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Through the years, we all will be together
If the fates allow. ♥

On the morning of September 1st, everyone in Wonderland, on both Real and Mirror Side, will awake to find one of four possible invitations has been shoved under their doors. The glass has been carefully removed from all mirrors, and everyone will be able to cross to and from Mirror Side with ease, without forcing any sort of swap. The Queen of Hearts' chambers, discovered in the previous event, will be mysteriously inaccessible, leading only to a tearoom.

Additionally, there will be many more Wonderland guests than usual, each of them with their own random invitation and network device (wired to make replies only). As the week goes on, as per the invitations, more and more parties will appear (and everyone is invited to all of them, whether they received an invitation or not). But who brought them here? Why are there so many parties? Who is responsible for all of this exactly?

It's anyone's guess. Though, perhaps the newly built second mansion is a good place to start searching for answers...

Keep an eye out on September 1st, when clues will begin to appear! Finally, there's plenty of room for comments and plotting below, as well as a FOURTH WALL MASTER POST to help you keep track of everything throughout the event! All that said,


Koji, Kristen & Mouette, aka.
~ The Entranceway Mod Team