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[As the feed clicks on, Gadreel looks distinctly ... uncomfortable. Those who are sharp crayons might notice that peeking out from beneath the hoodie he's wearing are a few Enochian symbols carved into his skin, weeping fresh blood.

He is seated cross-legged in a garden, hands wringing in his lap.]

I must admit to being confused. This -- is not what I was expecting.

[What he was expecting was blissful nothingness, perhaps tinged with a brief moment of pride: he had finally done the right thing, he was sure. He looks down to the ground, then back into the feed.

He's apparently collected himself, at least a little.]

I am sure that the time for apologies has long passed, but I cannot help but feel they are warranted.

If any of those that I have wronged are here, Kevin Tran -

[His voice catches, briefly,]

Abner - I would apologize in person, if you would have me. I bear you no ill will if you would prefer me to stay away, and I will respect your wishes. I mean only to make the offer, to begin repairing what my cowardice wrought.

[It occurs to him, then, that he ought to figure out exactly what's going on -- if he can.]

Any of those of you that can offer information about this place, you would be doing me a great service by letting me know.


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