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[Helena is sitting in the library, tiara on her head and pipe (completely unlit) in her mouth. And she looks as if she's heavily contemplating things. When the video starts, she's actually tapping her chin in thought, though it's clear she does mean to be recorded.

Finally, she speaks, holding up a copy of The Cat in the Hat.]

Why would cats wear hats?

[Then she holds up Green Eggs and Ham]

Green food is mark of being no good if you are meat and eggs.

[Next up, Are You My Mother?.]

If you are bird, cat cannot be your mother. But he did not understand what he looked like. This I suppose I understand.

What is good book for babies? I do not like this Doctor Seuss man.
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[The broadcast is honestly overdue, but Neal’s got plenty of good reasons why it’s taken him this long to get it out there. Wonderland does as it always does, and the event revolving around HYDRA had been a hell of a thing to go through for everyone—and for Neal, who saw his son brainwashed not to know him. Then even before that, he and Robin had to hunt down the kid after he went into hiding again, for damn good reason again, and for the record? Neal’s really sick of his kid’s life going to hell, thanks.

But there’s another reason, one he doesn’t even want to admit to himself, much less anyone else. It’s been long enough now though that he can be sure: Rumplestiltskin really isn’t coming back, and putting off telling everyone else isn’t going to make that any less true. So he finally turns on the feed, though even as he forces out the words Neal doesn’t quite look square at the camera.]

Not sure how many people knew him as Mr. Gold or as Rumplestiltskin, but either way he’s not in Wonderland anymore.

[How many people would care who didn’t already know? Neal’s not sure, and that’s kind of messed up too. Doesn’t matter that he’d seen his father go back to his old ways; Neal still can’t help feeling like a failure of a son just by not knowing who his Papa’s friends had been.

Or if he had any at all.]


[That’s it for the public broadcast, but Neal’s got other messages to send out. There’s no good way to go about it, but so long as she doesn’t go crazy, Neal figures there’s no point in telling the mansion as a whole about what happened to Regina. Some people should know though, ones she’s close to, and between Robin and Henry they’d figured out a short list of names.]

Locked to the Once-Ler, Michonne, and Angel )

[That done, Neal heads to the place where he’s spent a lot of his time lately: The Jolly Roger. Another memento left behind, except this one requires a bit more maintenance—especially when kids decide to commandeer it for birthday parties. Somewhere along the way he thinks it might be a good idea just to let people know it’s not entirely open to the public, so later on in the evening he gets out the phone again.]

So pretty much everyone knows there’s a pirate ship docked here in Wonderland now. Even though the person who owns her isn’t here anymore, I’m taking care of her. And I don’t mind if people want to use her sometimes, but just check with me first. She’s pretty important to me and my family.

[Both present and otherwise.]
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[ it's been a long time, months and months, since sansa had addressed wonderland. many moon cycles came and gone and people has well. today finds her in silks the color of the bluest skies and her hair in an elaborated braid that might remind some of a departed queen whose hair was silver. ]

Good people of Wonderland, I hope today finds you well.

[ formal and perhaps distanced, too. sansa had kept to her chambers for days on end, had not traded words with anyone. the stings were perhaps a bit too much. she had given herself some time to collect herself again and when the need came.

well, there she is. ]

Many people came and gone from this Wonderland of ours and I am missing a companion of my own. A direwolf named Lyanne I have sent to search for some friends that I have found - have departed from among us and were sent free.

[ her voice doesn't quiver, she tidies her gown and speaks again ]

She is highly likely still searching yet I must request that if you happen upon her, you shall tell her to find me. She is a direwolf of the north, larger than a wolf and smaller than a bear, her eyes are golden and her coat is that of grey for.

[ a beat and ]

And I am Lady Sansa of House Stark.


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That's two negative votes on the network already, and I'm sorely missing the rousing speeches in Hydra's favour. Honestly, what sort of proper evil organisation doesn't even spring for an informative brochure?
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Not cool, Wonderland.

[Kate gives a meaningful stare like her Momlike Disappointment might stir something in the heart of Wonderland. It won't, of course, but A for effort, I guess. After a moment she sighs. The video is mostly focused on her, but there's vague forest like trees behind her. It's intentional, obscuring her location. Either that, or she's just out on a stroll, you know, whatever.]

So you know those recruitment attempts all over the mansion? Yeah, you may have also seen the other post about them. Here it is from another source: H.Y.D.R.A. sucks. Don't trust them. Seriously, these guys have been trying to take over the world since they started their club meetings.

Unfortunately, it looks like the whole memory-shenanigans of this place means we can't trust each other. Heck, I'd probably tell you not even to trust me. I could be lying to you to get you to work with me and then BAM. Recruitment time.

That's not actually what's happening here, fyi.

Find a weapon. Preferably a blunt one, so you're not harming anyone permanently. Cricket paddles are cool, I guess? Blunt arrows. Know how to defend yourself. Don't be afraid to knock someone upside the head. (Carefully, because, fun story: you can kill a guy if you hit them too hard in the right spot. Use google, it's your friend.) If you can't defend yourself, lock yourself in a room. Those closets are a godsend - much easier than being an actual fugitive. If you need assistance, I'll do my best to provide it.

Good luck, Wonderland, stay safe.
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[Dipper looks even more frazzled than usual. The stress lines that always surround his eyes are more pronounced than usual.]

So, you might have noticed a really strange transmission that went through? That... that's from my world. His name's Bill Cipher. He looks like a surprisingly well dressed triangle, and he's... some kind of demon, I guess. He can get into your head and mess with your dreams and just be creepy.

[He leans in closer to the camera.]

Whatever you do, don't trust him. Really, it's probably best to run as far away as you can if you see him. And let me know if he somehow gets into your head. I've gotten him out before, I can do it again.

[He sits back a bit.]

...that's about it. Any questions?
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[ it has taken a full day for elsa to understand the devices and even that understanding is shallow at best.

a whole day. when she first found herself in the halls of the mansion, her instinct was to run to the top floor to try and see if she sees anything familiar in the landscape.

nothing whatsoever. it was as foreign as the mansion itself and worse of all, no matter how much she looked around from corners and shadows, she couldn't see Anna.

the mix of fear, anxiety and anger led to her running back up, to the 10th floor and to hide in one of the rooms but the turmoil has shown its effects. the temperature in the 10th floor dropped at once and as the hours passed, it has gotten progressively worse.

outside of room number 40, a clear, thick frost is covering the floor; it is spreading, slowly but surely towards the windows and ceiling in the floor.

keep it up and the 10th floor might yet start looking like Alaska.

hidden in her room, door blocked by a strong, fierce wall of ice, elsa uses the device to send one, short message: ]

if you have her, I want Anna back.

I will stop at nothing to save my sister.

give my sister back to me, now.
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Friends, Lannisters, Countrymen from the multiverse, I am delivering to you an extremely important message: the Baelish have been in the basement far too long. It is time for us to reclaim the Ball Pit that was once ours.

(Seriously, I want to see these guys out of my stupid ball pit. If anyone else from any family joins in, you'll get extra rights to come visit, or whatever.)

Just look at this like a matter of pride - we Lannisters aren't going to take this are we? A Lannister always pays his debts where I'm from, so don't you tell me you're all too cowardly to make a move.

Oh, and, House Baelish? Consider this war. Watch your backs. I don't care how many children there are, I can still murder you in your sleep.

[Filtered to Greyjoys]

Yo, pirates. I know you're still not making me your first mate or whatever (thanks for nothing), but can you help me get the ballpit back? It's kind of important to me.

[Filtered to Victor Frankenstein]

Hey, I know your creepy lab is in the basement. Join us and we'll get it back for you along with the ballpit.

[Filtered to Crowley & John Blake]

The Ballpit was there for you in your time of need. Consider being there for its time of need.

((hey friends this is the start of what is apparently becoming the Great Ball Pit War. i'll get a log up over the weekend for actual stuff, but anyone who wants to join in at all PLEASE DO. you can hit me up on plurk & aim if you need too, they're both on the taken page.))
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[When the feed begins, the Once-ler is sitting inside the old greenhouse, bundled up in his pink Thneed scarf and long gloves. More specifically, he's sitting in front of what looks like a rudimentary heating system as the whole thing starts to kick in. The greenhouse hasn't been used in an actually greenhouse in...

...Actually, the Once-ler can't remember anyone using it as a greenhouse, ever. Which means it's been literal years since anyone was using it for what it was supposed to be used for. After spying on the place for months until he was pretty sure no one was using it anymore, the Once-ler decided to do something about that. For...practice, for a thing. He's spent the last couple of days cleaning the place out so he can start from scratch, and getting rid of all the other abandoned projects from years past, and now that there's room today's project was the important one - fixing the heat. It took forever (and some of the new pipe work looks positively Seussian, with seemingly unnecessary bends and turns) but it works and it vents out correctly and sitting in front of it and letting the warm air blow over him feels pretty great.

But this isn't an accidental post. No, this is intentional - he has something to ask. He debates how for a while, but he eventually just spits it out.

So...spring's coming soon. Anyone know anything about, uh. ...Gardening, by any chance?

[Not for any particular reason of course. Nope.

He ends the transmission there, but he'll be out in the greenhouse most of the day, fixing the lighting and trying to set up any other hardware things. Other times he'll have his nose in a gardening book or be sketching out blueprints on a comically over-sized notepad, but at least it'll start warming up now if he gets any visitors.
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[ at first, you would think you are looking at a wolf.

grey and white with yellow eyes, it will move in front of the camera, blocking the view of the girl whose company it keeps. however, as it steps away, one could tell that it is much larger than any wolf. it is not the size of a bear or a lion, no, but it is certainly no ordinary wolf.

there is a silver ribbon around its neck and when the direwolf finally rests her head on alayne's lap, alayne reaches a fond hand to caress her ]

dear people of Wonderland, I would introduce you to my company. I know well that many of you have not heard of a direwolf and that you may think her to be a threat. I promise, she will do you no harm. Her name is Lyanne and she is my companion. She has a sweet demeanor to her and she would do you no harm.

[ she is less trusting, alayne has noticed, than lady was. sweet, yes, but less inclined to approach others.

she is all the wiser for it, she thinks. ]

she is not a pet, by any means, and I do not intend to force her to my side at all times. however, if you see her wandering please do not be alarmed. I promise she is good.

[ she inclines her head. ]

if there is any way for me to assure you of it, I would do so.
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When her scaly blue face shows up on the feed, it's clear something's up. Her normal cool, calm demeanor is gone, and her usually perfectly-coiffed hair is sticking out in a few places. She's somewhere outside, having abandoned her room a long time ago. She is livid, and has been for a very long time.

If there's one thing Mystique knows, it's when someone's in her head. And someone's been in her goddamn head since yesterday. A few minutes, she can tolerate. She'll let it go. Maybe snap some necks for it, but she'll move on with her life. But hours upon hours of it? Unrelenting? Nothing but sadness and regret and so many other annoying emotions? Being forced to relive a memory she'd thought been forever buried has definitely done nothing to help her mood, so with this on top, she is not having it.

She breathes hard, teeth bared. ]

I know one of you is in my head. I don't know why, but I'm giving you ten minutes to get out. That should be enough time to give you a head start before I find you.

[ Whoever you are, she will look for you, she will find you, and she will kill you. Figuratively. Literally, if she can get away with it. ]

Your time starts now.

action )

[ Video ]

Feb. 16th, 2015 12:50 am
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[ She's been putting this off for a while, waffling on whether she wants to address Wonderland as a whole or not. Arguably, she doesn't even need anyone's help. She's had the golden scissors for a while now, she could turn human any time she wanted. But...she'd spoken with Gabriel a while back, and it had gotten to her, just a little. What if the scissors don't work?

So, here she is. Asking for help. Geez louise, this is uncomfortable. ]

Alright listen up everyone. I'm looking for anyone around here that knows a thing or two about magic. And I'm talking real magic here. If you can pull a rabbit out of a hat, well, that's all well and good, but it's not what I'm looking for and it won't really do me much good. I need the real deal, alright?

[  There's a pause after the first bit as she considers something. Favors don't exactly come cheap, she knows that. You have to give to get and all that, especially when asking for something important and life-changing. So; ]

I don't have much to offer in return, but hey, I'm pretty desperate. So if there's anything I can do for you while I'm here, then you better believe I'll do it. I just---need a little help, is all.
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[ What's that you may see there? Why, a bored-looking mutant! The communicator is perched on a nightstand and aimed at just the right angle to catch Mystique sitting on her bed in her full lizardy glory. She's not happy, if you must know.

Sure, she's no stranger to waking up in strange places, but after poking around on the network and getting the basic gist of things (i.e., she's screwed), she resigned herself to her fate and went to pick a room. But instead of quiet brooding, her device decided it was time for some amateur video action. How nice!

(She'll hate herself later. She likes to think she's the paragon of knowing technology. It's not supposed to get the best of her.)

So there she sits, observing her hand blandly. For a brief moment, nothing happens. Then a ripple spreads across her skin and it's a human hand. Then it's blue again. Next her arm is human. Blue again. Eventually, she's fully her human doppelganger. It's faint, but there's a small sigh of relief.

What's prison life if you can't do what you're best at?

Mystique lazily switches back to blue normalcy and gazes out of her window. Trapped, hmm? And in a mansion, of all places. She doesn't like trapped, seeing as she's yet to meet a trap she can't get out of. But! Sometimes there's nothing to do but accept the existence of people craftier than her. ]

Hmph. Touché.

10 | text

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( Lydia had waited a few days before saying anything just in case Allison had been somewhere else in the mansion, and now it was almost a week. It was usually a week when people disappeared, and although she knew some stayed out longer - she had - the last time Allison had disappeared it had been a week. But this time she wasn't back, and for some reason things felt very different )

Allison's gone. I know that she might still come back but most people come back by now.

( Not everyone disappears for a month. There have only been a few people that have been gone longer than a week. Too few to be hopeful that this might be the case, especially with what Allison has to go back to. That's what makes it worse, the fact that Lydia doesn't know if Allison can come back. Wonderland can bring you back from the dead here but what about when you died at home )

She's always been here while I have.

( And Lydia got extra time with her - time that she wouldn't have had if they'd been at home. At least Wonderland did one thing she couldn't hate )

If she'd known what she was going back to would it have helped?

( Everyone says that Wonderland makes you forget, but what if you remember on some level. Something a little more instinctual. Maybe things could change )
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Happy New Year’s Eve, Wonderland.

[ The Carlos broadcasting tonight is much different than the one from his last video. That past Carlos was frustrated, discouraged by his circumstances and lack of progress. But despite the very recent and horrifying Christmas, the present Carlos smiles easily into the camera. His time away from Wonderland was no more than a day or two, local time, but to him it had been much longer. There had been a war, a separation, and a lot of loneliness as well as discovery… but despite that (and maybe because of it), he’s come back more sure than before. More confident. Ready. ]

The symbolism of New Year’s Eve is really just that- it’s symbolic. It doesn’t really mean anything unless we give it meaning, right? That’s important. It’s up to us to lend meaning to things, because nothing has it intrinsically. The past, the future, or the right now that was the future and which is becoming the past faster than we can keep pace with- and this is ignoring the fact that time doesn’t really exist at all, and that I’m talking about applying a nonexistent concept of meaning to something that isn’t even real…

Anyway. Still. The New Year is supposed to be symbolic of change and Newton’s First Law of Motion, and I think we should take that to heart. Keep moving forward, Wonderland. Let’s not give up on learning what we can about this place, or about what this place even is. I know some of you have been here much longer than I have, and that must be hard for you. Believe me, I know how you feel.

But we can’t afford to stop whatever progress we’re making. I’ve already started recording what we do know about Wonderland, and I’m planning on leaving my observations in the library for public use. I encourage anyone else out there who is doing their own research to do the same. Wonderland has no books written about itself, so we should make them ourselves.

[ And that’s all he has to say to the general public. To his boyfriend goes a brief, private video featuring a Carlos that seems a little less sure and a lot more expectant. ]

Cecil? Are you still here?
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[Yes, the Once-ler had that dream too. No, he's not talking about it. It was just a dream, just a stupid, dumb, terrifying dream with a monster and the moon going out like a broken lightbulb and obviously none of it was real. Or at least, he doesn't want any of it to be real.

So, he's stress-knitting.

He's taken up one of the tea rooms for the day so that he has a little more space to work (plus it gets him out of his room, and that's probably a good thing). He's already got a colorful pile of completed things tossed on one of the chairs - scarfs, mittens, absolutely no thneeds. The Once-ler himself is sitting on the floor in front of one of the armchairs with his knees up, using the chair as a backrest as he knits. His piglet Boris is keeping him company, and he can be seen running around in a dark green pig-sized sweater.

So, uh. Since I'm knitting anyway and winter's coming up...does anyone want anything?

[And wow, he sure is knitting. Even while he talks, even while wearing his trademark green gloves, his needles move incredibly fast. He shrugs though, like offering to make people stuff for free isn't an enormous step forward for him.]

I mean, it's just something to do, and it's not like I have anything else to do with them.

[That's all he really wanted to say, because he's definitely not acknowledging that Jabberwocky dream. He leans forward a bit and uses the end of one of his knitting needles to jab at his network device until it shuts off. If anyone would rather meet up with him in person, he's in one of the tea rooms on the tenth floor with a small mountain of yarn.]

[ Video ]

Nov. 24th, 2014 07:17 pm
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[ First, there's only mumbling as Beatrice fumbles with the little palm pilot. She doesn't have hands, and while she could probably go get a bird-friendly version from her closet, she doesn't really know about that just yet. So she's just kind of stuck trying to operate an electrical device she knows nothing about. Which is great. Just great.

When she finally manages to get the thing working properly, and hops away from it to get a better look at the camera, it becomes evident fairly quickly that it's not a person, but a talking bluebird addressing the network. Which is probably not the strangest thing in wonderland, right? ]

Alright, so we're all stuck in a weird, creepy mansion with dumb talking boxes. I get it. It's fine, you know, it's not like I was doing anything important before this. [ Except she definitely was doing something important. Why does this stuff happen to her? She had vital, life changing business to take care of. Couldn't Wonderland have waited ten minutes before dragging her in? No? ]

But what I really don't get is, what's the point? Why go snag a bunch of losers, just to keep them cooped up like this? Seems a little kooky if you ask me, and I've seen a lot of weirdo things in my life. Seriously, people where I'm from? Yeah, they tend to have a few screws loose.

Now, I would ask for some directions and be on my way, but something tells me I'm not getting out of this one so easy. So what I want to know is this; What am I supposed to do while I wait around here for nothing? Because let me tell you, sitting around watching a bunch of bozos pick their noses sounds like torture.

Oh, and if any of you see a couple of kids wearing stupid hats, will you let me know? They're pretty hopeless on their own, and I was---helping them out, before I got here. [ She doesn't expect them to be here, she's searched the mansion from top to bottom already, but it doesn't hurt to ask anyway.  ]
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That was like having a really nasty flu. Except I wasn't throwing up my last meal; I was upchucking other things instead. [Ew. Wow, Eren. That's disgusting. Some conversationalist you are.]

...Sorry. Forget that last part. I didn't start this post to gross you out. Something's been bugging me, so I wanted to ask a question.

[Eren seems to be in his room, huddled up under the covers of his bed. There are heavy bags underneath his eyes, as well as the faint traces of long, red gashes running down his cheeks, left over from all of the shifting he'd been doing over the past several days. He should be sleeping it off right now, but as hard as he tries, he can't. There's too much on his mind for that.]

When Wonderland acts up and starts adding memories in your head... They're supposed to go away, after a while, right? Like a few weeks ago, when we all thought that we lived normal lives in a peaceful, little town - your head is supposed to go back to normal, after the incident ends, right?

My body's back to normal, so....

Does that mean that this memory is really mine?
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[ alayne stone wears simple cotton today, pale blue with a hint of silver. her hair is the same color catelyn stark's has been, deep auburn rather than the usual brown. she had not dyed it again yet. she looks worried, a familiar fear sitting there on her brow. however, when she speaks, her voice is clear and it doesn't shake. ]

Good people of Wonderland.

[ a pause ]

To those who have been so kind to me since my arrival, I offer my thanks; to those who have been kind to - her. catelyn stark, during the past week, I offer you my sincere gratitude as well. I fear I have awarded your kindness with a lie. It was not ill meant, I swear it. It was for my own safety and yet a lie it was.

[ she looks aside ]

Wonderland had mocked my mother's memory by giving me her name and making me forget all else. If it ever steals her memory from me, I want others to know of her. Lady Catelyn Stark had auburn hair and blue eyes.

[ exactly like herself ]

She was of house Tully and had married lord Eddard Stark she was a mother to Arya Stark who has been her before and Brandon Stark who has also been here once before. They are both gone, now.

[ for a moment, she almost looks angry ]

Her enemies had killed her and her eldest son Robb and Wonderland has mocked her memory, it gave me her name and it made forget.

[ a breath, small and shallow. ]

I am her eldest daughter. Lady Sansa Stark, sister to Arya and Bran. They are gone and I am the last of my House to be here. My Lady Aunt - Lyanna Stark, she has been here too. For those who have been kind and good to Arya, Bran and Lady Lyanna, I thank you, as their kin.

[ what to say even ]

I hope you shall find it in your hearts to forgive me. I will ask you to still call me Alayne when in company. In a private audience, you may call me as you will.
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[When the feed clicks on, the gardens are visible behind Regina. She'd debated doing this from a random room on a random floor, somewhere people couldn't find her if they were angry about the event, but it was a Wednesday. She's glad she took the chance to visit her father's grave while they were in the facsimile of Storybrooke. If she'd waited until Wednesday like she used to, she would have missed out. So no hiding in a room for fear of retribution, she's out in the gardens to honour her father's memory.]

Hello, Wonderland. [She swallows, a frown marring her face.] No doubt some of you know what the last event was, or at least that it was a small town in-- [... Oh. Weird. She can't think of the word, like there's a gap in her memory again.] For those of you that don't, it was Storybrooke. The home of quite a few of us here in Wonderland.

[There'd been a small explosion of their numbers, before it evened out a little. When she continues, her voice is level, almost flat. She's uneasy about admitting this, but others have explained when events were theirs, she could at least do the same. Besides, it isn't as if she regrets ever casting it in the first place, for Wonderland to take and twist it against them.]

It was created by a curse, the Dark Curse. [There's a brief pause, as she debates what to say next.] It was cast to punish someone, to ensure she never got her own happy ending. Everybody else was just collateral damage.

[Which isn't entirely true. Jefferson certainly wasn't, neither was Whale. ]

Almost everybody caught in the path of the curse had their memories, their lives, ripped away from them until they were barely recognisable. They had no goals, no dreams, no hope. They just... were.

[Which is as horrible as it sounds, but that's besides the point.]

Wonderland's version of Storybrooke wasn't entirely accurate, [Which is almost upsetting, the least it could've done was given her access to the full contents of her vault.] and while I can hope that extended to the false memories you were all given, we all know enough about Wonderland to know it would be a waste of time. [She shrugs, the corner of her mouth turning up into an unpleasant smile.] At least it was only 5 days.

['Instead of 28 years' is left unsaid, but those in the know will understand.]

For most of you, Storybrooke was just another event. You'll get over it.

[The broadcast ends shortly afterwards, though she doesn't bother to move from the gardens.]
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[Peter walks down the hallway not really knowing where he's headed. He doesn't want to be in his room but there's no where he wants to go. He's wandering aimlessly, hoping that none of his friends are around. As long as he avoids people then the music can't catch up to him. It's already happened to him before and he's not eager to see what other secrets he is about to spill.]

Cue the dark, brooding music... )
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This is- this is Eve- Evelyn, this is Evelyn O'Connell, I-I need-

[Many were applauding themselves for calling the Duchess on what could be nothing more than an elaborate bluff, a red herring meant to discombobulate them, send them all running in different directions. Fewer still were concerned with the lack of resolution, and with a three-year history of living in Wonderland Evelyn knew better than to grow complacent while those in power nursed their plans to a likely-explosive fruition. Her disappointment regarding her inability to solve the riddle - which Evelyn blamed a great deal on her own incompetence - was nigh palpable even after the event had passed and everyone returned to their respective sides.

Or so one had to hope, as some people had yet to communicate their safe homecoming. Evelyn's line of contact with Philip during the event had put aside any ill feelings from the impromptu (and decidedly awkward) meeting of her current affair, Will Graham, in favour of forcing their efforts into uncovering the secret location of the Vorpal Sword. Since then, he had not called.

It was easy to dismiss the reclusive behaviour based on precedent, but to see Philip's dog, Faraday, whining and snuffling about the library in search of a familiar scent (hers?) was cause for concern. One exhausting trek up to the fifth floor later and the animal pawed desperately at the door of a tearoom, and she could feel- no, she ached with the growing anxiety that sat like a heavy stone in the pit of her stomach.

...p-please, I need help, there's been...

[Beyond the threshold was an unholy mess of red, a body sprawled inelegantly and clutching its - his - communicator as if in a last-ditch attempt at contacting someone, anyone, for help. Evelyn did not need to turn the face to her, gazing lifelessly in the opposite direction, to determine the identity of the victim of what appeared to be an inordinately violent murder by stabbing.

She knew who it was.

I told him to be careful, he's lost- he's lost them- them all...if someone could-

[Which brings us to The Now™, a time when Evelyn can barely force out a plea for assistance over the network between sharp gasps for air in an effort to keep from crying. At some point her legs crumpled uselessly beneath her in the space between the door and Philip's body, the first one she has ever known in Wonderland to have lost the fifth life.]

I'm in the- the fifth floor tea room, Philip La- LaFresque has been- someone has murdered him, I need help.

[Her voice breaks on the last word.]

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[ it was bound to happen eventually, let's be honest. at least it's not embarrassing. it is, however, strangely endearing. for once, clarisse isn't being violent or abrasive or rude — she's just playing with her baby boar, who sports a red bandana around his neck. he hops through the grass next to a large pile of lumber, which happen to all be in the shape of fence posts. on top of the lumber are a number of books laying open, all in greek. hmm, i wonder what she could be up to.

she definitely wasn't intending to post this video. is it so hard to just record something for yourself? apparently.

she can't actually be seen, but she's smiling and (can it be?) laughing when polemos comes running up to her leg and snorts into the camera. ]
Okay, come here. [ she picks him up and he disappears from the frame for a moment as she puts him in her lap. she sets her phone on her leg and the view switches to show her face for a brief second until she leans over to grab one of the books from the pile of lumber, sticking it on top of the little boar in between her legs. he snorts again and scrambles out from under the book and clarisse laughs softly and shakes her head.

she's far too distracted by polemos hopping over to the pile of lumber and grunting at it, watching his little nose sniff away, to realize that the video is still going. her face comes back into focus as she glances down at the book, entitled carpentry for dummies. she doesn't feel any less dumb than when she started, honestly. she sighs, defeated and frustrated. she doesn't need to know how to cut lumber or how to sand it — the magic of wonderland closets already did that for her. she just wants to know how to build a fucking fence. ugh. she sighs heavily and then tosses the book behind her. ]
I have no idea what I'm doing. [ whatever would have been the next thing she said if she were actually talking to anyone, but... well, she's not. not really. instead, she gets up, knocking her phone off her leg without realizing it. it plants itself facedown in the grass while clarisse runs to catch polemos from getting too far away.

she'll come back with a pig in her arms and wonder why people are talking to her. thanks a lot, wonderland. she'll be by the stables with her pile of lumber and her favorite boar, so feel free to come harass her as well. ]


Aug. 24th, 2014 04:42 pm
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[Just a quick message from the Once-ler this time - he's outside, and it's warm enough that he's removed his trademark pin-stripe green coat and gloves. Before he says anything though, he looks around and then behind him, as if he expects something to happen all of a sudden.]

So, uh. Last week that cat...thing...came out and talked about rivers or whatever. Usually when they come out that means an event's coming, right? Not that I want one, but...

[It's times like this when he misses swimming in denial all the time. Something feels distinctly wrong about this, and he really wants to ignore it, but he's got a stupid conscience now that says it's probably not the right thing to do.]

...Uh, what I'm getting at is, shouldn't an event have evented by now? It's kinda weird that it hasn't, right? Has anything weird happened to anyone?

[Maybe it's one of those ones that doesn't effect everyone, but it still seems...quiet, for an event.]
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Considering that it's obvious that not everyone is from the same type of place, and about half of everyone here didn't know about any kind of magic before getting here- ( It's okay, neither did she ) -it would be interesting to know exactly what there is, and what's possible in worlds. When things get brought here knowing about it first could be useful.

And before anyone asks, no- it's not going personal. I don't care whether you're part of any of the questions just what you already knew and what's possible. It's from a science perspective.

( Which she will tell you about if you actually ask because no many people care about Wonderland physics )

Where are you from?
When are you from?
Did you already know about:
    Supernatural creatures? ( e.g. nazi vampires )
    Other non-human things? ( e.g. gods )
    Resurrecting the dead?
    Reality altering?
    Alternate/pocket dimensions?
    Something 'unusual' not specified?
( Yes, half of that list is also magic related but specific can be very helpful )

So fill it out. And yes, giving examples would actually be helpful. Any questions?


Jul. 24th, 2014 03:07 pm
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Uh. ...Hey.

[The Once-ler is on the screen, awkward as ever. Though, he seems considerably better than he did the last time he spoke on the network. He's had more time to adjust to Wonderland, and to being around people again - to being around people that either don't know about the horrible things he did at home or have actually forgiven him, which is unfathomable thought to the Once-ler.

But he's on the network now and he has a bunch of...colorful, furry, knit things in his arms. Bright red and pink and orange and yellow and purple. One of the sleeves is being tugged by a mischievous little pig off screen. The Once-ler seems pretty uncomfortable though, and it has nothing to do with what Boris is doing.

So, um. I've been meaning to do this for like, ages, but I just...I dunno. I misplaced the words, I guess.

[He shrugs, and shifts so he can hold out one of the knit things so people can actually see what it looks like.]

This is a Thneed. [Normally this is followed by a long pitch or a song but noticeably there's nothing like that accompanying it.] I was...I sold them here a while back, but I'm done with that. I don't want them anymore. I was gonna just chuck them out, but...thought I'd ask around, see if anybody wanted one. Otherwise, they've gotta go.

[The truth is, he can't stand looking at them anymore. He's keeping one for a sadistic sort of sentimental value, but he needs to just get rid of the others before he drives himself crazy.]

They're actually kind of cool - they can do pretty much anything you want. [It's a weak pitch though. His heart's not in it the way it used to be.] So...if anyone wants one, I've got a whole bunch of them. No charge.

[He ends the feed with that note. He'll be up in his room for once (Tenth Floor, room 398) and any Thneeds that aren't claimed will be left around the mansion in random places where anyone can take them, like hanging from chandeliers or keeping suits of armor warm. Anywhere, as long as the surplus of them is out of his room.]

05 | video

Jun. 30th, 2014 08:56 am
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It seems that Scott was right putting a vets here. First we get an invasion of piglets and now there are dogs everywhere.

( Although guess which one Lydia doesn't mind so much though. In the background of the video there are definitely a couple of puppies running around and-

-oh. One jumps up on Lydia and knocks her hand that the video's in. It goes wonky for a moment before she corrects it, and starts scratching the puppy's head )

And since some of you have obviously never seen a dog before- ( She's talking about you Samandriel and 'what is dog food?' ) -you should probably go and see him. Don't keep a dog if you don't know what you're doing.

( Lydia on the other hand... might be thinking about keeping some )

And Allison? How many dogs can I keep before you tell me to get my own room?

( Kidding. Maybe. She's not going to go that overboard. Maybe )
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[Cecil's short broadcast is accompanied by barking, yipping, meowing, hissing, and the occasional fox scream.]

Ugh, so, I wasn't sure at first, but I'm starting to think this event might be mine. At least the dog part--I'm not sure about what's going on with the colors? Feels a bit like my vision is going funny, but I don't know. Judging by people's reactions, though, I'm guessing puppy, aren't as common outside of Night Vale. We tend to get one or two really bad ones once a year back home. I swear, they're worse than cockroaches or feral chickens! At least cockroaches are clean.

[There's a loud yowl from nearby and Cecil's voice gets distant for a moment, as if he's stepped away from the mic.]

I know, Sleipnir, it's terrible, but I'll get rid of them soon, I promise. Just--hey, don't chew that!

[There's a scuffing sound and a clatter and then more barking.]

Anyway, I'm sorry about all this. I don't suppose this place has a pest control service, huh?
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[ alayne is always nervous and fidgety when speaking through her looking mirror as she calls it; but today there is an extra frown on her brow that betrays her concern.

her manners, however, are as splendid as ever; she tidies down the blue silks she has found in her wardrobe and dips her head in greeting. ]

Good people of Wonderland,

[ the manners are there but her voice betrays a hint of urgency ]

There are those among you who have made by acquaintance. I seek those who have come to my aid before, those who I have met and have come to know in the duration of my stay in our Mansion. I have a request to make of you; I will be -- endlessly grateful if you shall hear my words, though I have little to offer you in return.

[ and she doesn't like this; does not like to ask for something she cannot repay for but she has little choice in this manner. ]

-- thank you.


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