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Hi, guys!

[Steven offers a grin. He's walking through the halls of the mansion, his smartphone held out before him. Every so often he stops and glances around him, but unless someone physically appears, the people on the network are much more interesting.]

I'm Steven Universe! I'm pretty new here. I mean, I'm really new; I just found this in my pocket, but I think I woke up about ten minutes ago? Uh-- I think I'm near the kitchen. I woke up there, anyway, and now I'm in a hallway! Who are you all? Where are you from? I saw a couple people are new here too, so we've already got some stuff in common! But you should tell me about yourself even if you're not new; I want to hear about all the different places people come from!

And-- there's a couple people I was wondering if you'd heard of. They're magical gems-- Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst? They're aliens. Oh, but-- they're really great, though! Super friendly aliens, not like movies make aliens usually sound.

[OOC note: Feel free to run into Steven in the halls if you'd like!]
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[A young girl's face appears on the video feed, looking ever so slightly confused and concerned. Appearing on a public network in front of everyone is also giving her just a bit of stage fright, but they're not actually there in front of her, so it's not that bad. Besides, she has some questions that need answering.]

Hey, so... I can't help but notice that the mansion I've been staying in is gone? And also that... so are a lot of other people, it seems like. Unless there's another party somewhere I don't know about.

I was going to see if anyone had said anything about it, when I noticed I can make posts here all of a sudden, so I figured I'd ask... um...

Am I going to be living here now? Should I find a room? Is there anyone I need to talk to, or can I just... take one?
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[Bill is positively over the moon; he pops on the feed without preamble, knocking back a martini before morphing his eye into a toothy mouth to inhale the thing whole.]


[Gone is Bill's typically casual posture. He floats aloft, hands aflame in a pose much more reminiscent of the idols erected in his honor by generations past. His yellow hue, a bit more gold, his luminescence, brighter and more godlike than ever before. He looks positively regal; and why shouldn't he? He has company to impress, for once. All he's missing is a crown.]

"I know I'D hate to be RULED by something that CLAIMS to have POWER over what it CLEARLY DOESN'T. Between you and me, WONDERLAND could use a bit more WONDER-- HERE's a few things worth WONDERING about:

WONDER what happens if you ASK for TOO MANY REQUESTS from the CLOSETS!

WONDER how we got SO MANY different PEOPLE!



WONDER WHY we ACCEPT someone to be in POWER when they never prove WHY they DESERVE to have it.

[What? It's not treason if he poses it in the form of a question, right~?]


OOC: Howdy friends! Due to rl, I'll be a bit slow on replies but everyone (yes, you, 4th wallers) are welcome to backtag this even after the 10th! Bill does have his Omniscence here, so for those unfamiliar with his character, have some handy links. He can't turn these abilities off, but I never want to use Bill's powers to ruin someone else's fun. if there is something you want/absolutely do not want, feel free to PM me any time! Happy 10th Eway~
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[Rick has clearly, and audibly, been drinking. Like, way, way more than usual. Every single word is slurred, as opposed to every other word, and his stutter is worse than ever. He's also literally drinking on screen, knocking back huge pulls from an absurdly large bottle of what appears to be either vodka or straight up moonshine. There's no label, which is usually not a good sign.]

Heeeeeey, s-s-so not that anyone cares but uh, but uh, buut uh, M-M-Mo-OUUURR-rty is gone. Moooorty S-Smith, 'bout uh, yea tall, stupid hair, s-stupidly. Stupidly good kkkkk. Kid. Yeah, he's, he's gone, room's. Uh his. His house. I m-mean his room where he was. Lllli, living, it's empty and shit. Gone.

[He literally drains the bottle and then tosses it over his shoulder. It smashes somewhere off-screen and Rick holds up a party invitation with a very unsteady hand.]

But whoooooo gives a shi-shit, right? We got partiesss to g-g-g-g, attend. Sssss fucking house party looks LIT AS FFFFUUUUUUCCCCK!! I'm gonna, I'm, I'm, I'm h-h-hitting all of the, them, who c-cares if I only got one f. Fucking. One fu...cking invitation, thattttt's. That's what I'm doing, I'm partying. Party like it's the end of the fuCKING world, c-cause it prOBABLY IS, M-M-MOTHERFUCKERS!! WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB!

[Rick throws both hands in the air and the motion causes both him and the phone to tip onto the ground. The feed goes dead to the sound of Rick laughing.]

( audio )

Aug. 22nd, 2016 06:34 pm
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[ Audio clicks on to the shuffle of papers and a considering hum before Rafe speaks. His voice is mild. Sincere. Level in the way one can only sound when one is way too used to having things work out the way he wants them to, no matter how long it takes or how much it costs. ]

Well. Isn't this interesting.

[ When some people say interesting, you can tell they mean something entirely different. A professor reading over a test that clearly hadn't been studied for as he reaches for a red pen; a girl at a bar at the hearing how you just never have enough time to work on your novel; a cop flipping over your registration to find it's expired. It's one of those catch-all words but when Rafe says it? Nah. He just means interesting. ]

I always appreciate being prepared, and gotta say. This pamphlet? Good stuff, clean design, very to the point. Credit where it's due.

[ Arriving like a babe in the woods isn't really Rafe's scene. After all, a wide variety of factors have suddenly been yanked out of his control; the few he has remaining to him become all the more important to take advantage of. So although he's still learning the lay of the land, he's doing so after availing himself of a room, a shower, a fresh shirt, and this handy dandy pamphlet. ]

Although... You know, not to brag or anything but I'm a guy with a couple of talents. Architecture, for one. Anybody else checking this place out? I mean, here I am walking around those gardens and one minute I'm thinking 18th-century French, fantastically preserved, then there's some Gothic elements peeking round a corner— Jesus! Lloyd Wright, right there. [ You'd think the guy was watching a match at Wimbledon, and politely un-invested in who the winner turns out to be. ] Phenomenal fenestration, when it decides to stick to something longer than a minute. I suppose I'll have to get up higher for some bearings on this whole thing. Might even be a little fun with the right equipment.
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(This time, when the video on Legion's device is activated, it's done so deliberately, to reveal a Geth hand holding... a tiny lop eared rabbit. After a moment, the hand moves away, to be replace by Legion's face, staring into the camera. They chatter awkwardly for a moment.)

I had been informed that the closets were capable of producing live animals. As I found these reports highly improbable, I decided to test this.

Reports verified: The closets are capable of producing live animals.

(They chatter awkwardly again.)

...I am unfamiliar with the proper procedure for caring for Earth based organic lifeforms.
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Oh wicked, this place even comes with a comm system!

[ Look who's fresh out of the mysterious gateway portals and figuring out the method to best meet everyone all at once, eh? One very energetic Overwatch agent at your service, entirely too excited to be staring into a camera lens at the world at large. ]

Right then, hellooo Wonderland! Tracer here! [ Her first two fingers touch her temple, a jaunty little salute punctuated with a giggle. ] This is brilliant, isn't it? Out of all the pickles I've found meself in or travels I've been on, I don't think I've ever seen a place like this!

[ So many oddities! Mysterious self-populating dinner plates, closets that spit out whatever's your fancy, creepy masked fellas with odds and ends for sale. She's loving it and it is very apparent on screen, this slight woman practically vibrating to get into some trouble. ]

So what's all there to do then? Baddies to fight? Spooky caverns to spelunk? Pub runs?

As long as it's an adventure, I'm there!

01; voice

Aug. 3rd, 2016 06:06 pm
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[ it's been a disorienting arrival, but that's probably par for the course. more important than where she was or how she got there, tali had to make sure that waking up surrounded by flowers and bushes and other generally questionable garden things hadn't caused any sort of issues with her suit. dying of pollen on an alien world seemed like a pretty shitty way to go, after all.

she's not sick, but tali does sound a little annoyed when she finally reaches out to the network. ]

Assuming this isn't just the weirdest fever dream ever, I have... some questions. This is a human colony, right? But where? Does everyone wake up in a flower bed or did whoever was dumping bodies just think that would be funny? It wasn't funny, for the record. But I think I need a crash course in just what exactly's going on here and some reassurance that I'm not delirious or drank something terrible by accident.

And - [ a pause, slightly pained. ] - please tell me I'm not the only alien here.
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[The feed opens up with Pearl, looking down into it. She looks a little irritated, but her brows furrow and she adjusts the screen accordingly before stepping back a few feet. All of her now being in frame. The Gem gives a small wave after clearing her throat.]

Greetings once again, Wonderland. This is Pearl, and I come to you all today with an offer.

[The gem in her forehead glows brightly. Closing her eyes, Pearl reaches inside the actual gem itself, extracting a rapier blade from inside it. That's right folks.

She pulls a sword from inside her head. Or, gem, specifically.

Pearl twirls the sword in her hand before she rests the tip of it against the floor.]

I would like to offer my services. I specialize in swordsmanship. I have a couple thousand years of experience. I'm willing to teach anyone, and it doesn't matter your skill level. Wonderland can be unpredictable, so it's better to be prepared, right?

For, now I'm gauging interest. Plus, it would be great, for myself, to start practicing again.

[A beat.]

Oh, and I could offer dance lessons if anyone is interested!
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If you would kindly, Wonderland, answer some questions, I would greatly appreciate your input.

1. Are you from a species that can dream?

2. Do you dream? How often?

3. What do you typically dream about?

4. Are your dreams lucid? Can you control what happens in them?

5. What's your favorite dream that you remember?

6. Tell me about any nightmares you've had.*

* - This one is optional.
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under the cut: bruce/henry. post cut: network post. )

[Well, he’s going to be grounded for the rest of his natural life. Convenient that none of his family will fall under the curse because they’re all immune. After thinking about it, all he can do is address Wonderland en masse.]

Uh. Hi. So. You guys may have...noticed people falling asleep and some purple smoke?

[Deep breath.]

It’s called a sleeping curse. And it’s from my world. It’s not supposed to go through the air like this though. It’s like the curse from Sleeping Beauty or Snow White, if you have those in your world. Poison apple, prick of a spindle or a needle...

...The only way to wake someone up
[and BOY IS HE SORRY ABOUT THIS] is true love’s kiss. But that doesn’t have to mean a romantic person. It can be a spouse or significant other but it can also be a sibling, parent, best friend. If you love that person, it should work. Otherwise...they’re just asleep. That’s all.

[And he has no idea how to wake them up.]

I think since we are in Wonderland and it only likes things to be temporary, the whole thing will end in at most a couple days. And if not I’ll work with everyone I can here to make it better. I’m...I’m really sorry? I was just trying to show one person how magic and science work together.

[Bruce chimes in with some more practical suggestions, not ignoring Henry’s apology but not addressing it yet either.]

If you find anyone lying around in strange and random places, it might be for the best to get them somewhere safe. Either their own bedroom, or we can make use of one of the empty rooms here for everyone. It might be better to have someplace where it’s easier to keep an eye on everyone, especially if it takes any longer than a day or two for this to pass.

In the meantime, I’ll be looking into a way to fix this.
[A way that’s not a kiss, anyway.] Any scientists and magic users are more than welcome. We could use the help, I think.

[ooc: feel free to have people react to either Bruce or Henry on the network post, action tag them in the lab, and of course, use this post as gathering for all your rping needs! The lab portion with Bruce and Henry was not broadcast to the mansion. You're more than welcome to create your own posts. For more info on this plot, including the duration, see this post. blue - henry, green - bruce.]

4th video

Jul. 20th, 2016 07:45 pm
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[The video turns on to show a large goat woman- the background seems to be recognizable as the kitchen.]

Greetings! This is Toriel.

Perhaps this is a strange question to ask, but... would anyone care to discuss what your favorite food is? I am curious!

You see, I enjoy cooking, and it has been a very long time since I have been able to work with ingredients that are not found in the Underground. As such, I am not entirely sure what kind of foods I can prepare with all these options!

I have found a few cookbooks in the library, and there are so many different selections, I am not quite sure where to start. So I was hoping that someone might provide some suggestions for me! Additionally, I am sure I would be happy to share anything I make with you.

Personally, I have always been fond of pies. There are several flavors I like, but today I decided to try making a snail pie. Though, that might not be enjoyable for humans, in my experience. Or... monsters other than boss monsters, come to think of it.

Still! It is here in the kitchen, if anyone would like to come try a slice. I would be happy to share the kind of food I like, while you share what you like in turn.

That is all! Goodbye.
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[The feed starts off fuzzy for a moment, then clears to show a figure in a white and green uniform, though her helmet's off. Pidge smirks as it clears. Some people might be satisfied with the basic phone, but why settle when you can relay it into the holographically projected wrist computer that houses all your other cool toys?]

Hello. My name is Pidge. I'm… well, I'm a Paladin of Voltron, but from what I've come to understand through reading the archived posts in this network, that might not mean anything to anyone else. [At least that means the Galra Empire doesn't control this… planet? She isn't even sure if that's the right word.]

I've managed to obtain the answers to all my basic questions, and while I'm sure more will come up, for now I only have one pressing question.

[She throws her hand up, the one not transmitting the video, frustration creeping across her face.] Why are there no access panels anywhere? What's powering this mansion? I want to see how it works but I can't do that if it won't let me in!

[She exhales, clears her throat, and gives another nod.]

...that's it. Thanks.
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[ It's like 9pm on a Friday and to say Chuck is 'drunk' is a vast understatement.

But Aussie's are built tough, so when he comes on the network, he's not even slurring. ]

Right, 's been a while, kids. We're gonna play a game. Ever hear of word association? I say a word, you say the first thing that comes to mind in association with that word.

I'll start.


(( ooc; chuck's drunk and bored. come at him with words, feel free to threadjack if other players are okay with it, or just bounce back and forth with Chuck. ))
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[Being here is impossible. Simply being is impossible. The large, alien woman had given up her physical form to allow her son to inherit her gemstone, the source of her very essence and abilities. There's no explanation for her returning to herself, just as there's no explanation for her appearance in his Earthly -yet unearthly- place. The last thing Rose remembers is the birth, followed by simple and otherwise indescribable nothingness. Time passed, but she can only recognize that now that she's herself once more. Yet...the thought of her son weighs heavy on her mind, taking precedence over any concern she should be feeling for herself. Was he born safely? If she's here with her gemstone, was he still born half-Gem? She knows he would have been born regardless, but that doesn't ease her mind entirely. Human infants are so frail...

However, Rose Quartz knows she can't dwell on what-ifs and personal, anxious conjecture. That won't solve anything, but gathering her bearings and facts will. Small communication device in hand, she steps into the foyer of the imposing mansion, all eight feet of her (plus massive hair) making her equally imposing in her own right. She doesn't know who lives here, but if no one responds to her impeding attempt at communication, she can hopefully catch residents coming and going from the building. It's a simplistic strategy, but it's all she has until she knows more.

Without further pause, she places an all-call. Despite the warm, bell-like quality to her voice, there's a distinct unease and uncertainly based below the practiced calmness.]

This is Rose Quartz, calling all who are able.

I'd like to ask about this place, if anyone has a moment. I'm not supposed to be here. I'm... not supposed to be anywhere. So any explanations of what this place is and how it's able to do something so impossible would be greatly appreciated.

I'd also like to ask if anyone has met anyone by the name of Pearl, Amethyst, Garnet, Greg, or... by any possible chance, a boy name Steven from Beach city.

That is all. Thank you.

Rose Quartz out.
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[The feed opens up with with an extremely pale young woman. The most prominent feature on her being the large pearl in her forehead. It's not just on her forehead. It's literally in it. Obviously, Pearl is always oblivious to how strange she may look to those unfamiliar to Gems.

She clears her throat, smoothing out her top, to make herself more presentable before she addresses the feed.]

Hello and greetings to... whoever may be receiving this.

[She curls some pink hair from her cheek and steadies her view on the feed.]

My name is Pearl, and I'm in search of my friends. One of them is tall with two gems in her hands, one with purple skin and a gem in her chest, and the last one is a young boy named Steven. He usually wears a red shirt with a bright yellow star on it.

[Her gem glows softly, and images are produced from it. Holograms. Simplified and rigid images, but they gets the message across pretty well.

Her hands fidget as she looks around her new 'room' and the images fizzle out from view, her gemstone dimming. She shifts her weight on the bed, pursing her lips.]

We were on a very important mission, and if they were transported here as well, I'd like to regroup with them and make sure they're alright.

[Pale blue eyes look at the feed worriedly, but she fights to tug out a small smile on her lips.]

Thank you for your time.



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