Aug. 4th, 2012 09:19 pm
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[The feed flickers to life to reveal utter chaos in the form of a single blob of midnight blue and an army of loud furry creatures.]

[A good educated guess would be that number of Guinea Pigs would be slipping past twenty soon if they had not already. Left largely unattended they run around and cause havoc in the room. In the middle of the mess with his legs crossed sits one Craig Tucker.]

[Off in the corner there is a crash as one of the critters head-butts a few things off of a table but Craig remains too preoccupied with the Guinea Pig in front of him to notice what the others are up to.]

Dude, say hello.

[Obediently the rodent stands onto its hind legs and wiggles its front arms around. Promptly it is rewarded with a carrot and a pat on the head.]

Now circle!

[This time the Guinea pig, in addition to a number of the others, run around in a circle.]

Good boy.

[Going by how genuinely happy he looks Craig really doesn’t know he has been recorded. Who knew boredom would be the cause of a positive reaction from this kid? Anyone who knows him]

((ooc: If anyone has trouble visualizing any of the tricks: www.youtube.com/watch))

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[Well, Wonderland, what happens when a ninja-in-training is bored? Like, really bored? It's really very simple.

Dave does parkour all over the mansion.


On the roof? Parkour.

In the kitchen? Parkour.

In your bedroom by spontaneously crashing through your window?




Hell fucking yes.]
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[Loki looks a bit desperate when he appears on the screen while he seems to be walking around with something wrapped up in blanket that is screeching horribly and really, he cannot make it stop.]

Land of wonders, I require your aid!

[He raises his voice.]

For reasons yet unknown I have been...entrusted with this infant! I will not stop wailing!

[Finally Loki stops walking and crouches down, placing the tiny Jotun-baby on the floor to look at it, placing the communicator next to him. His voice is still audible when he tells it to be quiet.]

Hush! Shhh!

[The baby is not listening.]

[OOC: baby!Loki is actually a tiny Jotun (Frost Giant). Their skin has a pale violet color with black curly marks around their heads and pointy ears. As seen in this fanart, the little guy way low on the right. Marvel!wiki did not provide me a clear picture U_U]
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[As if there wouldn't be a 50/50 chance that Sollux would either flip out about a double of himself or deal with it. He's taken up the latter, at the moment, and has made his way down to the kitchen -- which currently resembles a cereal massacre. He's seated on top of the kitchen island, empty boxes of Cap'n Crunch Berries scattered everywhere; the cereal itself half on the floor and half in the huge bowl he has set next to him.

Sollux is throwing out what he deems the useless pieces and trying to feed his tiny grub self the only worthwhile ones, ie red and blue.

No. No gog dammnit, thtop trying tu eat green!

Why would you even?

[The grub seems to be the honey badger when it comes to colors, however, even as Sollux pries the offending green cereal from tiny grub legs and chucks it to join its fallen comrades on the floor.
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[Mysterion - aka Kenny McCormick - is seated behind his desk, looking grave. The news of the attacks came as a bit of a shock to him.]

I found out about what happened recently. For that...I'm sorry. Coon & Friends are supposed to protect the citizens, and we failed in that. I promise we'll do better next time.

That being said, I think it's time to discuss potential alliances and candidates into our organization. Those of the superhero persuasion should contact me as soon as possible. We need to work together if we have any hope of protecting the people here.
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[The first thing noticeable about the would-be speaker is the very distinctively blue hat and the nasally quality of the voice. A nasally voice that finally pipes up after a silence filled with just glaring into the feed as if it had just shot his puppyGuinea Pig right in front of him.]


[Craig has been in some weird situations before but so far this just took the cake and shat on it too. Confusion starts to take back seat to being progressively more pissed off as the seconds ticked away.]

Does this look like South Park to you.

[It's not formed as a question as much as an accusation of someone who has just arrived and has had enough of the place already. But then suddenly the video is focusing in on the Mansion and after a moment spent jostling the camera to one hand the other makes its appearance onto the screen in the form typically seen as a rude salute. Good evening Wonderland you’ve just been flipped off by some kid over an incredibly public feed.]

So which one of you assholes thought pulling this one on me would be funny?


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