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[ In hindsight, he shouldn't be too surprised. He'd heard about it happening to a number of people before in the mansion — where they're gone for, say, a solid week or so. Where they're home. Until they're not again, anyway. If that was what had happened here, well. He wasn't quite ready to come to that conclusion just yet.

But it was very, very clear that something had gone on in Wonderland in his absence, at least.

When the feed starts, he's crossing his arms, examining the room around him before holding up a book by the corner of the cover. The pages are wrinkled and yellowed, showing signs of having been wet, waterlogged. Harrison hardly seems amused.

Alright. Who wants to explain this? Because apparently, I seem to have missed something.

[ if that's also his way of announcing his presence to certain others in the mansion then, you know. these things happen, too. ]


Jan. 12th, 2017 10:37 am
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Is anyone else unfortunate enough to have someone leave puddles trailing throughout their room as well as the hallway outside, or is that just me? I suppose this doubles as a general PSA that if you're on the fourth floor, beware of rogue puddles left by a particular person.

This person might look suspiciously like Barry Allen.

And no. I'm not talking about his mirror.
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summary: iris west returns to wonderland. )

[ iris west is a reporter back in her home world, and it's a shame she has not taken advantage of the network as much as she should. tends to happen when you lose yourself digging up info within the network. ten years worth of it. her notes went missing the day she did, so she'll have to start from the ground up.

let us tell you, it won't be easy. but it's also not impossible.

to iris west, impossible is nothing.

once she is more or less settled in and let those closest to her know she has returned, she reaches out to the network.

I've got a few questions for you, Wonderland.

Specifically, I have questions for those of you who've been sent home and were brought back. Note: I won't turn down information even if this technically doesn't apply to you. I'll take everything you've got.

1. Were you able to remember anything about Wonderland while you were home?
2. How long were you gone Wonderland-wise, and were all your Wonderland memories intact when you returned?
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[How many days has this been going on, again? He isn't even sure any more. He sleeps, but it's not restful because he wakes up in another version of Wonderland every time and he's awake the whole time there and-- ay dios mio, everything's a mess. He's exhausted and has taken to mainlining coffee when he's awake just to attempt to function.

And misery loves company, right?]

Does anybody else feel like time and sleep have both lost all meaning by now? Because I'm not sure I know what either of them are any more. This has to end sometime, doesn't it? Come be miserably awake with me, Wonderland. At least if we're talking, we aren't sleeping and at least it's on our own terms. Or something. I don't know, I'm tired, come keep me virtual company.

[ooc; just so y'all know, if I make public posts, everyone feel free to threadjack everywhere to everyone all the time. I love that shit. Blow it up. I welcome it.]
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[There's a teenage boy staring at the camera for just a fraction too long before he starts to speak. Ed's a smart kid, and while he doesn't have any kind of phone remotely like this back home, he figured out how to use it pretty quickly. Still, he's done a lot more listening and watching and reading than actually communicating with other people through it. He wants to make sure he understands it fully before he uses it.

But he's ready now. Once he's satisfied that it's recording, he nods, then sits back.]

Hi. I'm Edward Elric. I'm an Alchemist. But from what I've heard, that doesn't mean anything to most of you. But even if you don't have alchemy, you do have science, right? What do the scientists of your worlds study?

[There, question posed successfully. He's mastered this fascinating device. He turns it off, and waits for people to reply.]


Oct. 31st, 2016 02:07 pm
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I'm sorry for interrupting your day, but, um, if it's okay, I have a few things to say!

F-First off, I'm very very VERY sorry to anyone I hurt while we were in Neverland! Second, if we're ever in some sort of event like that again, p-please stay away from me for your own good! Whenever Wonderland takes away any control I have over myself... I-It never ends well...

It's hard to explain, b-but I'm working on it! And I thought the best way to warn everyone was to let anyone and everyone ask me anything they wanted! This is me being honest! I'll answer any question you have, even my three sizes!
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[Cisco had gotten the basic run down of crazy that is being dragged to Wonderland from Jesse already, so he's calmer than he could have been. A part of him is still in awe of the whole place. Literal living piece of his childhood, here. How is a person even supposed to process that? He's not sure. But Wonderland is probably better than all the crazy that was waiting for him back home, so he'll take it.

When the feed clicks on, Cisco gives an awkward wave in the general direction of his invisible audience.]
Greetings, Wonderlandians! Is that right? I don't know. [He shakes his head.] Anyway! Hi. I'm Cisco and I have the most important question for your right now. Seriously, my level of alert every morning when I get up hinges on your answer, here.

Where's the best place for coffee around here?

Also, headcount of my people is a go. Where you at, guys? Jesse told me you're here.
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Hi. [ This isn't awkward at all. ] My name's Peter Petrelli.

[ A few hours ago, he had walked through Isaac's front door, expecting to confront the painter in his loft only to end up in Wonderland. He had wanted to get out of New York, but this place (whatever it is) isn't what he had in mind. ]

I need your help. It's important.

[ If he's going to explode, he can't risk being around people. There's a slight chance that he's just having another one of his dreams right now, but he has a feeling that this is all very real and he needs to be prepared for the worst. ]

I've been walking around and aside from the forest, is there any place else a person can go to be alone if they needed to get away? Preferably somewhere miles away from civilization... [ It's a weird question to ask, but hey -- stranger things and all that. ]

Also, if anyone has any idea why we're here or what we're supposed to do, I'd appreciate any information I can get. [ Back home, he thought he'd finally found his purpose: save the cheerleader, save the world, but things hadn't turned out the way he hoped it would. Still, he'd like to believe there's a reason why he's here. That there's a reason why they're all here. ]

I could really use someone to talk to. [ It's been a hell of a day. Or month, more like. ]


Aug. 3rd, 2016 09:58 am
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[ When the video feed goes live, it focuses in on a man some may have seen skulking around the mansion over the past month or so, wearing a long black coat and a baseball cap that helpfully ("helpfully") obscures some of his face. There's a long stretch of silence at first as he shifts uncomfortably. And then, he reaches up and pulls off his cap, running a hand through his hair. Some residents who have been in the mansion for at least a few months may recognize him from a previous feed, though something seems . . . different. Off.

He clears his throat before he speaks.

I didn't properly introduce myself before. [ A beat. His eyes flick away from the camera for a brief second before he fixes his attention back on it directly. ] My name is Harrison Wells.

[ At that, Harrison reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pair of glasses, sliding them on before crossing his arms. A soft huff escapes his lips. He'd been over what he was going to say already, and the words were still hard to find. Speeches about tech to an audience that ate up every last syllable were easy; a brief statement about himself was another beast entirely. His words are clipped, like he's choosing them very, very carefully. ]

My doppelgänger was here for a brief period of time as well, though it appears he's left. Before anyone asks, no. I'm not his mirror. He was not mine. In our— [ There's a slight pause as he grapples with how exactly to describe it. ] —shared world, we're from parallel universes. So. [ Harrison gestures vaguely at that with one hand. ] I'm not him. He wasn't me.

[ He shifts again, glancing off to the side. Was there anything else to add? To say, really? A million things, maybe. But all the same— ]

That's all.
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Name: Ray Palmer

Also called: Boy Scout, Haircut, Stop, No

Last seen: On the roof, giant-sized. Before that he was hornet-sized. Basically he's never just right, it's very Goldilocks.

Characteristics: Puts his foot into his mouth. Metaphorically. Stumbles over his feet. Literally.

Suspicions: If he shrunk down again, he might have been sat on. Or eaten. Or been trapped under an upturned teacup. He fits, I tried.

Reward upon safe return: I'll take him off your hands, you won't need to pay me.

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[So somewhere in the middle of the weekend, after they’ve been trick or treating for a while, a video pops up on the network. It’s said to becoming from Freya Mikaelson’s device, but the witch isn’t in the frame at the moment, but her voice can be heard as she sets the scene in the bar which is Cami in her sexy vampire costume, lining up a stack of Halloween themed drinks.]

Cami and I were thinking that after you’re done collecting candy, you might want a bit of refreshment. In keeping with the spirit of the holiday, we have a number of different selections for you to choose from.

Because if we’re going to be forced to celebrate, we should do it right.. [That means the grown-up drinks are being broken out, kids. Cami’s got a couple of years as a New Orleans bartender under her belt. She’s learned how to make a few more visually interesting mixes.] Besides, I doubt any of us can marathon trick-or-treat without some kind of break. Just keep an eye out for that trickster guy if you stop by?

[Given that this event is coming from Dipper’s world, aka the home of the wacked out demonic triangle, Cami’s not going to assume the silly aspect means it’s at all safe.]


[The video sweeps over the drinks on the bar, before the video swings around and Freya is in the frame again, wearing her sexy witch costume and moving to sit on the bar next to the drinks, but adjusting it so that Cami is in the frame as well.]

We have done our Halloween due diligence. But what is the point of the holiday if you don’t celebrate it?

Fifth floor, which almost everyone knows by now. Conveniently located near several closed doors should we need to make a run for it. And for the faint of heart--[or you know, children]--we can come up with some non-alcoholic options too. But threat of weird seasonal specter aside, we might have gotten off easy this event. So maybe it’s good to embrace the crazy for once.

[Freya nods her agreement with a smile, before shifting the frame to face her more.]

See you soon.

[And with that, the feed cuts out.

You are free to come down to the bar and hang out with the two lovely ladies, or provide your commentary via the devices. Everyone will get a Freya and Cami but feel free to specify if you want them together or separately if three person threads aren’t your jam!

Otherwise, Happy Summerween!]
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[ Some people, when they first come to a brand new place, like to introduce themselves. They maybe get to know people, socialize and make friends or at least make nice with those who have been around longer — you know, that sort of thing.

And then there's this guy.

Tell me you have a clinic here.

Or a bar.

I'm not picky at the moment.

[ There's a newcomer wandering the halls of the mansion today, the brim of his baseball cap tipped low, body language cagey at best. He's doing his best to keep his head down and his hands firmly in his coat pockets — except for when he's got his device out and is tapping out messages to post to the network rapidly. It isn't long before he comes to a stop at the stairs between the fourth and fifth floor, lifting a hand to rub at his temple idly as he lowers himself down to sit for a moment.

He seems tired — exasperated, almost, but run down more than anything else. And if he happens to bear a resemblence to another recent arrival, well. That's probably entirely coincidental. Probably.
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[ It's late at night, when most good little residents should be asleep.

The video feed focuses on the face of a man in his early 50's, only mildly disheveled, propped up against a wall in one of the many corridors of the mansion. He pushes his glasses up on his nose and offers the tight, almost sheepish smile of a prideful man gathering up the courage to ask for help. His free hand settles on the back of his neck, squeezing it. ]

While it seems customary to make an introduction, I'm afraid that this isn't, entirely what that is.

[ His cadence seemed to speed up and slow down with odd emphasis. ]

My name is Harrison Wells. A name, I am sure, some will find at least somewhat familiar.

It seems that whatever has brought me here, or by whatever means, neglected one very important piece of equipment. You see, I am--

[ He started to shift his position, he elbow driving back against the wall, but he didn't seem to get very very. ]

--I'm paralyzed from the waist down, and by whatever means I was transported here, my chair did not make the journey. If anyone would be so kind as to find some manner of assistance, I would be very grateful. Though I'm afraid I have little frame of reference for where I am, but I will help the best I can.

[ Then his tone shifts. It's rather subtle, and to the uninformed it merely sounds as though he suddenly became gravely serious. But to those he addresses, there's no mistaking the shades of the true Eobard showing through. ]

And Barry. Caitlin. Ms. West, if you've been brought up to speed. You must be careful of what you say, especially to one another. I have reason to believe we've been pulled through time as well as space, and cannot be sure our starting point was the same. Sharing certain details could cause irreparable damage to each others' timelines. The four of us will need to sort this out.

[ There was nothing more than a lift of his eyebrow and a slight cant to his head. Those he addressed would know what it meant. ]


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