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[ Lana had felt constricted in the mansion today for some reason. So she'd decided to go out flying. She could only go so far, but it made her feel better all the same. She blasted herself up out over the beach, enjoying the way the wind blew through the long coat of her Bombshell costume.

Everything was fine until she headed back to the mansion. She lands on the roof and is about to head for the stairs when she steps in something and slips. Is that... blood?

She runs, following the trail of blood, then gasps when she sees a body. A body that she knows. She pulls her cell out from inside her costume and fumbles with it for a second, hands shaking, before finally recording a message. ]

This is L-- this is Bombshell. I'm on the roof, and I found a-a body. [ Deep breaths, Lana. ] Billy... Wiccan is dead.

Please, I don't know what to do!

[ She ends the recording and hits Send, then kneels, still shaking, by Billy's body to wait. ]


Jan. 14th, 2015 06:56 pm
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[ Lana's outside today, not in her Bombshell costume, but ready and willing to make something explode. ]

So, powers are back, those gross naked giants are gone, but these "fortifications" [ Complete with finger quotes, ] are still here. D'you think the Titans are coming back, or is it cool if I start blowing shit up?

'Cause I gotta tell you, feels real good to have my powers back.

[ She smirks at the camera. ]

If I don't hear from anyone, I'm just gonna start exploding the walls, 'kay?
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[Michonne's been in Wonderland for at least ten minutes. She's dirty, probably smells as bad as she looks, but she can't even register that right now. She just watched someone she cares about, someone in her family take a bullet to the head, watched as her body was laid down to be wrapped in a sheet, and the next thing Michonne knows, she's here. The device that was suddenly in her pocket is in her hand, and she has no idea that she's switched it on to video, her gaze focused but very intense. Her katana is on her back, a comforting weight, and for a few moments as she records she only stares, right into the camera as if the answers will appear. A loud sound distracts her, something from the woods making itself know, and she doesn't know what the hell it is, has never seen a titan before, but she understands now why the large building ahead looks prepped for a medieval fight.

Running and ducking, she tucks herself in tight against a wall before slipping in through a door, eyes wide with tightly controlled panic. It's only when she looks back down at the device that she notices it's been recording the entire time. With no idea who might be on the other end, she speaks, voice low.]

I don't know what the hell this is or what those things are, but this is bullshit.

[All she knows for now is that she doesn't trust this place. Not even a little bit.]

(ooc: find her in the mansion, or reply to her eloquent message.)


Jan. 9th, 2015 09:48 pm
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There's one thing I don't understand...

[Cue the inevitable Peanut Gallery echoing one thing?! behind her]

[You were all thinking it.  Admit it.]

Okay,, I totally get forgetting pants when you leave the house.  Happens to me all the time.  But who forgets their skin?  How do you even do that?
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[Yes, the Once-ler had that dream too. No, he's not talking about it. It was just a dream, just a stupid, dumb, terrifying dream with a monster and the moon going out like a broken lightbulb and obviously none of it was real. Or at least, he doesn't want any of it to be real.

So, he's stress-knitting.

He's taken up one of the tea rooms for the day so that he has a little more space to work (plus it gets him out of his room, and that's probably a good thing). He's already got a colorful pile of completed things tossed on one of the chairs - scarfs, mittens, absolutely no thneeds. The Once-ler himself is sitting on the floor in front of one of the armchairs with his knees up, using the chair as a backrest as he knits. His piglet Boris is keeping him company, and he can be seen running around in a dark green pig-sized sweater.

So, uh. Since I'm knitting anyway and winter's coming up...does anyone want anything?

[And wow, he sure is knitting. Even while he talks, even while wearing his trademark green gloves, his needles move incredibly fast. He shrugs though, like offering to make people stuff for free isn't an enormous step forward for him.]

I mean, it's just something to do, and it's not like I have anything else to do with them.

[That's all he really wanted to say, because he's definitely not acknowledging that Jabberwocky dream. He leans forward a bit and uses the end of one of his knitting needles to jab at his network device until it shuts off. If anyone would rather meet up with him in person, he's in one of the tea rooms on the tenth floor with a small mountain of yarn.]


Nov. 15th, 2014 03:42 pm
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[ Lana has been putting this off for weeks, but she can't hold off any longer. ]

I've got one thing to ask, and it's going to make me sound like a fucking weirdo, but...

[ She brushes a lock of hair out of her eyes, then looks at the camera. ]

Does the name "Loriloo" mean anything to anyone?

[ She thinks about adding more, but in the end decides to leave it without explanation. ]
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setup and introspection )

[When the feed starts, Steve's seated at the desk in his room, which is as neat as always. There's distant barking in the background that he does his best to ignore, at least for the moment.]

For anyone who knows Bucky Barnes, he's left Wonderland. All of his stuff is still here, though, so he'll be back. But... he's not going to be the same.

[Usually when Steve makes a public announcement, the words flow out of him with no trouble, but now it feels like each one is sticking in his throat.]

Back home, something was done to him. He won't remember who he is, and he probably won't remember any of you. He's... [He heaves a sigh.] When he first gets back here, he'll be pretty disoriented. He may lash out, so you might want to keep your distance at first.

[Steve and Natasha, those people who are in the know, they can help him adjust. Or so he hopes.] But eventually, he's going to need help. He's going to need friends. He's still Bucky, he's just gotta be reminded of that. [Together, maybe they can all make that happen.

Steve dips his head down and a brief, somber smile passes over his face.]
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll explain as best as I can. [And then he reaches forward and ends the feed.]

VIDEO 001;

Oct. 28th, 2014 09:22 pm
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[Hey kids! It's Peter Quill AKA Star Lord. In fact he'd prefer Star Lord seeing as how you guys somehow managed to grab Drax, Gamora, and Rocket and take them out. He might have expected it with him. You didn't screw with his friends however.

See less then five hours ago (maybe?) Xandarian time, he had curled up in his bunk and specifically told Drax not to wake him. And when he woke up next he was in fact - well.

Not in his bunk.

Not on his ship.

And there was vaguely Xandarian space outside but some helpful soul (some soul perhaps hoping to avoid a shoot out given what's just happened.) left him a pamphlet and his guns. Well. One of them.

He's dangling it against his knee, could be a lot worse.

Could be a lot better too but he'll take what he can get. He's found the bar however, and that's where he's choosing to set up his first broadcast. Ever see Star Wars? Literally he looks just like Han Solo in the Mos Eisley cantina.]

Afternoon Wonderland. No no, there's no need to get up from your seats. You're tuned to Star Lord. Same bat time, same bat channel. I have been. All over this rock and all over this location. [Or at least as far as he can get] And my ship seems to have taken a walk.

I want it back.

I'm reasonable though. We can make a deal. Or we could get creative.

[He'll sip on his beer] ...Good beer, but that ship was expensive and it cost me a lot to get it. Least of which is that it had my crew on board. My team as it were and if you've got them then you're... [Nonchalant.] Well you're screwed.

First there's Drax. If you've got him then I wanna know how many people he put in your hospital. They don't call him the destroyer for nothing. Gamora? Deadliest woman in the Galaxy. She could probably kill you with both hands and most of her toes tied somehow. Rocket? ... I haven't seen holes. So I can only imagine you took his gun. He's deadly with it and Groot...

[He points a hand] Only. an asshole. would kill. Groot. And I don't truck with assholes.

But I'm reasonable so give them back, give us our ship back, and I'll even transfer you units to pay for their lives.

Question is. [He glares at the camera, pointing a hand.] Are you willing to pay the price if you don't when I rip this place down around your ears because you kidnapped the Guardians of the Galaxy - and we don't go down without a fight.

[You're goddamn right.

He nods mutely and has more beer.]

...That really is good beer.

Choice is yours guys.

[And the feed turns off with a click.]
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[ when the feed opens, it's on the floor at first, but after a second it turns to face a pretty girl with long brown hair and a bit of a smile on her face, sitting on the bed in her room. elena looks happy, which is, unbeknownst to the citizens of wonderland, kind of an unusual thing for her. ]

So, Wonderland. [ her tone conveys what she thinks of that, thanks, but she continues on after a moment with her smile growing wider. ] My name is Elena Gilbert, I'm new, and I have a question for you all, if you don't mind.

[ she rests her chin on her hand and raises an eyebrow. ] Is Wonderland better than wherever you came from? Like... personally, I miss my friends, obviously, but I don't want to go back home, because someone very important to me is here, and they're... gone, back home. [ now she looks a little shifty -- she doesn't want damon to know either how important he is to her or that he's dead when she comes from. ] Does anyone else here have something like that? A loved one back from the dead, or maybe you're back from the dead? You're missing out on the apocalypse?

Just curious!

[ and now the feed cuts out, and elena flops back on her bed, grinning at the ceiling. ]
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Ha! Got it--Wait...

[ Give him a sec, Wonderland. This is some newfangled technology you've slapped him with. He's got audio working, he just needs to get the video up and running-- ]

Ah--Okay, perfect!

[ There's that shining face! Yeah, he is super smug right now having figured this all out on his own. Let him have his moment. Oh, and you better believe he is still in uniform, ladies~! Domino mask and all. ]

Man, this is just--Brilliant! [ Yeah, he's just going to steal his British brothers' slang. It seems to fit. ] Seriously, this is--Hey, so can you all see me? [ But that winning smile quickly dissolves as he gets down to the meat of his problems. ]

This place sure does a good job distractin' you from the big picture here. But Bucky sure won't be! Just who are these faceless puppet masters runnin' this freak show? [ Better not be Nazis, that's all he's saying! ] And have them explain to me just how they can pull a soldier from Italy all the way here in a night? And don't sugarcoat it! Give it to me straight, alright? I may look young, but I ain't gonna balk!

( ooc: I also have a log up if people prefer action/prose instead.)


Oct. 12th, 2014 09:07 pm
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[ The video shows a dark room. It's like all the lights are out except the flash on the camera and someone's pulled dark curtains over the window. All of a sudden you hear a voice: ]

I've been a bad bad girl

♫ song lyrics within ♫ )
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[Hello, Wonderland.

This is an unfeasibly large gun.

In fact, that's pretty much the entire broadcast right now- the four barrels of an unfeasibly large laser cannon. Off-screen, presumably wielding said unfeasibly large cannon, a Brooklyn-accented voice speaks up.]

I've been here two hours and I ain't heard any demands, so I hope I'm not stealin' your thunder if I skip the theatrics and move right on to the negotiation process. [There's a pause and then a dry laugh.] Oh, who am I kiddin'. I don't give a shit about your thunder. You took somethin' what belongs to me. Four somethings actually. They go by the names Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax, and Groot. They are completely helpless without me, so I get why you'd think they were the ones to kidnap. This will still go down in history as the dumbest move of your lives, so way to think strategically, you d'ast imbeciles.

Here's my terms. If I don't see all four of 'em alive 'n breathin' in the next six seconds, I'm gonna put a round in this communicator just for the hell of it. And then I'm gonna put about eight more rounds in your face. And after that I'll get real creative.

[The gun is lowered. And there is one pissed off raccoon now staring into the screen.] Do I make myself perfectly freakin' clear?


Sep. 28th, 2014 02:14 am
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I get it. Wonderland is fucked up. The worlds we come from are sometimes more so. People die, we move on. And I don't mean Wonderland dying, by the way, where they just come back after. I mean back home dying. People die. A lot of people die. A lot of people died when Galactus showed up, not just S—

[She stops. You're rambling, Lana. Deep breath. Get to the fucking point already.]

But does anyone... have a problem with that? The moving on part, I mean. Any tips on how you just... keep living your life when a part of it is gone?

I don't even know why I'm doing this, this is stupid. Should've asked at Parker's thing...

[She ends the feed.]
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[Eren's leaning against what would appear to be the kitchen counter. Fingers pinching the bridge of his nose, it takes him a moment to collect enough composure to look up at the feed. There's something cooking on the stove in the background, and by the way the pan pops and sizzles, one would almost suspect bacon. When he finally speaks, his words sound a little forced.]

Wow. It's been hectic around here lately, hasn't it? Is everyone alright? Everyone back where they should be? I got a little banged up before, but I--

...You know what? No. No. I can't just not say this: 

'The fuck was that?! She just sends the sword off on her stupid pig?! She's lucky I didn't find that piece of junk. I would have shoved it so far up her-- [Right on time, the fire alarm goes off. Who even knew the kitchen had one? Eren, for one, doesn't even know what a battery powered fire alarm is.]

Uhg. I hate this place.


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