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[The feed begins with Aang knocking on Katara's door, a bouquet of wildflowers he had woken up early to gather hidden behind his back.]

Katara? You there?

[He knocks again - there's no answer.]

Um, I'm coming in! So, uh, I apologize if-

[His voice cuts off as he opens the door to find no one there. The small bird Aang had given her chirps "Hello, sweetie!" when he enters.]


[The feed cuts to black, starting up again periodically to show Aang looking around the mansion and its grounds, calling for Katara. There is no answer, and he won't find her...she's gone home.

[The feed finally cuts to him standing in the checkerboard fields, mixed emotions on his face.]

I can't believe it...first Sokka, now Katara. I know I shouldn't be upset. She's home now, she's safer there, and it's a relief, it really is, but...

[Tears well up in his eyes. He sniffs, rubbing them away furiously, his tattoos glowing slightly as he becomes more upset.]

I never got to tell her how much I really love her. I never got to really show her that I want to become a man worthy of her affection someday. I just...

[He lets out a frustrated cry. His eyes are starting to glow now, and his voice is changing. Aang's starting to go into the Avatar state.]

...I just wanted a chance for us to be happy!!! Is that too much to ask for????

[ooc; Feel free to try and cheer up/calm down/irritate an avatar state!aang.]
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[The feed begins with Pinkie waving excitedly at the camera. She's wearing a glittery fuchsia dress and a monocle. That's how serious this business is, guys.]

Hey, everypony and everyhuman and everybeing! Get your bestest clothes on because it's super fancy and official Award Ceremony time tonight! Come to the dining room when you're ready.

[She's literally bouncing with excitement. She clicks the video off and waits for the guests in the dining room that she's completely taken over.

There are silvery streamers and balloons spaced around the walls. The parts of the tables which aren't covered in food (each silver platter of which is tiny and delicious and, above all, fancy) have glitter almost completely coating the white tablecloths. Somehow, the closets provided balloons that bob around the room at arm's height, each lifting a small tray of sparkling drinks in ever so fancy champagne flutes. Who knows what the drinks actually are - Pinkie certainly didn't bother to specify.

But most important of all is the long table at the back of the room covered in trophies. Click here for the list of awards.]

{OOC note: anyone not on the list can still get one! Just PM me or AIM me or ask Pinkie for one.}
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[If she looks bedraggled, it's probably because she's dealt with quite a bit thus far during the event, and isn't having the best time. It could be worse, but it could certainly be better.]

I don't know how many people here have- have changed, but is there anyone who can remember being their very own self?

[She stops walking briskly long enough to tuck a lock of hair behind one ear, chest heaving, pausing outside the mansion to lean against the rough-cut stone wall. A few speckles of red are spattered across one sleeve - an unfortunate encounter with something she'll look up later, something called Compsognathus - a cut scrapes over her cheekbone, as well.

Dinosaurs. Very real, very dangerous dinosaurs in the forest. And a desert off to the east, one she's certain she doesn't want to venture into, not without a camel and a guide.

Anyone who remembers me?
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[ If one is observant enough, they may catch a glimpse of a thief on the run. A good look at the suspect would reveal a rather charming rogue the shade of red dappled in white and black. He roams the hallways with caution and has even been known to try to sneak into a room or two, but somehow the kitchen remains an elusive endeavor to him despite all his attempts.

To those who have anything of value on them, gold in particular, it might be a good idea to keep a close eye on it. This particular creature seems to have a penchant for acquiring new trinkets and stashing them around the mansion.

[Last leg of the event! If you'd like to create a scenario where something of your character's has been filched, go right ahead! Otherwise this guy will just be wandering around looking for food or protecting his stash of shiny things. :}]
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[ On the morning of the seventh of April your network will be blessed with an accidental transmission in a lovely female voice that, sadly, offers an angry rant which is really not even remotely lovely or ladylike at all. ]

...isn't any other explanation, a massive 'how to screw with me'-themed bingo, that's what this is, every-- I'm not going to squeeze them, stop asking... how am I even supposed to wear th--ow! [ @*#$%^☠&!! ] -zipper!

[ The voice will gradually grow more resigned and eventually walk out of hearing range, shortly after which the transmission will cut off anyway. ]


[ Philip will spend the next three days (04/07 - 04/09) persistently attempting to ignore this event, frequently nursing a headache in the Japanese gardens around the mansion and occasionally shooting zombie monsters on the seventh floor.

Run into him anywhere or anytime you like. ]

Full event description for your convenience. )
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This is actually not the first time Alex has woken up and found that Wonderland's switched him to another species. Wow, he is beyond sick of this place.

He kind of wants to turn on his communicator and see who else has transformed and what into. Assuming they have, because this whole stupid event is already patchworky and god Wonderland's probably falling apart or something knowing his luck.

Anyway, he kind of wants to turn on his communicator, but:

(a) his visions is this fog of blue and grey and yellow (actually he thought that dogs saw in black and white, so two colours more than that is an improvement, but it's still a serious downgrade from the human spectrum)
(b) he can't exactly put his glasses on, and he's pretty sure he isn't usually this shortsighted even without them
(c) he has no fingers and especially no thumbs

...so his determined attempts only result in


his fuzzy German Shepherd face being broadcast all over the mansion as he paws fruitlessly at the keys to get some kind of control over the machine.

Damn it.

He resigns himself to staying in the his room until he's got all his senses figured out, or at least until he stops wanting to scent mark everything. But that's before he realises that he can't use the human toilet.

Oh my god he was starting to enjoy some things about being a dog and now THIS.

So he


slinks out of whichever non-Japanese-classroom room he's adopted, and navigates his way downstairs -- which is a wild ride for a quadruped -- and outside. If he has to go potty like a dog he will do it like a house-trained one thank you very much.

And yes, he's very very very aware that he's technically running around naked, thanks.

Alex kinda hopes the forest will afford him some privacy; it may also offer him monsters and shit but what else is new. So If you've never seen a large dog peer about awkwardly, then disappear behind some trees to pee while preserving its dignity, now's your chance!

[ ooc: takes place on the first day of the first third of the second section of the event (wow what a naturally understandable sentence). tag either or both bits, but please let me know which when you do! c: ]
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[Pinkie Pie keeps a good supply of cupcakes in her room for snacks, bursts of energy and because cupcakes are delicious. She wakes up, decides it's time for her early-morning cupcake, and trots over to the pile. She picks one up and throws it in her mouth. Somehow, she misses and it winds up on the floor. What a waste of a cupcake! She'll be more careful with the next one. But even though she's sure she shoved it right into her mouth, it splatters on the floor.

She rinses and repeats this process until the plate of cupcakes on the table is now a mushed pile of former-cupcakes on the floor. She finally decides that it's time to have a look in the mirror to see if she's developed a hole in her mouth overnight.

Luckily, her face is completely intact. Unluckily, it's also translucent. She can see right through herself. Which means that she must be a ghost. She jumps in the air and screams. She's a real life (real dead?) ghost! But hey, now she's hovering in the air! And now she's bouncing through the air! This is great fun! She should probably be sad about this new development - and she might well be, once the implications really kick in - but there's more important things to do first. Like haunting people.

So she starts charging around the mansion, freed from those niggling restraints like walls and gravity (not that she ever paid that much attention to the latter), making spooky noises all the while.]

{OOC note: She'll definitely be running into poor Jonathan Carnahan's room, but she will happily haunt anyone and everyone who posts. <3}
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[Waking up in a changed Wonderland isn't unusual. It seems to happen on a schedule that he can keep decent track of, now, and it's usually nothing he can't handle.

Except for today.

It is true karmic backlash - payment, perhaps, for his strong distrust of women - that Comte Olivier d'Athos de La Fère should wake up wearing too-large breeches that do not fit this much more slender frame, that his hair should fall down his back rather than halt at his shoulders, that his voice comes out light of pitch and oh mon Dieu what did I do to deserve this?

You may see him wandering the halls disconsolately, dear residents, or testing himself with the sword that does not choose to agree with his new body.

Athos can only hope that this isn't permanent, or he'll never hear the end of it.
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[The feed opens to Sokka picking at his teeth with a machete. Nevermind that it's quite clearly a sai in the icon. It's a miracle how he hasn't cut his gums yet! Then again, what kind of warrior would he be if that happened? Come on, real men shave their faces and and the sides of their head with a machete! Speaking of which, yes, he has his wondrous wolf tail back, shaved sides and all. It was getting way, way too shaggy. He also apparently has the communicator propped up, otherwise it would be waving along with his free hand.]

...I can't believe I'm saying this after an event, but I really need something exciting to do.

[Maybe if Sokka weren't from a war ravaged world, he'd realize just how suspicious this sounds, but to him, it's just an ordinary question. Come on, who doesn't like being prepared? Plus, an event is kind of coming up soon, if his new schedule's right!]

And that brings me to this: how many swordbenders do we have here?

[That wasn't a nod to Dave, although, he does glance over to his space sword hanging on the wall. Ah, space sword, you miraculous meterority masterpiece, you might soon get your use in Wonderland.]

Because I was thinking, it'd be nice to have a good old-fashioned swordbending match. You know, slightly for training and slightly for fun. Is anybody in?


Mar. 19th, 2012 04:14 pm
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[ His voice isn't usually quite this raised when speaking aloud, attribute it to a little bit of whiskey and being quite literally fresh off a flaming ship with plenty of people yelling and screaming. An echoing of the area he's in doesn't help much either. The signal drops in and out at first, incoherent mumbling, before it finally stabilizes. Judging by the sound of rustling clothes, he's carrying the comm unit quite closely.. ]

I say, this doesn't look like the upper deck. Looks very much like a...gymnasium or a pool. What sort of rust bucket of a boat has that?

[ Drunk or not, he's highly skeptical of the new surroundings. There is a quiet period of assessment, then... ]

In fact, I don't believe we're even on the river anymore.

[ By the sound of it, he has taken notice of the unit now and its activity. As unusual as it may be, and can make his own share of assumptions as to what its used for. ]

Hello, there? I don't suppose anyone is out there or has seen an octagonal box around here? It's an old family heirloom you see.

[ Would anyone buy that? ]

...Very old.


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