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[The video flicks on, and for the first time since she's arrived, it's clear she's not herself. Buck's hat and glasses are in place and given his expression, shit has most definitely gotten real.]

So y'all're aware that this place got all kinds of fucked up this past weekend. Bein' that it's my job to keep things safe, I'm kinda havin' a hard time with the whole idea of stickin' around this queer-ass dump.

[Buck sniffs, spits, adjusts his "tackle".]

Any of y'all wanna go fishin'?
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[Jesus Christ, Dave, that is not the kind of thing you should be using in music! John hurries over as soon as the explosion sounds, only vaguely worried but mostly convinced that Dave's had some sort of specimen-preserving-incident.

But that's not the case.

No. Dave's up against a wall, slumped over and-- and he's not moving, not even breathing. John tries CPR, even special windy thing CPR but--



He flips on the video, not even trying to hide how upset and panicked he is.]

Guys, Dave's dead. Dave-- he died. There was a big bang and then-- I came in and--

Oh God, what do I do?! Does he even have a dreamself here or...

What do I do?


Feb. 3rd, 2012 08:24 pm
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[This morning, George just happened to wake up to a yellow room. Except, no. There was just something stuck to her forehead. Something yellow.

A post-it.



George, after waking up enough to scream into her pillow in frustration, deduced that her assigned K. Hummel was that gay kid and, maybe, like, an hour later, she realized what this was. An event. A reaper event.

Shit. Shit fuck.

Better clue some people in. Carefully.]

So, uh. Anybody else find some weird post-it note this morning?


Jan. 21st, 2012 01:50 pm
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[ After arriving at the beach and spending a couple of minutes being downright confused and ultimately decided that the huge mansion should be the first place to go, Axel had noticed one of his pockets was heavier than usual. And upon inspection he found a small device. One with a lot of buttons. What do you do in a situation like this? You press them of course! All of them. At first it broadcasts audio only and the sound of snow crunching beneath someone's feet is heard. ]

This thing doesn't make any sense. [ He presses another button and the audio stops. Another buttom makes it video instead and a nice view of the sky along with some strands of red hair are seen. ]

What is this thing even fo- [ Off. ] Come on. [ On. ] Way to be useless. [ Off. ] You would think it would come with some instruction! [ On. And finally instead of the sky, his enter face is shown. And he somehow looks annoyed and amused all at the same time. ]

Sheesh am I glad we don't have these back home.


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