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when was the last time the mirror copies crossed over?
that's up for anyone, by the way. those from the other side and here
alternatively: why is one side better than the other? why are you still here?
I understand needing to solve the riddle, but do we know for sure the dutchess isn't hiding on the other side?

also a fair warning to anyone who might know them.
percy, clarisse, nico, hazel and rachel are all switched.
if you talk to any of their mirrors here, at least keep it in mind.
is anyone keeping tabs on everyone whose crossed?

[ is that her way of saying 'um watch out they're kind of crazy and dangerous?' maybe. but annabeth is a little too strung out on trying to keep up with these mirror versions as well as trying to solve the riddle to even bother making herself clear. ]
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[ When the feed comes to life Sam is sitting outside leaning against a tree. He's sweaty and breathing heavy, but that's what happens when you just get finished with a run. The stiffness in his ankle has pretty much vanished now that he's started running a lot more since he broke it. He's back up to his old times even if that is below Steve Rogers standards. ]

So--[ He smiles. ]--those blind dates were pretty weird huh? I mean they were nice. I get that their heart was in the right place, but was anyone else just a tad weirded out by how detailed and specific they were to each couple? I got a new friend out of the deal, but it still felt really odd.

[ He's not upset about the date. Neal was a good guy. Having dinner with him on the rooftop wasn't the worst night he's ever had. It was weirdly romantic for two straight guys who didn't even know each other, but free food and a good talk is hard to find sometimes. Though probably not here. ]

Not what I really wanted to talk about though. [ He sits forward and gets closer to the camera. ] I used to run support groups in the VA center back in DC and I was thinkin' about starting something similar to that here. Coming here isn't really that easy and it's gotta be rough on some people. Maybe you want someone to talk to about it? A group setting where you can talk about concerns or just issues back home you didn't get to rectify. I know a few people got some of those. Maybe they're scared that they won't get a chance or they're scared to go back? [ He shrugs. ] Give it a thought. If you'd wanna come just hit me back. I gotta go see if I left my lungs a mile back. [ He smiles and shuts the feed off. ]
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[Look at that, he's on the network and not under the influence of an event. That's a rare sight to behold. He's no longer hiding and he has an inquiry on his mind.]

Greetings fellow unwilling... and perhaps willing inhabitants. Allow me to pose a question to any and all willing to answer. But first, I must clarify something. The definition of a lie is an intentionally deceptive statement. The intention to mislead or deceive. A falsification or a fabrication. Put simply, something untrue.

Now, many of you are aware of who I am and of what I am capable. Others may know just my name and the implication it provides. Fewer still actually recognise my face or the sound of my voice. [Yes, he's talking to you, dear. Fandral, honestly. Lovely, intelligent, but so gullible.] For those of you with that knowledge, fear not. This is in no way malicious. I have no hidden motive or deceitful purpose save for the slaying of my unyielding boredom. Truth? ...or a lie? [He smiles somewhat knowingly, but doesn't provide an answer.]

What I wish to ask is, for those of you with such self-righteous morals, is there any here that can claim not to be guilty of a lie? The answer to that is a simple 'no'. Lies take many forms, be they malevolent or innocent. Withholding the truth or altering it, both qualify. Omission of truth or using the truth to paint a different picture are both still considered deceitful.

Lies are not only used for ones own benefit. They can be used to protect others. Tell me, would you lie to save a life? To save the lives of many? I'm curious just what would be the breaking point?

[He raises an eyebrow, inviting an answer just before he ends the feed.]
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ooc: Feel free to have your character run into her in person as well if you'd rather have an action thread.

[ In spite of everything Wonderland keeps throwing at them, Tauriel seems to be an under the circumstances rather happy elf these days. She doesn't really have anything of great importance to say to the network, since Kíli admirably handled the announcement of their upcoming wedding, she simply felt an urge for conversation, and so decided to reach out on a whim.

She seems to be comfortably seated somewhere outside, possibly leaning against a tree, and she offers the network a friendly little smile.

My people, the Eldar, are very fond of music and poetry, as I believe many of you to be as well. I myself also delight in hearing tales of other realms than my home, not having seen much beyond its borders for all that I have lived a life that might seem long to some of you.

Would you show me the kindness of sharing with me some of your songs and poems? Or, if you wish, share memories of the realms you hail from.
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[ Despite events and whatever else this place throws their way, Kíli looks, as he always does, cheerful. All the more so given the reason for this broadcast. ]

Hello, Wonderland! This is Kíli, and today I come with an announcement: I'm getting married!

[ Yes, you heard right. Because what this place obviously needs is a big wedding party for everyone to dance, eat and get drunk to their hearts' content. ]

We have no set date yet, but anytime would work. Still, we wanted to make a big celebration of it. A while ago I spoke with a Lord Robert about a tournament and I though we could do something of that sort as well, though only harmless competitions. Archery, sword fighting... anything anyone can think of, so feel free to share any ideas!

[ He nods excitedly at the camera. ]

Other than that, I would ask if anyone knows how to provide with those devices that make music by themselves. Either that, or any group of people who can join in for a band. It's not much of a party if there's no music, after all.

And lastly, I ask: how are weddings usually celebrated where you come from? What are the customs of your people? I'd love to hear them!

[ He bows deeply at the camera, then adds before ending the feed. ] Oh, and everyone will be invited, of course!

04 Video

Jul. 17th, 2014 09:01 pm
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[The video is a bit grainy but it seems to be the shot of a desk and an ashtray filled with cigarette butts. The air is grey, smokey. Whoever this is, its clear they're chain smoking heavily. This, of course, means the video can only belong to one person.]

For the record, I have never been a teenager. So whatever the fuck that was about was new to me as much to everyone else.

To sum up:

No, I never was a part of a gang.

No, I never went to a bunch of schools, or attended a school, or anything that most normal children do.

Yes, my Father is a giant prick but no, I'm not going into detail because it's really not all that interesting.

On the bright side? At least you didn't meet my real "teenage" self.

Private to Mary Margaret/Snow )
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The music room had been an unexpected discovery. When was the last time Kate really had a chance to sit down with a cello and just play? Since high school, at least -- and not the high school deja vu they all just witnessed. Hell, maybe it's even some time earlier. But she had other plans in mind for the day - something more than just wandering aimlessly around the mansion. So, carefully packing up the bow and instrument, she makes her way to the room she plans to spend most of her day.

Once in the kitchen She steadies the cello between her knees, resting the upper bout against her chest. Her eyes close, blocking out the rest of the world around her. The pads of her left hand stroke the strings of the fingerboard, gently plucking each note. But muscle memory steps in where actual memory briefly fails. She curls her right hand around the cello bow and, so slowly, draws it across the strings.

The sound is a little jarring at first. She continues to play, humming softly to herself as she makes the fine adjustments necessary, gently turning the peg until the note chimes true. She's rusty, not as good as she used to be (wouldn't Dad be displeased?), but it's enough to seek the attention she wants. And then, grinning, she sets up her phone on a nearby chair and starts to record a video of herself playing the Prelude of Bach's Cello Suite 1. She plays for a minute or so before putting down the cello, leaning it carefully against her on the wall.

Then, she leans forward to smile (oh-so-innocently) at her audience.]

Now that I've got your attention...

I've learned recently that some of the citizens of Wonderland are suffering from a severe lack in their life. I would have addressed the problem sooner, but given our recent trip back to reliving our teenage glory days, I got a little distracted. C'est la vie, right?

[She stands from her chair and begins to walk across the room towards one of the counters.]

So not all of you are from the 20th or 21st century. Okay, some of you aren't even from Earth to begin with. You guys, I might understand. But the rest of you? Especially those people who have been here weeks now?

No excuse. There's absolutely no excuse what so ever that accounts for a lack of knowledge on the world's most important elixir:

Coffee. [The camera pans over the counter where three different coffee machines have been set up to brew more coffee than clearly possible for one person to drink. A bowl of sugar and a couple of different canisters of milk and cream sit nearby a row of mugs: her own little coffee bar.

She holds up her own mug in salute, steam vapor trailing from the liquid. Kate closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, smiling. She takes a sip as if doing a Foldger's commercial. But this? This is way more important. The mug goes back on the counter and she opens her eyes again to smile at the camera.]

Consider this your lucky day, Wonderland. I'll be down here in the kitchen all afternoon to introduce you to the joys that are this amazing, caffeinated beverage. And for those of you already familiar with the drink? Hey, the more the merrier.

Just don't forget to grab the mug. Because unlike some people I know, I do have the class to insist we use the pot for pouring only.

[Barton, she's eyeing you.

Until anyone shows up? Might as well use today to relax and reacquaint herself with the cello.]
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Dear friends. [ she speaks with a warm voice: vivacious and welcoming, for nothing today has turned her mood to melancholy. nor to anger. her heart remains heavy with a lingering dismay she hold wrapped up and hidden -- her grief for her lord father and her brother. her concern for the young jojen reed. her anxious love for those starks who have joined her. but she presses it all into the back of her mind and chooses instead to reach out and make peace with her fellows. ]

Wonderland's gardens are so fine. Beautiful, truly. But I wonder if anyone has seen a certain flower blooming: a rose -- blue like ice looks blue just before the sun sets. We call it a winter rose. Only it smells nothing like winter.

I want one. Whosoever manages to find it for me, I'll repay him or her kindly. Most kindly. [ an indulgent smile and a playful pause. perhaps she might ask the closet for this hardy blossom, like she might ask for a weirwood sapling. but she has decided to do what she can the earnest way before she goes depending upon sorcery. ] In return, I'll share with the finder a thrilling legend! The tale of Bael the Bard, and how he plucked the most beautiful flower in my own dear Winterfell -- much to her father's ire. [ lyanna laughs. ]

Go! Find it. I beg of you.

[ or else come find her instead! she's sitting in the kitchen exploring the odd appliances and sampling delights she'd never known before in her short life. ice cream has rocketed quite high on her list of favourites, closely followed by butterscotch sauce. and the two together! seven heavens. ]
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[So maybe she'd waffled about how to go about this for too long, but, well. She had reasons to be cautious! And not just because if she pissed Hector Barbossa off by picking the wrong crew, he might throw her overboard and lose her her last life. This was a big deal regardless, and she really does want to figure a way out of here. Even if she isn't sure she herself wants to go back.

And that's one of the things the resistance members would want, right?

And presumably the resistance has been, like, vetted for trustworthy people?

And hey, she did work at a temp agency. She has some idea of how to write a help-wanted ad.]

Resistance Journal Entry )

[Having done this, George tucks her journal into a bag and heads down to the beach to take a look at where they're headed, possibly. If anyone signs up. She sits in the sand for hours and, the more she thinks about it and corresponds with interested parties, the more uncertain she becomes. Especially since just looking at the waves is making her seasick. Or maybe that's just anxiety.]


Jul. 3rd, 2014 05:25 pm
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Hello, everyone.

Thank you to those of you who were so concerned about my well-being a couple of weeks ago when I returned. I'm feeling much better now!

[Or putting on a very brave face. She's all smiles, either way.]

If you recall, about a month ago we were under an influence that caused us to become a bit obsessed with things, and I obsessively painted up a storm. There were three unfinished compositions from that time that I've completed.

I just wanted those of you who were so kind to pose for me to know I hadn't forgotten about them, though I'm not sure what to do with all of these portraits. Perhaps the gallery could make use of a few? Or maybe some of you would like to keep them?

[A picture of Kili is shown, looking very regal in some nobleman's attire and posing next to a tree.]

[A second picture of Steve Rogers is shown, looking very handsome and sitting on a bench outside the mansion.]

[The third picture is of Eames, who is sitting at the dinning room table in the mansion dining hall.]

Mr. Eames has since left us, I understand. That's a shame. He was a very nice man.

[ooc: photos are not exactly what the paintings look like but just to give you an idea!]
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[It has now been forty-eight days, thirteen hours, twenty-two minutes and nine-point-five seconds since Ned first arrived in Wonderland. Over a single month but under two, long enough for him to conclude that the majority of the population (many of whom were very explanatory, for which he is eternally grateful) are correct and that there does not appear to be any visible exit.

Disappointed and disheartened by this revelation, Ned continues to do what he does best: make pies.

He also undertakes a small announcement, which is laughable if only because he was never an exceptional public speaker and often preferred to shrink into the background where no one would see him.

Uhhh. Hi! I'm...Ned, erm. Some of you...probably know who I am, I'm the one who bakes the pies up in the diner.

[Were there crickets in the kitchen of The Rabbit Hole Diner, they would chirp.]

...A-Anyway, all of the initial help was, ah, greatly appreciated, and I thought I'd just mention that back home, my restaurant had a delivery service. [A beat.] ...for pies. So, in the spirit of home-cooked, all-American baked goods, I'm gonna do that. Here. A delivery service for pies.

[The feed gets blurry for a second while he checks something on his communicator before setting it back down.]

I've set up an answering machine for messages if you want to leave a request. So...I'll just...get back to baking...

[Almost surreptitiously, he starts to slide out of frame before bolting back in and-]

...Aaaalthough I did have one more question, and this is for anyone, really, is it common for events to make you feel all funny? Not funny as in "ha ha," funny as in "maybe I shouldn't have eaten those questionable-looking oysters for dinner?"

Just. Curious.

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[Are you sick of his face yet, Wonderland? Well, you might as well get used to it, because you're far more likely to catch him here than in person. But at least this time there's more of a point to this than piglets or sassing the crowd. It's something he's been mulling over for a few days, and Sam's post about classes (and other things) has finally spurred him into action.]

Okay, so I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and I've dug around and haven't found what I'm looking for, so I'm looking to you guys to kind of...Help me compile a few things.

[He leans back in his chair, lacing his fingers together over his middle.]

Now I'm sure by now, we've all heard the story of how the Jabberwocky is supposed to show up at some point in the relatively near future - because let's be honest with each other, folks, five years isn't that long, and I can't give you an ETA on when I can get us out of here, just that I can - and that doesn't leave us a whole lot of time. Now, I know I wasn't here when the message was delivered, but you guys have been pretty great at giving me an idea of what we can expect. And I know there's some dissent among the crowd here about whether that's still going to happen or not, but just. Let me run this by you.

Thanks to all of that, I've put together a few ideas, and I'm curious about who might be on board. Because ultimately, it's going to take every last one of us to make it work. So consider this me putting out my feelers for how you guys feel about it.

One, we should probably start weaning ourselves off the closets of this place. Stockpile what we can't make ourselves at first, use those greenhouses for more than just a landmark, maybe. I know there's stuff out there now, but it might be good to start looking into things that go beyond being pretty decorations. Start looking into food crops, medicinal plants, that kind of thing. I know cold turkey's not an option, but on the whole, whether this Jabberwocky really shows up or not, it might be better as a whole if we stop relying on "magic" - [He uses finger quotes.] To do everything. And we should probably think about giving this place a different power source. I don't know what's running the electricity and everything now, but I've got some better ideas for that.

Two, there's a list of classes - which is highly informative, actually, I didn't think you guys had anything like that - but no kind of guide for who can do what here. Basic things, because while we don't age, we can get sick, we can die, we need haircuts...You get the idea. So what I'm asking is, if you have a basic skill like that, no matter what it is, let me know. I'm gonna be putting it together, so it can be in that updated pamphlet you've heard Pepper talk about working on. I know people drift in and out of here, and that's fine, because editing isn't that big of a deal. That way people don't have to take a blind stab in the dark for what they're looking for, and have a list right there ready.

And...I guess that's it. Everything I had on my list for now, anyway. If you have anything you wanna add, let me know, because I fully admit I've still got the new car smell here, and this was just stuff that happened to occur to me talking to you guys.

By the way. My birthday's tomorrow. Feel free to direct all gifts you plan to shower me with to Miss Pepper Potts. She knows what to do with them.

[Because clearly Tony's birthday is the most important part of anything ever. Stark parties are legendary.]

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[Text wonderland, text is good for the soul isn't it? Mostly because Lindsey for his part isn't feeling well. He's been drinking demon blood and he's been doing so more and more frequently. The thing is, he's starting to realize that he can't stand on his own, but hey, he can lift a vase up with his mind a quarter of an inch!

Never mind that he's feeling really sick.]

What do you think is more important love or power?

[Right now he could answer power. He really could.]

What would you do for one or the other?

[And then - A series of Private messages.]

Private Messages to Abby, Lilith, and Will Graham. )
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[ The device turns on to a man looking just a hint disheveled, but overall he looks very mild and gathered. He's taken his time to calm down by now, after all. ]

Ah, hey, so I read the... [ He lifts the pamphlet and waves it a little, though not at all dismissively. ] ... this little brochure. Very helpful, actually, so thanks to whoever wrote it. And yeah, you guessed it, I'm new.

[ It might be a little difficult to tell whether or not he's being honest in his appreciation, but this time he really is. ]

So. Parallel universes, who would've thought. Guess stranger things could've happened. [ Except not really. But it's nice to think that. ] I won't bore any of you with questions, I got the gist of it by now.

But I'd like to know if there are any experts out there, if I can pick your brain. Not just on alternate realities, but space and time traveling, wormholes, portals, pocket universes - which is what I'm assuming this all is.

[ He sets the brochure aside and rubs a hand briefly down his face. ]

Because here's the thing - how does a place like this even happen? This is tiny, unbelievably so. Even if opening a wormhole that can actually travel across different dimensions without any visible devices or power source, how can it happen with several? Because for not just one or two universes, but dozens or hundreds of them to be converging here, and from fluctuating times and points within them, this place should be... I don't know, torn into pieces, disintegrating entirely. No laws of physics can explain this, and just - you know what, just spare me the speech on how physics don't work the same way here.

[ He's trying to keep it simple for the common listener, but just in case he didn't succeed, he adds as a final thought. ] This place is impossible.

[ Not that he won't try to make some sense of it, and for now at least seeing if he can find someone who'll help him with that seems like the best option. That, and finding a quiet corner where he can stay. ]

Thanks for listening. And for answering, if you do. [ He hesitates for a moment before he finally decides to add. ] Name's Bruce Banner, by the way.

[ Not that he has a lot of hope that he'll find someone here he knows, but... well, yesterday he'd have said something like this would be hilariously impossible. So who's to say. ]
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((ooc: To make this rather long post easier to read, the lyrics have been color coded according to who sings what. Blue is Kili, Green is Tauriel. Enjoy! Kíli gets a slap and there's a lot of dick jokes so if eitiher of those things isn't your cup of tea turn back now.))

[ It is a known fact that elves like to sing. It is an equally known fact that dwarves do as well. So what happens when you give an elf and a dwarf who recently decided that at some point in the near future they are going to get married aka have sex, it's kind of an elf thing the magnificent idea that really the world needs to know just how damn fabulous they are?

Well, you get some bickering and some shoving while the device is set up so that they can both stand in front of it oh sweet Valar, will there be dancing? and then they start singing. Well, actually first it's just Kili.
Cut for length because I actually wrote a damn song )
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[Crowley seems almost jovial today! Yeah, sunshine and rainbows and puppies and shit! Except there's something quite a bit forced and false about it. If the rather unsettling grin didn't convince you of that much, what he actually has to say will clinch it.]

Humans. Really, what a joy you all are. Such clever, creative, busy little bees, always thinking up such interesting little ways to harm and kill each other. I've thought it for years now, but you lot don't need any help from my kind at all, do you? You've got everything under control. What was it Shakespeare said? "Hell is empty and all the devils are here." And him all of three hundred years ago.

I suppose if Wonderland is meant to be a sample of general humanity, it's no wonder that there are a couple of truly horrendous examples here. Oh, I won't name names. I don't have names to name. Not yet.

[The smile completely disappears and he leans closer to the camera. And for a moment, the Crowley that Wonderland knows, all snark and banter, is gone. His face is expressionless and the sunglasses look less douchey and more like empty black pits. There's a very faint reddish glow behind them. Just for a moment, you could believe that there really is an actual demon in there, full of Old Testament wrath.]

But you know who you are, and you know what you did. I do hope we have a chance to meet one of these days--I'd love to shake your hand. People have lots of extra chances in Wonderland, but even in this place, one way or another, everyone pays the piper eventually. At least I intend to make sure of it.

[And then the moment is gone and the smile is back in place, completely false.]

Thank you for your time.

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[By the looks of the network, there's something wrong again, something about missing people, but when isn't something going wrong in Wonderland?

Adam has more immediate concerns, ones that, in comparison, are far more innocuous. In opposition to missing someone, if anything Adam is still trying to adjust to an addition to his one-man family. Getting a dog had seemed like a great plan when the event had been in full swing and encouraging him to ignore the oh my god, I can't be responsible for another living thing panic, but now the event's long over and the dog's still around with no humane society in sight. The destruction the dog wreaks around his apartment spurs him to write a text message he figures can't do any harm. It's not the weirdest thing he's ever asked on the network, anyway, and if nothing comes of it, no loss.]

Anyone have any dog training tips? For a larger kind of dog if it won't listen.

[The warm and fuzzy honeymoon feeling has worn off and cold, heard reality has set in in the form of one barking, grunting, chewing, drooling, messy, smelly, furry giant.]

And if it won't stop chewing everything it's not supposed to.

[At the end of the message, he adds:]

Any good names for a guy dog?

open action )
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[The video starts and for a while, there's no more than the blue of a clear sky, with a few clouds floating by, the only sound heard being that of waves crashing. Then the image shakes as the dwarf, who had been lying next to the device, scrambles up to his knees.

At first only a corner of his face can be seen, and when he finally notices the camera has been turned on, he exclaims.]

[He scoots a little closer until his face and part of his figure show in the camera. He's dripping wet and grinning almost too enthusiastically.]

I had the most brilliant thought today, I have no idea how it did not occur to me before!!

[He pauses to swallow dryly, as his breath is a bit labored right now.]

When I first arrived in Wonderland, I did so by washing upon the shore. And then I thought... if I came here through the sea, then if I swim out to the ocean then I am bound to go back!

[His grin becomes even brighter, like he expects everyone to agree with him.]

I just have to keep trying, I just... one more time! Yes! [He nods happily and before he stands up to run into the water, he leans over to turn off the feed.]
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[The facts are these: the Pie Maker, having achieved a minor victory through closure and personal reassurance from Vivian Charles, having swept his infatuated employee out of harm’s way, having said a fond goodnight to Chuck before turning in for the evening, could not sleep.

This anxiety-ridden slumber (or lack thereof) left him tossing and turning and recalling with no small amount of dismay that the same thing had happened many years ago when he was a student at the Longborough School for Boys. Haunted by his mother’s memory and the father who had abandoned him, Young Ned had crawled out of bed and pitter-pattered to the kitchen to bake a pie.

In an effort to recapture the simple pleasure that was an apple pie from his youth, the Pie Maker had stumbled out of his apartment, down several flights of stairs, and stopped dead in his tracks as soon as he turned the kitchen lights on.

It was not his kitchen.

It is now half-past seven in the morning, and Ned is anxiously stuffing another pie into one of the many ovens, having discovered a funny little phone with a funny little case in his pocket...along with a pamphlet on Wonderland.

Hence the stress baking.

It could be a trick, [he mumbles to himself, pulling out another wad of dough and kneading it onto a flour-dusted marble slab. Ned wipes his forehead. The flour finds a new home on his temple and cheek.] Just...a funny prank, like the ones people pull on April Fool’s Day, only it’s not April, it’s October, so that doesn’t make any sense-

[The dough gets a vigorous and probably undeserved shove.]

-and any second now Olive is going to say it was Chuck’s idea, and they’ll be hiding in the walk-in fridge andohGodI’mlosingmymind.
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[Where on earth was he? This place was just too wild. On his way to the mansion, he got sidetracked and looked over the checkerboard field. It was actually pretty cool in his opinion, but he'd hate to be the guy that actually keeps this place trimmed and neat. Detouring to the hedge maze, he looked around, taking a tentative step past the entrance, peering down the different options of paths he could take. What could go wrong, right? With that in mind, he ventures into the maze, vowing to backtrack if he gets lost or comes across too many options.]

[Several twists and turns and dead ends, he may have gotten himself a bit lost. So far, his sense of smell was still screwy thanks to the plethora of smells mingling the air. Yeah, this was definitely a theme park with all those scents, new and old.]

[Reaching for his phone, Scott unlocks the display and pauses. What… happened to his phone? It's still his phone, but it seems different, somehow. He debates his actions for a moment, then activates the video call button. The camera display flicks to give him a tiny view of himself up in a corner and a red recording light.]

Um… Okay. I think I'm dreaming… a really weird dream.

[Scott ends the call without waiting for a response. Who would respond in his dream, anyway? Sheesh, what did he have to eat last night? As far as nightmares go, this was actually not too bad.]
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[Whodunnits aren't really Peter's leisure activity of choice. Who's committed a crime and why aren't as interesting as what a person will do to overcome a challenge. Slapdash, violent, gleeful murder… it's a bit much. And rather hard to ignore after the first few bodies start appearing and the horrified reactions start buzzing amongst the people.]

Lock your doors and shutter your windows, it looks like we're in for a nasty storm.

[Only Peter's boyish voice can be heard; there's no indication of where he might be, or what he might be doing. Maybe he's taking his own advice on this one.]

If you don't, be careful who you come across in the halls. Or what you might find.

| private message to Emma Swan and Regina Mills |

I expect you'll be keeping a better eye on Henry this time. Don't wander off and lose your hearts. Someone taking them without magic makes an impressive mess.


Feb. 10th, 2014 08:32 pm
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[Gabriel's hanging out in the bar. There's a tall glass of something bright next to him, half-demolished, but he doesn't seem to be paying it too much attention. His attention's on the video itself.

Watch out, Wonderland. You have a bored archangel on your hands. Anything could happen.]

So. Afterlives. Hit me.

What does your little corner of the multiverse believe in? Reincarnation? Sitting on clouds? Being literal soulfood for a dark, malevolent entity? Fiery pits?
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[Lena doesn't address everybody like this very much. In fact, she can count the number of times on one hand. But she feels this is important.]

Has anyone seen Caroline since the thing with the statues? I haven't been able to find her.

[She doesn't want to think of her friend getting turned to dust and not coming back like the others. What if that's what happens to vampires here?]

Just, if you see her? Tell her Lena's looking for her. Thanks.

[She nearly ends the video there, but her hand pauses midway to the button and then draws back.]

Actually, I have another question. How do you celebrate birthdays here? Because it's kind of confusing if the dates don't match up... I mean, like, say your birthday's this month.

[She's not saying hers is! Just say it was. (Spoiler alert: her birthday is totally on Tuesday.) ]

But back home, the time you got pulled from? It was February there too. And then you arrived here and it was summer. So did you celebrate your birthday right after you arrived, or do you wait until it's February here? I'm just... curious how it's been handled, if at all.


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