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[The video feed kicks on to show what at first looked like a dark mass on the shore line. Upon closer examination, if anyone was looking at the time, the mass could be made out to look more human-like, face first in the sand. Looked like someone washed up on shore.]

[They didn't move at first, but after a few moments one could notice the person's hands twitching some. And then coughing. Looks like they were finally waking up.]

[The figure, now more distinctly noticeable as a female sat up slowly, wiping the sand from her face and torso. The woman's dark hair sat in the way of her face until she pulled it back behind her ears, her facial features much more visible now.]

Hook? [A cough. Damn sand.] Gold?

[She looked up and down the shore line. She was close to the docks, it seemed, but she saw no evidence of the Jolly Roger or it's crew. Had she fallen off the ship when they were falling through the portal? She could see the hedge maze from her location, the forest and even mansion far off in the distance. When she turned her gaze back inland, she noticed the journal wedged into the sand. Taking her gloves off, she reached for the item, the video shaking as she turned it around in her hands. After a moment, she rest the journal on her lap, the video still looking up at her.]

This certainly isn't Neverland. But this doesn't make sense. [She whispered to herself.]

[Looking to the ocean, she could tell the tides were going to rise soon. Best to get off the beach. One problem though. She had no idea where to go.]
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[ If you haven't seen Sam in the past two weeks, it'll likely surprise you to see how bad he still seems to be doing. He's been in the clinic, and it might suggest he's not entirely put back together when he opens with video, not voice, as he originally intended. ]

I'm back. Me and Dean-- [ "We both are." He coughs, briefly. ] I'm honestly sort of stir-crazy already, up here, so... if someone has something they're working on, like--

[ He pauses, frowning slightly. ] Experiments? [ No, that's a weird thing to say. He reconsiders, looking as if he's not exactly sure where the word came from. ] ... I dunno, some kind of research, bring it over. I'd be glad for the distraction.
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[ She couldn't say she'd ever heard, read, or seen something like this happen before. It was strange. One minute she'd been finally experiencing that little piece of the world she could see from her tower, and then...well, then she was here. She doesn't even know where here is, really, and the only thing she knows for sure is that Flynn didn't seem to come along with her. She's kind of worried, so she fiddles around with her communicator while she tries to think of a plan. She has no idea what it does, but it's pretty neat! ]


[ And then she manages to switch from text to video without really realizing it, having a grand time fiddling around with the strange device. It was unlike anything she'd ever seen before! And it was a welcome distraction. For all she knew, there were thugs waiting outside the door... ]

Hey Pascal, what do you think this thing is supposed to do--Pascal? [ She looks to her shoulder where Pascal should have been, only to find that Pascal is nowhere to be found. Which wasn't good, it meant she was actually stuck here by herself. She could deal with Flynn being gone, she didn't know him very well as it was. But Pascal had been by her side for a long, long time and...who would give her advice? Help her along? Be there to listen and play games with her? ]

Okay, this isn't funny, Pascal. You can come out now. [ ... ] Pascal? ...Anyone?

[ She stands up quickly and starts to search around, hoping the little guy was just poking around the room she'd found herself in--but as a result she stops paying attention to her surroundings and runs into a set of chimes, toppling over with them and taking a few other instruments along for the ride.

The feed ends with a loud crash. Whoops??? ]

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[ Good morning, darling seventh year students! Remember when Charms was a harmless subject with a lovable old professor and a slim to none chance of suffering emotional or physical trauma? No? Excellent.

Today each of you will find a candle sitting on the desk in front of them. Don't worry, unlike last time it will not grow teeth and attack you on sight. So sit down, get comfortable and listen to the task at hand!

Now, given the dreadful quality of your memory charms last week I trust that at least none of you will have any trouble recalling... the freezing charms you were taught in your third year. Today-

[ He snaps his fingers, lighting all the candles in the room at once. ]

-you will freeze the small flame in front of you.

[ He allows for a dramatic pause and for his students to wonder what place child's play like that has in a seventh year class. ]

Of course there... is a catch. Not only do I expect your actual incantation to be silent, no, I... should also like you to move your wand and lips as if you were conjuring fire. Allow me to demonstrate.

[ Professor Buckingham draws his wand (Dogwood, dragon heartstring, 15¾”, rather flexible, of course) and aims a flowing motion and a booming Incendio! at the candle on his desk, but instead of flames his wand produces a jet of ice that freezes flame, candle and holder solid.

Cue moment to let the display sink in.

To maintain the appearance of one charm while executing another is the very peak of focus, control and unity between you and... your wand, not to mention quite the edge in a duel.

[ It's also a rather underhanded technique and greatly frowned upon by Professor La Fère... which is all the more reason to teach it passionately and thoroughly!

Buckingham grins broadly and moves to the side of the classroom in strides.

That said, good luck and... do mind the eyebrows, eh?

[ For any ghosts, members of the faculty or students not presently suffering from his class Professor Buckingham will be in his office, grooming his owl. He will also be wandering the hallways often enough, especially to return a little something to a certain Ravenclaw's office. ]

For the curious, everybody else's lesson plan under the cut! )
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[The feed begins with Pinkie waving excitedly at the camera. She's wearing a glittery fuchsia dress and a monocle. That's how serious this business is, guys.]

Hey, everypony and everyhuman and everybeing! Get your bestest clothes on because it's super fancy and official Award Ceremony time tonight! Come to the dining room when you're ready.

[She's literally bouncing with excitement. She clicks the video off and waits for the guests in the dining room that she's completely taken over.

There are silvery streamers and balloons spaced around the walls. The parts of the tables which aren't covered in food (each silver platter of which is tiny and delicious and, above all, fancy) have glitter almost completely coating the white tablecloths. Somehow, the closets provided balloons that bob around the room at arm's height, each lifting a small tray of sparkling drinks in ever so fancy champagne flutes. Who knows what the drinks actually are - Pinkie certainly didn't bother to specify.

But most important of all is the long table at the back of the room covered in trophies. Click here for the list of awards.]

{OOC note: anyone not on the list can still get one! Just PM me or AIM me or ask Pinkie for one.}
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[Now that everything is settled and back to normal, Rapunzel seems a little nervous, but determined.]

Um...hello, everyone. This might sound kinda strange, but I can heal people, if anybody's been hurt I can heal you!

I'm on the 10th floor, but I can move to where you are if you need me to.

[She plays with her hair a little bit before tentatively asking:]

Um, so...who was that person who killed the Jabberwocky, anyway?


Apr. 13th, 2012 08:35 pm
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I knew it! I knew that freakin' thing with the stupid Rabbit and all of these stupid events had somethin' to do with that god-damn Jabberwhateverthehellitis!

[And that paranoid fear was what had him running in the first place, but after having to tell the truth and only the truth for three days straight? And now this event that's had him hiding from anyone who might hear him except his girlfriend? He just can't take it anymore! He can't live like this, and that thing is just going to try and kill them anyway!]

It'll make off with your children! He'll come after them in the night! We're not safe until his head is mounted on my wall! I say we kill the beast! We're not safe until he's dead! He'll come stalking us at night, set to sacrifice our children to his monstrous appetite! He'll wreak havoc on our village if we let him wander free!

[Gasp! ...wait, that sounds familiar. And then suddenly, he's not just raging - he's singing. It's not nearly as deep as the original, but he growls quite nicely. He's all fired up and everything, just like this song should be.]

So it's time to take some action, boys!
It's time to follow me!
Through the darkness and the shadows
It's a nightmare but it's one exciting ride
Say a prayer, then we're there
At the drawbridge of a castle
And there's something truly terrible inside
It's a beast! He's got fangs
Razor sharp ones!
Massive paws, killer claws for the feast
Hear him roar! See him foam!
But we're not coming home 'til he's dead--
Good and dead!
Kill the Beast!

[Well, come on! If you're not with us, you're against us!]
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[John appears on screen. Like many others, he too is a female-type-human.

And he is a troubled one.]

Should I wear a dress while this is going on? I mean, I only get this chance, right?


I have no taste in dresses, though.

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[Oh God there's a major close-up of Rapunzel's green eyes as she puzzles out this communications device.]

Hello? Hellooooo? Is it broken or something?

[She frowns at it.]

I don't get it! What does the little red blinking light mean?

[The girl turns it this way and that, tilting the screen curiously.]

I hope the light doesn't mean I broke it. That would make a horrible first impression to whoever lives here!

[Rapunzel is going to fiddle with it, so it cycles through video to voice to text and back to repeat this horrible cycle. After a while, it starts to speed up until someone decides to speak to her and help a girl out.]


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