under his back, and felt like he was going to be sick. Almost impulsively, he headed for the shower. The tile was sparkly and the water clear, but he recoiled from it immediately... not even the water was safe. It was thick, tacky, and body temperature regardless of how he set the taps. Blood.

He now roamed the halls with a desperate pace, forcing himself to start an audio feed on the slick, pulsing device.]

I cant. Touch. Anything. Is anyone else having this problem?

[Maybe... maybe he didn't have to touch anything. He tries sliding his hands into his gloves like many, many times before. Slimy, a disturbing soft sort of grit, uncomfortably warm, hard points they feel exactly like mouths]


[It's all he can do not to hyperventilate as he wrings and flaps his hands frantically, the gloves flinging away haphazardly]


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