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[Puck's in the music room by himself, jamming out with his guitar and playing anything and everything, whatever songs come to his mind.

Whoever happens to be passing by might even catch him singing to himself. It's something he's good at, and he doesn't care who's listening. An audience is great, and he gets a huge rush from that, but sometimes, he just needs to play for himself.

Anyone's welcome to join him. He's gonna be here for awhile, playing and singing and thinking things over.]
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[Beiste doesn't look herself. Her face is, at best, an approximation of herself. Her muscles ache with the effort of putting on a strong face again.

Somehow it was easier, back in Lima. Here there are too many people who'd be...disappointed in her.

She does her best to ignore the twinge of pain from her eye as she squints her eyes into the smile.]

Howdy. Just thought I'd let you guys know I'm back. I guess I wasn't gone so long I forgot this place. I spent over a year back home, though. Gotta say, it takes a girl a minute to get used to things again. That's, uh, that's why I didn't get around to saying 'hi'.

[Beiste shrugs.]

Well, that's all. I'll see you folks around, I suppose.



May. 3rd, 2012 10:16 pm
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[ The feed turns on to reveal a new guest in the gardens. She is dressed in a floral robe that barely douses the heavily sequined costume of a performer. Currently she is using the communicator as a mirror to reapply her makeup. There is still a show tonight and no matter the circumstances, she will be prepared for it. ]

How could they forget me? Or was it...intentional?

[ The silence that follows is almost deafening. ]

No. It's just a mistake. And we've had worse. August will find a way to keep the show going, and then we'll all laugh it off.

[ An exhale and a smile-- she is sorry for what she has assumed. It's ridiculous. ]

Get a hold of yourself, Marlena. Trains don't just disappear.


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