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[The last thing she remembers of home is finally making a stand against one of the alphas during the eclipse, hoping it'd work in favor. She didn't have anything else to lose, the four months they'd been held only pushing her further and further into a feeling of desperation. She needed to do something, to at least try. The tiny shred of optimism she'd had about a rescue was gone - she knew how this was going to end... The least she could do was put up a fight, even if there was little to no chance of her winning. Then a flash of blinding pain, the sight of Cora and Boyd, and then nothing.

An empty and cold darkness with no way out.

She wakes with a start, the room dark. The floor beneath her has no give, wondering how much of that has contributed to her stiffness. Erica shakes her head a few times, that memory overpowering and blinding. She gets the weirdest sense of deja-vu She moves to stand up, it taking a few tries before actually succeeding, finally taking a look around the small room.

It's a supply closet.

She has a moment of panic, thinking she's still being held by the Alphas - that she hadn't actually died. She slowly makes her way out of the tiny room, her senses heightening as she readies herself for an attack. The wariness quickly gives way to confusion as she enters the hall, realizing it's not the same place she'd been held before. She cautiously continues her exploration, moving up a set of stairs and into what appeared to be an entrance hall. A very familiar entrance hall. There's an echo of a memory pulling at her, attempting to make its way through the fog. She'd been here before... Recently.]


[It's said more to herself as the strong scent of incense hits her nostrils, pulling at the memory a little more firmly. She moves through, running a hand over the wall before starting up the stairs, remembering being carried. Carried to… the 8th floor? No, the 9th - yeah, her room was on the 9th floor. She pulls her jacket shut a little bit, the outfit the same as it’d been the 2nd time she’d landed here - burgundy pants, a black top, and a black jacket. The shirt is ripped and bloody, claw marks evident if looked at close enough. The scents of the vault aren’t as strong as they’d been before, overpowered by that of death. She focuses on breathing through her mouth, wondering if she’d been dead longer this time around than she had been before.

It’s almost muscle memory, bringing her to room 620, her hand reaching for the door. The room is familiar, much like everything else here. She turns on some music, feeling like she's repeating herself by showering and changing, a memory of her last arrival coming back from death.

She mulls around the room for a bit, bigger memories starting to come back to her like her fight with Isaac, but the smaller moments were still hazy. She picks up the communicator, tempted to text a few people, but the words don’t come to her. She doesn't know where to start, having already come back from the dead for most of them once before if she didn't count her own return. There’s an uncertainty about who’s still here, how they’ll react, if they’ll be happy to see her or if they’d made their peace and said their own goodbyes for the 2nd time. It was cruel, almost, this game that Wonderland was playing. She'd feel bad if she wasn't so grateful at being able to take another breath.

Rather than sit there wracking her brain over how to proceed, she decides to turn to the network. It was the fastest way to reach everyone and get the info she was looking for. She remembers her last post, asking about dealing with death. There’s a lot less shock this time around, a perk of dealing with it a second time. She lets out a sigh as she starts the feed, moving some of her damp, blonde curls out of her face.]

So, this is messed up. I get sent to Wonderland only to get sent home to apparently die, then back, then home... or I guess nothingness, and now back again. Nothing like getting to deal with the whole death thing not once, but twice. Awesome.

[She rolls her eyes before focusing back on her actual purpose for doing this.]

There are pieces that I can remember of my last time here but everything else is kind of foggy. I'm sure the longer I'm here, the more will come back.

[She's not sure how much of that is Wonderland or the fact that she'd been dead. Considering she'd returned post-death before she figured there could be some hang-ups.]

If anyone has had anything like this happen, how long did it take for everything to be back in place? I just -- It's weird. This whole thing is weird and if I had my way, I'd --

[She stops herself with a tight smile, this not being the best place or time for that. She was back and that’s all there was to it. She just needed to suck it up and deal with it.]

Look, help me or don't help me - I honestly don't care, it's up to you. I bounce back pretty quickly on my own and I've dealt with worse. Missing memories right now is a cakewalk. If you'd rather talk in person, I'm in room 620 - 9th floor - same as before.

[ooc: Feel free to find her on her way up to the 9th floor or if you know her (such as fellow teen wolf peoples) everyone is more than welcome to hear noises coming from her room and go check it out because there will be music and the shower running.

As stated in my OOC Intro, I will be out of town with little to no internet access the 9th through the 13th but any responses I don't get out before then will come in the form of a tag bomb when I return. Thanks!

( video )

Jul. 7th, 2014 01:10 pm
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Wasn't there supposed to be a lacrosse game?

[ yes, that's the first thing he wants to address to the network since the last time he's spoken to the entire population. it's a neutral topic that may end negatively for him. the only reason he's even participating is because he was invited, but he knows there are people from Beacon Hills ( try all of them ) that want nothing to do with him, and he's sure he's going to hear all about it shortly in response. ]

I might be getting ahead of myself, but I don't remember training season taking this long back home. So what's the deal with that? Are we still on?

[ he wants something to do, something active. something that gets him up and out of his room and his mind, and away from whatever else happens to be going on. he expects feedback from Stilinski about how he hasn't heard anything because he's actually not invited anymore, for reasons. it's a mental argument. he keeps his cool. expects the worst but allows himself to have a half ounce of optimism. ]

And since I'm on the topic already. [ he trails off, regretting it already. he knows what this is going to look like, but if he hasn't heard from him in their weird situation where Jackson can't ignore him, well, it's weird. ] Has anyone seen Jackson lately?

[ Or Erica? but he's wise enough to keep that question to himself, for fear of becoming a target again. ]
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( text )

[ Because America is totally one of those people that stares intensely at his clock waiting for the hands to align on midnight of his birthday, the excited message is sent out at exactly 12am, July 4th. ]

Happy Birthday to me!! Congrats to myself for winning my independence and fighting my way up the world ladder to become a successful, autonomous nation (and the most industrious and rich to boot!)! Party tonight to celebrate my achievements and the achievements of all Americans in Wonderland because I wouldn't be anything without you guys! (Even though it is not my birthday at home the date here says July 4th so I'm going to celebrate it! Because it's the day that matters no matter what time has passed! Because FREEDOM!!!)

Everyone invited! (Even the English. Especially the English. Look what you're missing out on by being English and not American.)


( action - nightish )

will there ever come a day where I don't insert a million links into things? no, probably not )

[[ Open post for either action or text! Both prose and brackets welcome for action comments, feel free to make open comments, party on dudes. ]]


Jul. 3rd, 2014 10:41 am
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Should anyone see a small piglet running about wearing a little Red Cross vest, I would like it returned to me. It appears to have fled when I was pulled away from this place. It would be helpful if the few supplies it had carried with it were still intact but it is not required.

[The young man speaking to Wonderland has a curious lack of emotion in his face and dark eyes. The reds in the iris are more pronounced than before, giving a hint to the annoyance he's experiencing. Matters being beyond his control is not something he enjoys. Unlike the other Hannibal, this one is casually dressed in a grey shirt and dark jeans.]

For those that don't know me, I am Doctor Hannibal Lecter. I am a surgeon, unlike the other Lecter about. While I am not part of the clinic or those involved, I am an emergency room surgeon should someone fall out a window. Again.

Or encounter rabid crocodiles in the basement.

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(It's Tuesday in London. It counts. )

[ Unlike most first accidental network posts, the network is greeted by a voice instead of a video; and the voice sounds both increasingly annoyed and unaware that it is being broadcast onto a public feed. It seems that he simply hit the speed dial without even checking if it went through. ]

Stefan, if you or the Wicked Witch of the West had anything to do with this, I might have to hurt one or both of you.

[ There's a pause where he no doubt lets his gaze traverse his surroundings. ]

If this wasn't you - forget I said this - I'll be back -- [ Hmmm... ] Soon.

[ He pulls his phone away, to glance at it before hitting the end call button. Who the hell was he on with...? For a moment his just drags his nail over the button in thought. Where in the hell is he? There are too many questions and not enough answers. Damon continues to stare at his phone again before hitting a button he actually hasn't seen on his phone before. Wow, someone is skipping over the wonderland shenanigans of the palm pilot, because he's not touching that thing, and going straight to more wonderland shenanigans of phone communicator.

Aaaand the network is greeted by a devilishly handsome face, not to brag or anything, but he knows he's a stud. Squinting he stares into the video feed.

Okay... That's new.... And definitely confusing.

( Hi, one disclaimer, I would prefer if the subject arises that anyone forgo telling Damon that people don't stay dead here! Thanks. c: )
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It's too quiet.

The noise of humanity that roars like the ocean is gone and everyone is scattered, running, talking about dogs? We are changed, we are powerless, we are nearly nothing and ourselves again, why is it so quiet?! Is it death? Is it nothing?

Are we nothing?

[ There is the definitive sound of something glass-like being broken and the transmission ends there. ]

Video 03

Jun. 27th, 2014 09:37 am
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[There's no person on the feed, but there is a puppy. An enterprising puppy who's maybe a bit fatter then the others but that might be because he is currently trying to devour a pizza. A pepperoni pizza with what looks like bacon and meats and he doesn't seem to get really that the box is not also edible. Rolling in cheese and meats the puppy continues to chew and eat while a hand occasionally shoves him off the box.]

....So I asked for a pizza this morning and it gave me a pizza and a puppy.

[The puppy continues to chew, occasionally growling before looking up at the camera and flashing a smile. World wars end at that smile.]

Any idea what I should name him?
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[She wakes up with a gasp, finding herself face down in a bed of flowers as the sun started to rise in Wonderland. Her arm is outstretched as if she’s still reaching for Boyd and Cora.

There had been a flash of blinding pain and then… nothing.

No, not nothing - peace. Peace after months of hell. There had been an end to it all. Finally.

It had taken her more than a moment to pull herself back together and get to her feet, stumbling a few times. Everything was sore, her movements slow but steady. She pulls her black jacket shut over her ripped and bloody shirt, trying not to breathe through her nose. She desperately needed to shower, to try to wash off the overwhelming mixture of scents before it made her sick.

Once on the 9th floor, safely in her room and cleaned up, she grabs the communicator and lays down on her bed, needing some answers. She didn't want to use video, almost using audio before changing her mind. Text was emotionless, flat. She could ask her questions without having to deal with the looks and sounds of pity. She didn't want pity or sympathy - false or real - it would just complicate things.

She toys with making it anonymous, but decides against it. She has nothing to hide - at least, not when it comes to her death.]

Has anyone here ever been sent home only to experience their death? How do you come back from that? How do you move on? Do you just keep going knowing that the next time you leave, there’s no coming back?

[ooc: feel free to find her at any point on her way back to her room or get her text.]
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{The camera clicks on to a young man with messy brown hair and doe-like eyes that go wide when he realizes it's started taping. He fumbles the device and the angle changes bouncing against an arm of a chandelier and plummeting towards the floor. The young man's horrified face can be seen in a glimpse as it falls.

Suddenly with a small thwip sound a thin white cabling is obstructing most of the camera's perspective. Only the light changing and the passing of the wall can be seen as the camera continues to move. Then there are thin fingers tugging and pulling at the white cables, attempting to remove them from the lens. The hole gets slightly bigger, but not much progress is made.

One brown eye returns, crinkling slightly at the edges.

So, I'm Peter Parker, and I hope you enjoyed that thrilling show of what not to do with handheld technology. For more fantastic public service announcements I'm betting you know how to reach me better than I know how to reach you.

{The angle changes one last time hitting on an awkward grin before it finally goes dark.}
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[The image is dark because the room is dark, except for the odd smear of pale, dim artificial light. Occasional, because it's blocked by something dark moving in front of the lens, as the camera's adjusted. Then it pans up, there's a flash of something pale on the screen before it's taken up by a glowing yellow eye.

Written words can be ignored. She would have to speak. And sometimes she couldn't get the settings right on this tiny device, but today when it switches to video, she decides to keep it there. Words out loud can be heard, and they can be ignored too, or misunderstood, but seeing how serious this is should help impress on everyone how important answers are.]

[For a moment, that yellow eye glares into the camera, and her breathing is harsh, failing to help her keep calm. There's something distorted under it.

And then there's the voice - it sounds like a young woman, somewhere in there. But it's low with a barely-controlled emotion, anger or something darker or more dangerous. And it's low with something else, an echoing, warped sound, like someone recorded her voice and damaged the tape and played it back too slowly as she talked.]

Where is Cindy's Father?
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[ time for a little info gathering... ]

how do you get to the other side of the mirrors? is it possible? have any of you been there before?

[ ooc: all texts from rachel will be perma-anon, unless stated otherwise. also the complete lack of grammar and mild weirdness is her attempt to be as anon as possible, hah. ]
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I learned something interesting recently.

I'm going to successfully bring life into the world. Something to look forward to in the future.

Have any of you been told something that will happen to you in the future?
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 [So here's Gold, looking mildly uncomfortable right now. It's very strange. He's broadcasting from his desk and there may be a couple of empty pie tins at his elbow. 

Don't think too hard about those.]

Given the situation, I don't think there's much magic can do to fix the symptoms of this... event. [He hates saying event. THEY'RE CURSES OKAY. CURSES.] However, I might be able to alleviate the symptoms.

[THIS IS NORMALLY WHERE HE WOULD SAY "FOR A PRICE, OF COURSE." But it never happens. He hesitates for a second, as if he's not sure if he should... elaborate or something] Anything to help, really.

[[ooc: Gold craves VALIDATION and he's attempting to get it by doing free favors, so if you want anything from him, here's your chance to get a freebie. also he will be madder than fire when this is over. HAH. HAH. HAH.]]


May. 18th, 2014 09:18 pm
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Wasn't there something--

[That's one wrecked space captain on your viewscreens. His hair is sticking up in about seventeen different directions, he's got dirt smudged on his face and clothes, one of his cheekbones is marked with a pretty ugly bruise, and his uniform tunic and undershirt are torn in a way that's probably familiar to some of you out there.

He's slightly damp with sweat and breathing heavy, and focus is apparently hard to come by, if the way he stops and starts, squinting at the camera, is any indication.]

Someone was saying, I was kinda half-listening--

If there's something you can't help doing, lock yourself up or something?

I'm no good at that. I can't--

[And it's oh so clear it pains him to say this, but:]

...I think I need adult supervision.
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[There is a sharp jolt of the camera upon activation, and the subsequent angle makes it very clear that the only reason it even turned on in the first place was because it had been knocked to the ground.]

[If Brittany was even aware, she was too busy to show. Busy dancing, that was:]

(cut for animated gifs) )

[A certain classic was blasting in the background, but judging from the heavy panting and sweat pouring down her face...every inch of her exposed skin glistening under the gym lights...wet patches all over her workout clothes...she'd been doing this for quite some time.]

[And most likely wouldn't be stopping anytime soon.]

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[Erica's not sure what it is about today that makes her want to put in the extra effort, dress up a little more, like she has something to prove again. It's reminiscent of how she felt after the bite, but as the day wears on it grows more intense. The video starts, as if set off unintentionally (even though it wasn't an accident) showing her sitting at her vanity, touching up her makeup.

She's obviously been having a little fun with the closet, strips of colors and patterns visible on the bed behind her, as if she'd been trying to find the perfect outfit for today. She's humming to herself, a tune that might be familiar to some - "I Feel Pretty" from West Side Story. She moves the foundation brush slowly over her face, sliding it down her neck until moves over her chest, paying extra attention to applying an even layer. She takes her time with it, making sure to not miss a spot. The action might draw attention to her current wardrobe choice, currently a very shapely purple corset with dark jeans.

The corset shifts a little as she puts down the brush, opting for the lighter lip gloss over the lip stick sitting next to it. She continues to hum as she pouts her lips for the application, smiling at herself when she finishes. Primping her hair, she adjusts the corset again, a small frown forming on her lips. She bends down to slip on a pair of black heels before rising from the seat. Erica moves half out of view, her voice light.]

Hmmm... I think this could be a little tighter...

[There's the distinct sound of a pop as she unfastens the top closure of the corset, followed by another as she turns her back to the feed. Her long blonde curls obscuring most of the back of the top from view as she continues to remove it.

Isaac wasn't doing much when the network draws his attention to Erica and for a while, he quietly watches her do her make up, finding it oddly fascinating. But then she starts undoing her top and Isaac can't help but panic -- she obviously doesn't know that she's being recorded. Isaac moves faster than he was aware he even could. He shoves the door connecting their rooms open, nearly ripping it off the hinges.

All that can be seen and heard on the network is a loud bang, a startled yell, and then something that sounds an awful lot like Isaac shrieking "Erica, no!" Oh and then look, Wonderland, a certain curly haired teenager is in frame just long enough before he promptly shuts it off.]
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[ The video flips on to show Jackson outside, (somewhere). He’s wearing what some will recognize as a lacrosse jersey, black instead of the familiar maroon, and he has a netted stick resting on his shoulder. He looks mildly irritated. ]

If McCall and the rest want to do lacrosse, we’re going to do it right. McCall, Stilinski and Lahey were all bench fodder until they started cheating. And Stilinski? He only made first line for one game. That he didn’t even show up to. Where as I led our team to State three years in a row.

So here’s the deal. You can be on their team if you want. But if you actually want to win meet me on the field at--

[ He glares at something off screen. His jaw tightening in further irritation as his eyes track something that's apparently low to the ground. And getting closer. The video blurs for a moment as he moves, showing ground, sky, and a flash of everything around.

Muttered curses quickly followed by frantic piggy squealing can be heard. And when the video comes back, he's got a flailing piglet in his hand, his lacrosse stick tucked under his arm. He glares at the offending animal for a moment, before looking back to the camera. ]

Practice starts whenever the field is pig free.
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[Slight backdate. The screen on the communication device was a dark, reddish color. Minato had ended up converting a room near his own into a darkroom. The sixth room on the Third Floor was free, and he went ahead and made use of it. He hoped no one would mind. Besides, the Gallery was also next to it in the fourth room, and if anyone did protest, he could always change another room close by.

Inside said darkroom, Minato wasn't alone. While Minato used film clips to hang up a few photographs to have them dry off, Souji used his bamboo photo tongs to place more photo paper into the chemicals in the development trays he had prepped per Minato's instructions.]

Why scenery?

[Souji looked up at the pictures hung on the line, and at some of the ones that were off to the dry side of the room. Minato smiled a little as he answered.]

... I had a request to take color photographs of outside since the other side of the mirrors is black and white. Is that spoiling them?

[Especially after everything that's happened? Souji shook his head, returning the smile, and continued to monitor the photos and their development.]


Apr. 29th, 2014 09:40 am
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[A second video in as many days isn't typical for Adam but this is a special situation. After how he's behaved the last few days, he feels almost obligated to do this now that he feels like himself again.

This time, rather than looking irritated or carefree, the boy looks almost sheepish and a touch guilty. The darkness that the boost to his ego had created is gone, too.]

Er, right. So I reckon I owe you folks an apology for actin' how I did the last few days. I don't really care if you lot want to talk 'bout how great you are cause, way I see it, all of us have to be pretty special in some way if Wonderland's gone to all this trouble to bring us here.

[He shifts a little.]

But even bein' special don't give me the right to say the stuff I did or to make the sort of threats I was makin'. [Because they were threats, however thinly veiled, and he can admit that much now.]

So I'm sorry. For all of it. I'm not goin' t'be doin' any of that stuff I said I'd do. I wouldn't have never even thought 'bout it if it weren't for whatever it was that Wonderland did to make me act that way. Promise.

[And with that, he switches the feed over to private because he has one person he feels the need to apologize to personally.]

Loki )
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[She's feeling VERY good about herself today! And why not? She's a Big Sister! She might even be the best Big Sister! Dare she say it - Better than Eleanor! (Of course she's better than her, she never does anything!). In fact, she feels like letting everyone know just how talented she is, and so she films a little video for the network!

It's mostly sand as she walks along the late afternoon beach, so it's understandable if the other residents don't realize it's her. Except it's not, because who else could move and sculpt sand with their brain like this? No one!

She's strong, tough, her powers are exceptional, and she is the best Sister. The only thing that might be a little less than perfect is her voice, so as rows of small art deco sand-buildings rise up alongside her, she decides to practice with it (while subtly letting people know who's responsible for this amazing trick).

It's a simple, childish tune the Little Sisters made up for her back home. Well... Her and other Big Sisters, she guesses...]

Big Sister, Big Sister, coming out to play,
You're tall and strong and you always save the day!

[Her voice is admittedly rough from disuse (except for the screaming), and it carries a weird double-voice echo to it. But that just makes it more unique!

... There aren't any Little Sisters here, as she's painfully aware. But there also aren't other Big Sisters here. So she decides it's safe to... tweak the words a little.

She giggles to herself, and a sand skyscraper rises above the sand-city.]

When my sisters need me, I find them right away
I always keep them safe when their daddy goes astray!
And when my sisters are alone, they'll find me very near,
'Cause unlike Mr. Bubbles, I will never disappear!

[She flourishes with a twirl, and the camera pans in a blur from the beach, to the ocean, and then stops over the sand-city again.

You know what, she's just thought of something else to add to this cityscape. A gloved, metal hand reaches into the frame, and sand starts to swirl between the tiny sand-buildings. Some of them lose their edges because of it, but that's okay - wait 'till you see what she's making! She keeps singing to herself cheerily:]

Big Sister, Big Sister, coming out to play,
I'm tall and strong and I always save the day!

When they see me coming with my bright red light
The bad men scream and run away from sight!
And if they don't run fast enough, I'll find them where they hide,
And take back all the ADAM that they keep in their insides!

Bad men, bad men, better run away!
'Cause when Big Sister finds you, she's gonna make you pay!

[The sand has taken the shape of a thin figure with a round diving-helmet and a long spear coming off her wrist. She laughs to herself, then ends the video. The statue collapses when she lets go of it, of course - sand can't stand that thin on its own. The collapsing statue makes a miniature disaster in her miniature sand-city, but that's an easy fix! She puts her helmet back on before getting to work, because the sun's starting to bother her. She keeps humming to herself, though.]
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[So here's the thing. When it comes to the son of Lucifer, there are two major things that separate him from his father. The first is his feelings toward humanity. He likes humans. Maybe not all of them, and certainly not all of the time, but he likes people in general and wants to see them grow and learn and live up to their true potential.

The second difference between him and Lucifer, and far more important at the moment, is his pride. Or, rather, his lack thereof. Which isn't to say Adam is completely humble. He most definitely isn't. But he doesn't let what he can do, who he is, define him. He doesn't view himself as better than others. More capable at times, maybe, but not above them.

At least, that's how he is normally. The last few days, though, he's begun to forget that fact and currently can't, for the life of him, understand why he's always considered it so important to not boast about the things he can do. It doesn't help that others just keep right on shoving their supposed talents down his throat, either. To be frank, he's become irritated at the whole of Wonderland's captive population in general because of it.

So when the video feed clicks on, Adam isn't wearing his typical bright smile and the aura about him that's normally so light now carries a darkness that is much more align with what it would be like if he acted the way an Antichrist should. Oh, if only Hell could see him now.

When he speaks, it's very matter-of-fact. All business, this one. Mostly because he wants to say his bit before the urge to sing - again - overtakes him and he makes a spectacle of himself.]

Y'know, you lot keep going on and on and on 'bout how much better you are than everybody else and, well, I gotta say that you're all wrong. There's not a single one of you who is better at stuff than I am. Fact is, most of you can't even do most of the stuff I can.

[His expression hardens.]

So stop it already. 'Cause if you keep it up, I'm gonna have t'show all of you 'xactly what I can do and it's not going t'end well for most of you if I do.

[And with that, and the feeling of a song coming on, Adam quickly switches off the video feed. He'll respond, of course, or if anyone wants to seek him out in person, he's wandering the grounds outside and is probably singing.]
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[ The is focused on his own reflection. For those who know it, he's standing in an exact replica of the pristine, more or less mono-chrome room from back home. All black and gray. He's smoothing down the front of a leather jacket, a scarf around his neck. Looking pretty much like had the day after the winter formal. Like he'd just been given everything he ever wanted.

Anyone who had encountered him since the start of the event probably had a fair bit of difficulty figuring out whether he'd been impacted by it. Because the "I'm better than you" attitude and inability to share the spotlight was already his default mode of operation. McCall knew that one all too well. ]

Alright, Wonderland. Here's the deal. I've seen a lot of people boasting about...well, pretty much anything. As for that little note? Very funny. But you see? I'll never be beneath anyone.

[ He flipped the the video around so it was his actual face and not the reflection. Music started up, his head bobbing. ]

Because I'm the best.

[ He slipped on a pair of aviator sunglasses, moving with a proud strut toward the door. Starting to sing, proud as ever, as he yanked it open. ]

Everybody loves me! )
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[The video feed opens to Loki, once again, clad in his green and golden royal regalia. That ridiculously large horned helmet was polished impeccably! He was dressed to the nines and his ego was just spilling from his leather and metal robes.

He's grinning far too wide, showing all those pearly whites. Bright green eyes nearly glowing with vigour. Oh, this man had something important to say. Something very important. And somehow, his lips pull back to reveal even more teeth as he laughs at the camera. God of Madness? Why yes, he certainly fits that title today. Chaos. Insanity. Pandemonium...]

You are, all of you, beneath me! Is that not what you said? [No, wait, that's what HE said. But close enough. Why yes, he's addressing you, Duchess.] I know not who you are, but I am here to answer that challenge. Show yourself and we shall see who is beneath whom!

[Cut because this is about to get very, very bad...] )
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[ The room looks like a beach house — as it is. Ten and Finnick are dressed in shorts, with wild, vibrant prints, with Finnick wearing a loose shirt and The Doctor sporting a rather dapper find. Finnick Odair isn't quite in his underwear, but he is wearing something that suggests he hadn't opened his eyes while dressing himself this morning — and Ten doesn't look like his marvellously dressed self, either, swapping a suit for something that looks like he'd wear to a beach. Finnick wears oversized red rimmed love heart sunglasses while Ten sports a large dazzling yellow pair that swallow his entire face. Standing beside one another, they seem to bounce to very loud music playing from a stereo system in the background. ]

[ Finnick points to Ten every time he sings (quite well): ] Girl look at that body.

Girl look at that body.

Girl look at that body.

[ Normally, the Doctor might feel uncomfortable, dressed as he is, but somehow, it's not really bothering him right this second. What he and Finnick are about to do is all in good fun, and honestly, he's loving every minute of it, ridiculous clothes and equally ridiculous glasses and all. ]

[ Whenever Finnick points at him, he grins and points right back, singing his part with as much vim and vigor as he can throw into the performance: ]

I-I-I work out.

[ Finnick winks at him. ] When I walk in the spot, this is what I see —

[ And he just winks back. ] — Everybody stops and they're staring at me.

I got passion in my pants — [ Finnick points down to his crotch with an exaggerated thrust of his hips. ]

[ Ten throws back his head and laughs at Finnick's exaggerated movements. But, in the spirit of things, he manages a passable imitation as he continues with the next line: ] — And I ain't afraid to show it.

Show it, show it, show it. [ Finnick moves toward Ten and grabs his glasses from his face. He slips his own off and, one-handedly — almost poking him in the eye — he slips it back over his ears. He shoves his new pair on. Finnick now wears the yellow glasses while Ten wears the hearts. ]

[ Ten mouths a silent but clearly indignant 'oi' at Finnick, but continues on with the song, now wearing those ridiculous heart sunglasses. ]

[ Together: ] I'm sexy and I know it!

[ And Finnick gives Ten a great, big kiss on the cheek. ]
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Now I don't want to sound pretentious when I say this, but no matter how much this camera blows, you can't deny this view. [ booms the voice of some guy who still manages to find a great angle to showcase a particularly beautiful shot of the gardens that most residents are probably already familiar with. yes, residents. he's done his research. he's tech-savvy enough for that and smart enough not to run screaming, blabbing to the first person in his vicinity. he recovers what's left of his sanity and he waits; he learns. then he appears on his own terms. ]

It damn near takes your breath away. [ so does arriving face first in the pool. ] There are only a few things in life that have that kind of power. That kind of sway over you. [ hm? he shakes his head clear of it and steers the view away from the fountain ( far, far away ), cutting the feed and switching to text without ever revealing his face. ]

so, i wanted to pose a question to you, Land of Wonder. what would you describe as a sight for sore eyes, and why? is it something that can be physically found or does it exist strictly in the imagination?

and don't worry, i know all about how curiosity killed the cat. i'm more of a dog guy. on that note, if anyone's seen either one of mine, i'd really appreciate whatever information you have. one of them is like a wrecking ball. he's big, hairy, and he leaves a huge mess. he answers to Derek, and no, you never get used to the drool. the other one's kind of small, but he never stops trying to learn the same darn trick. Scott's just so predictable. you almost have to like him and feel sorry for him at the same time.


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