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[It's a video post, showing one smiling, neatly preened Richard Roman. If he's disturbed by being dragged into a new place, this one isn't showing any sign of it. Dick looks like he does this every day for a living.]

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other," is always a good quote to inspire to. Good old Abe Lincoln coined that one.

[If there are any from his own Universe who had a hand in his downfall, they should be prepared to read that quote for the threat that it is. The suited man merely looks at the leaflet in his hand before grinning, throwing it casually over his shoulder onto the floor.]

So it looks like I'm at your mercy when it comes to knowing what the deal is here, or however it is the kids say it these days. I could sit and read leaflets all day, but I always find the more personal approach to be a better method. Though go easy on me with all that information, wouldn't want any of it to get lost in translation. The name's Richard Roman. Oh and please, call me Dick. We're going to be in this for the long haul.

[With that, Dick gives a toothy smile before turning the feed off.]
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[ The device turns on to a man looking just a hint disheveled, but overall he looks very mild and gathered. He's taken his time to calm down by now, after all. ]

Ah, hey, so I read the... [ He lifts the pamphlet and waves it a little, though not at all dismissively. ] ... this little brochure. Very helpful, actually, so thanks to whoever wrote it. And yeah, you guessed it, I'm new.

[ It might be a little difficult to tell whether or not he's being honest in his appreciation, but this time he really is. ]

So. Parallel universes, who would've thought. Guess stranger things could've happened. [ Except not really. But it's nice to think that. ] I won't bore any of you with questions, I got the gist of it by now.

But I'd like to know if there are any experts out there, if I can pick your brain. Not just on alternate realities, but space and time traveling, wormholes, portals, pocket universes - which is what I'm assuming this all is.

[ He sets the brochure aside and rubs a hand briefly down his face. ]

Because here's the thing - how does a place like this even happen? This is tiny, unbelievably so. Even if opening a wormhole that can actually travel across different dimensions without any visible devices or power source, how can it happen with several? Because for not just one or two universes, but dozens or hundreds of them to be converging here, and from fluctuating times and points within them, this place should be... I don't know, torn into pieces, disintegrating entirely. No laws of physics can explain this, and just - you know what, just spare me the speech on how physics don't work the same way here.

[ He's trying to keep it simple for the common listener, but just in case he didn't succeed, he adds as a final thought. ] This place is impossible.

[ Not that he won't try to make some sense of it, and for now at least seeing if he can find someone who'll help him with that seems like the best option. That, and finding a quiet corner where he can stay. ]

Thanks for listening. And for answering, if you do. [ He hesitates for a moment before he finally decides to add. ] Name's Bruce Banner, by the way.

[ Not that he has a lot of hope that he'll find someone here he knows, but... well, yesterday he'd have said something like this would be hilariously impossible. So who's to say. ]

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[There's a mild looking man sitting on a bench somewhere in the gardens. His skin looks like it's seen far better days - though it's knitting itself together even as he stares thoughtfully at the device in his hand.]

I have to say, I've never been kidnapped quite like this before. [He smiles. If you're the type to notice such things, you'll see that it doesn't quite reach his eyes. It's almost threatening.]

One prison is as good as another, I hear. At least this one has a little more room to stretch [He rolls his shoulders to emphasise his point.] I wonder if the company will be any better.

[Oh, he knows there are various people nearby who he should catch up with, but anyone important enough should know he is here without needing a video. No, the video is for all the ordinary humans he's stuck far too close to.

ooc: action replies are welcome! Most people will notice the temperature dropping near Lucifer :3]
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Hi. I'm Kevin Tran.

[ Kevin actually isn't all that interested in introducing himself, but he's taken the week to check the place out quietly, and he's managed to avoid talking to too many people so he could absorb it all. He's over the shock now though, which means he's also already mostly just... over it in general. ]

This is a long shot because it's way more likely that I'll start singing like a lion king again, probably, but if anyone happens to see my mom, Linda Tran, will you tell her I'm here too?

[ He super doubts that'll happen because his luck is way too shitty, but he may as well put that out there. ]

And that I'm not a ghost anymore? Thanks.
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[ Crowley sets his device recording and sits up straight without a hair out of place. ]

I've been thinking these past few months about that future that Wonderland let us spy and the one thing that we haven't managed to address is a plan to take out the Jabberwocky when it inevitably rears its ugly head.

Failing that--and it seems that not a one of us does have a plan for that--I'd like to propose that we trap the thing. We did something similar back in my world with the devil. The only difference is that here, we'll have to build the cage ourselves.

I'd like to propose a bit of teamwork. We could be like the Justice League.

[ He smiles and ends the video. ]

( OOC: feel free to use this post for all plotting/handwaving/etc. )
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[The feed flickers on to show the stony face of one Loki Laufeyson. Sharp, inquisitive eyes, clear as crystal green waters, yet guarded with such intensity it's impossible to see into the mind of their owner. A deceptive window to a soul shrouded in lies and mischief.]

[Loki studies the screen for a long thirty-count before he inclines his head ever so slightly. His chin is raised with pride, causing his gaze to cast downward with condescension. It takes another beat before a mild smile twists across his lips exuding mirth with a subtle undertone of something dark.]

My, what an interesting spectacle you lot make. I presume it's quite pointless to inquire as to the whereabouts of those in charge. I can sense the magic pooling at the very heart of this land and I'm ashamed to say it leaves me for naught. Allow me to introduce myself, I am but the humble King of Asgard. [Oh yes, so very humble. You've royalty in your presence, Wonderland. He will ask you all to kneel, in time, and when that time comes, you will most assuredly do as he commands. Of that, he has no doubt.]

Now, what I will inquire is confirmation or denial of the whereabouts of several key individuals; Thor Odinson, for starters. Tall, beefy, blonde, with a thick skull and an air of righteousness about him. If he is present, or any of you are keen on his whereabouts, I would be most delighted to hear from you. Secondly, a group of rag-tag do-gooders calling themselves "The Avengers". You will win my favour by revealing their presence. And believe me, you would do best to win my favour. I simply... wish to meet them and commend them for their heroic deeds.

[That smile broke into something of a malicious, toothy grin just before the feed was cut. He continues to monitor the network thereafter, searching for any replies. Or perhaps a direct confrontation from his brother or any of his new little friends.]

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[It's a video post, showing one smiling, neatly preened Richard Roman. If he's disturbed by being dragged into a new place, this one isn't showing any sign of it. Dick looks like he does this every day for a living.]

"Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent," is always a good quote to inspire to. I've forgotten who said it, but hey who's counting?

[Dick is counting, oh yes is he counting. And if there are any from his own Universe who had a hand in his downfall, they should be prepared to read that quote for the threat that it is.]

So it looks like I'm at your mercy when it comes to knowing what the deal is here, or however it is the kids say it these days. Though go easy on me with all that information, wouldn't want any of it to get lost in translation. The name's Richard Roman. Oh and please, call me Dick. We're going to be in this for the long haul.

[With that, Dick gives a toothy smile before turning the feed off.]
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The Search: A Complete List of Actions and Associated Feelings )

[It's somewhere around dawn when Blake surfaces on the network. A long night has his eyes rimmed dark, but otherwise he's doing a fair job of hiding everything. Which means he'll have what he needs to let everyone know.

Addressing the network rarely comes easily to him, and this time it makes his head and heart heavy enough that he feels pinned to the ground.]

Been by River's. Looks like her and Simon went home. Checked the grounds best I could, found nothin' suggestin' somethin' happened to 'em. 'Preciate if you guys could keep an eye out, just in case. Gotta feelin' they made their escape together, though.

[If only they could all be so lucky.]

Be unavailable a bit, so if you know somethin', or see somethin' urgent and I'm not answerin', forward it on to Dean Winchester. He'll know what to do with it.

[And from here, Blake will answer any questions he gets while on his way to his room where he'll drink alone (yeeeeeah, with nobody else). It's not a common occurrence for John, but if anything warrants getting a bit messed up, losing family (again) does.]

[[OOC: Action is open to anyone bold enough to go knocking at Blake's door.]]
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[ A C T I O N : anywhere in the mansion, but especially windowsills and bedrooms. ]

[ A fluffy white cat-like creature shows up in the Mansion in the early afternoon and, after getting his bearings, immediately sets to exploring and to perching on various places to simply observe. The bedrooms he finds particularly interesting and worth investigating. He doesn't talk to anyone at first but instead just gets his bearings. However, that isn't to say he doesn't interact if he is noticed.

Kyuubey has a tendency to perch on things like banisters and shelves and windowsills. He also seems to like appearing on (or in, if he's poking around) people's closets and among their pillows on their beds. If anyone has any stuffed animals, he will definitely be found making himself comfortable nestled among them for a few minutes.

As for his communication device, well... he keeps that in a trap door in his back at first, after ascertaining what it was, and it's only after he's certain that he is no longer on the Earth he was just a little while ago that he begins to experiment with it... ]

[ V I D E O => T E X T ]

[ The feed opens up with the adorable Kyuubey tilting his head and watching the camera. He swooshes his tail and then seems to come to the conclusion that this is ineffective. The device does not respond to telepathy, so he extends a paw and shuts it off, switching it over to a text mode. He is perfectly capable of typing, after all, even if the motion looks a bit silly. ]

I have gathered that this is Wonderland and seems to be reminiscent of the place from a human novel. This is most unusual, but I suppose the existence of worlds that in other universes are fictional should not be surprising.

Tell me: Does this universe obey the same physical laws as the one where a human male once wrote about Wonderland?

✑ one

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I do believe the French have coined a phrase for it. Folie à plusieurs, madness, shared by many. It seems entirely improbable considering the circumstances where several of you have found their way to this establishment. [ He's glancing behind him, towards a towering window in a hallway he's found. ] As unlikely as it seems that so many of us share a delusion in which we've been abducted from a familiar place and set here, perhaps it's best to accept such a fact. The alternative... [ Being that they are here, that this is actually something that's happening. ] Is more so.

I would like to ask a question of those who have found their way to this mansion. Did you recall what happened when you lost sight of your own existence? Was there an event that triggered the occurrence? Perhaps a particular food that you've never tried before. [ He's determined to understand this, to analyze their surroundings and what they mean. Certainly there's a symbolism, a common ground that's caused them to find themselves here. ]

And speaking of food, is there a kitchen available? According to this leaflet I've found in my assigned room, there's apparently not a possible way out. I figure I would make the most of my time in a productive manner.
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[ At first, the only thing visible on the feed is a book - or rather, lots of books, stacked in haphazard piles on one of the library tables. A few seem modern - soft-covered, mass-market - but most are old, manuscripts and scrolls and ancient hand-bound books lettered with gold leaf. More importantly, each and every one is holy.

It's every edition of the Word of God that Lucifer bothered to retrieve from the shelves, and no version has been spared. King James, Wycliffe, Luther, the Quran, the Tanakh, the Wessex Gospels... all accompanied, of course, by the garish, stock-model covers of the first several books of the Winchester Gospels.

(The Devil is nothing if not thorough.)

By the time the feed turns to Satan himself, though, it's pretty clear something else has captured his attention. Brow furrowed, he's flipping through something that greatly resembles a supernatural teen romance. (It may or may not be Twilight.) Whatever the book is, it's pretty clear that it's lowering Lucifer's already-dismal view on humanity. ]

I'm not sure if your fiction has gotten better-- [ He spares a short glance for all of the books laid out on the table. ] --or even worse.

[ The Devil: part-time literary critic, everyone. ]
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[there's any number of things Bobby expected to find in the afterlife. fire and brimstone was up there. maybe a nice idyllic patch of Heaven with Karen, if he was being particularly whimsical. hell, nothing had generally been his default thought before finding out about demons and their ilk

but pristine shirts arranged neatly on clothes hangers? yeah, that didn't come up quite so much. or the shoes, particularly the ones Bobby just tripped over. he grunts, grabbing at a flannel shirt to keep his balance, only to have it snap off the hanger and send him barreling into the door, slamming it open as he lands in a heap on the ground, shirts following suit]


[he's back on his feet instantly, hand instinctively reaching for the shotgun that isn't there while he surveys the room. if this is Hell, it's mighty tidy; and if it's Heaven, where are all the angels? the pearly gates, the welcoming party?]

What the hell? [he reaches up, fixing the trucker cap skewed from his fall, and straightens his shirt. he'll be damned if he's just going to sit here and wait for someone to find him. besides, he feels naked without a weapon, and he could really use a stiff drink, and neither of those was just gonna appear of their own free will]

[ooc: Bobby's landed in his own room on Floor Five, and he'll be stalking the halls of the mansion looking for guns/booze/whatever he thinks the afterlife offers. feel free to explain him a thing]
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[A face appears on the network, that of Leonard McCoy, and he looks particularly disgruntled, a frown creasing his forehead. (The wrinkles are deep, almost as if this isn't the first time he's made the face.)]

Right, found one of those pamphlet things for the newcomers, and it was useful 'n all, but it didn't really tell me anything, if you catch my drift. Lots of info for people who're plannin' on stayin' here, which I'm not. So.

Could somebody give me the other pamphlet? That tells us how to get outta here? Or what planet we're on? Or somethin'?

[Or where his friends are? Look, he really needs to get out of this place. He's got a ship to be on and a universe to explore. He's kinda busy.]

Can anyone even hear me?
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[ Listen. Can you hear it? Playing just audibly enough on everyone's devices.

A minute of silence passes. What follows is a voice, feminine, though robotic. It may be an android, or a human voice that's been masked somehow. ]

I realize this may be someone's idea of a joke. And I like jokes. Really. I had the sarcasm self-test playback all ready for when I figured out what was going on and incinerated the person responsible.

So. Congratulations for beating the odds and literally doing the impossible in bringing me here. Put me back. You don't want me to ask "in person."

The first person with any reliable or useful information will receive cake.
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[Balthazar pops up in the feed looking drawn and stressed-out, his voice terse and sharp.] I have a question. Has anyone out there with peculiar weaknesses tried them on their own Shadow? Out of curiosity. Living with them indefinitely seems a bit--

[The voice of his Shadow comes from offscreen, but close.] Draw your sword. Let's try it. I won't even fight back.

[Flinch. The angel's eyes lock on the screen as he attempts to ignore the antics of his duplicate self in the background.] --seems a bit of a tall order, when they're so utterly determined to needle us.

Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot you're a coward. Well, never mind. At least you know I won't stab you in the back, either.

[His jaw twitches, and he goes on through gritted teeth.] Mostly, I'm curious whether spells and sigils can trap them effectively, but mine seems determined to stay close and disrupt my concentration.

Haha! Get it? Because stab--

[The sound cuts off abruptly, and a hand covers the video screen while Balthazar waits for replies.]

((OOC note: Still studying for my test, so replies will be very slow, but I will get to tags when I can.))
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Private to Mary Margaret Blanchard & David Nolan )

Private to Martha Jones )

Private to Neal Cassidy )

Private to Dean Winchester )

Private to Balthazar )

Private to Jefferson )


[Emma is a person who doesn't do well without something to occupy her, meaning that most of her time here in Wonderland between various disturbances has been spent restless. During the morning, she can be found in the library, perusing the shelves and occasionally sitting at one of the tables or near one of the windows to look through one of a number of books she's pulled from the stacks.

Mid-day and most of the afternoon, she'll be at the diner on the eighth floor, slowing working her way through a sandwich followed by alternating cups of hot cocoa and coffee with a notebook open in front of her. She goes back and forth between writing and reviewing what she's already written -- there's too much for it all to be from this particular afternoon, but at least three pages of it are fresh.

Late afternoon, she'll be out at the beach, standing out at the end of the dock before seating herself on the edge of it, frowning as she looks out at the water. It's not quite like where she and Henry used to spend their afternoons together back in Storybrooke, but for a quiet thinking spot, it will have to do.]
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[ Guess who's back, back again?

If the guess was 'the demon known as Meg', well get yourself a cookie out of the cookie jar. She is back, and having herself a fit of nostalgia. Not the good kind, though. When she arrived the first time it was on the very beach she finds herself on again. Before, though, she was fit to be tied, trying to zap out of Wonderland with no luck whatsoever. Now, though...well, it's a completely different story.

She's managed to prop herself up against a nearby sand dune, looking for all the world like she's just lounging around, enjoying the sunshine. Except she's not enjoying any of this, and she's currently looking pretty beat up and bloody - not to mention blonde. If her legs were cooperating, she would probably be doing some form of her previous anger stomp along the beach, but right now she just can't. It's another cherry on the sundae that has now become her life.

Obviously, this is the best time to announce her return, and when she turns on the video she ignores the blood on her face, figuring she'll just clean it up later. In the end, who cares. Without preamble, she starts in:

So, who does a girl have to bribe to get a beer around here? [ Look at that, alcohol is her priority as always. The more things change, and yadda yadda yadda, whatever. She just needs a damn drink. ] I think I've earned myself about two or eighteen. Wouldn't say no to some whiskey, either.

[ Hand delivered, of course. Like hell she's going to belly crawl up to the mansion, give her a little credit here. The plan is basically wait until she's healed up enough to walk, then stumble up to the room she's learning to call home and pass out for a month or two. She's tired.

There's a pause, and she looks like she's going to say more. It's like an itch, the need to call Crowley out and challenge him, but she holds back on that. There's no telling if he's still there anymore, and besides - the longer she can go without seeing his face, the better. So, she'll just cut off the video, without so much as a toodles or a good bye.


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[Kate's looking directly at the journal, figuring she can just use it like a tablet or something. She's willing to try anything to figure out where she is.]

Uh, hi. I'm Detective Kate Beckett, and I seem to have woken up in a library of some sort. I'm not sure how I got here, but if you can hear this, can you call the Twelfth Precinct NYPD and tell them to come get me?

[She runs her fingers through her hair, nervous.]

Or if someone, anyone, could just clue me in to how I got here, and how I can get home, that would be great. Um, okay. Thanks.
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[So if anyone happened to be a fly on the wall watching Blaine, they'd probably notice him looking a bit shell-shocked.

It's definitely a disorienting experience, remembering very clearly seeing a certain young ingenue off to pursue her dreams in the bright lights of New York, only to blink and find oneself in an entirely different place... at least, a place that's different but familiar all at once, if that makes any sense.

All he can see when he looks around are tall trees that make up a huge forest that's dark and forbidding. It's hardly a welcoming sight to see. How he ended up back here of all places is a mystery to him, but unless he's imagining things or hallucinating, he's got a pretty good idea where he is and where he isn't.

Now seems to be a good time to start putting the pieces back together and finding out the situation: who's still around, who isn't, and just what he missed while he was gone for what was, to him, about a year, maybe subtracting a few months.]

Um, hi. This is really weird, so I'm sorry if I seem a little confused.

[He even scratches his head, as if to demonstrate his confusion.]

I guess I'm back again, so... Hi.

[He waves in the direction of the camera and smiles a bit confusedly.]

I wonder why I got dumped here at the edge of the forest. [He peers around him a bit, marveling a little at how tall those trees are.] Oh well, beggars can't be choosers, right?

[And on that note, he begins trekking back in the direction of the mansion. Or at least, he hopes it's the right direction. He's still a little bit turned around, after all.]
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[ There's no introduction as River's face appears on the screen. It's shaking everywhere - she's walking as she talks, and it's hard to tell if she's even meaning to broadcast at all. She's hardly addressing the device after all, just rambling without any apparent point to the words. ]

They're in her head, always there, won't get out. She's trying to smile but Sao Paolo keeps pressing into her mind and ripping it away, she didn't want it. Terrifying beasts in pits of fire, with wings and without. Why salt? Why iron?

[ She presses the heel of her hand against the side of her head, screws up her eyes but keeps walking all the same. She keeps pacing the hallway because she honestly can't figure out what else to do. ]

The time will come where he's nothing but his son's memory, in hair but not eyes, won't stop it but we'll try. Everyone will try, but it's not good enough is it? Never good enough, he'll die for two before long. And so many teeth! More than anyone, more even than any wolf with a taste for veal. But control. Control she has and control she'll keep, so long as we all watch our words.

[ She stops rather suddenly, and for the first she actually looks at the device and addresses the network. ]

Why can't you all keep it to yourself? She doesn't want to watch siblings killing siblings and wings burning, burning, burning. The angels fall and who will catch them? No one, that's who. No one.

[ And on that rather pleasant note, she cuts the feed. ]

[[ooc: basically what's happening here is she's leaking out other people's memories, so feel free to recognise any details that may pertain to your character. action-wise, she's wandering just about everywhere so feel free to pick anywhere in the mansion to bump into her, and to handwaved her using your characters life if you want it as a conversation starter!]]
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[ If you haven't seen Sam in the past two weeks, it'll likely surprise you to see how bad he still seems to be doing. He's been in the clinic, and it might suggest he's not entirely put back together when he opens with video, not voice, as he originally intended. ]

I'm back. Me and Dean-- [ "We both are." He coughs, briefly. ] I'm honestly sort of stir-crazy already, up here, so... if someone has something they're working on, like--

[ He pauses, frowning slightly. ] Experiments? [ No, that's a weird thing to say. He reconsiders, looking as if he's not exactly sure where the word came from. ] ... I dunno, some kind of research, bring it over. I'd be glad for the distraction.
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[Dick was a little quiet when he first arrived, giving a private shout out to a couple of people he saw were here. With the reactions he got, he knows this is going to be an interesting and hopefully rewarding experience.]

I never formerly introduced myself before, so here we go. I'm Richard Roman. You can just call me Dick. I get the gist of what this place is all about, but I'm in the market to get a little bit more information. As those I know have been less than helpful, I would really appreciate somebody else coming forward with the facts. I'm not going to ask you how to get out of here. I assume that would've been done by now. If I can be of any assistance then I'll be more than happy to help in any way that I can.

I have some experience in dealing with a problem or two.

[This is nowhere near like being on television in front of millions, but he treats it no different. After all, he is only here to help if he can't be working on his own goals right now.]

Oh, and I have one other question. It's a pretty simple one that I know somebody should be able to answer. I'd appreciate it.

[His lips curl into his trademark smirk. He may be essentially posing that smile specifically for the guy that threatened him if he happened to do this he supposes and threats are pointless. All he is doing is asking though. No harm in that.]

Where can a guy like me get a decent meal around here? I'm starving
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[ Kevin looks into the camera, stricken and worried, but more together than he would've been two years ago. That's not saying a whole lot, but he has the added bonus of being slightly angry. That helps cut through the fear. ]

H-Hello? [ He twists to check his surroundings; if he has been kidnapped by Crowley, he's not thrilled about making a video message, but then he's clearly in captivity anyway, so... ]

Dean, Sam? Are you -- What is this place? How did I get here?

[ And maybe more importantly: why? Is this over the angel tablet? Kevin's so not in the mood to be held captive over translating a tablet again. Dean had told him he was out of the life, and Castiel's words had registered. But there, he'd done what they asked him to do. He's not about to carve out another six months of his life, this time for a tablet he doesn't even --

The point is, he's earned his time off. Or he thought he had. Or, okay, he wanted to have found the way out of this situation, but instead he finds himself... here. And something tells him this is a little worse than Castiel picking him up by his shirt. ]
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action beneath the cut )

[He appears on screen haggardly, looks as exhausted as he feels.]


[Because that's the next most important thing. He doesn't take the time to filter it, doesn't even think to do it, just...]

Cas, buddy, I need you right now.

[He starts to turn it off and then falters, like he's only just remembered the rest of the world exists, like there are people here he's got an obligation to. A soft puff of breath, a downward glance and then back up again. An apologetic tilt of his head.]

Sorry for leaving you guys hanging. It uh- Well, you know how it goes. Blake, you still here? James? ...Dad?

[He clears his throat.]

Matter of fact, if anyone wants to give me an update, that'd be... You know. Swell.

[ooc: Sorry for the TL;DR! All network responses are assumed to take place after any thread with Sam and Martha.]


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