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[ Elijah’s device comes to life for all of Wonderland to see. This time he’s not alone. He appears to be seated in the tea room with a certain witch and Mikaelson. One that he quite recently got into a little family squabble with. Just another day in the life of the Mikaelson family. It’s a miracle if they’re not fighting. Or perhaps something is very wrong. ]

It is with great sympathy that I announce to any and all who knew him that Niklaus Mikaelson has returned home. To be with my recently departed sister I hope.

[ And Hope. He won’t say that part verbally though. Hope’s still a bit of a secret. Something Elijah will kill to protect. ]

At least I hope he’s returned home. If someone’s done something to him--[ He shifts and clears his throat. ]--this is not a battle you want to start. [ Talking to you Dean Winchester. ]

What my brother means to say, [ Kol begins, easily enough once Elijah finishes. ] is that if either of us learn that this was some sort of attack on our dear brother, I won’t hesitate to hand you over to me brother here in a handbasket, as a nice tasty snack. [ Seriously, vampires are kinda gross, man.

Despite the seeming alliance with his eldest brother, Kol looks tense, and downright agitated - whether he’s as bothered by Nik’s disappearance as Elijah is or if he’s just bothered to be near Elijah, well, that’s anyone’s guess.
] Or I might just finish what I’ve started if you’re a certain hunter. [ Because GOD DAMN IT CAMI. But he had better things to do than hunt down errant hunters, and honestly Klaus made enemies by the second; he didn’t have time for them, not when he was trying to figure out how to soothe Davina’s nerves on the matter of Angelus.

The Mikaelson witch shook his head before turning his unimpressed gaze back to Elijah. He’s played nice, threatened the locals, can he go back to his girl now?

Must you? [ Elijah’s attention turns from Kol to the device. Don’t spread it around that Elijah eats people for fun. Any lives he takes have a reason behind the attack. ] I don’t drink from the vein, but if I suspect you had anything to do with my brother’s disappearance I will handle you accordingly. [ Which means he might just tear out your heart or just bat your head off. Whatever feels appropriate for the situation. Elijah gives a cordial smile before he nods his head. ] That’s all I have to say on the matter. Have a lovely evening.

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[Here's Hayley in a video feed, looking extremely annoyed. This is not how she wanted to continue her day .... at ALL. She tucks a strand of hair behind her ear and with a loud and annoyed sigh, gets right into it so she can get to her point and get out of here. Hopefully. She is in a mood about this -- sorry, Wonderland. Among other things happening back home, she's recently been reunited with her daughter after several months, and she's quite eager to get back home to her.]

Hi. [A beat.] I have no idea who or what I'm addressing, but here goes. I'm Hayley, and I'll be playing the role of Captain Obvious for a second here. Last I checked, I was definitely in New Orleans. This? Is definitely not New Orleans -- I can tell that much already. So, with my role of Captain Obvious now over, who can tell me the quickest way out of this lovely place [ -- yep, that's sarcasm -- ] so I can go back and be with family and friends? [She has yet to discover that most of them are already here, whoops.] Thanks in advance.

[That's it, that's the video.]
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Okay, look, we have a problem. I've been here for two months and I'm still not a vampire. Why did you think I was asking around? For research? There's a big opportunity here. Vampires don't have reflections. Wonderland has evil mirrors. This isn't that hard to figure out, people.

[april sighs and then heads out with the video outside her room to door of the ballpit, which now contains a new decoration.]

image under cut )

Anyway, vampires aside...[she points at the poster] If anyone sees this man/child attempting to enter the ball pit, please restrain him. I will reward you handsomely. Otherwise, the ball pit is still open to people but you may need to watch out for my new friends, Dracula, the Wolf-Man, and Van Helsing. [raccoons.] Stay cool, Wonderland.
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[Michael's never been the social type, he speaks to others when it is necessary, but he's not the shy sort either. He's just reserved, and he's kept to himself, observing Wonderland and all its ways. The archangel has noticed a few things, though it is nothing that Wonderland tries to hide, but he's noticed them anyways, and he's a little hung up on one of its most obvious quirks.

People come and they go. With no warning. There one moment, gone the next.

The appearances and disappearances happen at times that seem almost random, no method or reason, but if it were all part of some grand plan, what better way to hide it than a seeming lack of design and purpose. When he decides to address the network (via video), he's stern, as usual, but more resigned than is typical for him.]

This may come as no surprise, but more of us have gone home.

[At least that is where he assumes they have gone, as it is just as likely that they've gone from one Wonderland to another.]

Alex Lannon. [A short pause.] Gabriel and William before that.

[He sighs then, they'd all gone pretty quickly. Though Alex was the most recent person that he was aware of.]

It is also my belief that there aren't many angels left as well. [Heavenly intuition, he likened it to, but he could feel that most had gone home.] If anyone has any thoughts on the subject of the way everyone comes and goes, may they be hypothetical or otherwise, it does not matter. I would like to hear them.

[Michael lets the feed end there.]

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[ This is her first disappearance and return. After vanishing for a week of Wonderland time, Snow White returns looking... well, exactly the same. One might never know that years have passed for the dark-haired Fable. The only exceptional difference, one not seen especially well in the video, is the cane she holds in her hands.

She looks collected enough when addressing the network, but there's a slight edge to her voice, a warning tone meant for her captors. ]

I remember... [ sigh ] After so much time, why bring me back? Why tear me away from home, when I finally--

[ Oh. Snow seems to realize something, then quickly clears her throat and straightens up, all business. ]

Well, depending on how much time has passed, I don't know if you'll remember me. My name is Snow White; I was here some time ago, though I don't really know how long it's been. I hope there's less of a demonic infestation this time, for everyone's sake.

[ to Emma Swan: ]

Could I speak with you? As soon as possible, if you're free.

[ to Bigby Wolf: ]

Please tell me that you're still here.
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[Some might say that this is the worst time for this; after the past few days, few weeks, it's clear just how present and real the danger in the mansion is. Too many of her friends have been torn apart, left broken, bloody, and dead, and the fatigue is clear in Cami's eyes even as she turns on the camera.

But that's the very reason that pushes her forward: she needs to do something to fix this, in whatever small way she can manage. She isn't a hunter or a witch or some supernatural, immortal hybrid. She's just a person who happens to be pretty good at listening. So that's what she has in mind, the phone propped up so she can step back and offer a smile.]

Hey, Wonderland. I don't know how many of you remember, but way back when I brought up the idea of starting a therapy practice here. Then things got crazy, which hasn't exactly stopped, but that's all the more reason to make good on that idea. So, here it is.

[She motions to the room around her, one decorated with plush chairs and a not-so-traditional psychiatrists couch. Of course there are other unseen surprises, devil's traps near the door and under the rug in the seating area, water of both the holy and vervain-laced varieties hidden with easy reach, iron rods placed behind paintings and wherever else she can think of. As much as she wants the place to be a sanctuary, she also wants it to be escapable should things come to that point.]

Sixth floor, room twenty. During the day is probably best, but if you want to meet at another time, get in touch and we'll work something out. Everything is confidential, with the caveat that I'm not going to let people get hurt or killed if I can help it. I'll have a sign up if there's already a session going on, but other than that, feel free to knock.

[Since someone knows better than to give vampires blanket invitations to enter.]

Alternately, someone brought up the very good idea of support groups, in particular one for people who have died in some form or fashion. It's a pretty unique form of survivor's guilt, one that I doubt most people are prepared for. So maybe it might help just to meet with other people who have been through it, and are trying to figure out the best way to move forward.

[Hopefully, it catches. Cami wouldn't mind a chance to talk about some of her own problems.]

Anyway, if there's enough interest, we can figure out a time to meet. Again, everything would need to be kept confidential; the whole idea of this is to provide a safe place where people can talk about whatever they're going through, to work out issues and even try to resolve some things. So much about what's been terrible in Wonderland lately is what we've been doing to each other. In whatever way each person can, they have to fight against that--and sometimes that can be as simple as talking to someone after a tragedy, or before one happens.

So the offer's out there--and I think that's it for now. Thanks for listening.

[She'll be there, at least for a few hours following. Of course she's on guard, given that Dean is still wandering around, but she doesn't want to spend more time hiding than actually doing any good. Maybe it's just one of those stupidly prideful things, but Cami refuses to let all of the chaos take this part of her life from her.

But there's also something else she has to do in order to clean house; for a sake of a conversation that's long overdue, she sends a private message out to Davina Claire.]

Locked to Davina Claire )
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to those who are knowledgeable of such, I would ask,

are all people born with the inclination towards magic?

[ to those who might be outside today, miss elphie is by the fountain, looking at the water. as she reaches a finger towards it, however, in a blink of an eye it freezes over, leaving solid ice where water once were. it'll turn back to water as soon as she moves her hand back.

curious, indeed. ]
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Hello, everyone; this is Snow White. After this most recent... "event," as some of you call them, I've come to see for myself what kind of power Wonderland, its mansion, and/or its rulers have. Well, aside from the fact that they're able to capture and contain all of us without any trouble.

I've been looking through the records and heard about your fight with the Jabberwocky and I think this is a good time to say that we have the Vorpal Sword. Back in the Business Office of Fabletown... well, as far as I know, it's still there. I know that the Sword which used to be here is... indisposed, so--

Is there a way, aside from the closets, to obtain an item from our home world? It would be in everyone's best interest if we could come up with an answer as I really doubt we've seen the last of that monster.
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assistance needed in acquiring the following:

- 3 bags of nuts, walnuts especially

- one bag of fruit: a mix of oranges, apples and pears

- a bag of mushrooms ( NOT poisonous )

- pine cones

- corn

- a dictionary of your languages + your presence for at least one half of an hour.

Those who have one of the following, I do wonder if you would be kind enough to bring them to the gardens.

[ the question is, wonderland, do you dare to ask? ]
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Eat! Devour! Swallow! Consume!

[ The Duchess' announcement sounds loud and fierce, from the mansion's very rooftop, and any device that would listen. But no sooner does her last scream ebb away, than her voice and face alike turn into a picture of quiet melancholy. ]

Would that we could leave it all behind. Alas, such matters make poor resolutions, for what certainty is there, truly, that we could become the hunters, and not merely food for another?

[ She looks towards the forest and lingers thus a moment longer, lest her silent dignity should inspire an artist to paint her greatness. Then she turns with flourish, and embraces the presence of her dearest audience at last. ]

Oh, oh! I do promise we shan't dwell on it a moment longer than we must! [ Her hands clap together with excessive cheer. ] You've all conducted yourselves rather splendidly, and did I not tell you that matters would resolve just as you all deserve? I am so very pleased with you today, and I should like to share a moral thought:

[ Cue the dignified pause for effect. Then: ]

Year's end is no end, yet neither is it beginning. 'Tis a continuance, with all the wisdom instilled by experience.

[ She smiles very, very warmly, and parts with her final thought: ]

Try to avoid the teeth this time, won't you?


Jan. 2nd, 2015 09:09 am
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[Finally, Saki Hanajima can post normally! ... well, semi-normally, she's in her room with the door locked, sitting on her bed. But at least she looks normally dark and creepy, and not depressingly dark and creepy. If you know her, you know there's a difference.]

According to some, a new year has passed. I find this difficult to celebrate, as time has such a strange way of working here. It's sort of like adding rules to the insanity of Wonderland.

But I wish everyone well all the same.

Anyway... every so often, we get little stampedes of animals. Pigs, dogs, frogs lately... I was wondering if perhaps I should start this new year off with extra companionship.

What sort of pet should I get, if I could obtain one? I'd prefer one that can be black.
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[ When the video feed comes to life, Isaac is lounging on a rather plush chair looking far more smug than he ever has in his life. He's got a cup of tea balancing on one of the arm rests and next to it a plate of biscuits - quite the sweet tooth at the moment apparently. Two things stick out like a sore thumb - the amount of stubble on the usually babyfaced teenager and the white gauze pad above his eyebrow. Of course when "Isaac" opens his mouth it becomes apparent quickly that either A) Isaac has developed a European accent or B) this isn't Isaac. ]

I'll say, one moment I was smack dab in The French Quarter and then I found myself here and I haven't a bloody clue how it happened.

[ He purses his lips a bit indignantly before speaking again. ]

And while I have to assume the company here is far superior to the company I was forced to keep there - I'm not a big fan of this unbreakable boundary spell. I'd like to meet the witch that cast it.
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[The feed would start when a pulse of magic hits a barrier and knocks Loki's phone from his pocket. It turns on, capturing video while aimed at an odd angle, catching only two pair of legs and some scenery. A swirl of blue and green light is the only aftermath of whatever jarred the mobile device from the Asgardian's pocket.]

You need to focus, Kaplan. The raw power must be much denser if you are to break through my barrier. Again. And concentrate this time.

[A foot steps back, sliding against the ground to deepen his stance in order to prepare for Billy's next attack. The heel of his boot bumps the device, spinning it on the ground to give an awkward upward view of Loki and Billy. The Asgardian is holding both hands out, a green shimmer solidifying in a warbling dome before them, between himself and Billy Kaplan.]

It's hard to concentrate when you are distracting me. [ Billy takes a deep breath, hands coming up glowing blue.] And yes, before you say it, I know that's the point.

[The video captures the electric blue glow surrounding his hands grow until its surrounding him. He pushes it forward colliding with Loki's shield and ripping through it, knocking the Asgardian off his feet.] Was that what I was supposed to be going for?

[Loki's hand hits the phone when he lands on his godly behind, covering the screen and blacking the video out.] Precisely. Well done. [The picture returns moments later with said Asgardian looking directly into the video. A suffering sigh escapes and he pinches the bridge of his nose in pure irritation. Then the feed cuts out. WELP.]
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exposition and brother issues )
[ Elijah takes his brother backwards until he slams Klaus into a wall hard and that’s when the communicator tumbles from Klaus’ pocket. It flips on and for a moment all the viewers can see are their feet and legs. The network now has a show to watch. ]

Do not compare Joanna to whatever backroom barmaid you've compelled into bed. Do you understand me, brother?

[ Elijah’s reaction is just what he wanted, and he reaches up to grab his brother’s wrists, twisting so his tight grip is loosened enough so Klaus can push Elijah back, giving himself some space.

Kneeling down, he takes the communicator, about to put it right back in his pocket when he notices that it’s turned on. There’s a hint of a smirk on his mouth as he places it on the counter, angling it so their audience can have a better view of the show.

Seems as though we have a few more matters to discuss. [ Not even going to acknowledge any kind of understanding, not in front of who could be watching. Instead, he’s instantly in his brother’s face and pulling the same move as Elijah, slamming him against the opposite wall. Only this time, he brings his arm back to throw a solid punch at his brother’s jaw, the negative emotions that have been bottled up in him for the past few months finding an outlet in the attack.

Unfortunately for Elijah his little brother is more powerful than him. Though that isn't to say Elijah is some sort of pushover like most other vampires are to their family. He certainly knows where to push and pull on his brother. Years of training him has left him with some knowledge of the way his brother operates.

He takes two hits to the face before getting an arm up to shield his face and block the blows. He works a leg up between them and uses it to kick his brother across the kitchen and away from him. Elijah immediately blurs towards the counter and pulls a knife free from a drawer. It’s long and sharp. Probably used to cut meat, but he has other purposes for it. He throws it across the kitchen at Niklaus and takes a breath despite not needing it. ]

The only thing I wish to discuss with you is how to hurt you as you've hurt me. You daggered me and put me in a coffin, Niklaus. I wasn't even freed by your hand. How long would you have kept me in there, brother? As long as Finn was in his?

[ Klaus grunts as the knife embeds itself in his right shoulder. Gritting his teeth, he pulls it out slowly before his hand whips forward to shoot it right back in Elijah’s direction. ]

Of course not. [ And here he grins, a feral thing that has no hint of brotherly affection. ] Only a few centuries would have done you some good, Finn needed another nine hundred. Maybe then he would have developed a personality.

[ Which hadn't been his plan at all - he was only waiting. Another decision made in a long line of them that didn't net the result he wanted.

The knife actually hits Elijah low and in the gut. He sucks in a sharp breath and looks down at the handle protruding from his belly. He rips the blade free and throws it at the wall to his right. It embeds itself snugly.

You abuse our family like we’re you’re own personal toys. You ruin all of our chances at happiness simply because you grow bored. [ He wants to bring up Celeste, but he won’t. ] What was your ultimate plan with Joanna? Manipulate her until she can hardly think for herself? And why? All because I showed the slightest bit of interest in her? Can’t you ever just let us be happy, Niklaus?

[ Klaus’ eyes narrow into a glare. The irritation boiling just beneath his skin has the edges of his vision turning red, old resentment from years of feeling like he was in Elijah’s shadow coming up to the surface in a way it hasn't in some time. ]

Considering your history when it comes to the women you’re interested in, perhaps it would be wise for Joanna to steer clear of you. Though you have always had a fondness for the help, haven’t you?

[ Elijah stares long and hard at his brother. For a moment, he almost seems like he’s going to back off and return to his room. Instead though the veins appear around his eyes and his fangs appear. Elijah rarely loses control of himself like this. Calm and collected. He’s the picture of poise until you push him too far which is exactly what Niklaus has done.

Elijah blurs forward until he connects violently with his brother. He grabs him by his shirt again, but this time he throws him in the direction of the camera, which topples it to the floor once more causing it to flip off. Seems like Wonderland’s kitchen might be undergoing some Mikaelson remodeling. ]

[ooc: Any video or text or audio replies will be answered after they fight, and can be answered by either Elijah or Klaus unless it's specified. ALSO SORRY ABOUT THAT KITCHEN WONDERLAND.Red is Klaus, Blue is Elijah. ]


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