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Knew this place couldn't go through the end of the year without some crap. [ sigh ] ... Dean's gone. Winchester, if you just met him, or... you know. I don't know.

[ Man. When it rains, it pours. ]

Room's cleared out. The Impala should still be here, but I'm watching out for it until he gets back. Nobody'd better touch it; that car-

[ Sam cuts himself off, drawing a very long inhale, exhale. Not the time or the place for rants, and he's not in the mood to spin childhood stories over the network, anyway. ]

D'you think they plan it to happen when you least expect it? Jesus.
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[For a day and a half he's been wearing the same clothes, but this morning -- well. This morning he finally caved and dragged on the plush red velvet suit and its fluffy while trim.]

Well, I have no idea why I was so stuck in the mud about putting this thing on!

[He lifts his arms up high in the video and laughs, a deep belly laugh that holds no trace of its usual bitterness.]

It's so comfortable! Good golly, it almost feels -- natural!

I was thinkin' that we could make some cookies and treats so the younger folks could decorate them. I know we've got some kids here -- but you adults are welcome too!

[He grins broadly and pulls his hat a bit more firmly on his head, glancing off-screen.]
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[Souji appears on the network looking pretty upbeat. He's in the diner, because where else would he be ever, which has been decorated just like everything else in the Mansion. Of course, he made his own additions, like the Colonel (plus twinkling fairy lights). He brought the statue out late last year, so he's decided to get a looooong head start this year.

This will be his third annual KFC Christmas in Wonderland, though this time he's on his own. Which is exactly why he's making this appearance.]

I'm going to call it and say Charlie's gone home. I'm the only one working in the diner now, so the hours might be shorter than before.

[Because Souji gots to get some sleep once in awhile. He offers a small smile.]

On that note, if anyone wants to come help out any time, it'd be excellent. No experience necessary or anything.

[He'll leave it at that, cutting the feed off after a small wave.]

Catch-all action under the cut! )

[OOC: I'll be tagging around with Souji, but this will be his catch-all for the event. Feel free to respond to his video or action it up. Prose or brackets are both fine; I'll match your style.

He'll have origami gifts for pretty much everyone he knows come Christmas, so if your character's spoken to him more than once, it's safe to assume they receive a gift from him. No need to thread it if you don't want; for anyone he doesn't run into, he'll leave it somewhere they're likely to come across it with a brief note saying it's from him and Happy Christmas.]
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[Today John is on the video feed, but only because he just doesn't have the give-a-crap to puzzle his way through the phone today. He looks like hell, as you do, but more hell than usual.

Yeah. Day drinking tends to do that. ]

Ah, not sure if anyone's been up on it,I hadn't heard word. But just...whoever was close with Adam Milligan, he's- I, uh, think he's gone back home.

[And, unfortunately, not to better things.

He immediately cuts the feed, before he says something he's going to regret. Because hey, when he drowns himself in guilt and cheap whiskey nothing good happens.]
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Is there any sort of self-defense training for civilians already in place?

If not, I'd like to start something. It would be laid-back. Mostly sparring and showing each other moves.

I know we can't prepare for everything here, but it's important that we all know how to defend ourselves should the need arise.

If anyone's interested, get in touch. I'm available via the comm, and I'll also be in the Fitness Center on the first floor for the next couple hours.
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[ By now, she's already had a relatively thorough look around the mansion and its grounds, investigating and exploring. She's overheard conversations, watched some people from afar, and has the gist of what this place is about. She's pretty sure she has, anyway. Wonderland, it's called. They're all "prisoners", all from different worlds or universes or whatever, blah blah blah, some magic junk, etc. It's only then, when she feels like she understands the situation, that she finally makes an appearance on the network, a wry smile on her face as she broadcasts. ]

So, I've heard this place be referred to as a prison, but you know what? It ain't so bad. I mean, there're rooms for each of us, free food--as much as you can eat--and we're free to come and go as we please. I don't see what's so bad about all that.

[ She kicks her feet up from her sitting position and gives the camera a look. ]

I think I could get used to this, actually. Loads better than anywhere I've ever lived before. Sure, we're trapped here or whatever, but is it really so bad? Could be a lot worse, you know. I'd rather be trapped somewhere comfortable if I'm going to be trapped at all.

[ With that, she shrugs, and cuts the feed. ]
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[It's your friendly neighborhood alcoholic back again, and this time he's not threatening to burn the entire place to the ground with no remorse.

So that's nice.]

I got a quick poll for everyone here:

One, who actually can play poker around here? Real poker, okay, not any pansy low stakes crap. That, or pool. I'll take anything. [ Ahem.] Two: Is there anyone around here over 50? I mean, jesus christ.

[Not including Stan Pines and two people he already knew goddamn personally. It's ridiculous. It's like the only grey hair he's seen in months is in his own damn beard.]

Surrounded by goddamn children.


Nov. 2nd, 2015 07:09 pm
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[When the screen flicks on, Bobby casts an irritated glance up down the brim of his hat to the little camera on his phone. He lets out a puff of air and sucks briefly on his teeth.]

Sam, Dean? I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume that one or both of your asses got something to do with me showing up in -- wherever the hell this is, aside from not Heaven or Hell -- and that you've got a real good reason for not even having the decency to give a fellow a call before you rip him out of his nice, comfy afterlife.

[He pauses for a moment in his speech, the shifting background behind him revealing that he's now moving (from the kitchen to the bedrooms area, for anyone with a good eye for that sort of thing), and that he's got an armful of supplies with him. It isn't too long until he turns a corner to an empty bedroom and closes the door with a click, setting the phone down onto the nearest table and pouring a generous line of salt from the box he'd gotten from the kitchen down in front of the threshold of the door. Then he leans over the phone again.]

So, whichever one of you idjits has gotten themselves into the south-end of a north-facing horse, send the other one over to explain things, all right? And bring beer.

[With that, the video ends.]
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[ Private video message to Jo Harvelle, Simon Lauchlan, John Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Adam Milligan ]

[ Ellen's sitting at her kitchen table, a cup of coffee steaming in front of her. There are dark rings under her eyes and she looks more than a little tired, but otherwise she looks determined, her chin tilted up slightly as she speaks. ]

Listen, I know the last couple of weeks have been hell. As much as this place likes to screw with our heads, we're just lucky we haven't killed each other yet.

[ She wishes she was being less literal. The things she's said, the things she's done over the last couple of weeks are going to haunt her for a while. Everyone keeps telling her that's the way things go here, but she's not ready to accept that. She sighs, twisting her mouth slightly. ]

It's time to put all of that under the bridge. Whatever went on before. Whatever happened. It's time to put it to rest.

Look, we're family here. Maybe we don't always like one another, but we're connected in ways that are never going to go away. We need each other here maybe more than we did back home. We may not be able to control everything all the time, but we can sure as hell try to mend as much as we can when we're in our right minds so we can be ready for the next shit storm.

[ She tightens her jaw, cocking an eyebrow and silently challenging anyone to tell her differently.]

My place. Tomorrow. 7 o'clock. Dinner. Be there.
Bring your own alcohol. I'll take care of the rest.

[ OOC: There's a dinner thread below for anyone that wants to come for food or forgiveness or anything in between. This is either a great idea or a terrible one. ]
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[ the last time dean had addressed wonderland, he’d been all leery smiles and compliments— with a set of nice inky eyes, too, that is. today finds him in entirely different mood, face set to a carefully guarded neutral expression, as he sits by a table somewhere within his own room. fingers drum a steady beat against the wooden surface, the only cue that not all may be as well as he’d like for it to appear. ]

Now that we’re all done hating each other, I got a small refresher as far as our feathery ranks in Wonderland go. Looks like Cas — uh, Castiel — has fluttered off back home, leaving this place without any flying nerds to bark about Heaven. [ which should be great, sure. but it was cas, and anyone who knows anything about dean also knows how much said nerdy little dude meant to him.

it’s as if that very thought crosses his mind, too, as his sets his jaw into a harder line some seconds later, then attempts to brush off the topic. ]

He didn’t have a lot of stuff, perks of wearing Heaven’s badge, but it turns out he did have this. [ the feed drops a little lower on the desk, where placed neatly right in front of dean is the first blade. the drumming intensifies, but dean firmly keeps his hands away from it— hell, he doesn’t even look at it. ]

I need someone to take it.

[ before i jam it into someone’s throat. ]

That's it.

[ end feed. ]

private to crowley. )
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[ Sam Winchester seems distracted. More than that, he seems like something is on his mind in the way that a distant buzzing sound is on your mind, or a crying baby on the subway, or a tiny, pulsing headache that you can't shake. When he speaks, his brow twitches and his voice is... careful. A little too even-toned. ]

Okay, so last time I was on here, I brought up how to ward off demons. But that stuff is for when there's... I don't know, a local murderer, or a crazy event, and you're in danger. I guess I didn't make it totally clear that you shouldn't be looking for demons. Don't call them up or summon them. I won't go into all the details, but the ones we know are from literal Hell and that's where you'll go after you're done dealing with them. Trust me, it's not Club Med.

So, uh, one more time for the people in the back; don't make deals with demons. Christ, I thought that'd be obvious, but it seems like it happens a lot around here. Whatever they promise you, they're not your fairy godmother, and you pay back with your soul in the end.

[ mumble mumble ]
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[As a person who likes to be organized, Cami comes prepared with a list when she sets up her broadcast for the network. There’s a lot that’s happened lately, events readily apparent to all and other things that might have gone unnoticed in all the chaos. She wears a tired smile when she turns on the video, one that’s far closer to resigned than happy.]

Hey all. I just wanted to let everyone know, it looks like Elijah and Kol Mikaelson have both been sent back home, along with Hayley Marshall. [She hesitates, brushing a lock of hair behind her ear. There had something left behind, but it’s not anything she wants the public at large to know about—the fewer people who know just what Papa Tunde’s blade can do, the better.

Looks like even outside of New Orleans, Cami has ended up the caretaker of mystical objects.

But beyond that, it means that Cami stands as the last resident of New Orleans as she knows it. It’s strange to think about, given the number of them around when she first arrived. No doubt there would be people happy to see that group gone, but for Cami, it means that now she’s alone.]

I’m sorry to anyone who was friends with them here. There have been a few disappearances lately, which doesn’t make anything else we’ve all gone through any easier. So just as a reminder, I’ve got a therapy office in room twenty on the sixth floor. It doesn’t have to be official or formal; even if you just want to come up and talk for a while, I’m more than happy to listen, and everything will be kept private.

[She glances down, mentally checking off the items from her list before looking towards the phone again.]

I’d also like to start putting together group therapy sessions, for those interested. Sometimes sharing experiences with people who have gone through something similar can provide a source of strength and understanding you might not find in a one-on-one talk. The first one I’d like to set up is for people who have died and come back; it’s an unthinkable form of trauma, and one modern psychology hasn’t exactly expanded to cover. I was thinking we could meet on Wednesday around 4; my office can fit a decent sized group, but there are also empty rooms close by if we need to move some place larger. Anyone interested in attending should remember that what goes on in group stays within the meeting. Kind of like Vegas, except without the gambling.

And that doesn’t have to be the only group therapy topic, by the way. If anyone has anything they might be interested in discussing, just let me know and I’ll make the announcement. [She’s serious about the whole confidentiality thing. Cami is very aware of her role, especially in the wake of an event where mercy killing became a very real thing. She can only hope people might take her up on one of the offers, or even reply to dismiss their own needs and give her a chance to talk to them in the process.]

That’s about it for now. I’ll be in my office for a while yet if anyone wants to stop by. Just knock and I’ll answer, provided I’m not talking to anyone else just then.

[With that she reaches forward, seemingly ending the feed--but only for one person. To the majority of the mansion the picture carries on, but she's set up a filter to keep Wirt from watching the part that comes next.]

[Filtered from Wirt]

Actually, there's one more thing. Obviously the majority of us have experienced events where the mansion alters our basic personality, but--is there anything else that might do that outside of those events?

[Since they're just coming off of a trip to Abel, she doesn't think Wonderland is responsible for what she saw in the library the other day. Wirt's personality change had been drastic to say the least, and given her experience with such things in the past--

Cami's very concerned.

But with that asked, she ends the public broadcast feed in favor of sending out individualized messages. There are any number of people she wants to check on in the wake of that event, not to mention certain other posts that have gone up since then. She'll stay in her office long enough to send them, plus a few hours in case anyone wants to take her up on the offers. Then after a break, she'll go to the bar to pull a shift, plus hopefully have another important conversation.]

Private to Sam Yao )

Private to Maxine Meyers )

Private to Billy Kaplan )

Private to Simon Lauchlan )
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[It wasn't enough, she thinks, to lose so much back home that she had to return here to another loss she was only just rebuilding. It wasn't enough to take away, it wasn't enough to really hurt, no, to quietly return to a familiar room, empty with its vast walls and dark corners. Slowly she filled it again, odds and ends of furniture and the trappings of a home to which she can never return.

She has a reputation to uphold even in spite of the circumstances, better to nurse the greatest wound out of the public eye, a garish scar across her stomach. Evelyn could swear the blade reached her heart.

The exhaustion nestles deep into her bones, a palpable chill that reminds her what she is.

What she isn't.

I've been informed I was away for a little while, [she addresses the network, unable to muster more than a tired smile.] Perhaps someone might catch me up. I'll be-

[For a moment Evelyn appears distracted, hand gravitating toward her waist.]

I'll be in the library. I've also got several, erm, dogs that need homes. Please let me know if you're interested.

Private to Philip, 11:31 AM
I’m back. May I come and see you? It's important.
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[ It's halfway through the event when Simon pops onto the Network once more, still looking pretty worn out from trying to keep ahead of everything that's been happening when surrounded by a bunch of non-apocalyptic survivors, but he's doing his best.

Today he's even looking a bit more like his carefree self most of them are probably more familiar with, although he shows up in the vid screen dressed for a venture outside the walls, headset dangling loosely around his neck for the moment and a baseball bat slung casually against one shoulder. ]

Hey, Wonderland. I've got to venture outside for a bit, but we've got some friends loitering. Anyone up for a round or two of Whack-a-Zom? I happen to still have the highest headcount, if anyone's feeling up to challenging the master.

[ No, Sam, he's not counting Ten. That was still cheating. ]


Aug. 3rd, 2015 11:37 am
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[ The feed focuses on a young, blonde woman sitting on her bed. She smiles briefly, a little shyly, at the camera. ] Hi. I'm Sharon, and it's come to my attention that I'm not in Kansas anymore.

[ She grimaces. ] Sorry. That was horrible. Obviously I'm not in Kansas anymore. And I don't have a dog, little or otherwise. [ Ba-dum tish. She clears her throat. ]

This isn't exactly how I pictured Wonderland. But I have to admit, I like the closet. Magic isn't really my forté, but I wouldn't have minded having one of those back home.

[ Now that she's broken the ice and paid the place a little compliment, just as her SHIELD - and later, CIA - training had taught her was a good way to get intel, she moves to opening up a conversation with a seemingly innocuous question. Ulterior motives? Fishing for information? Who, her? ]

I guess the most important question I have right now is, where's the best place to get a burger around here?
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[When the camera turns on the screen is dark and indiscernible with the sound of rustling as if it's operator is holding it too close to their clothing. The camera is shifted, revealing first a dark jacket and then, suddenly, Ellen's face comes into view, worn and unsure.

Her eyes are red from crying, but there's a strong bit of defiance in them as she stares the camera down.]

My name's Ellen. I'm looking for my daughter.

[She swallows, pursing her lips momentarily as the camera falls slightly, catching the woods up behind her. She squares her jaw and raises the camera to eye level again, her voice matter of fact and dangerous.]

I don't know what this place is and I don't care. I just need to find Jo. If you can help, I could use it. If you can't, stay the hell out of my way.


Nov. 11th, 2014 07:46 pm
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[ Hayley's looking a little frazzled when she opens a video feed on her phone but it's been a really long day and apparently it's a long way from over. ]

I know this is probably going to sound like a really random request, but are there any hackers here? Or people who are good with rigging technology to do things they technically... can't, normally?

...Failing that, I could also use a magic user. Someone who could do a locator spell. Thanks.
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[It takes him a full day to make this post.]

So. The angel, Aziraphale, is gone. In a more permanent capacity this time. His room has returned to the default.

[He knows. He spent a few hours in there just sitting on the floor and drinking heavily.]

I suppose that drops us down to only one librarian. Though I'm sure Evelyn is up to the task.


That's all.
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[For a guy who's used to paying with reality bubbles, creating small pockets of reality to deal up just desserts to those who have it coming, you'd think Gabriel would be a little less startled at finding himself in one.

One second, he's shoving a DVD at Dean and telling him and his brother to get Kali and get clear and the next he's not even in the same craphole motel.

So Gabriel takes his time, wanders the halls before he finally lays claim to one and fiddles with the device he found in his pocket. Convenient.]

Well I've got to give this place props. It ain't exactly the Ritz, but then again, they don't have places that respond to thought. [Gabriel is comfortably sprawled on a bed large enough to accommodate several, balancing a heroic-sized milkshake on his chest. Somehow he can drink it while laying down and not spill a drop.] Now, while I wasn't looking forward to the ol Royal Rumble with big bro, I would like to at least get an idea of who nicked yours truly and why.

Yanno. Just because.
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Halloween's tricky because no one's totally sure where it started; most people insist it's All Hallow's Eve and part of a Christian triduum that grew separate of things like Samhain, but that's probably because they don't want the association with pagan roots. Personally, I'm sure it started with pagan festivals, and you see a lot of that in the traditions. Jack-o-lanterns to scare off the visiting souls of the dead, masks to protect people from spirits, et cetera. Dressing up's also supposed to be making fun of the monsters, but I'm pretty sure that'd just piss them off.

[ Beat. ] It's not that significant a day when every day's pretty much Halloween, but the history's still interesting. My Storybrooke counterpart had the right idea; I'm gonna see if I can find anything good in the library if anyone's interested in learning more.

[ later: an anonymous text: ]

What're you most afraid of and have you ever had to face it?


Oct. 21st, 2014 05:02 pm
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[Kaneki is in the dining room. He looks less nervous than he has the last few times he's appeared on the network, like he's finally found the right medicine for what's been bothering him.]

I don't know how many people make their own food here. I'm not that great in the kitchen, unless it's coffee.

[He smiles a smile that's part self-deprecating, part dark amusement. Then his entire posture goes pensive, though his expression is serious enough to communicate that he's more than just curious.]

Even if you do cook your own food, the ingredients you use show up magically. Of course, everything pre-made does, too.

I know we don't really have a choice, but does anyone else worry about where it all comes from? I mean, the meat--where does that come from? Is it even real meat?

[He thinks it must be, but...really. In the best case, there's some magical butcher in the depths of the Mansion, killing and slicing up magical animals. And Kaneki can think of lots worse than that.]
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[The feed would start when a pulse of magic hits a barrier and knocks Loki's phone from his pocket. It turns on, capturing video while aimed at an odd angle, catching only two pair of legs and some scenery. A swirl of blue and green light is the only aftermath of whatever jarred the mobile device from the Asgardian's pocket.]

You need to focus, Kaplan. The raw power must be much denser if you are to break through my barrier. Again. And concentrate this time.

[A foot steps back, sliding against the ground to deepen his stance in order to prepare for Billy's next attack. The heel of his boot bumps the device, spinning it on the ground to give an awkward upward view of Loki and Billy. The Asgardian is holding both hands out, a green shimmer solidifying in a warbling dome before them, between himself and Billy Kaplan.]

It's hard to concentrate when you are distracting me. [ Billy takes a deep breath, hands coming up glowing blue.] And yes, before you say it, I know that's the point.

[The video captures the electric blue glow surrounding his hands grow until its surrounding him. He pushes it forward colliding with Loki's shield and ripping through it, knocking the Asgardian off his feet.] Was that what I was supposed to be going for?

[Loki's hand hits the phone when he lands on his godly behind, covering the screen and blacking the video out.] Precisely. Well done. [The picture returns moments later with said Asgardian looking directly into the video. A suffering sigh escapes and he pinches the bridge of his nose in pure irritation. Then the feed cuts out. WELP.]
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[ Ellen has a monkey on one shoulder and a kitten on the other. She's not sure when the hell she became Doctor Doolittle, but what the hell? ]

Anyone seen that damned pirate runnin' around?

[ Hector. His name is Hector, but right now, since the monkey and the kitten are terrorizing her bar, he's 'that damned pirate'. ]

Come get your damned monkey.
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[The feed pops on to show the scruffy man, hair slicked back, and wearing what appears to be a long hooded leather coat over a simple zip-up black cotton top.. His brows are knitted and lips pressed together with thought as he plays around with the strange little device. He tilts his head and slowly realizes the feed is on with a soft "whoops". His expression changes into something a little less focused and a little more friendly, brows raising as he slaps on a smile. Gabriel speaks with a mild English sounding accent.]

Hello there, sorry about this, bear with me as I figure this odd contraption out. I've seen them before but never really had the chance to use one. Seems like a useful little device, but are all these little things on the screen really necessary?

[He's tapping at it loud enough with the little stylus that you can hear it.  A concerned hum.]

Well hopefully you don't mind my face for a bit, it doesn't seem to want to turn off.

Good thing I'm handsome. [And a smarmy smirk with the slight quirk of a brow, flirting a little with the camera.  Though he's quick to go back to fiddling, clearing his throat.]

So then, I may as well introduce myself.

[And lifting the device a little for a more dramatic angle as he tries to look regal and heroic, squaring his shoulders.] I am the Archangel Gabriel,

[Then relaxing a bit.] and this is clearly not where I belong, so if anyone could give me information about this world, I would be very grateful.

[Pause, pause, tap, brow furrowing, tap, then a look of 'oh look I found something'.] Ah wait, here, I -- [And the feed shuts off.]


[Gabriel can be found wandering around the Mansion and checking everything out so you can find him just about anywhere if you'd like to run into him. He may be on the roof, or sitting comfortably in a chair, further fussing with his device, or perhaps you'll see him fly by over head? Either way, the Archangel will be attempting to orient himself to his new surroundings while waiting for replies.]
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[Crowley's back in video form. He's a demon again, which means his confidence is back. Though he doesn't exactly look pleased.]

Right, certainly hope you all had fun during your stint as occult entities. And you even managed not to blow the whole bloody place up. Ugh. Incredible powers does not mix well with a complete lack of experience and restraint.

It's not as easy as it seems, now, is it? You humans take your free will for granted far too much. Take it away and look what a mess you become.

[Of course suddenly gaining proper free will is no fun either, but he's not going to mention that.]

I daresay I owe a few of you some drinks, so. I'll be in the pub.

And Dean Winchester, you and I should talk.
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[Crowley is talking fast, like he wants to get all of this out of the way as quickly as possible.]

Right, okay. Seems there's an event on and it looks to be one of mine--well, mine and Aziraphale's.

Since the lot of you seem to be mad enough to think oh, yes, of course we have always been sodding great angels and demons, all I can say is this--please do try not to bring on the Apocalypse this weekend. This isn't Earth, remember. No real need for mass destruction. They never wrote anything about Wonderland, understand?

On the off-chance that anyone out there hasn't, er, changed...I would advise you to keep your heads down. It'll be over soon enough.


Ang--er--Aziraphale, I daresay it's time we start barricading the doors. Sooner than later.
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I do hope everyone is returning quickly back to their normal state. It seems I have found something quite soothing for my own self.

[She hopes Wonderland is ready for a fashion show because she is about to give them one. The feed turns from Lia's face to her rooms, in particular a little circle of furniture that has made a makeshift pin. Inside the pin are animals. To be precise, a monkey, a piglet, and two puppies all romping together.

And why shouldn't they be? They are wearing fabulous outfits! The monkey is the most elaborate since it is about baby sized. Puppy One and Puppy Two fare a bit better, with adorable matching hats that they are trying to pull off but it's the piglet who sports the most elaborate head wear.

Lia wiggles her fingers and puts down a few more tiny scones and tiny cups of tea, which are consumed, and she's smiling pleasantly.]

They are lovely, are they not? Would anyone like to bring any pets over for a bit of a play date?

[She's not including she kidnapped these pets. Instead she sits down in a fluffing of human-sized skirts as the feed ends.]
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[Loki's expression is very morose when the feed cuts in. Anyone who knows him could tell you it isn't an expression he wears often at all. Anyone who knows him well, can tell you that it is actually an obvious sign that Loki is gravely conflicted. And he hates being conflicted.

So, the dark haired former demigod squares his shoulders and steels his expression to one that betrays less of his internal struggle.]

In light of recent… events, anyone with whom I've shared… [He was simply amazed by how difficult the words were coming to him. It was probably too soon after the sudden transition back to his former self. The memories of his previous life were still far too fresh. But it was probably those memories that pushed him to ensure those 'friends' he had weren't hurt by the man he actually was.] a bond is welcome to proceed as if such events never transpired. [Yes, in other words, there is no need to try to reach out or rekindle that friendship, because he just wants to forget it ever happened. This was how he would protect them because he knew he couldn't change.] Do not mistake the exuberant child you met for the man he can easily become.

To Billy Kaplan )
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Now before I say anything, I want to remind you all not to shoot the messenger.

[Yes, Wonderland, the angel of light is still amongst you- and is making a rare video appearance on the network. Reasons for this will soon become apparent.]

Dean and I never saw eye to eye, but really-

[He pans the camera around as he speaks and...

Squeamish viewers will want to look away.

Dean Winchester is dead, and here is a graphic description of it )

Lucifer doesn't seem to mind sharing all this with the network without a warning. One part of a human is the same as another, right?

Instead of sounding pleased - as one might expect from a being who would like to end all humans - his voice sounds resigned.]
I suppose this is humanity for you.
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[ Cue up one particularly irate face. He's trying his hardest to act calm, to not to let the vein by his temple throb with his obvious distaste. It's an obvious struggle between professionalism and an outright rant, one that'll spread and engulf all in its wake like a broken levy. If it breaks. Probably not a good idea to find out.

Or do. Whichever.

To anyone who reads this transmission, this is Starfleet officer Leonard McCoy speakin'. Anyone affiliated with Starfleet or the Federated Planets, please respond immediately. [ And he does mean immediately, because to hell with this standing out in the open shit! He's just asking to be kidnapped by unfriendly natives. ] Or, Hell, I'd take a damn Nibiran at this point...

[ With a grim huff, he looks askance for a moment before his attention rests back on the screen. The likelihood another officer is going to hear his transmission seems moot, so he tries for a Plan B as well. ]

I'll also take a point in the direction of whatever passes for a foreign embassy or emergency care facility around here...

McCoy out.


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