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[It sure was pretty. Soft, and nice, and warm, although trees don't normally need it. It was the thought that counted, of course. And whose thought it was was apparent-- the Lorax was fairly certain the Once-ler never got around to teaching anybody how to knit properly, at least not to this extent. So it had to be him. Trying to warm up the trees.


Which meant he cared.

Which meant the Lorax had done the best he could. Back home, he might've felt the tug of nature telling him to fly off, to dissipate into the atmosphere and be breathed in by trees and grass. Here, it was instinct. He couldn't control getting in and out of Wonderland, no, and his powers worked even more haphazardly here than they did back home.

But if he couldn't be a part of the forest, he could at least live in it. Maybe, someday, he'd figure out a way to unite with Wonderland's life-force. In any case, it needed to be done. He needed to go away.

It was time.

The camera on the Lorax's device triggers just as he set it down in the snow. For a moment, his breath of hesitation fogs the lens, but then it clears and he's already several feet away. Headed into the forest. Less dramatic than announcing it, maybe. Less confusing than butt-flying. But no less final.

It's time to say goodbye.]

[[Feel free to post reactions to this video/attempts to contact the Lorax, but he will not be responding.]


Dec. 30th, 2013 12:41 am
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[Bright and early on the morning of the 30th, a new face graces the Wonderlandian network. Facing the camera is a skeptical young man holding up a blue, neatly printed pamphlet.]

...Uh, no offense, but this is... probably the least informative thing I've ever read. I mean-

[He flips it over, studies it incredulously, folds it, and slaps it against his palm a few times.]

It's crazy, right? I get the whole... college experimentation thing, and I'm sure whatever you guys are smoking is, like, grade-a stuff, but-

[He cuts himself off, the camera loses focus as he whips around.]

Oh my god did that guy just teleport?!
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[Well, this... isn't what Greed had expected. It looks like a prison, but it's definitely short on the whole "being locked in" aspect. Shame about the sudden sense of absence that he's beginning to recognize as full mortality, but at least this isn't like a mineshaft. Anywhere meant to house large numbers of people there's bound to be a decent amount of food, and when Greed flips on his little radio device it's while he's in motion, looking for the kitchen.]

Hey, whoever's in charge of this place, I've got a complaint. Stop taking away my Stone. It's really getting to be a pain in the ass. How's everyone else doing?

[It's not much longer before Greed rounds a corner to come face to face with a couple people who are very strange-looking, which Greed takes in stride, and who immediately try to grab him, which he really doesn't.

They also don't seem to understand that being forcefully smacked around means you're supposed to stay down. Seriously, this event really is bullshit. Maybe he should just let the prince handle this? He doesn't know what's going on with these things any more than Greed does, but at least he's got more experience in being human...]

[[ ooc: Threads not immediately following on from this scenario are welcome as well, this is something of a catchall post for Greed/Ling! ]]
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[A tapping can be heard on the microphone, before a startled young woman begins speaking.] H-Hello? Is this thing on? Can anybody hear me...?

[She sighs.] I suppose not.

[A pause, and then, barely above a whisper] Rumplestil...no. I can't. His quest is too important. I'm going to have to figure this out on my own.

[She clears her throat and continues.] Well, this is entirely unexpected. I don't even know where I am, or where this place is...I don't remember going through a portal, so how is this possible? Why am I not in Storybrooke, and where is everyone else? I don't understand how this could happen; Regina's curse was so...final.

Well, I guess I ought to introduce myself, just in case anyone does hear this. Um, my name is Belle. I'm from a place called Storybrooke, and I really need to get back there. All of my friends are there, and someone very important to me gave me the responsibility to keep all of them safe. I need to get back home, because if I don't, there's no telling what could happen. A lot of people could be hurt, or worse.

Is there a way out of here? Or am I stuck here forever...? Can anyone tell me? Hello?

[After tapping on the microphone one last time, the feed ends.]
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[A girl with braided brown hair and grey eyes appears on screen. In the background is the stables, so she's facing the mansion. She arrived last night, woke up nearly drowning in the pool and pulled herself out. This isn't like any arena she's ever seen. There's no precedent for this. Usually you're out in the open, not in a gigantic mansion. She assumed, for awhile, that they'd just changed everything on her, or captured her, took her to the Capitol to kill her in private. Or torture her.

But she was able to break out too easily. She didn't see any Peacekeepers and if she was as dangerous as Snow thought, she knew she would've been chained to something. So she's been kidnapped by someone else. She has no idea how they did it-- how they intercepted her between the time she started moving toward the arena and before she got there. She doesn't understand it. She can't even imagine what's happening to her family while she's here. To Gale. To Peeta.

She needs to get out.

So, her face appears on the screen, and it's set-- determined.

If anyone can hear me, my name is Katniss Everdeen. I'm from District 12, and I need to get back. People depend on it.

[Short and sweet and to the point.]
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[Toothless has a certain fascination with art. First it was sticks in the mud, then outside chalk, and then paint on the other side of the mirrors. Today he's found more paint, except in bigger containers. With lots of colors. And bigger brushes! He likes them — he can do more with them, and not worry about them breaking in his mouth.

Paint doesn't taste good. He's finding out again today.

Because today, one of the hallways has been sacrificed to his artistic efforts. Though, to be fair, it was an accident that the first paint container broke in his mouth. And then the others followed, because Toothless has discovered finger painting.

Or, more accurately, paw painting. And tail painting. It's a mess.

His communicator is jostled on as he paws patterns of yellow, blue, green, red, and white all over the floor and some of the walls. Toothless has lost his natural black camouflage. He's just a tangle of bright colors, splattered messily, as he also uses his chin and belly to get the colors in the right patterns.]

( text )

Oct. 28th, 2013 08:20 pm
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i'm sorry if i smell i can't shower he's watching 8(


i might be safe i think he's illiterate.

correction: semi-illiterate.



i think that is him smiling at me. confirmation: it is his smile at me. in my head. i'm so uncomfortable right now. help.

he just drew a picture of a bunch of dogs(?) on fire dancing around a plant.

...he says that it's a drawing of the 1099 seige of jerusalem except the crusaders are werewolves. i don't. i don't even know what that is. or what it's supposed to signify. nodon'ttEL MEILOVEHYOU LIKEW FIREE∂≈EEEEE NO KISSING ALOWED 2 NYONE ELS

[ Replies from America: [personal profile] ahousedivided || Mirror America: [personal profile] rockflagandeagle ]
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[Those maneuvering around the mansion might see Lena stumbling around, knocking into walls, scowling and whispering harshly to herself, though sometimes it's outright yelling. The white bandage on her arm is up under the long-sleeved shirt she's put on, hiding the fact that a root cut into her skin earlier, but it's much harder to hide that there are two volatile personalities in one body now.

When Real!Lena's in control, she's desperate for others to stay away from her because she's not sure how long she can hold on before her mirror takes over. Anyone running into her at these times will be urged to get away. When Mirror!Lena's in control, she likes to taunt poor little Lena and point out how weak she is. She causes destruction in the halls, attacking roots or throwing furniture around for fun. She feels no allegiance to her fellow Mirrors and will "play" with anyone, whether or not their Mirror is currently in control. But if someone who hasn't yet been attacked by roots comes across her, she'll put on the innocent victim mask and plead for help. It's fun to play with the do-gooders and their silly habit of trusting too much. She wonders how many she can hand over to the roots. Maybe she'll keep a running tally.

Those thoughts are interrupted as Real!Lena screams in her head and Mirror!Lena loses her grip, stumbling as Lena takes back control.]

You're not doing that, witch.

[Mirror Lena boils with anger at getting pushed out of control, but she bides her time, gathering her strength again.

We'll see, she replies, waiting for Lena to give her an opening to take over again.]

[ooc: Real Lena is [personal profile] claimyourself and Mirror Lena is [personal profile] wickedways. PM me or leave an OOC note if you definitely want Mirror Lena to rough your character up! If not, let me know that too and I'll make sure Real Lena prevents her Mirror hurting yours until yours can escape.]
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Uhh. Guys?

[The Lorax appears on screen, his expression immediately recognizable as one of worry and confusion. Something is up.]

I, uh, don't know what it means, but...the trees are kinda acting funny? I mean, y'know, they aren't going for a walk or anything, but um. They sound sort of like they're in pain?

[He closes his eyes, listening for a moment before shaking his head and wincing. He looks at his device, frowning deeply.]

Just a lot of moaning. It's like they can't stop groaning. Did anybody do anything they should be owning?

[HUFF okay, he's rhyming, clearly he's upset. He takes a breath and lets it out with a sigh.]

I mean-- I don't think anybody did anything, exactly, just. They don't sound so good. And since they ain't normal trees, they ain't telling me diddley about it, so.

Anybody know what's up?
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I'm done with rescuing people. [Okay, no he's not. He's just grumpy.] Every time I do that, I get bitten.

[Cloud is bandaging up his arm after using some salve on the burn.]

Get rid of the porn, put out your damn fires, don't look into your mirrors and - [He tightens the bandage with his teeth, tugging on the fabric.] Find safer activities.

Like...gardening. Everyone likes fresh vegetables.
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[The Lorax isn't too great with technology, obviously. He's never aimed a camera in his life, outside of peering into his communicator to make messages. But this time he's trying to make a point, so the first image you get is a shaky shot of red and orange leaves. It holds on this image until a breeze loosens a single leaf and the camera pans to follow it as it spins and swirls to the ground.

After a moment, the Lorax turns the camera around to show his own face and he gives a lukewarm smile.]

So, it's that time of year. Normally the trees are getting sleepy, back home. These ones aren't quite so quiet, though. Not that I'm surprised or anything, since they aren't anything like the ones I'm used to. They're definitely going through the motions on the outside, though.

[There's an awkward pause, and then he just sort of laughs, though the tone is melancholy.]

I'm not sure why I made this. I'm probably one of the only ones around here who gets all sorry during the Fall. Maybe the only one. But that's okay, haha.

[And with that awkward sort of ending, he turns off the feed.]


Sep. 26th, 2013 12:56 am
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So uh. These events. They're pretty crazy, huh? Superheroes and weird murder schools...

[The Once-ler is standing before the camera, rubbing at the back of his neck. It's a very deliberate broadcast, to ask a very specific question.]

But, do you guys think they actually...I don't know, mean anything?

[He laughs awkwardly at his own question, wanting to seem like he thinks it's stupid.]

I mean, that's just dumb, right? Just because this stupid place keeps making someone do bad things in events doesn't mean they're actually bad...


[Who knows? But he shuts off the camera after that.]
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[When the feed kicks on, it might be difficult to realize exactly what's shown on the screen, at first glance- because there's a lot of- whatever it is. The device seems to be settled on a table, with a clear view of the room, surrounded by things of every shape and size; papers, socks, food, lamps, pillows, silverware, toiler paper holders, hats, feathers, binoculars, books, wires, telescopes, pots, globes, cups, dice, flowers, darts, briefcases. If you can name it, it's probably somewhere in the middle of the mess, although god only knows why, or where it all came from. Jack certainly doesn't know, if the cursing from somewhere offscreen is any indication.]

Oh for the love of-

[Then there's a sudden inhuman sounding screech, cutting him off mid sentence, and something small, dark, and fast flies across the screen. It's followed by an excited barking sound and then the shape of a puppy, a Welsh Springer Spaniel to be exact, bounding after it. And more swearing.]

Get back here, you little-!

[And then there's the creaking sound of a door opening, and Jack's sudden panicked voice,]

Ianto, shut the door!!

[The door quickly shuts in response to Jack's command, followed by more excited barking, more screeching, and Ianto's normally soft baritone voice raised above the din.]

Jack, what in the name of...! What is all of this? Is that. [Ianto bends to pick up the puppy so it quiets and stops running around after the-] Is that a pterodactyl?

Yes, yes it is. Not a full sized one, thank god, but- [He cuts off again, and there's a clatter of motion, the sound of things being knocked over, another screech, and a growl.] It's Wonderland's idea of a joke, apparently. I don't suppose you have any chocolate on you?

[Ianto raises an eyebrow at the other man, adjusting his grip on the puppy slightly.] Can't say that I do. You could always ask the closet for some, though. Although by the looks of it maybe I should be putting a lock on it while I'm not here. [What is all of this stuff, even?]

Jack, dare I even ask what you were doing? Or why we have suddenly acquired a puppy? Or why there is a baby pterodactyl flying around in my bedroom? [A pterodactyl is still a pterodactyl, full sized or not, Jack Harkness, Ianto's tone seems to suggest.]

Oh no. If you want anything out of that closet, you can ask it yourself. [His tone is annoyed, raising at the end, and then there's another loud clatter, combined with a shouted,] Gotcha! [and then finally an almost manic laugh.] Ha!

I was trying, [Jack comes on screen finally, and this time the small dark shape is clearly that of a tiny pterodactyl, screeching and struggling in Jack's arms, pecking at him with its own annoyance. If the scratch marks on his face and the way he easily ignores the pecking and clawing are any indication, this isn't the first time he's managed to catch it.] to pull some decent weaponry from the damn thing. It's given me just about everything else instead.

[The puppy in Ianto's arms lunges for the pterodactyl, yipping slightly, and Ianto deftly tucks it further into his grip. The look on his face does nothing to change now that he has something more of an explanation.]

For weapons, right. [It seems that Jack's gotten just about everything but what he was looking for out of the closet, then. He glances back at Jack.] Jack. All you need to do is picture what you want in your mind and the closet will give it to you. How did you get from weapon to puppy and pterodactyl?

What do you think I was trying to do? [The look Jack pins the Welshman with is- well... Okay, look, the pterodactyl should be easy enough to explain. After all, Myfanwy had been their 'guard dog' for the Hub, so to speak. As for the rest of the complete random stuff the closet spewed out at him, and the puppy... Rolling his eyes, he turns away from Ianto, shifting to hold the struggling dinosaur with one arm so he can sift through the rabble with the other: he could have sworn he remembered pulling out a cage at some point, now where did the thing go? And under his breath, more grumbling than anything else, he mutters to himself,] those eyes of yours are weapon enough when you want them to be.

[Okay. So he might have had a stray thought about Ianto just before the puppy came bounding out of the closet.]

[There is a healthy flush that spreads across Ianto's cheeks in response to that statement. Jack doesn't have to be talking very loud or speaking directly to him for him to have heard it, after all. He can see it all too easily, Jack getting distracted, thinking of him, and winding up with a puppy. A Welsh puppy, for that matter.]

[He doesn't have enough time to save himself from that moment, though, because that's just about the time that Ianto realizes that there's a flashing light coming from across the room. And it takes him only about two seconds to realize that it means they've been recorded this whole time, including that last little bit of interaction. So much for having a private life.]

...shit. [He says emphatically, to no one in particular.]

What? [He's found the cage and has the pterodactyl half wrestled into it when he hears Ianto curse, and he looks up, follows his gaze- and groans. Finishes stuffing the thing into the cage, swings the wire door shut, then moves over to the table. The last image the feed gets is a half annoyed look and Jack's hand closing over the camera before it ticks off.]

[OOC: Blue text is Jack, red text is Ianto. Replies will be coming from both!]
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[What's this? Why, it's a new radio broadcast from everyone's favorite, plucky, superhero conspiracy theorist, Cecil Baldwin! That guy who asks the tough questions, like, "Is the government using superheroes to control us? Are supervillains representative of the economic crisis and class warfare? What do superheroes eat for breakfast?" He's eccentric, but you can't help but listen to him. Really. You can't help it. Don't try to help it. It's better for everyone if you don't.]

A hero is only as good as their backstory. Their backstory is only as good as their motto. Their motto is only as good as their Spandex underpants. Welcome...to Beyond the Cape with Cecil Baldwin, coming to you live in Wonderland City, right now.

alligator man: can he kill your children? yes. )


Sep. 6th, 2013 12:43 pm
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...Hello, everyone.

[ Chihiro isn't quite sure where to begin - so much has changed overnight, and she has so much to say about it. ]

I just wanted to let you all know... this is... this is my event. These are my memories. When I woke up, I thought I ended up back in my world for a moment... everything is almost exactly the same as I remember, including... including this letter.

[ She holds up a small envelope, marked "Chihiro Fujisaki", and shows it to the camera. ]

Back in my world, we were trapped in a school like this, and we were told that our secrets would be revealed if we didn't kill someone. I... I don't know what kind of secrets you all have but... please... nothing is worth killing someone else for.

...One of my classmates suggested... that we all admit our secrets, so that we could be sure nobody would kill to keep them. And... I can't ask all of you to do that, but... since this is my event, I feel like I should take responsibility. So, I'm... I'm going to tell you all what this letter says.

[ Her hands trembling, she opens the envelope, taking out the small paper inside. She clears her dry throat before continuing to speak. ]

H-here it goes...

[ With a deep breath, she reaches within herself to find the strength to admit her secret to everyone, drawing on the resolve she had felt when this had all happened to her before. ]

It says...

(Warning: Dangan Ronpa Spoilers!) )


Sep. 5th, 2013 02:39 pm
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[At this rate, Donna's going to get a reputation for being the mansion's crazy cat lady. She's sitting cross-legged on the floor in her room, a different cat than last time - a tuxedo kitten - romping around behind her and a small fire extinguisher in her lap.]

I don't usually set much store by magic, but I was wondering if anybody out there maybe had some sort of, I dunno, spell or something to make everything in my room - and possibly my other cat - fireproof? And me, I suppose, that'd be nice too. Or if anybody has any ideas on how to go about training cats, but they don't really seem like terribly trainable animals, really. And how does one go about-

[The kitten suddenly bursts into flames, and Donna glances over her shoulder to make sure it's not setting something on fire. From her lack of surprise, it seems like this is a fairly regular occurrence.]

-teaching a cat to only set itself on fire on command?

[After a few moments of burning merrily, the flames extinguish themselves, and the kitten - apparently unharmed - settles down to lick one paw.]
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[Gabriel's sitting at a booth in the diner, with one very large milkshake and two empty glasses next to it. It's nice, not having to worry about your metabolism. He could easily snap the used glasses away, but his concentration's blown. And what little he has is currently focused on his comm.]

For all that knew him, Balthazar's gone.

[He might have been his Father's Messenger, but he's not really feeling into embellishments at the moment. That's the truth, and that's all he's writing.

Time to get back to destroying milkshakes.]
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[The entire video is taken up by a wet canine nose, sniffing loudly. Then it pulls away and the owner - a brown and black dog with a red leather collar covered in strange runes.

The dog barks several times, rather loudly. Those particularly familiar with dogs might notice it sounds a bit off. Like someone doing an admittedly very good impression of a dog's bark. Still, not 100% authentic. Then the dog sighs and sits back.]

I suppose with all the other oddities here there’s no point in pretending to be a typical dog. [Yes, the dog talks. With a rather pleasant feminine voice in fact.]

I am the Disreputable Dog, and I must say, this place has the most fascinating smells. Really can’t complain. On any other occasion I would love to wander around this fine building you all have here and see what there is to see. But I have a rather pressing issue currently. Has anyone seen a young woman answering to Lirael? Pale skin, dark hair, painfully shy? See, we were rather in the middle of a grand adventure. Saving the world you know. And I'm pretty sure she can't do it without me.


Aug. 16th, 2013 01:00 pm
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[You know, this whole Wonderland thing isn't such a bad deal. Finally, a house that's almost big enough for him...or at least it might be if he didn't have to share it with other people. But this? This is the good life, and everything he's worked for so far. He deserves anything he wants, whenever he wants, and that's pretty much what he's got here.

So, is he satisfied? Of course he's not! Silly peasant. Of course, he's not satisfied. Which is why he had built a large factory on one of the hills. He just needed more space, okay? And since he doesn't recall getting robbed horrifically he can make Thneeds in like ten seconds when he's got the materials. It's a time-saver - specifically it leaves him more time to smoke cigars and swim in his money. Who cares if it pollutes the sky or whatever? It's not his sky.

But for whatever reason, his factory is missing when he wakes up, which is...alarming. What? It's always been there! But he can definitely just build another one. Or pay someone to build another one. Which is why he's on the screen in his sleek green suit and sunglasses, flipping through a large wad of cash that could be American but probably isn't.

S'up, nerds?

I've got a construction project that needs constructing, ASAP. [And he snaps his fingers for emphasis. Chop chop people; he doesn't have all day.] Any takers?

[He casually shakes the wad of cash at the screen and grins widely.] I'll make it worth your while.

[Someone will cave. Everybody loves money.]

001 - Video

Aug. 5th, 2013 11:34 am
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[Hello, Wonderland. Hopefully you won't mind a new face, much less one that appears rather sour at the prospect her having been whirled away to some fantasy land. Needless to say, Alisha doesn't have the slightest clue as to what has happened to her, and frankly, it's left her fairly unsettled and more than a little confused.]

Er, does anybody want to explain to me wot the fuck is going on here? Because I dunno about any of you, but I don't exactly appreciate being kidnapped into some knock-off theme park.

And if this is some sort of shit, practical joke, all I can say is someone is getting a slap before I leave.

[It's a bit of an empty threat, but the frustration behind it is genuine.]

The sooner this bullshit is over, the better.


Jul. 30th, 2013 02:49 pm
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So uh. Question.

[The Once-ler coughs into his gloved hand and looks at the camera. He looks like he's trying very, very hard to be calm but is actually freaking out not very far under the surface.]

Anybody else get a whole bunch of their stuff stolen after that chess thing? Because I haven't seen any of my Thneed materials anywhere and it's been days and I'm pretty sure my no-good lousy nerd of a Mirror snatched them all.

...Unless anybody's seen them around? Anybody seen a bunch of fluffy Truffula tufts around? If so, uh. Let me know. Because that is my entire company right there, and I would really.


Appreciate. It.


[And he hangs up.


Jul. 26th, 2013 04:34 pm
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Greetings Wonderland,

I am here today because many of you have asked me who I am. I am the United States of America. This answer has led many of you to confusion. I do not entirely blame you for your ignorance. I am repeating myself time and time again when asked to explain who and what I am.

Today I present point-by-point answers to your questions. )

[ Filtered away from America, 100%. ]

Hello Wonderland, this is Will Graham. I'm really sorry for all this.

I just want to say I don't share any of these opinions. I only transcribed what America forced me to write. He's very friendly, and I like him, but I'd appreciate any advice on how to get him to leave. Please. I've been trying to get him to go for two hours.

I don't think I can listen to him recite the Declaration of Independence again. I'm pretty sure he's crazy. Please help. I'm running out of patriotic songs to distract him with.

[ooc; replies will be coming from both [personal profile] designates and [personal profile] ahousedivided. the original notes that America forced Will to transcribe can be found here, here, here, and here for your viewing pleasure. god speed.]
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[ The video opens in darkness, the only sound to be heard the gentle movement of waves lapping against the shore. However, the very moment a tinge of light begins to creep over the horizon, a Voice begins to sing.

It is a Song the likes of which few have ever heard before. It rises as the light grows stronger, swelling with the tide and soaring as a bird may fly. It resonates in the air as well as the earth, a happy sound that could make even the most solemn of men dance to its melody.

The brightness of the morning spills over the waves, glistening with the newness of day. The Song crescendos finally as the sun peaks in the sky, only to diminish and fade into the sounds of the sea.

A few moments pass before the Singer finally appears. Great paws, golden and velveted all, appear first as he steps into view. A large, shaggy lion pads silently to the water edge, the breeze rustling its mane.

He stands there for a little while before turning and walking down the beach. ]

[ ooc: Please have a look at Aslan's PERMISSIONS POST before tagging! Aslan will be wandering around the beach as well as the outside part of the grounds all day. Feel free to run into him! He will respond to this video as well. Also, if you think your character might be able to detect/discern Aslan's true nature, feel free to have them do so! ]
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[ There's a series of sounds before there's a voice; whirring, clicking, a few strange snaps and such. All mechanical, partly electronic. And then there's the android voice from a while earlier, tone neutral. Maybe with the slightest tint of worn-out, for those with good discernment. ]

Well, I've certainly learned more about you all that I ever wanted to know. For the people who discovered the cameras, don't touch them. For the people who didn't know there were cameras until right now, congratulations. And don't touch them.

Do you know what kind of insanity this place is? Think about it. A marvel of defying logic, and you morons are wrapping up in the domestic to keep warm.

If anyone's interested in progress, I need test subjects. Luckily, I have no itch in this place, so you probably won't end up donating any limbs to science.
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[ The America that's smiling into the screen looks pretty similar to the one everyone is used to. He looks cheerful. The uniform's different though; a darker blue. A rifled is propped next to him and he casually plays with the bayonet. He seems to be talking to someone off-screen. ]

C'mon now! We just wanted to say hi! You were enjoying us earlier. Who's to say someone else won't?

[ Another one appears next to him, dressed in grey and grinning just the same. Dear god there's two. ]

Oh right, 'cause you're ashamed!

That he likes us?

That no matter how many regrets start to pile up, no matter how much he wants to hate himself, he's always gonna love himself more!

Hard to be a hero when you're hardwired to always put yourself before anyone else!

Hard to be a hero when you're sending your own children to slaughter. But that's nothing new with you, is it? Road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

Best book yourself a room!

[ The blue one starts prodding the grey one with his bayonet a little too hard. Then the device is grabbed away and the real America is seen scowling into the screen. ]

I got a two for the price of one deal. Think I liked it better when they were fightin' with each other instead of picking on me.

[ One of the Shadows scoffs. ]

Liar. The more we get along, the more you feel like you're holding yourself together. No matter how much anyone tells you otherwise: you're gonna be afraid that you'll be split apart. Can't stand losing anything, can you?

Always need more land and more power. Don't lie; that promise of gettin' to the top of the world is exciting.

And you're gonna do whatever it takes to get there! Like always.

[ Welp, his Shadows sure aren't any less chatty than he is. America looks dismayed for a moment, but quickly lets it go and sighs. ]

I'm goin' for a walk.


THAT'S-- [ the frustration fades quickly and he considers it. ] --actually not a bad idea. Okay.

[ If you thought this post was going to end on anything but a stupid note you were wrong. America and his Shadows will be riding around the mansion and grounds on a Utahraptor should you want to run into him. ]
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[ Chihiro had been taking a morning stroll through the gardens on the day her shadow appeared to her; it was a grave misfortune that she had not been holed up in the privacy of her own room, as she often was on these sleepy Wonderland mornings.

Nobody would expect that the demure, soft-spoken Chihiro Fujisaki would have a secret so dramatic as she did - which makes it all the more vital that she make haste back to her room as quickly as possible. As horrifying a prospect as it was to spend time alone with this person, this thing that was chasing her, to be seen was even more horrifying a prospect. ]

Leave... l-leave me alone! Y-you're not me!!

- potential Dangan Ronpa spoilers below -  )


ooc: Feel free to have her run into your character at any point between the gardens and her room on the fifth floor, or you can attempt to reach her after she's holed up in her room.


Jun. 4th, 2013 10:08 pm
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[The video turns on with the device sitting on a kitchen counter. Nothing is shown just yet, but soon enough a pair of oven mitts set down a piping hot pie in front of your face. The mitts are removed one at a time and the device is lifted to show Elizabeth looking pleased.]

Ladies and gentleman, this is the world's very first truffula fruit pie!

[The video is turned to show the pie again, since it deserves all the attention.]

I made it with the fruits Mr. Lorax introduced me to. Doesn't it look amazing?

[She is clearly excited by her creation.]

I made a bunch of them. There's still probably not enough for everyone in Wonderland, but maybe I can make more of them next time. Help yourself to a slice.


May. 30th, 2013 03:08 pm
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Sooo. Uh. Hey. I had this...idea.

[He's a little awkward about it since he hasn't posted in a long time, and who are all these new people anyway? He's been here the whole time and suddenly Wonderland has a few dozen new faces.]

I know I'm all about selling the lovely people of Wonderland Thneeds - the most glorious thing anyone could ever need, for the newer kidnappees who haven't heard - but, that's not what I'm here for. At least, not today.

[He coughs into hand to try and hide that slip of the tongue, and proceeds to pitching The Lorax's his idea.]

Actually I wanted to know if anyone...wanted to learn how to knit! It's not going to save anyone from door-monsters or anything, but it's fun and it passes the time. And we all have way more time on our hands than any people should reasonably have.

So...yeah! Knitting! Knitting is awesome. And manly. So, if anyone wants to, just let me know!

[It's kind of an awkward ending, but the Once-ler isn't really expecting much. The Lorax suggested it so he wouldn't have to sell Thneeds here, and the Once-ler is still kind of "whatever" about that part...but, everyone at home thought he was kind of a nerd for knitting, so he's not expecting much.]
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It has come to my attention that a great deal of people recognize my fellows and I as characters from a grossly romanticized series of books.

[He pauses for effect, because obviously this is wrong, all wrong, and quite ridiculous. However, there may be something to the 'fictional' side of things.]

That being said, I am curious as to whether or not anyone else may or may not feature in a novel of their own, and if they might be willing to speak with me on the subject.


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