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[Castiel is standing on the roof. He looks concerned, a slight frown on his face as he observes the surroundings. As far as they are visible beneath the fog, that is.]

I don't know what this fog is, or what might happen due to it. It feels unnatural and dangerous. If anyone needs assistance, feel free to call for me. I can hear prayers directed at me. Do not abuse those prayers if there is no emergency. 

[He sighs a little, looks into the distance then back at the screen.] 

Dean, don't do anything stupid.

[Like die.]
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[At first, the fog was just annoying. But then a whole day passed. And then a little longer.

And it was beginning to really get to Santana, but she didn't know why.

You know, other than the whole annoying thing.

She figures it's just the overall gloom and all, but she can't get rid of this pressing...something.

When she opens her mouth, she kind of wants to barf.]

What is the deal?! Can't we just get like, some huge wind machines and blow this shit away?!

[Ugh ugh ugh. So much for calmly stating a slight displeasure.

It's like the fog wants to eat her. Which is not impossible in this place.]
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[The feed begins with Beast clearing his throat and shuffling around - he's nervous, but he's forcing himself to do this, whether he wants to or not.]

So, um. I know I haven't really been around that lately, and I...

[He pauses for a moment, and when he says the next word, it's almost like he has to force his mouth to say it.]

...apologize. It wasn't very civil of me. But after seeing the different people around here, I finally think I'm able to at least walk around without getting shot and having my head mounted on someone's wall.

[He becomes a bit flustered, tripping over his words.]

Not that anyone would do that here, or that anyone is that rude or dangerous, but I mean-

[He huffs impatiently, taking a deep breath, trying to control his temper. It's really hard.] know what I mean. I think.

I guess what I'm really trying to say is that I guess if I'm stuck here I might as well deal with it. "When in Rome", as they say. So, uh, yes. I suppose this is more of an apology and a formal introduction than anything. I'm...sorry I frightened anyone when I first got here. I'll try to not do that as much.

[That being said, Beast turns on the video feed, finally revealing himself to the rest of the mansion proper for the first time. There he is, in all of his 6'5" monstrous glory. His ears and tail are slightly down, betraying his nervousness.]

I am Prince Adam, but you may call me Beast. It's a, uh, pleasure to make your acqwontonce, acquaindance, acquai-

[He struggles over the word, shaking his head, his fur raising slightly in irritation at himself.]

It's a pleasure to meet you, Wonderland.

Um. I guess that's all.

[After shuffling around awkwardly, he turns off the feed. Well, he did it. Let Wonderland react as it may; it won't change his circumstances any.]
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[Ah, the Land of Hellfire and Hope. Dean had a grand ol' time in familiar territory, modeled to mimic the barren waste of The Pit, crackling embers beneath his feet, heavy chains above his head, and wind that sounded all too much like pained wails when a particularly large gust blew by.

Not a place he recalls with any fondness, hence his lack of communication with most of the outside "worlds" during the event.

No one needs to see Hell.

The fluttery white things that followed him around weren't so bad, though. Made of what seemed to be pure light and feathers.

So, uh.

[Eloquent, as always, over the comm system.]

That was a barrel-of-monkeys' worth of fun, huh? Anyone think you got the short end of the stick with this event?

[Is he right, or is he right? Dean supposes it all depends on what you got shafted with.]


Nov. 27th, 2012 10:33 am
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[Note: This post is backdated to day 3 of the event SORRY KOJI I KNOW YOU HATE BACKDATING SOMETHING CAME UP :D;.]

[Yuu turns on the video, looking, for once, more or less happy, though kind of tired. The scene behind him is like a three-dimensional level from an early Mario Bros game, all blocky and bright colored. Several knee-high gumba-looking creatures are shuffling around in his vicinity, but he just nudges them away gently if they bump into him.]

I don't know if anyone else's um...lands? turned out to be good or bad, but mine's pretty fun. The event will probably end soon, but if anyone wants to come hang out in here, you're welcome to.

[He scratches his head sheepishly, showing a small burn on his wrist.]

Just be careful of dragons guarding bridges, okay?
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[A figure in bright orange plastic flits in front of the abandoned camera. It doesn't seem to know what to do as it darts around what appears to be the roof of a building. Every few feet there stands a pile of dead owl consorts-- the ones Buck has been shooting. But of course, one just happened to fly right into his face and Gimmie clawed its way out.

Gimmie snuffles a little, bare feet shifting anxiously on the gravel rooftop. So many birds. Bad birds.

Finally, Gimmie settles on a pile, climbing atop it and crouching. A wet, trickling sound can be heard, just barely. There. That'll show those birds. Stay away, birds. This roof belongs to Gimmie.

As for action, let's switch things up a little. Tara and her alters can be found all around the Land of Art and Echoes. Just mark who you want and what sort of place they're meeting in.]


Nov. 22nd, 2012 02:55 pm
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So I know it's Thanksgiving and all, but since we get tacos and chicken and turkey for free all the time. How come we don't just. Celebrate all week long?

Like forever.

I think that'd be a good plan. [Insert some amazingly super casual taco eating here.]
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[Stan is visible on screen just staring at a guinea pig that is curled up on his lap. It is chewing carefully on the tip of a carrot and when he strokes its back it looks up at him.]

Hey! Has anybody here seen Craig? He's a kid that's like my age, but he has this really dumb blue hat on. He isn't in his room anymore and now I'm stuck with like five guinea pigs! I don't even know where the rest of them went.

... Anybody want one of these guys? They're pretty mellow but I don't know what to do with them. I was holding them in me and Kyle's room until Craig found out what to do with them, but I guess the asshole just bailed.

[But secretly Stan is actually pretty worried after all that weird shit went down. Like creepy death fog and such.]

00 - video

Oct. 2nd, 2012 12:14 pm
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[Exhibit A: One (1) small child under the age of ten (10) just staring right into the communicator. It's just like an iPad (iPad), afterall, so he knows how this works.]

Hey you guys...?

The bell just rang and I'm lost.

And this isn't funny Craig.

And I'm lost!

[There's maybe a two second grace period before the waterworks begin.]



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