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[ this is one severus snape finally turning on his journal. he's been here for a few days and gathered a few things about this place, namely that avoiding everyone for a few days was a very good idea. no one saw his shadow, thank merlin. now that he's taken a little time to get acquainted with this... place, he's a little more willing to address the insane ones here.


his voice is as deadpan as normal when he speaks, his eyes not betraying his thoughts in any way. in fact, his eyes may appear a little dead, devoid of emotion almost entirely. ]

As it would seem I am hardly the first arrival here, and not likely the last, I will avoid asking needlessly stupid questions. [ yes, he's looking at some of you fellow newbies. ] Instead, I'm curious about the enchantments binding this manor. [ because there has to be something and he's fairly certain it would have made dear filius flitwick fall off his stack of books again if he saw it. ] Rather than asking where we all are, I would have thought the intelligent question would be "How did we get here?" I wasn't aware that the place I was in last could be infiltrated in such a way as this. Congratulations. [ whoever you are.

he might sound slightly impressed. slightly. maybe. if you squint. ]
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[Mordecai had done a spectacular job of making himself scarce as of late. A little too spectacular, perhaps. On a number of mornings, he'd awakened to find that days and even weeks had been passing him by harmlessly. Odd. But anyway.

He had suspected his worrisome new doppelganger had been a symptom of, or a punishment for, his reclusive behavior. Said shadow certainly seemed to think so. He had made his most exasperated sound when he found out this was just another event.

The video starts off pretty uneventful, as neither of them are speaking. Mordecai was just about done patching some bullet holes on one of his walls when the shadow sneers and finally pipes up.]

You know the mansion can repair itself. But you just couldn't wait.

[Mordecai tunes him out, or at least does fairly well in pretending to.]

And you couldn't just wait for the event to be over to be rid of me. You were in such a hurry that you had to shoot me? Oh well, at least a wall is easier to fix than a bloodstained carpet.

Well, it's true. And you were being obnoxious.

[The shadow just makes a dismissive "kch" sound while Mordecai tidies up after himself. Cleans up after the cleaning up. His eyes catch the glint of a small, club-shaped pin in the drawer he was closing. He thought he was quick enough in forgetting about it and resuming his chore...]

You still have that? You never keep things around that you don't need.

...That's right.

You definitely don't need this anymore. Even when you needed it, you didn't need it. You can't tell me that you still want it because of some abstract, inane reason. That would require ~feelings~

[Mordecai doesn't face the shadow for a number of reasons, but his reply sounds severe;]

Be quiet.

((ooc: feel free to reply via the network for any reason, or to run into Mordecai and Friend in the halls... he's going to be doing a bit of storming off.))
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[Souji is outside when he flips the feed on, sitting in the grass. With the possibility of anyone meeting his Shadow, whom he's never even had to face despite this being a phenomenon from his world, he's gotten himself as far from the Mansion and other people as he can manage. The patches of dark and light green grass behind him attests to where he's fled to.

He opens his mouth, then glances down and to one side at a murmur from that direction. A few seconds later, he looks at the camera again and takes a deep breath.]

They're called Shadows.

[That might be an abrupt way to begin, but he figures everyone's aware of the Shadows' presence by now.]

They are you, so there's no point in arguing about it with them.

[He pauses for a minute, shifting away as that someone off screen tugs at his sleeve.]

All the Shadows I've met can become violent pretty easily. These ones don't seem like they're going to, from what I can tell, but everyone should be careful, just in case.

[The tugging on his sleeve becomes more persistent and a rare look of irritation crosses Souji's face before he shuts off the feed.]

[ video ]

May. 18th, 2013 04:44 pm
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Well, slick back my eyebrows and call me chipper! Anyone else take a magic moment to feast your peepers on what a glorious day it is? Why, my creative juices are flowing like Old Blue's bracky mud! I've never been so quick to turn a phrase, and now I'm happier than a rum-runner that just slipped his tie on the train tracks!

[ It seems like Rocky is taking the event pretty well. ]
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[If one were to retrace the events in an attempt to find a culprit to blame, they could go so far as to point a finger at Gabriel, who had the brilliant idea of getting his siblings drunk. How he could not foresee the disastrous results of such an idea is anyone's guess at this point. Regardless, if one wished to find a source for what happened Tuesday night, they would have to look no further than dear Gabriel.

The facts are these: Castiel is drunk. Really, really drunk. Apparently giving a fallen angel access to unlimited alcohol supplies and having him drink with his older siblings, whose tolerance is supernaturally (heh) higher than his was not the best course of action. Countless bottles, shots, glasses and questionably colored drinks later, the usually reserved angel of the Thursday is something of a hot mess, inhibitions lowered, shame non-existent, creativity stoked by his older brothers.

Yes, at some point Balthazar and Castiel may have abducted some poor mattress and used it to slide down several flights of stairs. They're very noble beings, these angels.

Most importantly it should be noted that over the course of the evening, Castiel has taken to texting. Apparently even angels have the brilliant notion to attempt such feats when enough barrels of alcohol are poured into them and their judgement is muddled. Therefore, various text messages have found their way to various people. Some Castiel knows, some he doesn't. Most of the time he just pressed shiny buttons, leading to the text messages arriving in the inboxes of unrelated people. The spelling is atrocious, the meaning is basically non-existent, the intent mostly questionable. But more than that, a drunk Castiel is easily enabled, it would seem - and several people might find supposedly hilarious pranks have been pulled on them.

Enjoy, Wonderland. And really, keep him away from the drinks in the future.]

((OOC: There will be several top-level comments with texts. I'm not specifying a recipient. If anything tickles your fancy, feel free to assume your character received it and just respond to it! And yes, Castiel is still drunk when he replies to it, of course. Where's the fun in sober? Multiple characters can tag into each thread, and characters are allowed to tag into multiple threads, of course. In addition, if you want Cas to have played a "prank" on your character, poke me and we can set up an action log for that, too. Enjoy~))
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[Harry's reasonably sure that at least one of the more eccentric people he's gotten to know at Hogwarts or elsewhere told him that smiling even when it's the last action you feel like taking is a good way to chase away the doldrums.

But when he tried it (against his better judgment, no less), all he ended up doing was feeling like a blooming idiot, and so he stopped, and made a mental note to not put much stock in the so-called wisdom of eccentric people. If anyone were to ask him about the identity of this eccentric person, however, he'd be forced to shrug and claim ignorance.

Though, privately, he's put his money on the likes of one Gilderoy Lockhart.

Not that anyone aside from a select few would know that name.

But in any case, Harry's got a case of the doldrums, or if you prefer, a lot on his mind. Again. This really seems to be a running pattern with the young wizard, but this time, he feels like it's justified, and it's definitely not teenage angst, or whatever a certain irritating Mirror thinks that is.

Personally, he thinks that not staring at the same boring four walls is a better cure for moodiness than faking a smile, so he's left his room and is wandering on down to wherever his feet lead him. Because he hasn't the foggiest clue where he wants to go, knowing only that he's tired of his room.

He's actually so busy staring at his feet (has it been mentioned that he's in a strange mood?) that he forgets to watch where he's going, so naturally, this means he either walks into someone or narrowly misses doing so.]

Er, sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going.

Video | 001

May. 6th, 2013 08:02 pm
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[The video turns on to show a young woman, age twenty and dressed in a white blouse and a long blue skirt, with stockings and black shoes reminiscent of the fashions of the early twentieth century. She has dark hair and blue eyes peering into the device.]

Oh.. it’s on! It’s working!

[She smiles with excitement.]

This is wonderful. Hello? Hello? Can you hear me? Mr. Dewitt? Mr. Dewitt? Are you there? Are you alright?

[Any friendly voice would be welcome.]

Is this real? Is this really real? I can hardly believe it! Where is this? It’s so bright and colorful! Are those flowers?

[The device is lowered out of sheer distraction so Elizabeth can bend down and stick her nose in a flower.]

It smells so good! I’ve never seen a flower like this before. I mean, I’ve seen flowers before but none that look like this. Not in any one of my books. And there’s so many of them!

Please, tell me everything you can! I can’t believe I’m actually outside!
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[Al had gotten an idea. An idea that he knew his brother would say no to in an instant, so obviously he didn't tell him about it. But there wasn't any reason they couldn't have a cat--they could easily take care of one or two while staying here! So he waited until Ed was out of their room, then opened their closet with a grin.]

[A little bit later Al flips on his communicator with an embarrassed look. Behind him a few kittens can be seen wrestling on the bed, but the meowing makes it clear there's more than just those few.]
Um. Apparently my closet got a bit overzealous on me when I asked for something. Soooo...does anyone want a kitten?

((Al has five kittens in total, feel free to decide what breed they are! They'll be given out to good homes on a first-come, first-serve basis. No one looking for stir-fry ingredients, plz. >:|))
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[Marceline couldn't particularly remember arriving at the mansion. One minute she was flying home from Finn's place, and the next this big house had just seemed to loom up out of nowhere. There were all sorts of places between the tree house and her cave, and lots of houses of all different kinds, but certainly not this house.]

[What else to do but explore it? She'd flown around the grounds, looked in some windows, and all in all been fairly impressed by someone throwing up something like this in the span of an afternoon.]

[Eventually Marceline had noticed something in her pocket, a thing she most definitely didn't remember having put into it. Pulling it out revealed a phone, and, oddly, it wasn't her phone. Obviously the only thing to do was mess around with it. Finding a video option, she turned it on.]

I didn't think there was anywhere in Ooo I hadn't explored yet. What is this place?

[She turns the phone around, and the camera shows the grounds of Wonderland, seen from above. As Marceline floats closer, the image gets larger. The shot sweeps slowly across the grounds to give a panoramic view before it turns back to Marceline's face and the evening sky behind her.]

By the way, whoever lost this phone? I don't know how you managed to misplace it like this, but I've got it now, and I'll be keeping it. I hope you weren't too attached to it.
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[At first, the image is to blurry and dark to make out anything. Metallic clinking can be heard, as well as a few strange hisses. Then the comm is turned, and at least one side of the Scarecrow's face can be seen. Along with those glowing eyes of his, and one needle-tipped hand. He taps the needles gently on the table that he's apparently sitting at, which is apparently made of metal. The only visible source of light is a singular bulb, hanging above him.

Jonathan Crane's found himself a room in the basement, and he's pretty much stayed there. And yes, it got even creepier with his presence.]

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.
She had so many children she didn't know what to do.
She gave them some poison without any bread.
She whipped them all soundly and whump went her head!

[His voice — there's something wrong with it. He sounds too low, too distorted for it to be natural. It's probably some issue with his device. Right? ...right? When he speaks again, it's in a higher tone. But not that much higher.]

This is too relaxed for an asylum. So tell me, are we all mad here?
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[No matter where he goes, it keeps happening. It had begun yesterday morning. He had sat down with a modest breakfast when the video feeds started trickling in. It seemed the other mansion residents were experiencing disturbances in their senses that others were not. Everything looked and sounded normal to him, and he'd started on the food with a mild vexation. It stopped being mild when what should have been a warm crispy piece of toast felt more like a rubbery slab of raw meat in his mouth, and he dropped it with a surpised "GACK" sound.

He'd retreated from the kitchen, and everything he touched that day including his possessions felt increasingly unlike itself. He'd spent the night laid stiffly on the sticky, veiny floor of his room with his arms crossed tightly on his chest.

He finally rose the next day (he hadn't slept) when he could have sworn he could feel the blood coursing through the floor-veins under his back, and felt like he was going to be sick. Almost impulsively, he headed for the shower. The tile was sparkly and the water clear, but he recoiled from it immediately... not even the water was safe. It was thick, tacky, and body temperature regardless of how he set the taps. Blood.

He now roamed the halls with a desperate pace, forcing himself to start an audio feed on the slick, pulsing device.]

I cant. Touch. Anything. Is anyone else having this problem?

[Maybe... maybe he didn't have to touch anything. He tries sliding his hands into his gloves like many, many times before. Slimy, a disturbing soft sort of grit, uncomfortably warm, hard points they feel exactly like mouths]


[It's all he can do not to hyperventilate as he wrings and flaps his hands frantically, the gloves flinging away haphazardly]
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do you know what is ridiculous
ill tell you whats ridiculous
its off the fucking charts ridiculous
i cant even rate it its so damn high
the ridiculous thing in question is
billboards top 100 for 2013
for those of you who dont know its a website that lists the top 100 songs that are popular
theres some specifically for hip hop and country and shit but im just focusing on the pop songs

so this bitch
this fucking bitch
has harlem shake as the number 1 song
motherfucking what
ive taken a listen to that song and omfg i cant even
i mean nothing against the song i think its ok but i dont think it warrants being number 1
also bruno mars is number 3
fuck that guy and his acoustic guitar
hell never be mumford and sons
thats all i can say on that
beauty and a beat by justin bieber featuring nicki minaj
i expected better of you minaj
i truly did
also fuck bieber for trying to ruin beauty and the beast
im so unimpressed by it that if i converted that feeling into money id be a trillionaire
scream & shout
oh will.i.am and britney
i think we all know what that songs about without even looking at the lyrics
last thing before i move on to what i actually like

gtfo the top 20

ok so what im pleased to see is some motherfucking imagine dragons up in the top 20
actually theyre on it twice but only one is in the top 20
the lead singer is fucking great ok
he could sing the blandest of lyrics and id still fucking swoon and listen to his songs
moving on
one direction isnt in the top 20
theyre not even in the top 50
oh im so damn proud right now you cant even imagine
gangnum style is still going strong
rock on psy you crazy south korean son of a gun
down town by lady antebellum i just
yes good make more songs like that and need you now
just more of that and i could be a fan

overall im kinda eh and side eyeing a few of those choices for last months ratings
hoping the rest of the years gonna be better but man
those hopes aint all that high
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[The impossibly large interior of the mansion contained bizarre artwork, and something about the architecture felt... off, though he couldn't place why. Both of these features received ample brow-knitting and lip curling as Mordecai crept through the halls. Although the place kept a refined, elegant look, he couldn't help but feel a little paranoid - there was definitely something, ugh, wacky about it. It infuriated him. On top of all that, this was turning out to be a rather long dream. It still didn't feel quite like one, but the less sense things made, the more he was hoping it was one.

Mordecai's stomach wound tighter as the day wore on, and he felt an increasing need to withdraw into a space of his own. The ninth floor of the mansion looked like it was almost completely empty, with plenty of unlocked rooms for anyone to just waltz in. Perfect.

Trying not to agonize over the number for once, he chose the eleventh room. Not an even number, but it was prime, as well as symmetrical (never mind, there he goes). He found the room mercifully neat and free of irritating tchatchkes. In fact, it was almost suspiciously to his liking.

After a rest and a somewhat botched attempt to gather his thoughts, it began to dawn on him that he would eventually need sustenance. His actual appetite was still practically nonexistent, but it was probably prudent to at least try to find a place to get food. He also had more prowling to finish up.

After cautiously peering out, he locked the door behind him (there happened to be a key inside) and resumed slinking though the halls, hoping nothing ... uh... whimsical jumped out at him]
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Well, it looks like it’s just you and me, glass rectangle!

[ The “glass rectangle’s” traveling companion, who appears to be some kind of bipedal feline, seems relatively unfazed by his new surroundings. In fact, it wouldn’t be hard to believe that he’d be whistling or humming to himself, had he not been pre-occupied by his constant chattering. ]

Really, what you did is truly remarkable, my quadrilateral traveling companion. I don’t know how you did it, but the only things I can be sure of are that I’ve somehow found myself trudging through an unfamiliar landscape, and you appeared in my pocket, so I have no choice but to assume that you are solely responsible! You wily shape!

[ The new owner of this communicator seems to have absolutely no idea what it is, but that doesn’t seem to stop him from talking to it as if it were a trusted friend. One can only assume he’d do the same with any other inanimate object that managed to make it into his possession. ]

At the very least, it’s a lovely day to stroll around aimlessly around an unfamiliar locale! And there’s plenty of, ah, grass and twigs and things for me to eat in desperation once I’m frantic and starving, so, there’s looking on the bright side, eh...?


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