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[ It's late when the video feed kicks on. In the background, the library stretches out behind him, but Blake's seated at a large table with a multitude of crayons and construction paper instead of the usual stacks of books. On the tabletop, a small gray tabby kitten bats around crayons and generally invades Blake's space as he adjusts the camera. ]

Hey, uh... Wonderland. [ He offers a wave as he sits back from the camera propped on the table. ]

Been thinkin' a lot lately. 'Bout this place, 'bout these murders, 'bout the people we meet an' the people we lose, and I—

[ Blake shakes his head. He feels almost instantly like he's made some kind of mistake. Not being a particularly outwardly emotional person, not really one to admit there are chinks in his armor, let alone display them, he can't be sure why he's decided to share with the network this time around.

He reaches to go turn off the feed when his hand is intercepted by that affectionate and persistent kitten, purring and butting against his fingers. Instead of ending the transmission, he scoops up the cat and holds it close to his chest.

It's been rough. For a lotta people, not just me. The, uh... the Elrics are gone: Edward and Alphonse. And Jesse Pinkman, too. A— [ He sighs a little. ] —a lotta people, really. 'Specially lately. And it sucks, really sucks losin' family like that.

[ When he looks down at the kitten, he realizes he doesn't have much else to say, that he's probably said enough (or too much). John smiles thinly, scratches at the kitten's ears, and then focuses back on the camera. ]

Anyway, pretty sure I'm not alone in feelin' that way, so... It's late, but if anyone wants to come down to the library, I hear colorin's good therapy and I don't mind sharin' my crayons.

[ He might even draw you a picture. ]
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Seems to be a recurring problem here lately. People disappearing, being lost, just missing in general.

[And while she's sure that's all very important to the people affected by it, it isn't to her, so she'll just continue being completely nonchalant about it.]

Not sure why it's happening, could be Wonderland, could be something else. Don't really care what it is to be honest.

[That's about where her flippancy about the whole thing ends. Now she's mostly bitter. Probably not really a surprise that she's annoyed about something.]

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be affecting things that I rather wish it would. A pity, really. Then again, it's about what I've come to expect from this place. Seems to rather enjoy keeping me from getting what I want.

[Yeah, she's sort of mad that none of the people she dislikes have disappeared or whatever. And she's decided to vent about this in public because that will totally make things better.]

I suppose I should just be grateful there's no singing or trips to a certain town or anything else like that accompanying this.

[She's still angry about those events. Probably never going to stop being angry about them either.]
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[ The feed cuts on and Peter is seated in a rather comfy looking chair. He's in his room for the time being. He never really was sure what to do about Derek's presence in this place, but he thought he had time to at least speak to the boy. Though the fact that he's no longer here may work in his favor. There's still a part of him that will miss him. Maybe not completely, but a small part hidden underneath all his failed power attempts. Derek is his family. One of the last remaining pieces. Cora and him are the last ones standing. He doesn't particularly care for the others. He doesn't care so much anymore. He's made his allies and there's absolutely nothing they can do to change that. ]

It would seem my nephew departed sometime ago.

[ He's only just speaking about it now. Things have been hectic and he hasn't exactly been sure what he was feeling. ]

I believe some of you knew him. His name was Derek Hale.

[ Peter takes a moment rub the center of his forehead. ]

Cora, if you're out there then I believe we should talk. I know I haven't been the best uncle in the past, but we're the last Hale's standing. [ Malia told him she didn't want to be called a Hale, but he doesn't really respect guidelines. Or rules. Or wishes of other people. ] Other than my daughter. [ Okay so he won't say her name. ] We're gonna need each other now more than ever.

[ He takes a breath to steady himself. Whether it's all part of the act is unknown. Peter lies like no one else. It's easy to put on a show when you've been doing it your whole life. ]

Most of you know me as JR and while that was my name as a boy I do tend to go by Peter in some circles back home.
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[Alex doesn't own a smartphone. No one owns a smartphone anymore. But here he is, in this strange place, with a smartphone. He's slapped himself enough times to realize that this isn't a dream or a vision or whatever. He's actually here. There's only one question:]

Where the fuck am I and how can I get out?

[Okay, maybe two questions. He struggles with the device for a moment, clearly trying to figure out how to stop recording. It's clear from the shaky camera angle that he's on the move. Finally, he just turns to the nearest person and asks,]

Excuse me, do you know how to turn this off?

[Apparently they do. Alex thanks them for their help and ends the feed.]

[ooc: Alex will be wandering all over, so feel free to run into him anywhere!]
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[ Surprisingly, for once, the Doctor looks just the smallest bit tired. All things considered, that last event wasn't terrible, although dying wasn't fun, and being a ghost lost its novelty fairly quickly.

But it doesn't mean anything in the long run, other than the fact that he's feeling just a tiny bit diminished: nothing that a little relaxing won't cure. And right now, the Doctor can be found in the kitchen with his feet propped up on a chair and a cup of steaming hot tea resting within easy reach of his hand.

He turns his attention to the camera and smiles. ]

How're you lot doing? Everyone alright? That last event was interesting, wouldn't you say?

[ Honestly, though, he wishes that the death toll hadn't been so large, or that it hadn't existed at all, but sometimes deaths can't be avoided, no matter how unpleasant a truth that may be. ]

If I learned anything from it, it's that I'm a rubbish hunter.

[ In an odd way, it's almost lucky sickness got him in the end, or else he might've wound up starving. Never mind that it might have been on purpose that he didn't really have much success taking down game. ]

But either way, now we're back to our normal lives, yeah? Or at least as normal as they can be around here.

[ He stops then to lift his teacup, toast the camera, and then take a sip. He's not in any hurry to leave, so anyone who feels like it is welcome to join him. ]
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[ when the feed finally does come on, mary margaret isn't in the kitchen. a surprise to anyone who saw her last post, honestly, but times have changed. things are happening. she's changed. for now, she's sitting outside - off near the forest - just because it feels a little more familiar to her. comfortable. she's in outdoorsy clothes and has a bow over her shoulder and a quiver leaning against her leg where she's seated on some kind of log or stump.

there's an odd sort of twitch in her jaw when she starts talking, but she covers it easily enough. ]

I hope everyone is doing well. [ a polite smile from her. she's fully aware of that last event, wonderland, and she's not amused by what it did to her loved ones. ] After the last few events it seems like we could use some more downtime.

[ a breath, and then she seems to ease into it, like just because she's started talking she's back into her comfort zone. ]

I have a couple of things I wanted to mention, I guess, the first concerning myself more than anything. [ a breath, regina's warning ringing someone in the back of her mind as she holds her head a little higher. ] I introduced myself as Mary Margaret when I first got here, and many of you know me as that, which is fine. Mary Margaret is still a name I can go by, and accept as part of me. But I did want to clear up the fact that it is not my actual name, or who I am. [ a beat where she considers if this is even worth it at all, before - again - she continues. ]

My name is Snow White. [ is she holding back a small smile? probably. ] And from what I can tell, for most of you I'm what you consider a fairy tale. That is fine, because that seems to apply to more than just my world, but where I'm from I'm actually quite real, as is the tale itself. You are more than welcome to call me whatever you like, but I did want to let those I've talked to know, and this seemed the easiest way.

[ she's already told those few closest to her - derek and stiles, bigby - but for everyone else, this works much better. ]

The second thing was more of an idea, but it seems to me that there are a lot of us here who are missing someone from home. In a few cases, it might be a few someones. [ she misses her dwarves, okay. and ruby. and a certain prince charming. ] While I can't promise anything in the ways of bringing those people here, I've always found that coming together eases some of that pain. There are plenty of avenues to keep involved in Wonderland - with classes and the school and group meetings - but I want to suggest another option.

Dinners. [ sorry, mary margaret. what? ] Family dinners. Maybe once a month? I'm pretty good at cooking for larger parties- [ or maybe just seven dwarves who eat enough for hundreds. ] So I wouldn't mind preparing the food. Just for a chance for people to get together a chat, outside of the normal Wonderland setting. If anything, it would be a chance to let some of you eat a home-cooked meal every once in a while. I'll hold the first one tonight, and everyone is welcome, but it would help me immensely if I could get a heads up to who all is interested. Just so I make enough food.

[ another pause, where she's not really sure how to end this, before she just gives an easy smile and a nod before cutting the feed off. ]

private to emma, derek, stiles and nico )
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[ Filtered from Beacon Hills Judgmental Judy's. ]

[ It's the first time he's actively made one of these little video's with his face showing for people. His first intro into this world was text followed by a few not so great meetings. He met Jackson face to face on the beach, but he's pretty sure fear and intimidation convinced the boy to keep his mouth shut. He's pretty much tried to keep his distance from the rest of the group. It's not hard to find them or even smell them. Peter is staying hidden for a reason. He doesn't need them blasting him on this device before he's actually acquired allies. It'd be a shame. ]

These closets are quite useful.

[ Is the first thing to come out of his mouth. His room is fully decorated now. He definitely likes it a lot more than Derek's loft. He didn't much like spending time there. Which is why he had his own place back home. Which he rarely saw what with those pesky teenagers always getting themselves into trouble. They were never any good at taking care of their own problems. Always coming to Peter when they exhausted all their resources. Which really weren't resources if they lacked the answers. Just wastes of time if you asked Peter.

When Peter speaks he sounds sincere and honest. He sounds like a man that's concerned for the safety of these people that he doesn't really know. He's not Peter Hale the psychopath to these people. He's Peter Hale the concerned citizen. ]

Though I believe they're actually pretty dangerous as well. One psychopath could waltz in and start using it to his advantage. That'd definitely spell tragedy. [ He leans forward. ] Has anyone looked into possibly keeping a close eye on what people request? A monitoring system would be appropriate, but impossible judging by the sheer body count this place has. [ He's worried about when Derek finds out and starts ordering up wolfsbane in bulk for him. Not that he thought Derek would get vengeful now, but they're not home anymore. Peter's use and intelligence no longer benefits him here. Plus the whole coming back to life thing would be too sweet for even Derek to pass up. He'd rather avoid it if at all possible. ] As much as I appreciate the free things--it's also incredibly dangerous given the fact that this place has kids in it as well.
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I appreciate a good day at the beach, but asking my permission would have been polite.

[ He doesn't trust this video feature or voice feature. Texting is irritating and exhausting, but better than risking someone seeing him. He'd rather not have his face plastered all over the place. Especially if he runs into someone he knows. Anonymous is much safer. ]

Kidnapping a man is rude enough, but not bothering to stick around to talk to them after the act? Just awful. Who taught you manners? A wild animal? I retract that statement. A wild animal has more honor than you apparently do.

[ He's so huffy. His fingers keep sliding over the keys. He doesn't appreciate being dropped in the ocean, Wonderland. It's just rude and childish. ]

If anyone out there has any sort of information that they'd be willing to share with a man I'd be ever so grateful.

( ooc: Slightly forward dated to the day after the Event. Peter sings, but not letting him sing is funnier. )


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