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 A companion of mine made me think of a strange little question...

There are many different types of people here. Humans, mostly, but we can call agree there are things definitely not human here too. Yet...

[During this time, Saki has been in her room. The device is propped up on a desk, as she is trying on make-up. She's never really been one for it, save for fingernail painting, but now she's curious. Today, she's seeing how black lipstick goes on her. After the 'yet', she rubs her lips together, and makes a little 'pop' sound.]

... What, I wonder, is the line we cross at, to decide what makes someone not human? Is a human a completely normal person? Or can someone have abilities beyond, and yet still be considered human?

Food for thought, for any hungry brains out there.
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[She's always excelled at keeping to herself, not letting anyone in. It's been how many months since she arrived here? And still, she can count the number of people she actually trusts on one hand. Finnick and Haymitch. Anyone else? Anyone else, she's still excels at keeping at arms length. It's better that way, she tells herself. Better for them, better for her. She's not someone worth befriending.

Because, in the end, she still can't break the feeling that all she does is get those she cares for hurt. For once in her life, she's doing her best not to be selfish. She doesn't need friends to survive this place. With Haymitch's stores, her ability with a bow, and Finnick's with a trident, they'll have all the food needed. They'll be able to protect each other when the game played here finally comes to a head. She has her allies. She doesn't need any other.

But it is a lonely life. And coming down from the high of actually being able to hunt large game the past few days, the loneliness only seems more amplified.

It's why she actually sits on the front steps of the mansion, staring at the phone device in her hands. Her quiver rests on the step behind her and her bow rests against her right side. A measly squirrel sits in front of her. Today's hunt had been one of the worst since arriving here. She hasn't been this empty handed in a while. And whether she admits it or not, the lack of success is starting to eat at her.

She flips the phone over in her hands before finally turning it on. There's a second of hesitation before she finally asks:]

They can turn on you. Or disappear at any moment. So what's the point? Seeking out allies here? Why bother?
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[ when alayne speaks her voice is calm ( I will not cry ) betraying only a hint of an edge beneath its polite yet hard (polished) surface. ]

There were ones who were in the Mansion and are here no longer.

I would seek them, if I can. I would care to know how far I'm allowed to look.

[ that is all in terms of the question asked. you may find her in the gardens by the fountain if you seek her out, holding what seems to be a handkerchief of simple grey cotton. ]
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[The feed pops on to show the scruffy man, hair slicked back, and wearing what appears to be a long hooded leather coat over a simple zip-up black cotton top.. His brows are knitted and lips pressed together with thought as he plays around with the strange little device. He tilts his head and slowly realizes the feed is on with a soft "whoops". His expression changes into something a little less focused and a little more friendly, brows raising as he slaps on a smile. Gabriel speaks with a mild English sounding accent.]

Hello there, sorry about this, bear with me as I figure this odd contraption out. I've seen them before but never really had the chance to use one. Seems like a useful little device, but are all these little things on the screen really necessary?

[He's tapping at it loud enough with the little stylus that you can hear it.  A concerned hum.]

Well hopefully you don't mind my face for a bit, it doesn't seem to want to turn off.

Good thing I'm handsome. [And a smarmy smirk with the slight quirk of a brow, flirting a little with the camera.  Though he's quick to go back to fiddling, clearing his throat.]

So then, I may as well introduce myself.

[And lifting the device a little for a more dramatic angle as he tries to look regal and heroic, squaring his shoulders.] I am the Archangel Gabriel,

[Then relaxing a bit.] and this is clearly not where I belong, so if anyone could give me information about this world, I would be very grateful.

[Pause, pause, tap, brow furrowing, tap, then a look of 'oh look I found something'.] Ah wait, here, I -- [And the feed shuts off.]


[Gabriel can be found wandering around the Mansion and checking everything out so you can find him just about anywhere if you'd like to run into him. He may be on the roof, or sitting comfortably in a chair, further fussing with his device, or perhaps you'll see him fly by over head? Either way, the Archangel will be attempting to orient himself to his new surroundings while waiting for replies.]
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[ Sam's face is hidden in this broadcast, unlike his last angry and very threatening feed. The tone is calm, composed, maybe a little overly-so, though... who can say?

(Most people.) ]

Just, uh... two housekeeping things. One, I need to know if you're still in to teach or go to class. It's not big deal either way, but I want to keep the list updated. September's coming up fast and I feel like this is a good time for school-related upkeep.

Second... one of my dogs is having a great time running around the grounds somewhere and doesn't want to come back inside. He's a Golden, name's Leo... if you find him, see if you can wrangle him for me? He's still young so he should be easy enough to carry, though... not so easy to catch.

Thanks in advance.
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[ The feed comes with a pair of brilliant, curious crimson eyes that are way too close to the device for a moment, before their owner moves it to a less intrusive distance. Said owner is not your average human, but given the nature of the place, it might not even come as the most weird thing people has ever seen. The hedgehog — he's a hedgehog, evident or not — tilts his head some as he keeps observing the little screen he's got on his hands. ]

Ah... How... interesting. Somehow I expected much less of the afterlife.

[ Not that it was, from what he had been told, but he had made it his, somehow.

Now, if he had gotten there for whatever reason... there was the tinniest probability that she could have been brought to here as well. The thought makes him doubt, and while he's able to conceal his hesitation, there is a longer pause before he speaks again. Ah, there it goes, he needs to know. ]

I was told I could use this... device to speak to others. I have an inquiry to anyone who is listening...

[ He wishes to ask about someone in particular, but he decides against it, it'd still hit a little too close to home. ]

Can this place... Can this Wonderland bring those who have passed away?


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