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hey nurse, any chance you're near the safe zone?
#### message could not be received ####
and it's starting to hurt really bad now that the adrenaline's wearing off...
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[It's video, this time, because lucky you. He's calling people out, and if he expects them to show their face to him, least he can do, he figures, is start off that way himself. You see what you get here, Wonderland. To make it all civilized and shit, he's in the Tea Room. ]


I hear dying here makes you some Big Fucking Problem or something. And yeah, I know, there's some database/spreadsheet/accountant shit you're making to log all this.

But, it strikes me, that any one of you can lie. And if you come back as a big fucking problem, you're definitely going to lie.

[He can handle big fucking problems, if it comes to it, but they don't need to know that. Some can probably figure that shit out, though, if, you know, they got eyes here.]

So, yeah. Gonna need to talk to... [He looks down at a written list for a second.] right.

Dan Palmer. Sam Winchester. Souji Seita [Yeah, he probably butchers the pronunciation of that last one. And they can probably figure out why he wants to talk to them. ]

You know where to find me.

((OOC: anyone else welcome to respond/action/peanut gallery/whatevs, too. Come at him, bro!)).
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Okay okay okay okay. So I know there's an event coming up and we're all freaking out about it, and it's probably gonna be horrible like usual, but I gotta say this before we get too deep into October. So, you know how Halloween is the best holiday, and October is the best month, and autumn is the best season, and all that? And you know how the best thing about all of those is...

[Dramatic pause.]

Pumpkins, obviously. I was thinking, we definitely need to have a pumpkin chunking competition.

[She grins like a wild person.]

So for the uninitiated, pumpkin chunking is when you build something that can launch things--like a catapult, or a trebuchet, or a giant slingshot, or a cannon, and so on--and then you compete to see how far the thing you built can launch a pumpkin. It's literally the best thing, after Halloween and autumn leaves. Since I figure most people don't really know how to build stuff like that, people could team up. You could have team names and give your pumpkin chunker a name like they do with monster trunks. I mean trucks. The only rules is you can't use anything gas powered--it has to all be mechanical. And you also can't, like, murder people with pumpkins.

And knowing Wonderland, there's probably gonna be some crazy ass shit happening for Halloween, but I figure we can pick a day near then and that's when we have the competition. We can roll out our stuff to the checkerboard hills and launch from there, that way we got wide open space and people won't get hit by flying pumpkins.

[She gives the camera a really eager look.]

Whaddaya guys think?
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ANONYMOUS | text ⪢
ok are there meetings or some kinda gatherings about how we do things in wonderland or do people just stick to their corners and fling whatever they got out into the air? cause i'm feeling pretty freaked and banging my head against the wall's apparently only gonna turn me into a squishy nom-nom for the core

so idk SWF 19 seeking direction? moral support? the S is for sarcastic btw. but i can sweeten the pot with some gnarly tech skills and a can-do attitude

also anyone here use a VENDOR TOKEN before? there's a catch, right?

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Two years ago, the Red Queen used the Vorpal Shield to trap both herself and the Jabberwocky within the Core. Now she is free, thanks to a team that consisted of myself, Shaun Mason, Tim W., Jay M., and Alphys.

[There is a photograph of the Red Queen, who is smiling. The door behind her is closed, but light leaks out around the edges. Tim is in front of her, supported on either side by Shaun and Jay. Alphys is to the side, clutching a robot to her chest.]

Like many Wonderland residents, we had received items from "RQ," who is speculated by many to be the Red Queen. Jay received was a map to the Core. We devised a plan to follow the map and allow Alphys a chance to study it in person. She has been researching the Core from the Real side and comparing it to similar technology in her home world.

We crossed to the Mirror Side with the help of Kayo Hinazuki, Satoru Fujinuma, and Minato Arisato, who then split off to do their own exploring. We found the door with little trouble or interference from Mirrors. Exposure to the Core causes sickness and memory loss, so we decided only one of us would open the door. Tim was chosen through random selection. Alphys piloted a remote-controlled robot to gather what data she could. She is currently still analyzing her findings.

The door was only open for seconds, just long enough for the Red Queen to come through. She intercepted Tim's memory and returned it to him. When asked whether the Jabberwock had escaped as well, the Red Queen responded, "I will tell you that I am all that has emerged," though she did not seem confident it would remain trapped forever. She then opened a portal for us to the Real Side.

She would not answer any more questions, leaving the status of the Vorpal Shield uncertain. She also would not confirm or deny if she is the "RQ" who handed out all these items. It seems unlikely it could have been anyone else, but how she could have done so from the confines of the Core is a mystery.


Sep. 18th, 2017 08:47 pm
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[Given the sheer volume of network posts in the last few days, Satoru hadn't wanted to clog things up further. But he's finally figured out the compass he received and it seems like...something people should know about.

When he starts the feed, he's standing outside, though it's difficult to tell where he is exactly. Kayo is behind him, playing idly with a Rubik's Cube while she waits for him. A few glowing rips can be seen in the vicinity, but they're staying away from them like the smart kids they are.]

I got a compass. [Just going to throw that out there first.] But it didn't point north. I followed it to where it did point and found this.

[He pans the camera around to show a hole in the ground. He turns it back toward himself after a moment. He has no idea what it is he's found, but he has a feeling it matters, and so not knowing is kind of irritating him.]

This means something, right?
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[Some time Friday morning, September 8th, a new and particularly important broadcast appears on the network.

The feed flicks on to show Ford at a desk in his lab looking both tired and very guilty. ]

Uh, yes! Hello. Uh. Good morning?

[He clears his throat. Might as well get right down to it.]

As anyone who's slept since Wednesday will know, something weird has been happening. I may have been experimenting with a ward against a certain demonic triangle when there was an explosion that caused the ward's effects to warp and, for lack of better layman's terms, gave everyone the ability to traverse the Mindscape--that is, the realm parallel to any waking dimension.

To put it simply: Once you left consciousness at any point, you likely were able to explore your own mind, and the minds of others.

Fortunately, the effects seem to be temporary and I only singed half an eyebrow in the explosion, so... Good news! Everything should be back to normal by tomorrow.

Ahh, science. Well! That's all for today. If you don't want to deal with it, I suggest visiting one of the tea rooms for a delightful pot of industrial coffee. Always works for me!

[With a winning smile from Ford, the broadcast ends.]
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Gonna head t' the caves t'day, so-- [He pauses, and there's a small 'clunk' off-screen as he tosses something into a bag by his feet.] So, if y've ever wanted t' check it out but didn't wanna go alone, here's a chance.

[There's a bark and the camera swivels to put a dog in view. Said dog wags its tail and sniffs at a rucksack with interest.]

He's comin' too. Jus' gimme a heads up, 'll be at the entrance in a half hour.



[If anyone wants to meet him there, he'll be there a good ten minutes checking through his pack and making sure he has everything he needs - just in case.

After that, he'll be in the caves themselves, exploring the passages and leaving small marks on the walls as he goes. At least once, he finds his way to a large, open cavern, and whistles softly to himself before quietly smiling as if recalling a distant memory. The hour following will be spent free-climbing the walls, leaving the dog on the cavern floor with his bag, with exploration resuming after he decides that his hands have had enough.

All in all, he's down there for several hours.
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[ Bill the Lizard is not building. Bill the Lizard is lizarding, sitting on a large rock in the sun. He looks out at the lake, thoughtfully. ]

They've got a whole nine wrapped together, no wonder you can't remember your place neither. Set a foot in one, end up in another, snap of ye finger, goes just like that. Goes they'll all stumble together, and end up here, too. What a right mess that'll be to paint over. Shine like the stars, that's the one, shine like all the stars, like it'll be worth to fight over.

[ Thoughtfully his tongue flicks up and down, and licks the side of his face. ]

Won't compare to her I tell ye, she'll be a right proper treat soon enough-- Aw, but that'd be peeking all right, bad enough we don't got a working door for her right away--

[ Bill flicks his tail and perks up. ]

No. No, listen good, lads, listen, ye hear? Dress up nice and warm, that'll come in well and good later!
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Sup, fellow captives? Name's Claudia.

[ two purple-gloved hands throw up finger guns in front of the camera. claudia's curled red hair is interrupted only by a single strand of white, and her ratty denim vest is covered in an obnoxious amount of flair. anyone versed in teen can probably tell this cool front is pretty forced. ]

So! I did the reading, aced the pop quiz, made frenemies with the magical internet, et cetera et cetera... [ shrug! if she pretends it's no big deal it won't be, right? this is fine everything's fine. ] Who do I talk to about that member's club jacket fitting? Or like, should I expect a card or a button or something? Maybe a secret handshake? Oh, right one other thing-- anyone got a twenty on Alice? Figure it's only polite to introduce myself to the lady of the house, you know?

[ and until then, she'll keep checking mirrors in hopes that this is some weird artifact thing on steroids. as the day wears on, claudia only gets crankier-- she's starting to feel helpless and alone. she can do alone, she just-- well she thought she didn't have to anymore. ]


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