Oct. 23rd, 2017 09:01 pm
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hey so who wants to rank some stuff for me?

uh lets see.

- your home world
- wonderland
- a world where your favorite book is all real, only its still text based. so you have to figure out how to comprehend existing as text or you'll go crazy
- a world thats really peaceful and fun, but the ground you walk on is made up of the bottom of living human feet. nobody ever talks about it.
- a world where the language is jazz style scatting and you only have one word figured out so far. it's probably the only illegal word they have? but i guess thats flexible.

anyway about where do you think you're standing on those so far?

no wrong answers! just for fun. like 1 is the best and 5 is the worst.
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[The first thing anyone sees, even before the person posting...is a little pig, in one of the tea rooms. It snuffles and sniffles and sweeps the room for signs of danger, and once it is satisfied it trots away.

Then in a blink, Alice is standing in the middle of the room, pig cradled in her arms. And for the first time ever on the network, her face has wide blue eyes. She's a bit frantic, but otherwise unharmed.

I think I'm starting to get used to doing that on purpose... Ah, hello everyone! It's...been some time, hasn't it?

[Even Alice can't seem to hide the fact that it's rather awkward to suddenly have eyes when she did not before. The pig squirms and she lets it down, as she's discovered it's wisest to listen to what the Duchess' pig wants.]

I'm so sorry to interrupt everything, but I need to warn you all! Something-- something terrible is going to happen soon! I don't want to cause anyone alarm, but it may very well be the worst thing that's ever happened to you.

[It's all distressing, and Alice crouches down to the pig's level so she can play with it's ears absently as she talks. It lets her.]

I'm afraid I still can't explain how I know, and the details are...rather distressing. But I promise, I'd never lie to all of you! I could never!

[She's adamant about that much at least. Even if her message isn't clear, there's more clarity in the way she speaks about it - she understands the importance of these messages now, in a way she'd forgotten for so long.]

Please, everyone. Take care of yourselves this weekend. I think it may be all you can do.
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[There's not a whole lot of audio stimulation on the other end. Wherever he is, it's quiet, on purpose? Maybe. It could just be that he's managed to get a few seconds of peace in an environment that wasn't crowded. That's all this place ever felt like these days, crowded.]

I dunno about the rest of you, but Halloween's just about my least favorite holiday that hits the calendars. Wonder what the Chuckleheads in management have in store, nothing stays quiet in this shithole for long.

Better keep eyes on ammo and able bodies.

There hasn't been any new material, not in a while. Knocking on my door without calling first is a 100% guaranteed barrel to the face.

I'm serious.


Oct. 18th, 2017 07:45 pm
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[When the feed comes on, there's a bit of shaky cam before Fiddleford has his device set up just the way he wants it. He tries to straighten his hair out a little here as he adjusts his glasses.]

So, ah, it just sort of occurred to me today that I've been here for quite a while now. In fact I think it's been about a whole year now? Ha, time sure flies when you're... well, not havin' fun per-say, given where we are, but--anyway, you know what I mean.

[His glasses slip a little and he forces himself to re-adjust them again.]

I... I feel like there's somethin' I should tell ya'll here 'bout that but... come on Fiddleford, you're on camera, th-this is just... terribibble to suddenly--oh, that's right: it's gotten me to realize just how little work I've actually gotten done here? There was that arm of Stanford's which he doesn't really need anymore, thank heavens and some, ah, smaller stuff for other people, but I'm lookin' for new ideas of things to tinker with and build. Somethin' that could really be of help to everyone here.

[He then turns the feed's attention to a little blackboard set up behind him... before remembering that he has a blue-print of what appears to be some kind of giant robot monster with the tag-line "current idea: design a pair of wings so that giant robot can fly away from wonderland" and quickly pulls that down and off-screen.]

So! If ya'll have somethin' that you think would be handy to have and would like to have built, just tell me and I'll jot it down to get started on inventin'!

[As for what that sudden lapse in memory was, WELL...]


Oct. 18th, 2017 06:58 pm
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[The view comes clear showing Seth sitting on a straight back chair in the middle of a room. Stripped down to his white dress shirt, the sleeves rolled up and a sheen of sweat on his brow.

Which rooms is he in though? One of the destruction rooms some of Wonderland had designed for you to go and beat the hell out of things. And it appears Seth has done just that.

All around him are broken dishes, snapped furniture, and bits and pieces of other things he's apparently broken.][He settles back into the chair, his suit jacket hanging on the back of the chair, swaying as he moves.]

All the destruction we do gets repaired. I can attest to that given the number of times some people I know have set off explosives in the maze and yet it's there, and there aren't huge burned out divots in the ground.

[By some people he means himself. Others too but definitely himself.]

How? Why? How long does it take? I can't answer all of it but curiosity's gotten the better of me. So I'm going to stay here and wait and see. Is it just in a flash and suddenly whole? Do they slowly piece themselves back together? What do they call it? Empirical evidence? I'm waiting to see.

So if anyone has ideas, knowledge, bored and want to bitch about Wonderland shit? I could use the conversation while I wait. Figure it's Wonderland. I could be here a while.
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[Enter a very bright-eyed young woman with a dorky grin.]

Greetings, Wonderland! [She interrupts herself with a quick chuckle and proceeds to speak with a lot of hand movement]

"Wonderland", listen to me. It just - it sort of rolls off the tongue nicely, doesn't it? Oh, I'm rambling.

[And here comes the awkward wave.] My name is Taylor and, while I do have several questions, they seem to be pushed aside with the roars of my hunger. Gosh, all of this Wonderland mumbo-jumbo makes a person hungry, do you feel that also?

[She sweeps away that last statement with a simple gesture of a hand movement.]

Anyways. Bonjour!


Oct. 17th, 2017 10:46 am
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[Ishimaru hasn't really been at a hundred percent since Mondo's arrival in Wonderland and the difficult news he brought with him. A lot has been weighing on his mind, but over time he's managed to gain some comfort and regain some of his energy by throwing himself into his studies and focusing on them. And during the last event, he mostly spent time coordinating people in the safe zone while in his pajamas. Now that things have quieted down again, it seems like the time to address everyone.

And so, on this day he addresses everyone with an energetic message! He goes on cheerily, although every now and then his cheer fades a bit.]

Greetings, people of Wonderland! In case you have not met me, my name is Kiyotaka Ishimaru! I believe in bold simplicity, and through hard work I have earned the title of Super High School Level Public Morals Committee Member! Even though I've been trapped here in Wonderland, I am still doing everything that I can to continue my educational crusade in this world, and I highly encourage anyone to join me! If you find me at the library or the youth center, you are more than welcome to study with me. Let's all do our best!

In fact, I would also like to encourage everyone to help me with my studies right now! Please help me in one of two ways. Either quiz me on any subject, or teach me about something from your world. You could even do both if you so please! I would highly appreciate any help. ...Y-you can also talk about the value of second chances here in Wonderland! [Just in case Mondo is listening. He then closes with a hurried bow.]

Thank you for your time, and may you all have splendid days!
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[When the camera turns on, it's focused on an older woman, easily in her late 50's, with short, white curled hair. Her deep blue robes and ornate staff, coupled with her rather serious expression, make her a rather imposing figure. She's holding a blue and silver bound journal, which she seems to be scribbling fervently in until she notices the device is on, and she re-steadies it quickly to give her message.]

I would like to request an audience with whoever seems to have summoned me to their, uhm... lovely home. I understand that there are many who require my attention, but my situation is rather urgent, and I can't spare any time at the moment.

[As the message goes on, she seems increasingly tense, gripping harder to her staff and seemingly obviously distracted.]

Provided this is broadcasting to more than one person, any help would be appreciated.

[Quickly, she reaches out, fumbling with a few buttons before the feed cuts.]
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Action prompt under the cut. )
[Eventually, a new person acesses the network today. A teenager, and a young one at that. He briefly clears his throat before addressing everyone.]

Uh, hello? Are there any other students with Ultimate talents here? We were trying to escape this awful prison school and I think I got seperated from my class.

[Not the entire truth here, but acting lost would sound a lot better than immediately accusing some random loser of kidnapping.]

I'm really worried.
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[She very much debates sending this. It isn't her style, not after the losses she's endured, not after the way this place takes, and takes, and takes, so much that it becomes commonplace, that she should find herself numb to it. Evelyn doesn't particularly anticipate replies; people go missing every day.

Her son's room is entirely empty. Evelyn knows what it means.

If anyone sees a tow-headed boy, eight years old, please contact me.

His name is Alex.

E. O'Connell


Oct. 15th, 2017 03:58 pm
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[ She's felt so restless for a number of different reasons, and she keeps picking up her device, not sure who she's wanting to reach out to, who she wants to be reaching out to, so finally, she just addresses the network at large. ]

So, getting drunk for multiple days after you die. Par for the course, or just me?

✍ video

Oct. 14th, 2017 10:23 am
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[ Henry's sitting in his bedroom, a handful of different illustrations pinned to a bulletin board behind him. Maybe some old school veterans of Wonderland recognize the last two.

When Henry addresses the network, he just has one pretty specific question. ]

If someone was writing a story about your life, of everything up to this point, what would you want, more than anything, for them to get right about you?

video >>

Oct. 13th, 2017 10:48 pm
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[ There's a lot on her mind, a lot she could say. Maybe it would help to talk about some of the terrifying nightmares she's been having since the event ended, but that's not a conversation she's ready to have yet. It's easier for her, at least, to check up on others.

She's still a stranger to many, but you have to start somewhere. ]

This week was... [ Well. She died. And so did a lot of other people, she's guessing. So. ] Anyway. I just wanted to see if uh, you're all okay out there.

[ She's sure a lot of people are wondering who the hell she is and why she would care, but oh well. She does. ]

Right now, I'm not a super big fan of sleeping, so if you can't sleep either and you want a buddy, come find me at the diner. I'll be the one hunched over a huge cup of hot cocoa and an etch-a-sketch. [ Old school, but soothing. Thanks, Wonderland closets. ]


Oct. 12th, 2017 10:18 pm
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[If there's a regular thumping noise in the background, that'll be someone using the Destruction Room in the background. Otherwise, the video will just show Maya against the first-floor hallway, the door to room 005 wide open behind her.]

So is anyone else kind of over events like the one we just had? Because I'm ready to do stuff that has nothing to do with fighting.

Where I'm from, people spend Halloween going to parties and getting scared on purpose. The fun kind of scared, not the Wonderland kind. I'm talking grape eyeballs and pasta guts. A good house takes some time to build up, and I'm looking for some extra help. If you're strong, I could use some help knocking down a wall or two. If you like to paint, there's plenty of work. And I'm sure there are enough drama queens around that at least one of you is willing to dress up like a vampire and chase some kids around.

Hit me up. It's not like there's anything else to do but wait around for the next time this place wants to kill us, right?
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Hey, Sakamoto Ryuji here.

I can't be the only one with ass kicking on the brain after that invisible dog bullshit. What's the consensus on fighting instructors around here? Did that turn out to be a thing?

If anyone's got the time show a few moves and still taking requests, I got one of my own. I'd appreciate a few tips if you feel like sharing. I'm talking about the badasses that know what they're doing, not just the make it up as you go kind (like me). Hate to say it, but the stuff we're facing in events is a little different from what I'm used to.

Dunno what I could trade for it, but I learn fast! And I'll think of something. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

PS: And if you're looking for Akira, don't worry. Nothing bad happened to him. He just went home. Sorry.

[The last bit is the real crux of the message and also the thorn in its side; bundling it in with the request lessens the sharp prick of it. Not by much, but some.]

» action )
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hey nurse, any chance you're near the safe zone?
#### message could not be received ####
and it's starting to hurt really bad now that the adrenaline's wearing off...
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( the feed's set to video, but it's fuzzy and dark and hard to make out; jon's standing in a pretty dark area, hair tousled, missing the glasses and usual hat but also missing the superboy jacket he usually wears when he doesn't have the hat and glasses. )

H-hey, guys? I. . uh, I'm kinda lost. ( obviously. he tries for a smile, but it looks pretty strained. ) Is this the tower that Cheshire wa--oh. ( his eyes focus somewhere off behind the screen, wide and more than a little confused. )

Holy heck what-- ( the phone gets dropped, left face down on the floor but there is the pretty distinct sound of fighting--some punches being thrown, some angry growling, a loud thump, before jon's picking it back up again

that hesitant smile's still on his mouth, even if his hair's even more messy, and his clothes are definitely ruined. )
Uh. So I guess there're monsters? If you--uh, if you need help, please call me. Superboy. I'll um. I'll hear you, and if I don't, the other Superboy will!

. . Robin? Can you call me, too? I can't--really focus hard enough to find you like this.
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[It's video, this time, because lucky you. He's calling people out, and if he expects them to show their face to him, least he can do, he figures, is start off that way himself. You see what you get here, Wonderland. To make it all civilized and shit, he's in the Tea Room. ]


I hear dying here makes you some Big Fucking Problem or something. And yeah, I know, there's some database/spreadsheet/accountant shit you're making to log all this.

But, it strikes me, that any one of you can lie. And if you come back as a big fucking problem, you're definitely going to lie.

[He can handle big fucking problems, if it comes to it, but they don't need to know that. Some can probably figure that shit out, though, if, you know, they got eyes here.]

So, yeah. Gonna need to talk to... [He looks down at a written list for a second.] right.

Dan Palmer. Sam Winchester. Souji Seita [Yeah, he probably butchers the pronunciation of that last one. And they can probably figure out why he wants to talk to them. ]

You know where to find me.

((OOC: anyone else welcome to respond/action/peanut gallery/whatevs, too. Come at him, bro!)).
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As the Cheshire Cat announced yesterday, and as you can see on the Bulletin Board, there is an event coming up!

Here are a few more notes about the event:

    ♥ It is impossible to escape from Tartarus via any route and the tower itself can't be damaged by any means.
    ♥ All characters will retain their normal powers and skills.
    ♥ Any stores of materials established pre-event are unavailable and there are no closet-like mechanisms for obtaining supplies.
    ♥ Characters will wake up only with what they had on their person when the event began--even items within arms reach will not come along for the ride. The only exception is that a character may be accompanied by a single weapon. This should be whatever weapon the character would use under normal circumstances.
    ♥ Time passes differently in Tartarus (a few hours in Tartarus can be a full day in the real world), meaning that characters will have little need to eat, drink, or sleep (though this pattern will vary somewhat based on each character's needs).
    ♥ All of the monsters are "npcs" on auto-pilot--they are bent on attacking characters and nothing else.
    ♥ Finally, all deaths during this event count as Mansion deaths.

As always, there is a FAQ thread on this entry for any questions that might come up!

01. (video)

Oct. 5th, 2017 11:30 am
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[the video feed turns on to reveal (1) pretty disheveled-looking dude, who may or may not have a visible bruise starting to form on the side of his head (thanks basement wall, you're a real pal). but he's trying his best to conduct himself like some approximation of a professional, because this is a very important inquiry.]

I'm gonna be honest, I don't know how far this is gonna go, because this technology is pretty primitive, just throwing that out there, but — I'm looking for some folks.

[consider this an apb]

First up, Gamora, who is, like, literally the coolest person ever. I mean, she could probably kill something with one hand tied behind her back without even looking at it — really freaking cool, right? She's super great. I wouldn't recommend pissing her off, though, because her bad side is really not somewhere you want to be.

[does he know this from experience? maybe. a beat, then:]

Next, Drax. He may look a little mean, which is totally fair because, you know, big, muscular guy who's probably strong enough to crush your throat without even thinking about it, but I promise he's a lot nicer than that. Just don't try a joke; it's probably not gonna work.

Also, Rocket, better known as "trash panda". Which you should definitely call him, by the way, it's his favorite nickname one-hundred percent. [no, no it isn't.] Anyway, though, talking raccoon, has a thing for leaving all his shit lying around everywhere and likes to blow stuff up, can't miss him.

And Groot. Looks like a small baby tree, has great taste in music [says peter, without one microscopic speck of bias on him at all whatsoever], and is only gonna answer you with "I am Groot." He's actually saying a lot more than that, but it's just a thing.

And last ones — Kraglin, pretty tall guy who probably has an arrow with him, and Mantis, who's kinda shy, but she's really, really nice, and you should be nice to her, too.

[you might be wondering, does this guy ever pause to take a breath, or do the words, like the years, just keep on coming and they don't stop coming? well, right now, he actually does, proving to be true to his word that those were, in fact, his last ones, so that question's answered. it's about a full twenty-five seconds before he says anything else.]

So, uh, if you've seen any of these people....

[and that's when peter falls silent, because this thought that he might not actually find anyone, so soon after... everything, has his throat feeling tight and his chest feeling a little heavy.

the message cuts off.]
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Okay okay okay okay. So I know there's an event coming up and we're all freaking out about it, and it's probably gonna be horrible like usual, but I gotta say this before we get too deep into October. So, you know how Halloween is the best holiday, and October is the best month, and autumn is the best season, and all that? And you know how the best thing about all of those is...

[Dramatic pause.]

Pumpkins, obviously. I was thinking, we definitely need to have a pumpkin chunking competition.

[She grins like a wild person.]

So for the uninitiated, pumpkin chunking is when you build something that can launch things--like a catapult, or a trebuchet, or a giant slingshot, or a cannon, and so on--and then you compete to see how far the thing you built can launch a pumpkin. It's literally the best thing, after Halloween and autumn leaves. Since I figure most people don't really know how to build stuff like that, people could team up. You could have team names and give your pumpkin chunker a name like they do with monster trunks. I mean trucks. The only rules is you can't use anything gas powered--it has to all be mechanical. And you also can't, like, murder people with pumpkins.

And knowing Wonderland, there's probably gonna be some crazy ass shit happening for Halloween, but I figure we can pick a day near then and that's when we have the competition. We can roll out our stuff to the checkerboard hills and launch from there, that way we got wide open space and people won't get hit by flying pumpkins.

[She gives the camera a really eager look.]

Whaddaya guys think?
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ANONYMOUS | text ⪢
ok are there meetings or some kinda gatherings about how we do things in wonderland or do people just stick to their corners and fling whatever they got out into the air? cause i'm feeling pretty freaked and banging my head against the wall's apparently only gonna turn me into a squishy nom-nom for the core

so idk SWF 19 seeking direction? moral support? the S is for sarcastic btw. but i can sweeten the pot with some gnarly tech skills and a can-do attitude

also anyone here use a VENDOR TOKEN before? there's a catch, right?

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[It would be difficult to say where the Cat is exactly, since the scene is simply of the ceiling and him standing on it.]

You'd best get started on your way up. But don't linger. No, it would be too dangerous.

[The Cat lowers itself, settling down with its paws tucked, eyes closed. It almost seems like it's smiling, but it would be hard to tell, it being a Cat and all. Either way, it certainly looks smug as it sits there, its tail dangling in the air. Its twitching just a little at the tip.]

No matter how high you climb, they'll still be there. Waiting.
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ok but I'm assuming there's a welcoming committee? I'd just like to say that I haven't been introduced to the welcoming committee and also, I'm assuming there's a brochure somewhere, something along the lines of 'welcome to wonderland here are 101 ways to get high'?

didn't get that either.

so that said, i'm going to compile a list of every question you must have heard a thousand times before.

✘ this pocket universe is inspired by carrol's wonderland. duh. any signs of a portal? anything?

✘ are the mirrors creepy in a 1984 way or in a creepy-girls-WILL-climb-out-at-night way? super important.

✘ where are the EAT ME and DRINK ME stuff? because I had cookies three hours ago and I'm reporting no change in size. Where do I file a complaint?

✘ how many people's heads have been offed? is that a thing?

✘ is there really a high caterpillar? because meeting the guy's on my bucket list.

✘ HAVE all of the mansion's horses and all of its men tried to put Humpty together again?

also fyi if you see a guy in a flying suit of armor that's just me. don't shoot, it never ends well and also it gives me a serious electromagnetic headache.


Oct. 2nd, 2017 07:11 pm
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[After eating a stroopwaffel--a thing he still does not know the name of--and having a very disorienting dream, Naoki's been thinking things over and has decided to ask Wonderland what they think.]

During everything that was happening a couple weeks ago, I had a weird dream after eating one of those cookie things Jean had. At first I thought it was just a dream, but so much of what was happening seemed to mean something that I thought I should tell people about it anyway.

[He rubs the back of his neck, just above his horn, and tilts his head to the side.]

Most of it was nonsense, but toward the end, the Dormouse was there and he said "You're going the wrong way." Does anyone have any idea what "you're going the wrong way" might mean? Or if it means anything at all?
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[Replies to this are CLOSED, please see OOC note at the bottom of the post!]

In the wake of our most recent event and regarding the fate of those who lose their fifth life, I would like to propose a new series of data collection on mansion residents. It is my opinion that the instatement of a “death watch” - that is, an archival record of extant resident deaths that have occurred - should be created and maintained, and would serve as a valuable resource for the protection of those who are at risk.

[This is the difficult part: persuading people to share this sort of thing about themselves, knowing what it does to others and how it can hurt, is no easy task. She believed as much when she first spoke with Shepard on the subject, and believes the same now. Evelyn herself does not like to offer personal information unless asked, but knows the burden of carrying that suffering on one's own and how easily an environment can fall to fear.]

I understand that this is very private, very personal information. I understand it is traumatic, and not something that many people want to share. Therefore it is incumbent upon me to stress the critical severity of this situation, and assure you that you are not alone.

I myself have lost four lives here.

In disclosing as much, I hope that others can be swayed to believe in the efficacy of this database, and would urge residents to volunteer their respective death tolls to build the record. Residents who submit information to the watch on their numbers may do so to me privately, if there is concern about embarrassment or persecution from peers.

[It is a valid concern, and one which she has agonised over.]

Commander Shepard’s confirmation from the Queen of Hearts that those who are remade after their last demise are conscripted as spies is extremely troubling. Regardless of the veracity of the information given its source, we as unwilling residents do not have the luxury of allowing for that liability. For those concerned about their safety, I will be actively working with the commander, who is well-equipped to establish and manage security procedures once the record has been transcribed and analysed. This is a living document, and is expected to require additions over time.

I am aware that this is a drastic measure, but a measure worth taking. Please feel free to direct all responses and queries to myself and Commander Shepard.

[OOC NOTE: I realize this is a hot button issue as has generated a lot of replies, which is great! In order to keep myself sane, I'm going to have to cut it off here and request that no one else respond in this post. Messaging Evelyn's inbox is cool if you want to drop a line there instead, but replies will be slower there.

Anyone who did not get to respond in here before the cut-off, I'd really like you to at least drop a comment HERE if you believe your character would still share their information with her. Thank you for understanding!
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Two years ago, the Red Queen used the Vorpal Shield to trap both herself and the Jabberwocky within the Core. Now she is free, thanks to a team that consisted of myself, Shaun Mason, Tim W., Jay M., and Alphys.

[There is a photograph of the Red Queen, who is smiling. The door behind her is closed, but light leaks out around the edges. Tim is in front of her, supported on either side by Shaun and Jay. Alphys is to the side, clutching a robot to her chest.]

Like many Wonderland residents, we had received items from "RQ," who is speculated by many to be the Red Queen. Jay received was a map to the Core. We devised a plan to follow the map and allow Alphys a chance to study it in person. She has been researching the Core from the Real side and comparing it to similar technology in her home world.

We crossed to the Mirror Side with the help of Kayo Hinazuki, Satoru Fujinuma, and Minato Arisato, who then split off to do their own exploring. We found the door with little trouble or interference from Mirrors. Exposure to the Core causes sickness and memory loss, so we decided only one of us would open the door. Tim was chosen through random selection. Alphys piloted a remote-controlled robot to gather what data she could. She is currently still analyzing her findings.

The door was only open for seconds, just long enough for the Red Queen to come through. She intercepted Tim's memory and returned it to him. When asked whether the Jabberwock had escaped as well, the Red Queen responded, "I will tell you that I am all that has emerged," though she did not seem confident it would remain trapped forever. She then opened a portal for us to the Real Side.

She would not answer any more questions, leaving the status of the Vorpal Shield uncertain. She also would not confirm or deny if she is the "RQ" who handed out all these items. It seems unlikely it could have been anyone else, but how she could have done so from the confines of the Core is a mystery.

text; 002

Oct. 1st, 2017 09:07 pm
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[He's grown accustomed to the network over the last few months. Usually, he stays up in bed at night and reads through the posts (when his mom doesn't notice), but hardly ever responds to what everyone is saying. They're either boring or about something he isn't equipped to handle. Tonight, though, he has a few questions that he hopes someone might answer.]

Say you know an adult. Two adults. One is close to you and the other isn't. The second adult is their friend.

[Yes, that's good enough.]

The second adult, the one you're not as close to, is always around. Treats the adult you are close to differently. And the first adult kissed the second on the cheek once.

What's going on and what should I do?
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[Bart doesn't really want to know, because he'd barely gotten to meet the guy, but losing even a different version of his grandfather doesn't feel good, and he needs to know.]

Um, I know there've been a lot of people disappearing lately, and I just want to ask.

Has anyone seen Barry Allen the last few days?


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