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In the wake of our most recent event and regarding the fate of those who lose their fifth life, I would like to propose a new series of data collection on mansion residents. It is my opinion that the instatement of a “death watch” - that is, an archival record of extant resident deaths that have occurred - should be created and maintained, and would serve as a valuable resource for the protection of those who are at risk.

[This is the difficult part: persuading people to share this sort of thing about themselves, knowing what it does to others and how it can hurt, is no easy task. She believed as much when she first spoke with Shepard on the subject, and believes the same now. Evelyn herself does not like to offer personal information unless asked, but knows the burden of carrying that suffering on one's own and how easily an environment can fall to fear.]

I understand that this is very private, very personal information. I understand it is traumatic, and not something that many people want to share. Therefore it is incumbent upon me to stress the critical severity of this situation, and assure you that you are not alone.

I myself have lost four lives here.

In disclosing as much, I hope that others can be swayed to believe in the efficacy of this database, and would urge residents to volunteer their respective death tolls to build the record. Residents who submit information to the watch on their numbers may do so to me privately, if there is concern about embarrassment or persecution from peers.

[It is a valid concern, and one which she has agonised over.]

Commander Shepard’s confirmation from the Queen of Hearts that those who are remade after their last demise are conscripted as spies is extremely troubling. Regardless of the veracity of the information given its source, we as unwilling residents do not have the luxury of allowing for that liability. For those concerned about their safety, I will be actively working with the commander, who is well-equipped to establish and manage security procedures once the record has been transcribed and analysed. This is a living document, and is expected to require additions over time.

I am aware that this is a drastic measure, but a measure worth taking. Please feel free to direct all responses and queries to myself and Commander Shepard.

[OOC NOTE: I realize this is a hot button issue as has generated a lot of replies, which is great! In order to keep myself sane, I'm going to have to cut it off here and request that no one else respond in this post. Messaging Evelyn's inbox is cool if you want to drop a line there instead, but replies will be slower there.

Anyone who did not get to respond in here before the cut-off, I'd really like you to at least drop a comment HERE if you believe your character would still share their information with her. Thank you for understanding!

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Oct. 1st, 2017 09:07 pm
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[He's grown accustomed to the network over the last few months. Usually, he stays up in bed at night and reads through the posts (when his mom doesn't notice), but hardly ever responds to what everyone is saying. They're either boring or about something he isn't equipped to handle. Tonight, though, he has a few questions that he hopes someone might answer.]

Say you know an adult. Two adults. One is close to you and the other isn't. The second adult is their friend.

[Yes, that's good enough.]

The second adult, the one you're not as close to, is always around. Treats the adult you are close to differently. And the first adult kissed the second on the cheek once.

What's going on and what should I do?
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How can you tell when someone's really gone versus when this place is just messing with you?

[ and then, in a separate VIDEO post... ]

I received this picture in one of those digital frames. It's no one I know or recognize, so I figure it must belong to someone here. So, if someone near and dear to you isn't, um...

[ She looks down, trying to figure out how to phrase this. ]

Exactly human? Or of Earth. It's probably yours.
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Relity sucks.
For everyone. Not just you.
Its a rule or something. No ones got it easy. Especially around here.

Do yourself a favor and leave the tears and glowing bullshit alone.
Nothing goods ever open 24/7, kids.
Just legs and gas stations
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Gonna head t' the caves t'day, so-- [He pauses, and there's a small 'clunk' off-screen as he tosses something into a bag by his feet.] So, if y've ever wanted t' check it out but didn't wanna go alone, here's a chance.

[There's a bark and the camera swivels to put a dog in view. Said dog wags its tail and sniffs at a rucksack with interest.]

He's comin' too. Jus' gimme a heads up, 'll be at the entrance in a half hour.



[If anyone wants to meet him there, he'll be there a good ten minutes checking through his pack and making sure he has everything he needs - just in case.

After that, he'll be in the caves themselves, exploring the passages and leaving small marks on the walls as he goes. At least once, he finds his way to a large, open cavern, and whistles softly to himself before quietly smiling as if recalling a distant memory. The hour following will be spent free-climbing the walls, leaving the dog on the cavern floor with his bag, with exploration resuming after he decides that his hands have had enough.

All in all, he's down there for several hours.

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Aug. 17th, 2017 10:40 pm
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i thought i would give this a try, but who put the letters in this order

is it like this in the future, you lot changed the order of the letters

why would you do that

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Aug. 14th, 2017 10:36 am
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[Alex had fallen asleep on the airship, curled up at the back and tucked between his Mom and Dad - Uncle Jon snoring somewhere by his feet. The sun had just set over a sandy horizon and Izzy had them on a smooth course back home, relatively smooth anyway. He can't help that it'd only been minutes after sitting down that he'd gone to sleep, the last few days had been tiring and he was comfortable settled in the middle of his family. It had been nice. Which makes the sudden transition from comfortably sprawled across two adults to falling into water that much more jarring.

He surfaces, gasping for air and flailing for a few moments before realizing that he's not far from a beach. He swims until he can stand and then he hits his knees, catching his breath. From here, he doesn't recognize anything. The sky above or the ground below and when he calls out for his parents, for his uncle, nobody answers him. Concern lodges in his throat, shoulders hunching up around his ears as water laps over the backs of his shoes. There's a dock with a few small boats nearby, palm trees, beach chairs, and umbrellas bigger than him stuck into the ground. That, as quickly as fear had swept through him, just as swiftly puts him a little bit at ease. There are people here. Somewhere. All he has to do is find them. Standing, he kicks off his shoes and dumps the water out of them, leaving them on the beach. The further he walks, the more he can see - an orchard to his right and a big house to the north. His parents are probably there and, even though something doesn't seem right, they can explain what's going on. Then they can go home. ( He hasn't been to the museum in ages and there's a new exhibit he wants to see. ) There's nobody outside but he knocks, then pushes it open because he's eight, for Christ's sake and he can't be blamed for forgetting his manners in an emergency.]

Mom? Dad? [A pause.] Uncle Jon? This isn't funny.

[He slips as he walks inside, eyes wide and mouth falling open as he stares up at the skylight. Alex doesn't move from that spot, not at first, head tipped back in awe, and when he does speak, it's a soft sound. Barely even a audible as he glances around.]


[Alex has never used a phone before but after opening a few doors and looking around, he finds a seat and plays with it. He hits enough buttons that, on his eighth or ninth try, he's able to post to all of Wonderland.]

I'm looking for my parents, my Mom and Dad. My Uncle Jon, too. [There's a rustling sound as he drops and picks the phone back up, mumbling under his breath that the sucker weighs a goddang ton.] And Izzy. I was just with them and now I'm here.

Yeah, yeah, I already heard the part where this place is like something out of Carroll's book, but that's crazy.

[He's read the story, but it's only a story right? But then, he's seen a mummy come back to life so maybe it isn't that crazy. The pamphlet, which is now folded and tucked into his jacket pocket, had been helpful - the author's name had been skipped in his rush to read it.]

If anyone can help me, I'm sure my parents will be grateful to have me back.

[His voice fades out then comes back in louder than before.]

Oh, I'm Alex. Alex O'Connell.

[The feed ends after a few minutes of silence.]


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