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[ At first Thorfinn thought he was dreaming.  He was clearly in a building of some sort, though never had he been in so fine before in his life, nor one so large.  He already had walked around a little and all the doors he encountered thus far only led to more rooms and not a way out.  He eventually drew one of his knives and poked a finger.  No, he could definitely feel that.  He wasn't dreaming.  Somehow this was all real.  How, he had no idea. 

There was also the matter of the strange object he picked up shortly after finding himself here.  Small and flat with a glowing panel, it was unlike anything he'd ever set his eyes on before.  He wasn't sure what purpose it held, but poking at it seemed to change how some of the things on the glowing panel looked (he had, in the processes of prodding it, unknowingly turned the video function on).

He hadn't exactly believed in enchantments before now, but truly the only explanation he was that some sort of sorcery was afoot.

Well... there was one other explanation he could think of. ]

I've... died maybe? This doesn't look like how I had pictured Valhalla though.

[ The Viking teen pauses, biting his lip.  Nothing made sense. ]

No... sorcery.  That man was not skilled enough to kill me.

[ He needed to figure this situation out, and quickly.  There was still someone he needed to kill before he would allow anyone to slay him, and he had that idiot girly Prince to worry about now as well. ]


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