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[The video feed turns on and Katherine smiles slightly. She looks concerned given the situation while giving off the impression she's trying to stay calm. If she ends up getting mistaken for Elena Gilbert, well that is obviously a coincidence, not intentional at all really! Or so she would claim if called out on it because for now she's just testing the waters trying to get some answers and make sure she is actually in the clear]

So this is Wonderland, huh? I was told that's where we are but that's as much as I got along with a mention of the fact we're stuck here too. I'm not sure how much of that I believe just yet so I guess if anyone listening can clarify that for me or give me more of an explanation I'd appreciate it.

I was also wondering if anyone else from Mystic Falls here? I'd hate to wish whatever this is on anyone but it'd be nice to see at least some familiar faces. [That is the last thing she wants but whatever it seems typical of people do ask that from what she's seen] I'm not entirely sure why we're kidnapped here or what we're expected to do but in the meantime here's a poll for the masses if we really are stuck here. Any recommendations for fun things to do around here? I could use a few suggestions.
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[It's been over a week since Simon had spectacularly screwed himself over here in Wonderland, at least in regards to his closest friend, who was still not talking to him. Or otherwise acknowledging he exists. Which is probably still better than shooting him in the head, but either way Simon's still ended up with more time on his hands than is ever considered safe or wise, in his case.

Still not feeling overly social, his time at the bar's been a little sporadic. Instead, he's thrown himself into a project he's been mulling over in the back of his mind now for months. Which is what prompts this afternoon's unexpected broadcast.

The feed opens up in a bright room somewhere in the mansion with Simon dressed in simple workout clothes. Which are hard to miss since that combination of neon orange and lime green are rather... eye-catching. ]

So, the training center we have here in the mansion is pretty awesome and epic and a great place to ogle some really hot people beating the crap out of each other at any hour of the day and night. But not all of us are superheroes and can fly or punch holes in mountains or some shit, so I figured I'd use some of my experience back home to make somewhere a little less... extreme for some of us normal people.

[Which is when he lets the video feed pan around to the room he's currently in. It's a bright gym set up with a variety of fitness equipment and weights, surprisingly neat and orderly and obviously something he's poured a lot of hours into over the past week or so.]

It's not much, but it's right across the hall from the training room, down on the first floor and it'll be open all the time so anyone can feel free to use it whenever. I'll be around randomly to show people how to use the machines, if they want. Wasn't sure if we'd start getting winter weather soon, but if we do, I figured someplace not covered in snow might be useful for when I want to run. So yeah. I'll... let you get back to your regularly scheduled madness now. See ya, Wonderland.


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