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Wonderland's worst feature are its events.

That's a pretty common thought, right? Only this place doesn't usually come up with events on its own. They're all just baggage it dredges up from our own worlds. When you look at it that way you could probably even make a case for Wonderland itself being pretty decent.

So here's a question: You've got the choice, go back to where you left off, or stay in Wonderland for good. Which one do you pick, and why?
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[It had almost been like watching the world move in slow-motion.

Harry Flynn, friend-turned-backstabber slumped against the pillar in the ritual chamber of the great tree of Shambhala, Chloe standing distant and wary for good reason, Elena heroically stepping in to dissuade the villain of his notions of hopelessness. Nate knew better than to bargain with someone who incarcerated him for kicks - he always wondered what Harry had told Chloe when he got back to the boat after the museum lift, if he'd said that Drake had been caught on his own, nobody's fault but his - and Harry has earned distrust. No fucking honor among thieves.

Then he sees the grenade clenched in Flynn's fist, the pin gone and the lever released, Elena is too close and Chloe screams her name just as Nate steps back and the percussive explosion blows him off his feet, hitting the tile with a crack and singing his forearms.

-lena, [he wheezes, rolling onto his side as his ears ring, Chloe's voice is muffled in the background like a television on the other side of a wall, it smells like smoke and blood, like he can taste the TNT filler on his tongue. For an instant he can see her body lying prone on the floor in the fog of shattered masonry and debris, panic wells up in Nate's throat like bile because she's dead, oh God, no, no, she can't be, she can't-] Elena!

[And when Nate sits upright so quickly his head spins the haze is gone, the tinnitus persists but the chamber at the heart of the ancient city is no more. He is alone, sprawled on the marble of an enormous entrance hall.]

Are you fucking kidding me?!

[With a groan that belies both extreme pain and extensive experience with being in extreme pain Nate gets to his feet, hoping the opulent space is a figment of his imagination and not a box of six months' worth of memories being dumped on him all at once.]

Fuckin'- goddamn piece of shit-

[Adrenaline high only maintained by a healthy fear for the well-being of someone who isn't even present - and who knows if she is? What if she's not? What if she's - Nate stumbles into the foyer.

She's fine. She has to be. She has to be.
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[She's been in Wonderland a few hours now and already met up with Mick and Lenny, so the panic is out of her system. Not that she'd admit there was any panic to begin with. She'd been fairly threatening to hide it.

But now, she was lying on her back on a bed with a smirk on her face. Her curls were splayed about her head, holding the camera up so the video shot down at her.]

So, this is Wonderland? I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around the magic, but I'm sure that's common for the new kid on the block, right? I'm Lisa Snart, [Why yes, she did just wink at the camera when she said her name] and I'm looking for suggestions on what to do first. It's a bit cold for the beach, but that's definitely high on my priority list. Are there any clubs around here? I feel like dancing.

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[ First, he wants to pretend that the last few- days? did not just happen. Second, he picked up the words "sleep deprivation" and "other Wonderland", and still doesn't get the whole picture from the network. Which, all in all, leads to third, a controlled mess in the kitchen, and the following message: ]

Apparently I just blinked and missed Christmas, so I'm stooping to bakery to make up for it.

[ A helpful visual of some crunchy chocolate toffee squares with macadamia nuts comes attached. ]

First three batches ready for pick-up in the kitchen. Fourth batch in the works, I'll trade you for some good stories about the event I missed.
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[Richie’s presence in Wonderland presents him with one very big and glaring problem very quickly.

He’s a culebra, culebras have to eat, and his dietary needs are….special.

There’s not a lot he would ask the network about that he can’t find out for himself or would want to say publicly but this, in particular, he needs help with. Now to talk about it as vaguely as possible…]

So, I already figured out how the whole food situation works. You check the tables and the cupboards and food just appears, like some sort of Vegas magic show. Shit like that also pops up in horror movies, so I’ve got one question.

[He purses his lips, clearly annoyed by this whole situation.]

If I eat this stuff, what are the chances that I’m going to end up vomiting blood for the next week? Dying of food poisoning isn’t exactly on my bucket list.
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[ Obviously a wrong turn was taken here somewhere, because as far as Rick knows, he was just in the middle of storming away from a campsite and heading for the woods. There's still woods here, of course, but it's not the woods he remembers last seeing.

In his experience, people don't just start walking in one direction only to wind up in another location entirely. So there's that particular problem to sort out. The other problem is figuring out where he is, who (and what) is around, and whether any of them can be trusted. It's not really ideal, using the phone that he's been given, because who knows who might be listening on the other end? But on the other hand, he doesn't have a lot of options here, so Rick pauses by a tree, fishes out the phone, and presses a button to turn it on. ]


[ It's the first word that comes out, but it's not the one he meant to say. He's not sure what to say, really, so he starts commenting about the phone. ]

How did you get this to work, anyway? We've tried before, tried with anything we had left or just came across, but they didn't work. Nothing works, not really. Not anymore.

[ Cars and things like that, of course, but not electronics. ]

And while we're talking about it, anyone know where we are?

[ Oh, he's read the brochure, of course. All that did is raise more questions. ]

Just saying we're in Wonderland isn't really all that specific, you know? And even if you don't know where this really is, it's just- Strange, 'cause last time I checked, I was with a group of people in Georgia.

[ Speaking of that, he decides to at least ask, thinking no harm will come of it. ]

One more question: anyone seen a woman named Lori or a boy named Carl?
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[Nate doesn't really sleep.

Not on a normal schedule anyway; it comes with being a night owl and an obsessive researcher and a restless guy trapped in a place barely larger than some estates he's burgled, in and out in under twenty minutes. There are borders here, unseen but present, and the inability to leave has him (quite literally) climbing the walls. Somewhere between dinner and digestifs he appears on the network.

I'm, uh- [Not good at this.] Putting out a public inquiry about the caves - not like I've got geological questions or wanna know about the stalagmites or the Mole People - but I'm thinking more along the lines of...cartography?

[His intentions are patently obvious: Nate is already standing in front of a rocky outcrop, illuminated by a flashlight and wielding a loop of rope cast over one shoulder.]

Just curious if anyone's got a handle on the terrain. Hit me up.

[Eventually. He knows it's late, but he'll be exploring well into the wee hours, as if time matters in a cave. Intent on keeping track of the various rock formations, twisting crevices, and cavernous limestone cathedrals Nate can be found periodically in central chambers, taking notes and climbing enormous pillars with his bare goddamn hands and precious little else.]

( audio )

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[ Audio clicks on to the shuffle of papers and a considering hum before Rafe speaks. His voice is mild. Sincere. Level in the way one can only sound when one is way too used to having things work out the way he wants them to, no matter how long it takes or how much it costs. ]

Well. Isn't this interesting.

[ When some people say interesting, you can tell they mean something entirely different. A professor reading over a test that clearly hadn't been studied for as he reaches for a red pen; a girl at a bar at the hearing how you just never have enough time to work on your novel; a cop flipping over your registration to find it's expired. It's one of those catch-all words but when Rafe says it? Nah. He just means interesting. ]

I always appreciate being prepared, and gotta say. This pamphlet? Good stuff, clean design, very to the point. Credit where it's due.

[ Arriving like a babe in the woods isn't really Rafe's scene. After all, a wide variety of factors have suddenly been yanked out of his control; the few he has remaining to him become all the more important to take advantage of. So although he's still learning the lay of the land, he's doing so after availing himself of a room, a shower, a fresh shirt, and this handy dandy pamphlet. ]

Although... You know, not to brag or anything but I'm a guy with a couple of talents. Architecture, for one. Anybody else checking this place out? I mean, here I am walking around those gardens and one minute I'm thinking 18th-century French, fantastically preserved, then there's some Gothic elements peeking round a corner— Jesus! Lloyd Wright, right there. [ You'd think the guy was watching a match at Wimbledon, and politely un-invested in who the winner turns out to be. ] Phenomenal fenestration, when it decides to stick to something longer than a minute. I suppose I'll have to get up higher for some bearings on this whole thing. Might even be a little fun with the right equipment.
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[John decided he's just stay away from the network for a while after getting shouted down for arming children. In retrospect, he should've done a little more intensive background on the kids here, but that would've been bordering on creepy. And there's nothing wrong with guns anyway, you're all terrible.

But regardless of guns and kids, he's back today. Not with lessons, but questions, snooping like the other old farts around here love to do.]

what's magic like where you're from? does it exist? is it more fucking witches making people's teeth fall out or goddamn fairy dust and unicorns? does anyone come from a place with magic like Wonderland?

most importantly: does the magic from your world work here?
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[When the video turns on, it seems pre-preemptive and not from the usual angle Shepard's seen at- instead of being on her arm, it's actually projecting directly from the device, streaming sideways from her nightstand. Shepard can be seen coming in and out of frame, seeming to be putting a few things in a duffel bag. It looks like she could be cleaning, if her hands weren't shaking and she wasn't muttering to herself something that's not being picked up on the recording. It doesn't take her long to notice the device is on, and rolls her eyes as she picks it up, addressing the network but still looking more serious than her usual playful demeanor shows off.]

Sorry about that. Damn thing isn't working right. Though, good timing, because I was gonna ask something anyway.

[She shifts, trying to look more nonchalant. It doesn't come off perfectly to anyone who's paying attention.]

Anyone know any good places to relax in this place? Still a little messed up from that last event. Wonderland really knows how to throw us for a loop. Looking to chill for a bit. Let me know. Might not check this thing a lot in the next couple days to try and get my mind off things.

[She will, of course, be ignoring all suggestions, because what's really happening here is a thinly veiled panic attack, and she'll be running off to her battle tank. Aside from responding to the main prompt, anyone who might know where she is can feel free to find her holed up in the Mako. It'll either be parked behind the Greenhouse, or, on one occasion, driven down to the beach so Shepard can sit on top, looking out to the ocean.

She's fine. Really!]
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[The camera comes on, and Sarah smiles as she greets Wonderland.]

Hi, everyone. If we haven't met, I'm Sarah Weller. I've been here about two months now, and I've noticed in between the insane things that happen, there's a lot of training going on either magical or physical sparring, weight lifting, all the good stuff. Injuries can happen, and while I do realize we have a few great doctors here, I wanted to offer my service, too. I'm a physical therapist. Specifically orthopedic which means I'm a pretty great masseuse. If you have a lot of aches and pains or joint problems that won't go away, muscle groups that regularly hurt, I can help. I can also help you come up with an exercise regimen that might be better for you.

If you're into water therapy, we can arrange something at the pool, but otherwise, you can find my therapy room down on the first floor, nestled between all the training facilities in room twenty-three.

[She pans the camera then to give everyone a view of the room before focusing the camera back on her.]

I won't live in this space, so let's go by appointment, any day of the week, normal business hours, nine to five. There's of course no charge for obvious reasons, and I'm happy to do something I know to help people. Each session goes about an hour and I'm starting now.

Oh, PS: Massages are great too for just relaxation, so even if you don't have a problem area, treat yourself sometime.
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[The feed flickers over a sandy incline, grit in the lens and speckled with drying salt. Several feet away, a man groans.]

Aha ha...ha...oh, God.

[Nate rolls over in something akin to semi-agony, elbows scuffed to God-knows-where and back just like his knees. His hair is frosted with ice, as is the majority of his clothing, hands slick with blood - but this isn't exactly a novelty, given that it's his own and he doesn't appear to be outwardly bothered by the sucking wound in his side.]

Y'know, it's...it's funny, one minute you're enjoying a train ride from Hell, you wake up with a cliffside in your face, covered in your own blood and you say: yeah, yeah, just another day at the office, and here I- [He grunts, then wheezes.] -am on a beach, I-I mean, at this point I can only assume I'm- I'm hallucinating and slowly freezing to death in Tibet. Nate. You're hallucinating.

[He straightens - stiffens - and reaches for the small of his back with an exclamation of pain.]

Ahhhhhhshit. [Is that a Tibetan ritual dagger in his pocket, or is he just happy to be alive right now?] Oh.

[Both, apparently.

Turns out the mighty instrument of ancient gateways and demon-vanquishing makes for an incredibly shoddy pillow, but a decent wake-up call. Nate pulls the phurba from his belt loop and clutches it with the fervor of a man who quite literally has nothing else to lose. Three days' worth of beatings and a lifetime of jumping off of tall things and onto very hard surfaces shocks through his knees when he clambers to his feet, swaying for a moment and squinting at the big house on the hill.

Definitely hallucinating.

[Nate stoops to pick up the thing that looks a lot like his phone, surprised it hasn't suffered innumerable cracks after falling through a train car that also happened to be exploding at the same time.]


[The red light says RECORDING. He switches it off.]

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