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[The video shows a disheveled looking Gamora who appears to have been in some sort of fight. There are scratches all over her face and her arms, wherever skin is visible. Her blood is dark green, by the way, if you were wondering. She looks into the camera, not caring how she appears to issue the warning.]

A strange creature entered my room last night and assaulted me! He kept hitting me with a sharp branch, but I managed to fend him off and escape.

If you see him, take care. Call for help immediately. He's large, with black fur, horns, and a long, disgusting tongue. He also carries a sack.

[The sound of chains rattling is then heard and Gamora turns to look. She might be in for round 2 very soon.]
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[ After wrapping himself in all the blankets he has in his room he managed to make his way down to the magic studies room because it has a fireplace- not that its doing him any good. He's sitting in front of that when he addresses the network, his teeth chattering every time he pauses.]

Ok, does anyone have a closet that doesn't lead to Narnia? Because mine seems to lead to a snowy tundra and I'm cold enough as it is. It won't give me any blankets and I think they forgot to turn the heat on this year.

[ A violent shiver makes him pause for a minute and he tries to steady his hand holding the phone.] I think I would sell my first born for a heated blanket right now, any takers?

[OOC: Billy is suffering from The Little Match Girl event from February 15-17th. Feel free to encounter him on any of these days.]
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[It took a moment of fumbling and inspecting the device before Belle was able to turn it on. Her weary and red face broadcast across the network. She shivered, wearing only her nightdress, glancing around as she addressed Wonderland.]

Hello? I'm not quite sure where I am or how I got here. Is there any shelter around? [The snow is making this incredibly uncomfortable.] I'm not sure how long I can wait out here and I need to find somewhere warm.
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[ well, this is a delightful predicament.

jade has wandered around portions of the mansion and has more or less figured out the story, due to polite inquiry and playing incredibly stupid. wonderland, giant mansion. potential wormholes that turn places into other weird places. all in all, a combination of curiosity and very much not where he'd like to be.

initially, he words his first greeting to the network in the form of text. ]

I require the following individuals to announce whether or not they're dead. They are listed in order of importance per bullet point.

* Peony Umpala Malkuth IX.
* Anise Tatlin, Guy Cecil, Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear, Tear Grants.
* Luke fon Fabre.
* Miscellaneous individuals who claim to know who I am, but should probably be ignored.

[ it's after he's pressed send that jade realizes that some of his beloved party may not be so smart as to check to see who sent the damn thing, and so it's with a resigned sign that jade curtiss, dressed in his crisp malkuth military uniform, addresses the network with a brief video and a cheerful smile. ]

You may tell them Jade sent for them.

Additionally, is there a map available of the entirety of this mansion?


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