Aug. 24th, 2014 04:42 pm
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[Just a quick message from the Once-ler this time - he's outside, and it's warm enough that he's removed his trademark pin-stripe green coat and gloves. Before he says anything though, he looks around and then behind him, as if he expects something to happen all of a sudden.]

So, uh. Last week that cat...thing...came out and talked about rivers or whatever. Usually when they come out that means an event's coming, right? Not that I want one, but...

[It's times like this when he misses swimming in denial all the time. Something feels distinctly wrong about this, and he really wants to ignore it, but he's got a stupid conscience now that says it's probably not the right thing to do.]

...Uh, what I'm getting at is, shouldn't an event have evented by now? It's kinda weird that it hasn't, right? Has anything weird happened to anyone?

[Maybe it's one of those ones that doesn't effect everyone, but it still seems...quiet, for an event.]


Aug. 12th, 2014 07:41 pm
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[The feed is initially dark and grainy, showing not a whole lot of anything, though there is sound. Specifically, the sound of someone taking a few steps, tripping, and falling over with a surprised sound that's not quite dignified.]


[As the unfortunate new comer starts to right himself, his hand jostles against the device and closes around it automatically. The camera angle changes as the device is turned over, inspected, and then a very surprised and confused face appears on the feed.

Kaneki is pretty average looking, except for the eye patch. Right now, he's a bit scuffed, dusty, and what little can be seen in the faint light from the screen shows he's in the caves. He fumbles the device for a moment before he manages to hold it steady.]

Er... I think I'm in a hole...somehow. I don't know if there's anyone around or if I have reception at all but if there is someone...

[He offers a smile that's equal parts embarrassed, apologetic, and nervous, rubbing the back of his head with his free hand. Actually, maybe he's more nervous than the other two.]

I could use a hand, if there is.


Aug. 11th, 2014 02:04 pm
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[The camera flicks on and a black and red eyed man with a side cut and several pierces comes on the screen. He looks quite intimating, yet his facial expression is rather soft and calm. The background around him was white and rather dark, the only light seemed to come from the communicator-- was he under a sheet?]

I wonder how long I've been here. No one's come to say hi yet, am I the only one here?

[He stares at the camera now as his other hand flicks at his lip ring.] I guess I wouldn't need a communicator if I was the only one, I can talk to myself without this.

[Still doesn't make sense why--]

He pulls the sheet off of him, and it reveals something now that he hadn't seen before. The lights in the hallway that he had been sitting in were all off except the ones on and around him. The mirrors behind him now had writing on it. Some of it backwards, but the some were written so he could read it rather clearly.

Handwriting Fonts
Handwriting Fonts
Handwriting Fonts

and the last one, right above where he was sitting:

Handwriting Fonts]

Ah, I feel famous.
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I like that the assumption is that because we're here, Wonderland is doomed to face some terrible, agonizing, apocalyptic fate.

[ ehhh it's a pretty good assumption. if enough demons decided to get together and well, wreck shit, they could. but that's not the point here. ]

Meanwhile, a very real threat that could kill every single one of us with a few snaps of its jaws has been looming for moooonths and months and months, and nobody's doing a thing about it. Crazy right? But we're the problem. Keep telling yourselves that.

Oh, and the Jabberwocky says "hello", by the way.


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