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[The church had disappeared. Somehow, in her waiting, Lilith had fallen asleep and awoke in a strange garden, surprised and confused at how she had been apprehended so easily. This wasn't Heaven, the angels wouldn't interrupt her plans or avert the apocalypse. Everyone wanted it, except for the Winchesters (but who cares what they want?)

So then where was she? How did she get there? It was almost pitiful that she had been surprised...

...and pitiful was not something she could accept.]

What is this place? [She's angry, fuming, but containing that rage in a silent simmer. When she's quiet, that's when she is dangerous.] What trick is this?
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[ It's strange, being more often out of armor than in it, but Wonderland doesn't often call them to battle in the same way that she's gotten used to. The Warden is dressed simply and more for comfort, though still in the kind of dress of Ferelden, rather than the modern clothes of much of the others in the mansion. Her hair is braided to keep it out of her face and her expression is quietly contemplative. Shutting her eyes briefly, she says: ]

"Your name is etched into my every step. I will not forsake You, even if I forget myself."

[ And then opens them again, taking a deep breath, admitting a little smile. ]

I've yet to find any kind of... chapel, or place of worship. I never thought there would be one strictly Andrastian, but any sort of quiet space for prayer would be suitable. If there is one, I would appreciate the help in tracking it down.

[ Maker knows, she's faced a lot of trials thus far and needs a little more guidance lately than usual. ]

Most of you won't have heard of the Maker or of Andraste, but I don't think the idea of solace in faith is too strange, is it?

[ Lightly, Robyn clears her throat before changing the subject. ]

I mentioned once that I was in an order called the Grey Wardens? Part of that life is nights of very bad dreams. But, I haven't had a one since I've been here, not in all those months. [ There's a pause in which she thinks back, frowning thoughtfully, almost torn between concern and relief at the lack of the nightmares. ] ... We must be far from home, after all.


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