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ooc: Feel free to have your character run into her in person as well if you'd rather have an action thread.

[ In spite of everything Wonderland keeps throwing at them, Tauriel seems to be an under the circumstances rather happy elf these days. She doesn't really have anything of great importance to say to the network, since Kíli admirably handled the announcement of their upcoming wedding, she simply felt an urge for conversation, and so decided to reach out on a whim.

She seems to be comfortably seated somewhere outside, possibly leaning against a tree, and she offers the network a friendly little smile.

My people, the Eldar, are very fond of music and poetry, as I believe many of you to be as well. I myself also delight in hearing tales of other realms than my home, not having seen much beyond its borders for all that I have lived a life that might seem long to some of you.

Would you show me the kindness of sharing with me some of your songs and poems? Or, if you wish, share memories of the realms you hail from.


Aug. 22nd, 2014 04:31 pm
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So, I was thinking...

[No jokes, please.]

Okay, we have these amazing closets, right?  I mean, I don't know about you, but mine always seems to know exactly what I want to wear that day.  Or eat.  Or listen to.  Like the internet, only slightly less porn.

And that got me wondering what everybody else asks their closets for?  I need some new ideas.
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Considering that it's obvious that not everyone is from the same type of place, and about half of everyone here didn't know about any kind of magic before getting here- ( It's okay, neither did she ) -it would be interesting to know exactly what there is, and what's possible in worlds. When things get brought here knowing about it first could be useful.

And before anyone asks, no- it's not going personal. I don't care whether you're part of any of the questions just what you already knew and what's possible. It's from a science perspective.

( Which she will tell you about if you actually ask because no many people care about Wonderland physics )

Where are you from?
When are you from?
Did you already know about:
    Supernatural creatures? ( e.g. nazi vampires )
    Other non-human things? ( e.g. gods )
    Resurrecting the dead?
    Reality altering?
    Alternate/pocket dimensions?
    Something 'unusual' not specified?
( Yes, half of that list is also magic related but specific can be very helpful )

So fill it out. And yes, giving examples would actually be helpful. Any questions?

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[ Despite events and whatever else this place throws their way, Kíli looks, as he always does, cheerful. All the more so given the reason for this broadcast. ]

Hello, Wonderland! This is Kíli, and today I come with an announcement: I'm getting married!

[ Yes, you heard right. Because what this place obviously needs is a big wedding party for everyone to dance, eat and get drunk to their hearts' content. ]

We have no set date yet, but anytime would work. Still, we wanted to make a big celebration of it. A while ago I spoke with a Lord Robert about a tournament and I though we could do something of that sort as well, though only harmless competitions. Archery, sword fighting... anything anyone can think of, so feel free to share any ideas!

[ He nods excitedly at the camera. ]

Other than that, I would ask if anyone knows how to provide with those devices that make music by themselves. Either that, or any group of people who can join in for a band. It's not much of a party if there's no music, after all.

And lastly, I ask: how are weddings usually celebrated where you come from? What are the customs of your people? I'd love to hear them!

[ He bows deeply at the camera, then adds before ending the feed. ] Oh, and everyone will be invited, of course!


Jul. 22nd, 2014 12:04 pm
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[ Charlie's been pondering for a while, and with that pondering comes some questions.

Nothing too serious, of course. This is about fun.

Your friendly neighborhood Charlie here! [ She gives the camera a little wave as she shows up on the network. It's still kinda sorta weird to facetime the area at large, but hey - when in Rome. ] Got a question for everyone. If I were to start up, say, a friendly game of D&D, would anyone be interested?

Or, even something extra awesome - like paintball! [ It's an idea that pops into her mind as soon as she says it, and her eyes light up. ] We've totally got enough room to spread out, get some teams together. Just seeing if there's any interest before I start getting down to the nitty gritty of planning and plotting and scheming.

[ Obviously, not the nefarious kind of scheming. Just some harmless fun times! ]

Let me know!
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[So maybe she'd waffled about how to go about this for too long, but, well. She had reasons to be cautious! And not just because if she pissed Hector Barbossa off by picking the wrong crew, he might throw her overboard and lose her her last life. This was a big deal regardless, and she really does want to figure a way out of here. Even if she isn't sure she herself wants to go back.

And that's one of the things the resistance members would want, right?

And presumably the resistance has been, like, vetted for trustworthy people?

And hey, she did work at a temp agency. She has some idea of how to write a help-wanted ad.]

Resistance Journal Entry )

[Having done this, George tucks her journal into a bag and heads down to the beach to take a look at where they're headed, possibly. If anyone signs up. She sits in the sand for hours and, the more she thinks about it and corresponds with interested parties, the more uncertain she becomes. Especially since just looking at the waves is making her seasick. Or maybe that's just anxiety.]


Jul. 3rd, 2014 05:25 pm
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Hello, everyone.

Thank you to those of you who were so concerned about my well-being a couple of weeks ago when I returned. I'm feeling much better now!

[Or putting on a very brave face. She's all smiles, either way.]

If you recall, about a month ago we were under an influence that caused us to become a bit obsessed with things, and I obsessively painted up a storm. There were three unfinished compositions from that time that I've completed.

I just wanted those of you who were so kind to pose for me to know I hadn't forgotten about them, though I'm not sure what to do with all of these portraits. Perhaps the gallery could make use of a few? Or maybe some of you would like to keep them?

[A picture of Kili is shown, looking very regal in some nobleman's attire and posing next to a tree.]

[A second picture of Steve Rogers is shown, looking very handsome and sitting on a bench outside the mansion.]

[The third picture is of Eames, who is sitting at the dinning room table in the mansion dining hall.]

Mr. Eames has since left us, I understand. That's a shame. He was a very nice man.

[ooc: photos are not exactly what the paintings look like but just to give you an idea!]
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What is the use of these damned vendors? I’ve no shortage of gold in my own keep, but these stubborn fools won’t take my word for promise of payment. Not even the bloody bank of Braavos is as hard nosed as these damned fools. The closets are little better. I've tried a dozen times to find a bow or spear for hunting, but all I have to show for it is are there tiny wooden sticks.

[Toothpicks! Why does he need toothpicks? Is he supposed to be hunting moths? He groans, rubbing his temple at the growing frustration of negotiating with the people who occupy this pace. It’s part of a larger symptom in that he simply craves some action, whether it’s fighting or fucking, he’s not picky.]

What this place could use is decent entertainment. We have a tavern, aye. But a sad one at that. But where are the tourneys? The action? Gods, but what I wouldn't do for a melee now. Seven hells, but I’ll end up fat and soft if I’m expected to live like this much longer. My armor will rust before it sees use again.

[A moment's pause. He adds testily:] And to anyone who might ask, I have no wish to read anything.

[ video ]

May. 17th, 2014 08:53 am
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[The video shows a smiling Elizabeth, who appears to be having a marvelous time. She's holding a paintbrush and there's remnants of colored paints all over her hands, face, clothes, and even hair.]

I'm having the most wonderful streak of inspiration! I don't know why, but I just can't stop! Who has time to eat and sleep when there's so much to paint!

For example, I've just finished a series of compositions based on some of our most lovely people here in Wonderland.

[She begins to hold up painting after painting of familiar faces.]

Aren't they great? But where will I put them all? Maybe I'll hang them around the mansion or perhaps the library.

Paintings under the cut )
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[ This morning, the Doctor's in relatively good spirits. Actually, he's in brilliant spirits, if the way he's grinning means anything at all. ]

Adventure, now that's a wonderful word. Don't you just love the sound of it? Adventure!

[ He waves a few times before moving on. ]

Anyone want to come with me? Not really sure where I'm going yet, but wherever it is, it's going to be just great. No, not just great, it's going to be incredible!

[ Yes, a certain someone is craving adventure right now, and whether or not he's got companions to come along, he's going to be roaming all over the mansion with no plans to stop. Good thing he's got enough energy for twenty people, right? ]
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[ clarisse is almost never happy when she appears on the network, and today is no different. she doesn't look as upset as the first time she appeared, threatening to bust heads and all that, but she's still noticeably peeved. the angle of the camera is a bit skewed, because she's attempting to carry about five baby boar piglets in her arms and they're all squealing at her and wiggling and being very difficult little creatures.

all she wanted was an elephant-sized war boar.

instead, she got 101 piglets. yes, hilarious, closet.

and now they've all escaped because, hey, she never claimed to be a piglet wrangler, and attempting to transfer all the damn piglets from her room to the one next to it was a lot more difficult than she thought it would be. she probably should've asked for help in the first place, but why would she do that. obviously you only ask for help where you're so deep in pig shit you've got no other choice.

funny how this is the second time she's asking for help over the network. except, you know, in a completely roundabout and slightly threatening way. one day she'll figure out how to say "please" and "thank you." ]

Alright, listen up, punks. [ sound familiar? she really needs to figure out a better way to address the network. ] You might've noticed a bunch of little baby boars running all over the place. They're mine. And if you hurt them, I'm gonna hurt you. They might've come from that stupidass magic closet, but they're still the sacred animal of Ares and if you kill them without all the proper ritual sacrifice shit, I'll curse you myself. Got it?

[ she heaves the boars in her arms and the camera wobbles a bit. at this point it's starting to look like a really awkward selfie as she cranes her neck to appear back in view. ]

I don't know how many of them there are, but there's a lot. You catch 'em, you can keep 'em. Just as long as they don't end up on someone's plate. Otherwise, I want them back. Fifth floor, room eighty-seven.
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[Two hawkeyes for the price of one on the network today folks. He's dressed in a dark black vest, shirt - looking considerably better then when he was last seen in the hallway. He's slept and eaten and slept again only to wake up with...


this. Only instead of it taking place in the grass and on the floor it's taking place in a room - Barton's room.

Never been more grateful then to sleep in a nest of sorts.

All the same when the camera focuses back on him there's a pig appearing in frame in his lap happily squeaking at the camera.]

...So I'll be the one to ask.

Where'd they come from and who's responsible?

[The pig - apparently having adopted clint - tries to reach for the camera again before falling by the wayside with a loud unhappy noise.

He holds up a big one, with more black spots then brown.]

I'm calling this one Fury.

[Private to Natasha]

....I need back-up. No questions. [wanna help him share the wealth.]

[Private to Phil.]

So have you seen the network recently. [who is this kid calling herself hawkeye. :| ]
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[Are you bored of seeing floofy dresses yet? Because at first the feed is of nothing but a mountain of skirts. Finally it's adjusted to Lia, and a teacup, and it's clear there's been some thought in presentation. Her hair is styled, the dress is the height of fashion (of two hundred and something years ago) to the point of impracticality.]

So many people are posing such fascinating questions. I would ask one of my own. Would you want to know your future? If you could peer into the next years of your life, and the lives of those you love, would you wish to see what time will bring, even if you could not change it?

And then, if you knew...would you accept it as the will of God? Of fate?

[There's a sadness there, lingering behind the polite and pretty face. Fingers are tangled in the beads of a rosary around her neck as she considers her next words, and at last she smiles and ducks her head.]

I still find myself lacking for a partner in sword practices. I would very much like to encourage anyone who wishes to learn or only wishes to stay active to get into contact with me. I would be happy to teach a beginner to defend their self and virtue, as I would be happy for someone to perhaps teach me new endeavors.

That failing, I fear I shall have to invite a few of you for tea.

[Quite the threat, there, and at least some mischievous spark has returned to her face as she shuts off the feed.]


Apr. 29th, 2014 11:32 pm
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[ He's unsure of the network, but in the end, it seems like the smartest way to get what he wants. It's not the most subtle way to communicate, but he doesn't think this situation calls for subtlety and if he's been pulled into this place, there's no telling who else might be here. ]

This is Agent Phil Coulson.

[ Still an agent, even without SHIELD, he can't quite drop that part of himself. If SHIELD is just his team, then so be it. They're still SHIELD. ]

I'm looking for whoever's in charge here or any information anyone can give me that isn't in this handy pamphlet.

[ He pauses, looking around. ]

Or my team. I'm looking for my team.
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((ooc: To make this rather long post easier to read, the lyrics have been color coded according to who sings what. Blue is Kili, Green is Tauriel. Enjoy! Kíli gets a slap and there's a lot of dick jokes so if eitiher of those things isn't your cup of tea turn back now.))

[ It is a known fact that elves like to sing. It is an equally known fact that dwarves do as well. So what happens when you give an elf and a dwarf who recently decided that at some point in the near future they are going to get married aka have sex, it's kind of an elf thing the magnificent idea that really the world needs to know just how damn fabulous they are?

Well, you get some bickering and some shoving while the device is set up so that they can both stand in front of it oh sweet Valar, will there be dancing? and then they start singing. Well, actually first it's just Kili.
Cut for length because I actually wrote a damn song )
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[When the video feed starts up, it shows a man seated at a desk in a rather nondescript room. Not much can be seen behind him beyond a bed and closet. Much more noteworthy is his face, which has a few bruises and a line of stitches extending outward from the corner of his mouth.

Despite that, he has a bright, open look on his face, though the fact that he's sitting up straight and looking head-on at his phone's camera makes it clear that he means business.]

So... had a few days to take everything in, read what information I could find. It's been helpful, it really has. [A lot of the work and investigation had already been done for him, though that hasn't prevented Steve from doing his own exploration.]

Just a few questions, if anyone can help. [And so far, most everyone has been helpful.] I can only assume there's some escape effort that's been put together here. A group of like-minded people, working together to get everyone home. I'd like to be a part of that. [It might seem overly transparent to ask about something like that over a network like this, but Steve has no interest in secrecy, especially not after everything that he's been through.]

Secondly, I've heard a lot about people being from different worlds. I'm trying to get an idea of how many we're dealing with. [He knows about Asgard and has heard vaguely of the Nine Realms, but beyond that he's clueless. He needs to determine the scope of this operation.]

Oh, and the name's Steve Rogers. I'll do whatever I can to get us all out of here. [It's meant mainly as a test to see if anyone here is going to recognize him, or if he actually has some manner of anonymity in this place.

With that said, he offers a small smile and then ends the feed.]
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[ Sitting in the view of the camera is a sign, written in red crayon.


Hey. [ And the sign gets moved for a second, to reveal a tanned face, a ridiculous shock of curly, dark hair, and bright eyes. That all belongs to Leo Valdez, who you are going to regret listening to in about two seconds. ] The name's Leo, local ship pilot-captain-repair-boy, dragon-fixer, and champion food-eater. I'm from, uhh... that's not really important, but I'm a totally nice guy! I like pretty much anything with a mechanical center, really bad--which really means really awesome--jokes, and trying really hard not to die.

Which, you like too, right? [ Leo gives a grin to the feed, runs a hand through his dark hair, and it's a little more sheepish than he meant for it to come off. ] The not dying part, since that's a problem here, I guess.

[ He rolls his gaze up and off screen for a second, rocks back and forth from his seated position, then returns to actually looking at the camera. ] So on the path of this not dying thing, we should not-die together, and maybe hang out. I mean, if I'm gonna get out of here at some point, I might as well try to do it with a prom date, right?

Right? [ Leo is this a joke. ] So, you know, if you're single and--[ finger guns ] ready to mingle with a...semi-human, hit me up on...

On my not phone. Man, I can't remember the last time I used a phone. That's kinda messed up.

[ There's a brief second of silence before he snaps back to attention and nods at the feed, knocking off a fake salute. ] Right! Okay, well, let me know. See ya!

[ ]
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[ The Doctor turns on the feed and waves energetically a bit. Clearly something's tickled his fancy and now he's going to share it with whoever happens to be looking or listening. ]

Right, so the forest. Blimey, but it's gorgeous. The trees are just so tall, it's almost as though they grow right up into the clouds.

Well, at least, they might if you could see the clouds from way down on the ground.

[ He rubs at his chin before continuing, still grinning all the while. ]

Though, it's a bit too easy to wind up turned about in there, as I found out. It wasn't bad, though. I just lost about a day. Could've been a lot worse, really.

[ Although, you'd think he'd lost a bit more than that, since that event was days ago, and he's only just now commenting on it. ]

So, how is everyone? Everything alright?
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[Ellen's got a bandage on her hand, and looks, well, semi-happy about something.]

Got a couple good batches out of the still. You wanna try some, come on down to the bar.

Legal folks only. I don't care how badass you think you are.

[Yeah, she sounds cranky and looks like she's been at the Hunter's Helper. She has. Whoops.

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[By the looks of the network, there's something wrong again, something about missing people, but when isn't something going wrong in Wonderland?

Adam has more immediate concerns, ones that, in comparison, are far more innocuous. In opposition to missing someone, if anything Adam is still trying to adjust to an addition to his one-man family. Getting a dog had seemed like a great plan when the event had been in full swing and encouraging him to ignore the oh my god, I can't be responsible for another living thing panic, but now the event's long over and the dog's still around with no humane society in sight. The destruction the dog wreaks around his apartment spurs him to write a text message he figures can't do any harm. It's not the weirdest thing he's ever asked on the network, anyway, and if nothing comes of it, no loss.]

Anyone have any dog training tips? For a larger kind of dog if it won't listen.

[The warm and fuzzy honeymoon feeling has worn off and cold, heard reality has set in in the form of one barking, grunting, chewing, drooling, messy, smelly, furry giant.]

And if it won't stop chewing everything it's not supposed to.

[At the end of the message, he adds:]

Any good names for a guy dog?

open action )
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[The video starts and for a while, there's no more than the blue of a clear sky, with a few clouds floating by, the only sound heard being that of waves crashing. Then the image shakes as the dwarf, who had been lying next to the device, scrambles up to his knees.

At first only a corner of his face can be seen, and when he finally notices the camera has been turned on, he exclaims.]

[He scoots a little closer until his face and part of his figure show in the camera. He's dripping wet and grinning almost too enthusiastically.]

I had the most brilliant thought today, I have no idea how it did not occur to me before!!

[He pauses to swallow dryly, as his breath is a bit labored right now.]

When I first arrived in Wonderland, I did so by washing upon the shore. And then I thought... if I came here through the sea, then if I swim out to the ocean then I am bound to go back!

[His grin becomes even brighter, like he expects everyone to agree with him.]

I just have to keep trying, I just... one more time! Yes! [He nods happily and before he stands up to run into the water, he leans over to turn off the feed.]
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[The video feed turned on with a scream and a kick, it managed to bounce a bit and turn to its side revealing a young looking grey haired woman in a rather traditional Japanese themed outfit.]

Begone demon! I am not one to be tricked so easily as to allow such a suspicious object near myself. To dare attack with such a curse is foolish, did you not believe that such a strange environment would not encourage your victim to be at their utmost!?

Ha! You have abducted the wrong person then!

[She shifts her left foot back, taking a stance reminiscent of a martial artist.]

I am Mononobe no Futo, and you have chosen quite mistakenly. Now! Be cleansed by the purity of flame!

[Small balls of fire start to manifest around her before darting forward towards the camera and then the feed ends.]
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[The facts are these: the Pie Maker, having achieved a minor victory through closure and personal reassurance from Vivian Charles, having swept his infatuated employee out of harm’s way, having said a fond goodnight to Chuck before turning in for the evening, could not sleep.

This anxiety-ridden slumber (or lack thereof) left him tossing and turning and recalling with no small amount of dismay that the same thing had happened many years ago when he was a student at the Longborough School for Boys. Haunted by his mother’s memory and the father who had abandoned him, Young Ned had crawled out of bed and pitter-pattered to the kitchen to bake a pie.

In an effort to recapture the simple pleasure that was an apple pie from his youth, the Pie Maker had stumbled out of his apartment, down several flights of stairs, and stopped dead in his tracks as soon as he turned the kitchen lights on.

It was not his kitchen.

It is now half-past seven in the morning, and Ned is anxiously stuffing another pie into one of the many ovens, having discovered a funny little phone with a funny little case in his pocket...along with a pamphlet on Wonderland.

Hence the stress baking.

It could be a trick, [he mumbles to himself, pulling out another wad of dough and kneading it onto a flour-dusted marble slab. Ned wipes his forehead. The flour finds a new home on his temple and cheek.] Just...a funny prank, like the ones people pull on April Fool’s Day, only it’s not April, it’s October, so that doesn’t make any sense-

[The dough gets a vigorous and probably undeserved shove.]

-and any second now Olive is going to say it was Chuck’s idea, and they’ll be hiding in the walk-in fridge andohGodI’mlosingmymind.
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[Now, Beiste isn't a heavy drinker. Not normally. But sometimes you just go "hey, it's St. Patrick's day! Why not?" And then you don't remember anything until you wake up the next morning 'round noon and everything hurts and makes you feel like watering your plants mouth-style and...


Beiste grunts at the comm, annoyed at what little light it gives off in her small room, but, well. She needs it, so.]

...Anybody wanna come and gimme some Gatorade? Or, y'know, whatever the hangover cure is back where you're from.

Uh. Also. If I went and bothered any of you last night, 'msorry. I can get a little rowdy.

[Although "rowdy" mostly means she sings a lot of country songs. But she can't imagine she was drinking totally alone. least she hopes she wasn't, anyway.]

[[ooc: Feel free to say your char was one of Beiste's drinking buddies. Poke me if you are unsure about a detail but mostly, yeah, she sings country songs and gets a little more affectionate and bear-huggy.]]
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[Having somewhat recovered from the trauma of being murdered, Evelyn is acutely aware of the dearth of intellectual discourse in Wonderland outside of burgeoning conversations on everyone's respective pasts (for the sake of being better prepared when events choose to strike). It is for this reason that she has decided most avidly to endorse an activity she originally wanted to address in mid-February, but...

...well, the unmitigated carnage was a definite distraction from more trivial pursuits.

I'm looking to start a book club!

[she announces over the communications system cheerfully, looking in considerably higher spirits than she had been a near-month ago.]

We've got this positively marvelous library and a veritable mountain of fiction; I know we're all from different places and times, but- but that might make it all the more exciting, to see the sort of literature our worlds produce.

[A beat.]

...although I'm going to have to insist on ruling out The Great Gatsby as reading material, it's terribly un-progressive.

[Attached to her broadcast is a little missive that reads:]

Please feel free to send in any book recommendations!

A satisfactory hour will be agreed upon for meetings.
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[ when the camera first turns on, the feed is still moving, looking a lot like a home movie might with the person in front of the camera trying to get it set up straight. and then when it stops, mary margaret steps back into the frame, smiling brightly once she's set up.

around her is what looks like a food-network style kitchen, somewhere between homey and industrial, with so much baking supplies pulled out and set out all over the counters. mary margaret's got an apron on, with a floral print, and the sleeves of her blouse are pulled up past her elbows. she looks excited, and when she settles into the spot she's decided on, her hands move to her hips. ]

Hello, Wonderland! For those I haven't had the chance to meet, my name's Mary Margaret. I've been here in the mansion for a little while now, but this is my first announcement so far.

[ for a brief moment she looks almost self-conscious, muttering a i hope i'm doing this right under her breath before she takes a deep one, straightening back up. excited, remember? ]

When I came down to the kitchen today I noticed it was much bigger than it has been. And with an endless supply of materials, I figured it would be worth reaching out to the network. [ does her smile brighten a little? maybe. ] I'm by no means an incredible chef, but I can make a few pretty good dishes, and I do love to bake. If anyone has some free time, or would like to learn how to make a few basic dishes, I'll most likely be here all day.

There's plenty of room in here for anyone who might be interested, and for those who might not want to make anything at all, I'm sure we'll have extra food if you're hungry. Don't be afraid to just stop in!

[ a wave, and then she's leaning forward again to turn the feed off. ]

private texts&action )
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[Emma is really, really not a huge fan of heights. Flying was never a problem, but being stuck like this with a damn near infinite drop waiting for you if you take one wrong step?

Not her idea of a good time.]

So, here's a question for you. Who out there is able to move around without fear of plummeting to their death?

[First off, she's jealous. Second of all, she might have a favor to ask of you.]

Also, is anyone else nervous about-- you know. Rolling off in their sleep?

Anyway. I got lucky enough to end up over by the diner. I was thinking if there are people out there who are able to move freely, we might organize some supply runs for those who got screwed and trapped somewhere without food or water or other essentials.

Private to Henry Mills )

Private to Mary Margaret Blanchard )

Private to Regina Mills )


[For now, at least, Emma will be settling in at the diner -- she's not going very far without risking one of those lethal drops, after all, though she was lucky enough to only have a few smaller gaps to jump in order to get here in the first place. A mug of hot chocolate and a few phone calls later, she'll be feeling adventurous again, but for the time being, she'll be doing what she can to help people organize and make sure her family is all accounted for.]


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