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[If Cami looks somehow less than pleased when she starts the video feed, it's because she is. Whatever happened to Wonderland overnight has already been aggravating enough in terms of the missing kitchen and dining room (and subsequently, breakfast), but she could at least count on the coffeemaker in her office to for her morning fix.

Until she discovers that apparently, the three rooms have run off together to indulge in an illicit affair, leaving her high, dry, and uncaffeinated.]

I'm not sure if this is supposed to be another event, since there hasn't been an announcement yet again, but my office is gone, along with the kitchen and the dining room. [She pans the camera to the utterly undecorated room before turning it back towards herself. Don't be fooled by the grin, Wonderland: this is not the picture of a happy therapist.]

So for anyone looking for the therapy office normally located on the sixth floor? You're not alone! [She huffs out a sigh, dropping the sarcasm in favor of seriousness.] Just--reply to this if you need to see me, and we'll figure out some place to meet. In the meantime, I'm going to be looking for coffee and any trace of my missing practice. Also possibly the bar just to make sure it's still there for all our sakes.

[And with that, the feed cuts out. She's serious about the search, however. There's a lot of effort that's gone into the practice so far, and more importantly, a number of confidential files she'd like to get back before anyone else has a chance to go peeking. The problem is knowing where to start in an infinitely large mansion that frequently violates any known rules of reality, which is why her first stop is the coffee shop on the first floor.

This is not going to be a problem she addresses without some sort of brew in her system.

As it turns out, there's another bonus to the addiction; only a few doors down from the coffee place is a familiar sight, but only to people from her version of New Orleans. Thinking it's just the closest empty room, Cami walks in only to discover a scene straight from her past: the interior of an old, historic church. St. Anne's, a place Cami hasn't seen in monthsthe sight of which now has her stopping cold just beyond the open door. Yet it isn't exactly as she remembers it, at least not from that last visit. No, this variation seems to have come with all the bloodstains that had been left for months after her brother's tragic end. Even in the dim lighting the deep red stands out, an unwanted reminder from home that promises Cami won't be going anywhere for awhile yet.

No, once she gets past the shock, she'll do what her uncle had done back home: slowly work on restoring the church to what it once was, despite knowing that it can never be that place again.]


Jul. 7th, 2015 05:57 pm
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[ Bruce comes on the screen with the lab behind him. He looks like he's been working there for a while and only sort of managed to clean himself up afterwards. ]

Hi. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Dr. Bruce Banner. I have a few, uh, science inquiries I wanted to bring to the greater population of Wonderland.

First, I have a personal safety project and I would consider it a personal favor if anyone with a background in science or engineering would be willing to talk with me and maybe lend me some of their time and knowledge.

More broadly, I'm really interested in trying to understand the science behind what a lot of us recognize as magic. If anyone who has magical knowledge or abilities would be interested in helping me out, all I want to do is ask some questions and maybe take a few readings while magic is performed or functioning or whatever you want to call it. If labs make you uncomfortable, we can do it somewhere else. Otherwise, please feel free to drop by the lab in the basement. I usually leave the door open unless I'm working with something sensitive.

[ He pulls a face, tight and a little irritated. ]

And on a personal note, if you knew me before I left Wonderland and came back without any memories of it, feel free to let me know... I don't now... Nowish. I'd love to just get the rest of that out of the way. Thanks.

[ OOC: The personal project is finding a safety measure for Hulk, in case anyone would like to get involved with that. We can handwave a conversation about that if you'd prefer. Just get in touch with me. ]

Video 006

Jul. 5th, 2015 04:21 pm
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[The video clicks on to just Billy's face and he moves the camera back quickly because no one wants to see him that close up. He's sitting on a couch in a room with book shelves behind him and he smiles awkwardly at the camera.]

Err. Hi. So. I had been thinking recently, what with all the stuff this place has been throwing at us and everything, maybe it was time to have a place for the people who come from worlds with magic who can use it or even who want to learn to study or train. We have a fitness room, and a training center but no magic studies room. So uh, I made one.

[He pans the camera around the show everyone the room, before the camera comes back to his face.]

Its not much yet, but I was hoping that anyone who is interested would come and contribute what they know from their worlds. A place we can meet and teach each other or just hang out and discuss whatever. Its on the first floor next to the training center. I'll be here for a while but anyone is free to stop by whenever.

[There really wasn't much else to say so he shot the camera another grin before turning the video off.]

{OOC: video, text, voice or action welcome}
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[ As per usual, the young queen addresses the network with composure and a touch of agitation, dressed to impress and with Aeryn the tiny dragon at her side. While she sits still and upright, he fidgets, scratching at the hardwood of her seat, cawing into the air. ]

Months and months ago, I sent out a plea for a tutor in swordsmanship, archery, magic... to find a way to defend myself. Without my armies and Queensguard, I have no one but myself to ensure my safety. Many of those who volunteered their expertise are long gone and I do not feel prepared to face such things as we have seen of late.

[ She clears her throat lightly. ]

I know more of these... technologies, too, but not enough. There are yet devices in this mansion that seem incredible to me. Again, I will take instruction in weaponry or in the workings of the modern world as they were not seem to at my first request.

I may be young, but I am no fool. What we call "peace" in Wonderland is a mummer's farce.
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[ Kol looks tired, unimpressed even as he addresses the network. ]

I'm well aware there are quite a few spooks here, things that go bump in the night. I'm looking for one of you that's got mental abilities - compulsion, mind bending, whathaveyou. [ He waves a hand uninterested in semantics. ] I'll make it worth your while. [ What does that even mean....? ]

And if you're a vampire, don't flatter yourself, you're not strong enough to poke around in me head.

[ With that he ends the feed. ]
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[ Elijah’s device comes to life for all of Wonderland to see. This time he’s not alone. He appears to be seated in the tea room with a certain witch and Mikaelson. One that he quite recently got into a little family squabble with. Just another day in the life of the Mikaelson family. It’s a miracle if they’re not fighting. Or perhaps something is very wrong. ]

It is with great sympathy that I announce to any and all who knew him that Niklaus Mikaelson has returned home. To be with my recently departed sister I hope.

[ And Hope. He won’t say that part verbally though. Hope’s still a bit of a secret. Something Elijah will kill to protect. ]

At least I hope he’s returned home. If someone’s done something to him--[ He shifts and clears his throat. ]--this is not a battle you want to start. [ Talking to you Dean Winchester. ]

What my brother means to say, [ Kol begins, easily enough once Elijah finishes. ] is that if either of us learn that this was some sort of attack on our dear brother, I won’t hesitate to hand you over to me brother here in a handbasket, as a nice tasty snack. [ Seriously, vampires are kinda gross, man.

Despite the seeming alliance with his eldest brother, Kol looks tense, and downright agitated - whether he’s as bothered by Nik’s disappearance as Elijah is or if he’s just bothered to be near Elijah, well, that’s anyone’s guess.
] Or I might just finish what I’ve started if you’re a certain hunter. [ Because GOD DAMN IT CAMI. But he had better things to do than hunt down errant hunters, and honestly Klaus made enemies by the second; he didn’t have time for them, not when he was trying to figure out how to soothe Davina’s nerves on the matter of Angelus.

The Mikaelson witch shook his head before turning his unimpressed gaze back to Elijah. He’s played nice, threatened the locals, can he go back to his girl now?

Must you? [ Elijah’s attention turns from Kol to the device. Don’t spread it around that Elijah eats people for fun. Any lives he takes have a reason behind the attack. ] I don’t drink from the vein, but if I suspect you had anything to do with my brother’s disappearance I will handle you accordingly. [ Which means he might just tear out your heart or just bat your head off. Whatever feels appropriate for the situation. Elijah gives a cordial smile before he nods his head. ] That’s all I have to say on the matter. Have a lovely evening.

[ ooc: the brother's will be responding accordingly. if you want a specific one make sure to designate in the title. otherwise it's possible you'll just get both. ]


May. 11th, 2015 11:18 pm
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[Here's Hayley in a video feed, looking extremely annoyed. This is not how she wanted to continue her day .... at ALL. She tucks a strand of hair behind her ear and with a loud and annoyed sigh, gets right into it so she can get to her point and get out of here. Hopefully. She is in a mood about this -- sorry, Wonderland. Among other things happening back home, she's recently been reunited with her daughter after several months, and she's quite eager to get back home to her.]

Hi. [A beat.] I have no idea who or what I'm addressing, but here goes. I'm Hayley, and I'll be playing the role of Captain Obvious for a second here. Last I checked, I was definitely in New Orleans. This? Is definitely not New Orleans -- I can tell that much already. So, with my role of Captain Obvious now over, who can tell me the quickest way out of this lovely place [ -- yep, that's sarcasm -- ] so I can go back and be with family and friends? [She has yet to discover that most of them are already here, whoops.] Thanks in advance.

[That's it, that's the video.]


May. 11th, 2015 01:43 pm
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[Jefferson toys with the idea of publicly announcing his arrival for a long while. He had lived too long a hermit outside the fringes of Storybrooke society, and the idea of rejoining the thriving masses does not sound very appealing to him. Besides, there are other dangers to consider. Would the Queen of Hearts still be looking for him? Is the same Queen even in regency? He knows full well that nothing ever remains the same in Wonderland, and to expect the same as when he was here before would be absurd. He finally decides it is worth the risk.

How could he flush out his target without causing some sort of stir?

The video begins with Jefferson facing the camera directly, hands folded calmly in front of him and a darkened room behind him. He smiles easily, but there's something a little nervous in his demeanor. As far as anyone knows, he is new to Wonderland after all. A certain amount of uncertainty is to be expected. Little does anyone suspect how much time this man has spent in this nonsensical place. Or, at least, a fair facsimile thereof.]

Greetings, residents of Wonderland. It is my pleasure to make your acquaintance. My name is Jefferson, and I am a merchant by trade. Mostly rare fungi, but occasionally I dabble in trinkets... and hats. [He pulls a black silk hat into view of the camera briefly to illustrate his point.] I seem to have lost something of mine, and I wonder if any of you have seen it. It's about the size a breadbox. Cylindrical. Soft. Shabby-looking, I'm afraid, but very sturdy. If you feel you have found it, please contact me. I would hate for my something to cause a problem for anyone, so the sooner it can be back in my hands, the better.

[The smiles comes back, a little wider and more confident.]

And now Wonderland, I must ask you a very important question....

How do you take your tea?
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[Unlike last time, Zelena's not being accidentally filmed again. This is completely intentional today, and wow is she mad.]

Do you really think stealing from me is going to work? Because it won't. All you've done is give me a reason to start searching Wonderland for what I've lost. So instead of leaving the rest of you alone like I'd planned, you can thank whichever thief is among you for what comes next. And believe me, you'll be wishing you could be rid of me something so simple as a bucket of water.

[That's right, it's not her fault. It's Michonne's fault. Blame her if someone gets turned into a monkey or set on fire.]

Unless of course, they'd like to personally come forward and make up for their incredibly poor decision making.


And don't think whoever told them about it is getting off easy either, I'll be having a chat with them as well.

[It's a fairly small list of people who could've told someone about the courage totem, and she controls two of them, so she doesn't see this taking too long.]
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[Oh, he looks so enthused to do this when the feed opens, but his expression gently takes on a more welcoming and charismatic visage.]

I am Loki, no longer one-of-a-kind here in Wonderland. Many of you know me as the villain, monster, God of Lies, but you should all know by now that I possess a deal of magical ability. I specialise in illusions and deception, however I am not shy to offensive and defensive magics.

[He gives that a moment to sink in and decides to continue. Now was as good a time as any with Captain Criticism briefly out of the picture to cast his judgement on Loki's actions.]

I am also aware that there are some of you here with, at the very least, an inkling of magical ability. It got out some time ago that I was secretly training young Kaplan in the development of his abilities, and while I do not have the desire to extend such extensive treatment to others, I will however offer basic training to aid those of you with the gift in its development. Be it setting you down the right path to learning your abilities or providing a training target for you to cast more powerful spells without the fear of injuring others, I may as well assist you. This is not out of sheer kindness, for those of you fearing ulterior motives. I may as well admit that it is out of self preservation. The more able magic users we have here to defend ourselves against threats, the more likely we are to succeed should... certain creatures resurface.

We have many such residents offering combative training, but few offering magical aid and I thought it was high time we correct this err.

[He managed to give an entire speech without a single lie. Half truths were not, in fact, lies.]

Private to Kol )
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[ Kol appears on the network - and as usual, looking somewhat like a hooligan with cuts all over the left side of his face, it looks as though he decided to try dragging his face across concrete. Thanks dad. He's sporting a dark look, one that looks as though he's out for blood. One might say Wonderhell is lucky he's not an original anymore. ]

Rebekah Mikaelson - my sister, has left, if any of you cared - I'm sure some of you knew the strumpet.

[ It's short and there's some sort of ire to it. ]

Private to Davina )
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How would you train something that you didn't understand? An ability/power/magic. If you wanted to get better at using it where would you start?
The obvious answer would be practice but it isn't that simple. Or nice to think about what that would mean.
If you can't do it at will how do you get better?
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[Lily wishes that she were coming to the network with brighter news today, that she was messaging people to talk about her engagement or wedding plans, or to ask people to save the upcoming date-- but the truth of the matter is that with all that's gone on here the last several months, it doesn't feel right to shout about good news, at least not just yet. There are, however, other things she would like to address-- more specifically, to offer.

At first she considers locking the message to keep it hidden from certain offenders. Dean, Dr. Lecter, even that supposedly rehabilitated vampire, but in the end she decides not to. She's not afraid.]

I know we've been suffering a particularly bad streak in Wonderland lately. People are scared, people are clamoring for something to be done about those who would go out of their way to hurt others. Concerning the current situation, I understand that it's not so simple as grabbing hold of the offender and locking him up, and I trust those who are closer to the situation to do whatever they can to make our halls a little bit safer as they have the means.

I've seen offers of demon-specific protection, which is good on Sam's part, as well as offers by those willing to play bodyguard. However, this is hardly the first time we've had dangerous people on the loose in the mansion, and given the nature of human beings, it won't be the last. It might not be much, but I'm very good at both healing and protective spells and charms. If you'd like a little extra protection, please get in touch.

I'd like to do what I can to help keep people safe while this gets sorted out, and if nothing else, we should all feel like we have some place we can truly take sanctuary, even if its just our rooms. Additionally, if you have any need for potions, I may be able to help with that, as well. I believe we'll see an end to this particular problem sooner rather than later, but there's bound to be someone or something else further on down the line. It's better to be proactive than reactive when it comes to certain safety measures. Thank you.

[Afterwards, she'll be available to meet and assist anyone who needs it-- but in the meantime, she'll be in her room until she needs to go out and make housecalls, having rearranged part of it to make room for a dedicated potion-brewing station, her little teatable cleared of its usual contents and now covered in a variety of herbs and carefully laid-out notes. Early afternoon, she can be found in the kitchens with her familiar (a ginger tortoiseshell cat) in tow, though she'll be armed with her wand at all times, and is likely to be seen multitasking by making lists and notes in her journal while she eats her lunch.]
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[ When Simon opens the video feed, it shows just his face and very little of his surroundings. He's not taking any more risks than he has to at the moment. He looks tired and worn and unusually serious for anyone that knows him well. ]

Hey, all. Simon here.

I know Sam put out a message a day or so back, but I just wanted to give friends and such an update. Jo's back, and fine, but considering everything that's been going on, we're going to be taking a few vacation days. Which means the bar's gonna be self-serve for a few days. Please try not to wreck the place with all the wild parties, would ya? Oh, and I suppose that goes for the gym, too, but that's usually self-serve, so... carry on, I guess?

If anyone needs us, you can still get us here by phone.
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[The video starts, portraying a woman who is dressed rather snappily, adorned in shades of grey. It is a lighter coloured blouse with a buttoned up charcoal vest over top of it. Each ear is adorned with an earring, and a hint of a chain of a necklace is visible peaking out from beneath the high collar. The hat, usually worn, is casually resting on one knee of her crossed legs. She seems at ease, her hands rest lightly on hat, although there is something in her eyes that speaks otherwise. Her hair is neatly tucked up in a coiffed style, looking proper and without a hair out of place.

Her expression seems almost bland when she finally speaks, although there is that slight drawl to her voice. It is a soothing tone with a sultriness to it, almost like one would expect a snake to sound like if it spoke...]

How wonderful. A free trip I never wanted, and to Wonderland to boot. Hardly my style though, and given my missing Looking Glass...

[There is a soft sigh as her head tilts slightly to the side.]

Forgive me for not giving my thanks, but I've never played at being nice. Tut tut though. Hasn't anyone heard that it is in poor taste to not offer an invitation? Not that I would have accepted, mind, but it is the thought that counts, no?

[Her voice says otherwise though.]

And it is ever so rude to start off on the wrong foot...
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[Some might say that this is the worst time for this; after the past few days, few weeks, it's clear just how present and real the danger in the mansion is. Too many of her friends have been torn apart, left broken, bloody, and dead, and the fatigue is clear in Cami's eyes even as she turns on the camera.

But that's the very reason that pushes her forward: she needs to do something to fix this, in whatever small way she can manage. She isn't a hunter or a witch or some supernatural, immortal hybrid. She's just a person who happens to be pretty good at listening. So that's what she has in mind, the phone propped up so she can step back and offer a smile.]

Hey, Wonderland. I don't know how many of you remember, but way back when I brought up the idea of starting a therapy practice here. Then things got crazy, which hasn't exactly stopped, but that's all the more reason to make good on that idea. So, here it is.

[She motions to the room around her, one decorated with plush chairs and a not-so-traditional psychiatrists couch. Of course there are other unseen surprises, devil's traps near the door and under the rug in the seating area, water of both the holy and vervain-laced varieties hidden with easy reach, iron rods placed behind paintings and wherever else she can think of. As much as she wants the place to be a sanctuary, she also wants it to be escapable should things come to that point.]

Sixth floor, room twenty. During the day is probably best, but if you want to meet at another time, get in touch and we'll work something out. Everything is confidential, with the caveat that I'm not going to let people get hurt or killed if I can help it. I'll have a sign up if there's already a session going on, but other than that, feel free to knock.

[Since someone knows better than to give vampires blanket invitations to enter.]

Alternately, someone brought up the very good idea of support groups, in particular one for people who have died in some form or fashion. It's a pretty unique form of survivor's guilt, one that I doubt most people are prepared for. So maybe it might help just to meet with other people who have been through it, and are trying to figure out the best way to move forward.

[Hopefully, it catches. Cami wouldn't mind a chance to talk about some of her own problems.]

Anyway, if there's enough interest, we can figure out a time to meet. Again, everything would need to be kept confidential; the whole idea of this is to provide a safe place where people can talk about whatever they're going through, to work out issues and even try to resolve some things. So much about what's been terrible in Wonderland lately is what we've been doing to each other. In whatever way each person can, they have to fight against that--and sometimes that can be as simple as talking to someone after a tragedy, or before one happens.

So the offer's out there--and I think that's it for now. Thanks for listening.

[She'll be there, at least for a few hours following. Of course she's on guard, given that Dean is still wandering around, but she doesn't want to spend more time hiding than actually doing any good. Maybe it's just one of those stupidly prideful things, but Cami refuses to let all of the chaos take this part of her life from her.

But there's also something else she has to do in order to clean house; for a sake of a conversation that's long overdue, she sends a private message out to Davina Claire.]

Locked to Davina Claire )
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to those who are knowledgeable of such, I would ask,

are all people born with the inclination towards magic?

[ to those who might be outside today, miss elphie is by the fountain, looking at the water. as she reaches a finger towards it, however, in a blink of an eye it freezes over, leaving solid ice where water once were. it'll turn back to water as soon as she moves her hand back.

curious, indeed. ]
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[ filtered from all demons ]

Okay. [ Here's Sam, looking as level-headed and composed as you can when your brother is both a homicidal demonic monster, but also a booty-calling creep. ] Couple things. First, in case this wasn't really clear, don't engage Dean. Don't talk to him or agree to meet alone with him or even look at him if you see him in the hallways. He's not just a demon, he's a demon who's killed a bunch of people with a weapon that gets more powerful with blood.

Second, thanks to the people who're trying to keep the general public safe; I know there're a lot of you that're pretty strong around here, and I'm not sure what the whole powers comparison chart would say about you and Dean right now, but just be careful.

Third, and most importantly; I've got some Demons 101 info for anybody who wants it. And that should be everyone, right now, just FYI. Lines of salt keep demons out and rock salt in a shotgun will mostly just piss them off, but it'll also sting. Holy water burns like hell I've seen it in super soakers if a flask isn't interesting enough. Iron burns, too, if you've got something like a fire poker.

Most of the stuff you can get out of the closets. I've got tons of vials of holy water, anti-possession charms, and hex bags, which'll keep you hidden from demons. If you want any of that, let me know. Everyone should have something on their person to keep them safe after everything that's happened.

Last thing. Devils' Traps keep demons stuck down, if you can lure them inside. I'm not saying to do that, but I've put a bunch of them around the mansion and you should draw a few in your doorways to be safe. They look like this and have to be in one piece to work. I can help draw some if you're not big into... you know, occult art.

... That's about it, for now. [ He shifts, frowning, now. ] I can answer questions if you've got them. And my dad, John Winchester, can, too. ... Or, he can dish out embarrassing stories about Dean if that'd make you feel better.
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[ Kol's sitting on a couch in his room, a room that looks way too lavish for just any dumb teenager, and the indoor garden behind him looks rather happy despite all the dry clippings hanging from an herb bar. ]

A wonderful day for the network to lack any tact or honesty. [ Lookin' at you Dean and Sansa. ] But to the point - if anyone needs protection from the treacherous fool otherwise known as Dean Winchester, my sister or I can offer it. She has this thing about ladies sticking together and well...

[ Don't mind if he does just volunteer Rebekah, but there were quite a few ladies on that list that Kol is fond of. And surprisingly, unlike Dean, this isn't a tactic to get laid. Lazily he lifts what looks to be an iron knife into view of the camera. Oh metals are so much fun when they're creatures' weaknesses. ]

I've done some research and can happily offer weapons and methods of protection from him. Normally I wouldn't care for such matters but - [ Shrug! ] Dean's sort of a sod, and deserves all the harm he can get.

[ Tell us how you really feel, Kol.

But really, he's still trying to gather allies.
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[ a little while ago dean brutally murdered one demon king of hell, crowley, and hurt john blake in the process. before that, he murdered both his best friend and brother, and attacked a whole bunch of people once near and dear to him. today, thankfully, finds him doing something entirely different as dean addresses the network with a lazy smile on his face.

he’s looking way too pleased with himself, beer in hand and leaning against a familiar looking car... ]

This place is kinda morbid, right? Murders and fights and scheming going on left and right— leaves your head spinning even on a good day. So I figure I should try to shake things up a little, and offer something… uh, nicer to the public.

The female public, anyway. Here I’ve attached a collection of potential good times, so if you see your name and wanna have fun — which means get laid, for the less savvy people — then lem’me know. No strings attached, no flowers and chocolates bullshit. I’m easy like that.

[ he is a gift from god. and he promises no one will get murdered. unless they try something stupid. ]

attachment: dean's handy-dandy do list )

[ he never did say he hadn’t put down a few notes along with the names. ]

Now if you’re worried ‘cause your pretty little name ain’t on the list, fret not. If you’re easy enough on the eyes and old enough to know what fun is, get in contact.

[ s m i l e! and dean cuts the feed. ]

( ooc: note that some threads in this post might include heavy violence and/or dub-con/non-con type elements! read at your own risk. )
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[ Filtered from Jo Harvelle ]

[ The video starts up with Charlie looking pretty cheerful. She's got some plans, guys. ]

What's the haps, Wonderland nation? [ She's feeling especially silly today, but that's all due to the purpose of this video. ] So, one of our esteemed bartenders is having a birthday in a few days, and I thought we could surprise her with a little get together!

Nothing fancy - mostly beer and good food. Simple and fun, a bunch of pals getting together. Gonna happen tomorrow night, starting at 8 pm at the bar.

[ And here she shifts her weight a little, feeling kinda bad but knowing Jo wouldn't want people to come by willy nilly. ]

Invite is for friends only. Sorry, any enemies or demon types.

[ And there she ends the video with a happy little Vulcan salute. ]

[ Private text to Simon Lauchlan ]

Hey pal, wanna help plan a party for our girl?


Mar. 23rd, 2015 09:37 pm
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[It took Billy most of the day on the 22nd to figure out that the memories he had of Tommy being a priest and someone he thought was his uncle going crazy were not in fact his memories. He might have gone on thinking they were actually his for a while longer if it wasn't for the vampire that appeared in his memories and the rush of emotions he felt towards him.

Billy knew he had never met a vampire before coming to Wonderland and when he asked Teddy about the probability of his brother being a priest that went crazy and killed his entire seminary class...well the fact that Teddy laughed for a good five minutes kind of clued him in.

What was worse was knowing that he was missing memories, missing points in time where it actually felt like there was a blank space in his head.

Asking around the library came up with nothing useful so he decided to address the network, maybe someone could point him in the right direction.]

Hey so, does anyone know of vampires that can compel away a memory or make you do what they want?


Mar. 23rd, 2015 05:42 pm
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[ Luna has her large pink Spectre Specs glasses on her face as she addresses the network, looking somewhat unsure of the device. She'd read the pamphlet a few times over, but the device was surprisingly muggle-like for something found in what seems to be such a magical place, and she's not the most experienced with this sort of thing. ]

Hello. My name is Luna Lovegood. I think I might be displaced.

[ She knows where she is, of course, so she's not entirely lost. She's just not sure where Wonderland is. ]

I was at Hogwarts a few hours ago and I think I'd like to find my way back in time for my lessons tomorrow. I think I've already missed today's.

[ And then as if she's just remembered she's got the Specs on, she pushes them down her nose to eye the camera over the rim. ]

I get the distinct impression that there are blibbering humdingers floating around the mirrors here. Has anyone else noticed?
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 [well, this is one unhappy little raccoon. having finally realized what exactly is happening, he reacts the only way he knows how:

loudly and belligerently.]

How many of you d'asted idiots eat people in this freakin' place?
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[ Boom. And just like that, as if he'd been asleep the whole time, Sam wakes up. It's a startling moment from death to life, though it's happened so many times now that he should be used to it. The younger Winchester takes a full twenty minutes to gather his bearings, flex his fingers, put a hand to his head where he feels a dull throbbing. Then, once he can get to his feet, he realizes he's been lying on his own bed, covered in blood (his own, probably) for some time. So he'd like to shower, get on fresh clothes, take another long period of staring at himself in the mirror, only faintly able to recall what it felt like to have his head beaten in by his own brother.

All he does, though, is slip the devil's trap handcuffs into his pockets, does a few stretches for the sake of doing something with his (living) body, and then pull up the network. ]

What the hell happened to my room?

[ It's a friggin' nightmare. It matched his corpse well enough, he guesses, but Sam isn't exactly in the mood for that kind of humor at the moment. ]

Oh, yeah. I'm alive. In one piece and everything. [ Tone: flat. Tired. ] And if you haven't figured it out yet, Dean's a demon, and he's probably trying to either kill or sleep with you, if you're talking to him. Or both. So don't do that.

[ Tone: flat. Tired. Very tired. ]

My room's, uh. Not my room, so I'll be mobile, but I've got holy water for people who want to piss him off. Generally I'd advise against, though, since he's pretty damn strong and is really into bashing people's heads in. Normal weapons don't do anything against demons, so, again, just avoid him like the plague. Which he basically is, right now.

[ ... ]

... Uh. Sorry to anyone who had to see me the other day. Like that.
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[ Amidst the fading sun of the evening of the 17th is a young queen who looks less than amused. ]

When I first arrived, I imagined this realm might live up to its title. Wonder-Land. I have seen miracles and spoken with many with whom I might never have met. I thought it a blessing, at a time, that I should be given time away to think on further actions in Mereen.

But. Despite its promise, I find the current state of things frightfully insufficient. Despite cries of authority and safe-keeping the people here, there are none who have risen to shoulder the difficulties that come with such claims. And despite numerous murders that stain our shared grounds, none are reprimanded.

Simply decrying one another on this network is not justice. There must be an elected council of those among us whom have lived here for the longest time. We as the residents of this mansion must stop this senseless violence from despoiling what many call a second chance.

I am Daenerys Targaryen, the blood of the dragon. I am a queen. I will not sit idly by and allow this senseless slaughter. To those of a similar mind, I welcome you to a civil discussion of those best qualified to dispense justice; I will be in the gardens.

To those who may laugh or scoff, I hope that you remember your words when they turn their weapons on you. None deserve this.
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[ Jack doesn't know where he is.

This would be much more alarming if it didn't happen on a semi-regular basis.

Last he remembers, he was standing on a dock in Tortuga, watching Hector Barbossa sail away with his ship for the third time, that bastard. But between one blink and the other, he was suddenly standing in the middle of some hedge maze with no idea how he got here.

It doesn't take him long to navigate his way out of the maze and to begin taking a look at his surroundings. He spends some time walking along the boundaries of he mansion, from the gardens to the docks to the pool before navigating the mansion itself. He ends up in a kitchen -- more specifically, the kitchen cabinets.

When the feed starts, Jack is standing at counter, with around twenty or more bottles of rum piled up next to him. If you're assuming he opened the cabinet, took out a bottle of rum, closed it, opened it, found another bottle, over and over and over again, you would be correct.

This's some sorta witchcraft, aye? Magic. Voodoo. [ His eyes grow wide before he narrows them. ] It ain't gonna be poisoned if I drink it, is it?

Or cursed? [ He frowns. He's had quite enough of curses for one lifetime. ] I don't like curses.

[ Or! Feel free to slam into him while he's wandering around the mansion. Anywhere and everywhere is free game. ]
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[ It's late when Jeep makes this post. His room is dark except for a single lamp on the desk and from the camera angle it's easy to see sheets of paper scattered. All of it is covered in scribblings, notes that Jeep has been taking, there is a stack of books nearby on old languages. Going by both the multiple empty coffee mugs and his tired voice he hasn't slept in a while. ]

...I'm wonderin' if anyone here's any good with old languages. Really old ones.

It's a long shot but I figure if I'm in a place with people from other world's then maybe they might know somethin' I don't.

[ He sighs and rubs a hand over his face. ]

Hell, at this point I'm willin' to entertain any ideas. If you're any good with this kind of shit let me know.
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Introspection and Action. Content warning for murder aftermath. )

[She stands up, takes a few steps away from the body. Her eyes keep a constant watch on the hall around her, even as she turns on the phone to send out a message--audio only. She won't subject anyone else to this sight if she can avoid it.]

Um. I'm sorry, but--there's been a murder on the fifth floor. [There can be no other word for it. This violence, this cruelty can be no accident.] I found the victim. Sam. It's Sam Winchester.

[God, what is she even saying? Cami, of all people, should be able to put these words together better.]

Please don't come up here unless you absolutely have to. I'm near room--[A pause, as she looks for the nearest door] Room thirteen. I don't know who did it; there wasn't anyone here when I found him, but someone did. So please, be careful.


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Hey, um... Wonderland. I just... [There's an orange tabby flopped over his shoulder, a white bunny on the other, and a bearded dragon curled up on his head. Rule 63'd Snow White, everyone.] Isaac Lahey's gone. I've been babysitting Parker and Jackson, but I went to his room to get one of Parker's toys and it's empty. Reset. I just thought the friends he made here should know.

[Besides Jackson and Parker, the only things he'd been left with were Allison's bow and Isaac's hunter's journal. He had no idea where the heck it actually came from--he'd never asked. Now he feels like maybe he should have...]


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