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Nov. 2nd, 2014 01:35 pm
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Heard you got set up here. Not hard to when it's kind of all over.

( Way to go, Angel. You had to go and slip and get messy. Just when she was starting to like you a bit )

Thought you liked more of a challenge though, not people that can't do anything. Isn't that what it was? Fun?

( Faith's stalking the halls as she talks over the network, moving floor to floor. She's got a stake in hand and more stashed away, and then there's that sword she stole. That's hidden rather than with her.

At first Faith had thought she'd been brought here by Wolfram and Hart to be killed, but no one tried to kill her. And then she'd caught Cordelia's announcement and the next death. She'd made her weapons and tried to think how to find him. The place was big, and she didn't know his usual haunts here. Angel's. She knows the device at least sends the message out to everyone, so she's hoping that he'll hear it )

Come on, Angel. Don't you at least want it to feel worth it? I mean, we both know what a good kill feels like. Taking that life, watching them try to fight it. Wouldn't that be better?

( She wants to draw him out, to try and incapacitate him and then help his soul like he'd tried to help hers. She'll kill him if she has to but she owes him )

Might be I know where you can get one.

( Is she the bait or does she have something for him? He should really find out. Or everyone should. She's got a different message for everyone else )
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Halloween's tricky because no one's totally sure where it started; most people insist it's All Hallow's Eve and part of a Christian triduum that grew separate of things like Samhain, but that's probably because they don't want the association with pagan roots. Personally, I'm sure it started with pagan festivals, and you see a lot of that in the traditions. Jack-o-lanterns to scare off the visiting souls of the dead, masks to protect people from spirits, et cetera. Dressing up's also supposed to be making fun of the monsters, but I'm pretty sure that'd just piss them off.

[ Beat. ] It's not that significant a day when every day's pretty much Halloween, but the history's still interesting. My Storybrooke counterpart had the right idea; I'm gonna see if I can find anything good in the library if anyone's interested in learning more.

[ later: an anonymous text: ]

What're you most afraid of and have you ever had to face it?


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