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[Henry’s had a good start to the year so far. He has no idea how long it will last, but all of his parents are in Wonderland, no one is the Dark One, and he’s...happy. So, he can focus on other things, like trying to understand just how far reaching this place is, and how many realms over-lap each other. He knows there are worlds with zombies, where New York is completely over-run and America is gone, but he also lived in New York for a while, and...no zombies. So, how many versions are there?]

Hi, so. I was kind of curious about what people have experienced in their worlds versus my version of the world. So, I’m gonna toss out some things and if you could say where you’re from, and which ones you’ve heard of (not because of people talking about it here in Wonderland), that’d be cool. Oh, and maybe your best guess on what year it is at home, too.

No one has to do anything, I just thought it’d be fun. So, here are some popular things/events in history or whatever:

  • The Ogre Wars
  • The Beatles
  • Central Park
  • iPhones/Apple
  • The Dark Curse [sorry, mom, it was an event.]
  • Disco
  • The Berlin Wall
  • Titanic
  • San Francisco Earthquake (1989)
  • The Dark One
  • Internet
  • Moon landings (or space exploration in general)

    Thanks in advance if you answer back. You can ask me about events too, to see if we match on anything you think was important.
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    Hello, Wonderland.

    [The girl on the video is prim and proper, in a bright blue dress that looks like it comes from the 1950's. A bright blue hair ribbon ties back her ringlet curled ponytail, and the demure smile on her face makes her definitely seem like someone caught in an era that isn't their own. Slowly, her head tips to the side. She looks curious, like any adventurous little girl in a new place might.]

    I've been here a full day now, and have completed numerous searches to the community network. There aren't any traces of Frank Walker or Casey Newton present, though mistakes are always possible.

    [The corner of her mouth curves upward into something resembling a smirk, as if she finds what she's just said humorous.]

    I understand that I've been misplaced here, and that any attempts to escape are futile. I don't mind being here, as long as I know that Frank and Casey are safe. I want to thank whoever created the endless closets, however. Being able to wear my favorite dress again is something I didn't think would ever be possible.
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    Do I have to say hi and do some stupid intro before I say what I've gotta say? Because, really, I'd like to just get to the point.

    [ Ellie, the fourteen year-old with the messy hair, clears her throat. ]

    So, uh... considering all the crap that's happened... always, I think there's something we can do to make it a little less terrible. I'm hoping someone's suggested this before, so, if not, then... we should definitely do it. Okay? Okay. So, what I think we need to do is to just... put it out there what might be showing up from our own worlds. Like, if you're from a place where giant, sentient bears with poisoned teeth rule the world, maybe let us know? So then, when they show up, or we wake up in Bear Kingdom, we'll know what's going on. I feel like this is a no-brainer, but every time something happens, we're all like, "ah, there are suddenly poison bears everywhere" and we get no warning about it, and then people die.

    [ She puffs out her cheeks in a kind of sigh. ]

    I can start? Set a good example? I'm one of the people from a zombie... place. Surprise! So... yeah, that's a thing that can happen, like it did when we were in Sam and Simon's town.

    Get it? Now you know there's maybe gonna be zombies around sometime. The more you know, right? And- Oh!

    [ Hurriedly, she rifles through a nearby drawer, then tugs out a book and flips through it. ]

    Parting puns! Don't want to end on a bad note. [ When she seems to find one, Ellie snickers to herself, nodding approvingly. ] Okay, okay... "What did the cannibal get when he showed up late to dinner? The cold shoulder!" [ blink ] Too soon? One more: "Did you hear about the guy who got hit with a can of soda? He was lucky it was a soft drink."

    [ There's more chuckling and she gives the camera a thumbs up before clicking it off. ]


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