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[Mysterion - aka Kenny McCormick - is seated behind his desk, looking grave. The news of the attacks came as a bit of a shock to him.]

I found out about what happened recently. For that...I'm sorry. Coon & Friends are supposed to protect the citizens, and we failed in that. I promise we'll do better next time.

That being said, I think it's time to discuss potential alliances and candidates into our organization. Those of the superhero persuasion should contact me as soon as possible. We need to work together if we have any hope of protecting the people here.
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[The woman staring at the video camera is surprisingly calm, for someone who has just woken up in a new, strange place and discovered herself far from home. It makes you wonder whether or not she’s had this happen to her before! In any case, it’s a few moments before she speaks, as if she’s doing something else off camera at the same time. Perhaps she’s just thinking, trying to get her mind together.]

My name .. is Natalie Rushman. I was brought here just over a day ago. I wasn’t sure if this was real, so I thought I would wait a while before saying anything, but it’s been a day and—

[She breaks off, as if pained, rubbing her eyes. The alias is a familiar one – any of the SHIELD operatives in the area would recognize it as the one she used with Stark, whereas enemies would probably not know it. Playing this part was safer, for the moment. It wasn’t hard to pretend to be distressed.]

There are some things .. I’m wondering about. Like when I get to go home. And why I’m here. Is there .. anyone out there who can help me?

[Natasha had never liked playing the ‘poor, confused woman’, but if that was what kept her alive, then so be it. She needed more information about this place – it was unwise to go out with all of her guns blazing. This way, she could gather information, keep everyone guessing and have none the wiser.]
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[Thor is super excited to have figured out the text function. He wants his words to be as resonant as his voice, so he uses the BIG LETTERS to get his point across.]


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[This is...strange. Bizarre, even. He had just been in his small apartment, polishing his shield out of habit, and now he Wherever here was. It certainly wasn't New York. Was it Loki's doing? Or was there someone else who had it out for him that he didn't even know?

He's rummaging through his room, muttering to himself. He hasn't even noticed the communicator was recording, having fiddled with the thing for only a moment. It's recording a pretty great shot of his shield, and Steve wandering in and out of the feed. He finally stops right in front of the device, grimacing.]

This cannot be happening. Where am I?

[He's not really expecting an answer, though.]
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[The camera gets a good look at a singular glowing green viewport on Eleanor's helmet before she pulls back from it. Her posture's kind of slinky, crouched low for a moment until it's clear the camera's just on the ground beside the pool, at which point she hops down into a sitting position at the edge.]

I know people have been feeling rather tense lately, but since I haven't seen very many other people out here at the pool, I was thinking...

Would, um... Would anyone be willing to take swimming lessons? I've never taught before, but it's not terribly difficult. And it's something that you may need someday, so...

[She trails off again, and pushes off into the water, lazily swimming back through the water so she can hear if/when she gets a response.]
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[The first thing noticeable about the would-be speaker is the very distinctively blue hat and the nasally quality of the voice. A nasally voice that finally pipes up after a silence filled with just glaring into the feed as if it had just shot his puppyGuinea Pig right in front of him.]


[Craig has been in some weird situations before but so far this just took the cake and shat on it too. Confusion starts to take back seat to being progressively more pissed off as the seconds ticked away.]

Does this look like South Park to you.

[It's not formed as a question as much as an accusation of someone who has just arrived and has had enough of the place already. But then suddenly the video is focusing in on the Mansion and after a moment spent jostling the camera to one hand the other makes its appearance onto the screen in the form typically seen as a rude salute. Good evening Wonderland you’ve just been flipped off by some kid over an incredibly public feed.]

So which one of you assholes thought pulling this one on me would be funny?
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Oh drat hold on while i fix this eye sore.
Here we are. A much more suitable color for my fancy i should say.
So on with the questions. I see this isnt exactly where i left off and i feel like there must be some sort of reason i was dragged so far from my home.
Would anyone care to give a new fella like myself the whole rundown of things?
Once ive figured out that much id be more than happy to save your princess or do away with your villains! I cant very well start my adventure until im educated in the ways of your people either.
Just give me my quest and im your man!

((And for the action, he's currently meandering around the gardens, carrying around his skulltop and checking things out.))
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[The feed flips on and Alice stands front and center, a podium with papers in front of her. She's in her Sunday best and clearly ready to talk.]

Good morning, everyone!

This will be a short one, just until I get used to things. I'm no minister, so I can't claim I know everything that He-- [She points upwards.] --wants for us, but I think we can start on an easy note, hm?

I think we can all agree that killing is bad. )
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[The down time between events is always both a relief and a bore. It's times like this Santana misses Puck most, because he would usually have some ideas of how to make things more interesting.

...Not that she would even take him up on the usual idea of sex, anyway. She's past that.

Which brings the narration to just why Santana has been less bored and more content for the past months. She's actually even been a little less bitchy to people! (In her opinion, anyway. Shut up.) Brittany's influence has always been good for her.

Anyway. Brittany's off doing who knows what, so Santana's relaxing in her room with a magazine. Oh, and she's kind of not wearing much. What? She just showered! Her towel is right next to her and everything. So there.

Besides, you're the perve for looking at her right now anyway.]
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[Kenny's chilling in the Gryffindor Common Room, throwing one of those Muggle bouncing balls at the wall.]

Classes, classes, classes. You know, when I found out I was a wizard, I thought I was going to get to go on great adventures and meet tons of fantastical creatures! Befriend dragons, save hot girls in distress...but it's the same crap you get in Muggle schools. Math, science, history...bleh. It's all so boring - except for Care of Magical Creatures. That's about the only subject I can handle.

And then we can't even go to Hogsmeade! I have to wait a whole other year while all of the older kids get to go and drink Butterbeer, see all the cool stuff for sale at Honeydukes, and go out on little weekend dates and excursions. And what do the first and second years get? Nothing. Absolutely nothing except for our teachers breathing down our necks demanding that we study. Life's too short, man. You gotta have some fun.

That being said, I am pretty open to performing any kind of dare. After the boring weekend I had, I really want to actually do something. If I have to go to the Hospital Wing, that's okay too. So...any suggestions?
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Good morning, students! Did you know that Muggles have this adorably arbitrary view that Monday is somehow worse than any other day of the week?

Did that make sense to everyone? Does it matter?

Hint: The answer is no. Now quit wasting time, there are a lot of things to teach you about~!

eccentric lesson plans from an eccentric man )
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[Nepeta is out in the Entrance Hall this fine Saturday. She's so pumped for Hogsmeade, especially for her not-date with Karkat!]

Well, it is the furst day of Hogsmeade. What is efurryone going to be doing? Maybe I will see you there!

Oh, and fur those who cannot go, maybe I can pick something up fur you while I am out? I do not mind stopping by Honeydukes if you tell me what you want!

Action: Karkat )
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[Step right up, girls and boys, to the class that very well may be the best class in the entire school. Now, let’s not play coy. Everyone knows that the practical skills in this particular course can be applied to every aspect of your daily life. Who knows? You might meet a Hinkypunk on your next woodland hike!

Your illustrious professor - Winchester, Dean Winchester - and Head of Gryffindor House stands before you, twirling a long cypress wand between his fingers, chewing a piece of Droobles Best Blowing Gum.

What poise! you declare, what attitude!

But bloody Hell he’s so cool works just as well as he pops a bubble the size of your head.

All right, lissen up!

[With a lazy wave of his wand, his gum disappears and the classroom door shuts. Dean straightens.]

We got one heckuva day ahead of us, so let’s get started.

cue Yackety Sax )
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[Karkat is SKIPPING CLASS! Scandalous!

He's sitting up top of a tower somewhere with a stack of books, leafing through them and grumbling obscenities to himself every so often.

This would all work out much better if his communication device weren't recording him doing so from its spot on top of his stack of books.

Meaning this is open to VIDEO or ACTION.

And also no human icons because I was too lazy to find them.]
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[Out behind the castle, half-hidden under some color-changing flowering vines and surrounded by an assortment of oddly-shaped plants, is Professor Morita's greenhouse. If you're taking Herbology, come on in; there's a large, unfinished wooden table in the center of it, set with enough chairs for everyone and ringed with rows of potted plants.]

[A word to the wise: Professor Morita will give you all the warnings you need, before you need them, but he'll only give them once. And if you're too stupid to listen...]

[Well, the only help he's going to give you will be healing whatever stupid thing you did to yourself. And quietly mocking you for the rest of your academic career, so you remember not to be a dumbass. Because he warned you, and it should've been enough.]

Lesson plans under the cut! )
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[Professor Gregson is, for the start of her classes today, anyway, mostly herself. She's a little frazzled, clearly, but that's just because T was out partying in the forest last night and, well, hopefully her students understand that that just isn't her, so...

So they'll understand if T decides to party in the middle of class, too.]

Lesson plans under here )
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[So, Zuko is part of Gryffindor. Despite being quite high up there on the years tally, he still sucks at a whole lot of things. Potionmaking? Sucks. Care of magical creatures? Accidentally set one on fire.  Basically, he's bad at everything that does not include explosions. Therefore, he will be practicing his fire making talents in the Gryffindor house. Guess what he does? Well, by the smell of smoke, it could be guessed that he lit his bed on fire somehow.]

[Yeah, that's what he did, and he'll be occupied for the next five minutes with stomping the fire on his bedsheets out and growling in frustration.]

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Welcome to the Hospital Wing. There are two uniformed doctors bustling about between the students, teachers and staff that have made their way to this area for a wide range of ailments and illnesses. 

Please, set yourself on one of the available beds and either Professor Morita or Professor Watson will be with you shortly. Or, if you're here to discuss something with a doctor that isn't an immediate medical issue, feel free to wait in either of our offices. 

Please remember, only up to 6 visitors at a time, and talk at a reasonable volume so as to not disturb the other patients. 

[ooc: John's uniform is based off of a Victorian era doctor's outfit, basically akin to Jude Law's outfit in this scene of the RDJ movies. Professor Morita-mun, let me know if you have any other notes to add to our general post!]
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[Well, Amaterasu has everything set up for her little ducklings students.

Second Years are going over to the lake for their lesson! She's already spoken to the Merfolk and gained permission to include some of them into the plan today.

As for the Third Years....]

This way, please!

[She shepherds them to a corral, where a few Hippogriffs are dotted here and there inside. Ammy turns to the students and gives them all a stern look.]

Now, Hippogriffs are proud and polite creatures. Do not insult one or they will likely rip you to shreds. Just be polite and flatter them. Make sure you bow first, and once they bow back you may approach the Hippogriff.

[Now, as for the Fourth Years...Ammy is standing in the usual spot, but she has a guest. This guest is a Sphinx. She beams happily at them.

Fifth Years are being led to a tree near her hut. At this tree is a unicorn and its foal.

Sixth Years are going to meet a centaur!

Finally, the Seventh Years are going to be getting a hands-on experience with a gryphon.

Of course, any professors with free time are welcome to take a look at what their eccentric, motherly colleague is putting into these kids' heads.]
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[ Good morning, darling seventh year students! Remember when Charms was a harmless subject with a lovable old professor and a slim to none chance of suffering emotional or physical trauma? No? Excellent.

Today each of you will find a candle sitting on the desk in front of them. Don't worry, unlike last time it will not grow teeth and attack you on sight. So sit down, get comfortable and listen to the task at hand!

Now, given the dreadful quality of your memory charms last week I trust that at least none of you will have any trouble recalling... the freezing charms you were taught in your third year. Today-

[ He snaps his fingers, lighting all the candles in the room at once. ]

-you will freeze the small flame in front of you.

[ He allows for a dramatic pause and for his students to wonder what place child's play like that has in a seventh year class. ]

Of course there... is a catch. Not only do I expect your actual incantation to be silent, no, I... should also like you to move your wand and lips as if you were conjuring fire. Allow me to demonstrate.

[ Professor Buckingham draws his wand (Dogwood, dragon heartstring, 15¾”, rather flexible, of course) and aims a flowing motion and a booming Incendio! at the candle on his desk, but instead of flames his wand produces a jet of ice that freezes flame, candle and holder solid.

Cue moment to let the display sink in.

To maintain the appearance of one charm while executing another is the very peak of focus, control and unity between you and... your wand, not to mention quite the edge in a duel.

[ It's also a rather underhanded technique and greatly frowned upon by Professor La Fère... which is all the more reason to teach it passionately and thoroughly!

Buckingham grins broadly and moves to the side of the classroom in strides.

That said, good luck and... do mind the eyebrows, eh?

[ For any ghosts, members of the faculty or students not presently suffering from his class Professor Buckingham will be in his office, grooming his owl. He will also be wandering the hallways often enough, especially to return a little something to a certain Ravenclaw's office. ]

For the curious, everybody else's lesson plan under the cut! )
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Today we will be making the Wit-Sharpening Potion. Every fourth year learns how but as some of you seem reluctant to use it despite your intellectual shortcomings, we're going to go over it again.

Your ingredients are ground scarab beetle, cut up ginger root, and armadillo bile. Do not forget to grab a mortar and knife when you collect your cauldron. I expect perfect results from fifth, sixth and seventh years and you can depend on losing house points for anything less. First, second and third years may gain points for the correct concoction. Fourth years: shut up.

You should all do your best if only in this one instance. The Wit-Sharpening Potion will make you all the more tolerable to deal with and will certainly improve your time spent in this class.

[Sherlock has set everything out in not the most organized of fashions but it's all there and recognizable. His own desk is a mess of equipment with human eyeballs in a jar and a string of thumbs tacked and hanging like Christmas tinsel.

When he isn't sat at his desk, doing more or less something completely different from what he's assigned, he's walking up and down to make sure everyone's on task. He might twirl just a bit on his turns and has a habit of dashing about and ignoring personal space bubbles.]


Jun. 13th, 2012 11:08 am
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[See Barton. A little sleepdeprived and nursing a cup of coffee, but, it seems, not in a bad mood.]

So I've been meaning to ask. Anyone else interested in setting up a shooting and archery range? I need one, unless one of you wants to volunteer as moving target - promise I'll miss, if you do [he cracks a smile at that] - shooting trees all the time isn't really a challenge. So I'm gonna see if I can make one of the empty rooms here something more elaborate. I'll soundproof it, don't worry, not gonna disturb anyone's beauty sleep.
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I am sick and tired of drinking apple cider. What is this, amateur hour??? I may be a kid, but I can handle my shit!!!

Private to Kyle )

To the rest of you: I will do anything for a shot of alcohol or a beer. Hell, just a sip. C'mon, help a bro out!

[Never mind the fact that he's a minor. And never mind the fact that his parents cook meth in his backyard and drink Pabst Blue Ribbon all the time and get into huge fights, and usually after they pass out he ends up drinking what beer is left over anyways because how else are you supposed to cope with a crazy, poor, dysfunctional family?]
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[Right, so this place was obviously not New Meridian. Peacock growls and kicks at a near-by pumpkin in irritation as she casually lights up a cigar and takes a few over exaggerated drags before flicking it onto some of the lettuce below.

Veggies suck anyway.] I'm seriously two seconds from blowin' this joint, and I don't mean exiting stage right.

[She'd tried that. Didn't work. Just ended up popping out of the forest right back where she started. She had to give this place props for the cartoon effect it had going there. Too bad her patience is growing thin. So she casually pulls a bomb from her skirt and rolls it in her hands.] Hmm...
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[In the midst of all the people complaining about headaches and feeling gross, there's Puck. He thinks he's figured out the secret to this whole thing: have a little of the hair of the dog that bit you.

It's what the glee club did that one time, and he figures it's worth another shot.

So he's taken up temporary residence in the kitchens, with a bottle of beer in hand, feeling pretty good about himself. Now that he's not puking his guts out, anyway.]

Yeah, this is totally the life.
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if its not obvious already
the mansion is basically giving us all the middle finger right now
its using that same finger to mindfuck us like a goddamn jackhammer to make matters worse
so i asked for the closet to give me anything to help this goddamn hangover
see mansion fucking us over with a demented smile
anyway it gave me i shit you not apple fucking cider
sparkling no less
so brb as i drink this and see if the mansion decided to give it to me without lube

[There is a pause and he finally gets back to the network.]

ok not only is it fucking delicious like i could offer it up to the gods as their substitute for nectar but it actually worked
im feeling hells of better
what the fuck is this shit
was its sheer delicious taste supposed to be the cure or what
just my luck if its actually been spiked


May. 28th, 2012 05:41 pm
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So, color me bored!

Don't get me wrong -- plenty of police work to be done. That whole recon thing. Which, by the way Deckerd, is completely out of my scope of specialties. Makes me almost miss our pooch!

But I need a road. A highway. A good drive! So here's an offer, because I think I might be one of the few with a vehicle here, especially a lovely motorcycle.

Who'd like to go for a drive with yours truly?


May. 28th, 2012 01:27 pm
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[The video pans around for a moment before focusing in on a neatly dressed blonde girl. She raises an eyebrow for a moment, a mix of amusement and mild confusion crossing her face, before she composes herself and begins to speak.]

Clearly, I'm not in my house or even my high school. That would raise the question of why I'd be waking up anywhere in my high school, but I wouldn't put anything past Mr. Schue and his lessons of the week. Or what he'd call . . . "bonding."

[She purses her lips briefly, then runs a hand through her hair.]

So, if anyone has any information on where I am or alternative methods of bonding that don't involve waking up in strange places that I could suggest to an entirely over-enthusiastic Glee club supervisor, that would be appreciated. Thanks.


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